When your pet makes you sneeze

You love your pet, they are your friend and your fur babies. The snuggle up to you and you take them for walks. It’s a win win situation. Why then are they making you sneeze? At first you think its one of but maybe there is more. Perhaps its time to look at whether you have a pet allergy. The other cause might be because your carpet has picked up too much of there fur. What you might need there is a Gloucester Commercial Carpet Cleaning like the one available here Whatever the reason do not panic, there is help out there.

The first reaction maybe one of shock. You are very close to your pet, what does this mean in the long term, will you have to give them up and get some one to adopt them? That is very much a last resort. Let’s look at what is causing the problem.

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Its not a very nice thing to say but your pet shed fur things that get into the carpets and the curtains and the sofas and oillows of your house. This could be hiding all sorts of things that your nose is just not prepared to deal with. This could be dead skin cells, saliva and even wee. Its not just things shed for the pet. The fur can also pick up other things like mould and our old “friend” pollen.

What can we do to stop this? Here are some ideas.

  1. While it may set you off the first time, regular brushing will mean that more futr gets on the brush then into your soft furnishings where it can collect. As time wears on the need to should decrease. Still at least the to of you get to send some quality time together.
  2. Bath’s. Yep he may hate them, especially if there a cat but if they want to live in your house they need to have it done and pretty regularly. This will get rid of those nasty things we mentioned at the top of the story fast. Plus, it will keep out dreaded fur down or. At least, in your bath.
  3. Go to the Doctor. They can asses whether the animal is causing the issue. Maybe you are allergic to something else entirely.

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If its your pet, then the removal option has to be considered. However, if you are determined to keep them then here is what you may have to do.

  1. No more bed snuggles I’m afraid. The pet need to be out of the bedroom so you can sleep.
  2. Wear a facemask when hoovering. When you vacuum is throws a lot of this in the air plus it means that you suddenly have a concentrated amount of pet hair in one place right next to you.
  3. Make sure you have a low pile carpet.
  4. Wash the animal regularly as we say and get someone else to brush them.

Good luck! You can make it work.

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