What insurance do I need? Is it High net insurance?

Standard insurance that you find online or in the high street is fine for most people. However if you find that you have some of the items below it might be time for you to have a look at some high net insurance instead. High net insurance is for those of us that find they have some expensive items and or home that requires us to have an increased understanding and personal service from our insurance company mixed with the knowledge that rather than a percentage of the value being returned we can rely on it being refunded.

Possessions are the most vital element in many people’s lives. A high net insurance policy would certainly be needed if you had a wine cellar to protect or even some classic cars. Jewellery and timepieces are also worthy of consideration  as are established furniture pieces or a set of antiques. With a standard insurance policy it is unlikely that in the event of an unfortunate accident you would not be able to claim the full amount back or the company would not even be able to handle the sums that were involved that you needed in the first place. Homes and their contents are regularly undervalued by underwriters and those wishing to be insured alike, this included properties overseas possibly in more so.  A High Net Worth Insurance Gloucestershire company such as can help you to insure these priceless items.

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While we have spoken about items people themselves should also consider high net insurance. Those in the public eye, by that we mean entertainment or sports should particularly consider it  and there are several high profile examples where this has been the case. For instance, the model Heidi Klum insured her legs and the lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones Keith Richards insured a finger. This might sound strange but when you consider that both these parts are responsible for their main source of income you can understand their desire to cover themselves if they are lost. It is not just those in the world of art and entertainment. Cricketer Merv Hughes was so concerned he would lose form if he lost his iconic handlebar moustache

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The insured that rather than his hands (although he denies the whole story). In keeping with a body part being reflecting everything about a person and there look the famously long tongued Gene Simmons from the band KISS had his insured. This is nothing to the chief taster of Costa Coffee who had his taste buds insured for a hefty ten million. Whilst it might not be something you are looking to do looking at high net insurance might be the safest and most prudent thing you’ll ever do.

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