What it means when your teeth are in your dream.

Let’s get something straight from the off, I’m not going to answer that question. The reason why we dream has in no why been scientifically answered and everybody’s is different. For example, it could be your subconscious telling you that you need to see a Dentist that uses reputable Dental Equipment Suppliers like the ones found at for example as they are all about to fall out.

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Or it might not. Even specialist neuroscientists have a clue, so I doubt I’ll be able to provide the answer. I seem tense, don’t I? Perhaps I’m not dreaming enough. Because one thing that one set of scientists claim to know is that you must dream otherwise you will not get quality sleep, the kind the body requires, to recharge. If you don’t get the chance to dream then you can put on weight, start to hallucinate and even have anxiety and depression.  The other thing the scientist people are convinced of is that dreams mean absolutely nothing. They are not premonitions, they are not commentary on your mental state (which is a relief for many people out there I would imagine), they cannot bring to light a faded memory that you had and eschew it’s meaning. They are simply the sleeping brain sorting itself out and outing its house in order.

That’s all a bit of shame really though isn’t it? I mean, it has to mean something when you dream abut your teeth are falling out surely. Luckily there are people on hand who claim that they can interpret your dreams. One of the most famous of these is the biblical favourite Joseph, he of the coat of many colours. He managed to get himself out of jail by correctly interpreting the Pharaoh of Egypt’s fat cow and thin cow dream. Here’s how it goes. Seven fat cows came up the River Nile. They were followed by seven thin cows who ate them. Any ideas? Joseph nails it by saying that it means 7 years of good harvest followed by 7 years of famine. Pharaoh took his advice and as a result the kingdom was able to weather the storm and be prepared. The is now a whole industry around it with professional interpreters ready to help you and a feast of books to. Google “Dream interpreters for hire” I dare you.

Still, I can give you some idea as to what your dreams of your teeth might mean. I hasten to add very quickly that this does not mean it’s true. When you dream of teeth it can mean that you are embarrassed or feel that an upcoming situation is going to make you look like a fool. So, there you have it. Make sure that you are prepared because  your subconscious is trying its best to save you from a big fall. Sweet dreams.

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