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There is nothing more beautiful than a well-designed home that is finished with a beautiful ceiling. Owners of older properties are often keen to display the home’s original features, but they sometimes find that the original structural reveal simply doesn’t work. Decades of DIY, paint damage, plaster damage, stains and repositioning of lighting, removal of ceiling roses and other such adjustments can drastically affect the ceiling’s appearance. Instead of being a beautiful original feature, the ceiling’s original structure simply isn’t fit for purpose any more.¬† You could simply solve all these issues straight away with a Cheltenham Decorators company through sites like who have trained specialists who will come and do the work for you.

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It is incredible just how much difference a ceiling makes to a space. These surfaces are often forgotten, but their importance instantly becomes apparent as a broader refurb takes place!

Alternative solutions to original structural reveals

A range of solutions that are available that use a tensile fabric structure as a modern, clean and highly attractive finish that is easy to install and care for. These solutions are also incredibly cost-effective when compared to the work required to fully re-fit and modernise a plaster ceiling.

The beauty of a tensile fabric structure

Stretch ceilings use high-tech fabrics to create a smooth, plaster-esque finish that looks exactly like the real thing. These stretch ceiling solutions are available as kits that are mounted via tracking systems and feature incredible purity of lines, integrated finishes, clean and smooth surfaces and no apparent installation features.

The kit is attached via an aluminium track that is fixed to the wall and becomes invisible once the ceiling is in place. Artistic fabrics and translucent finishes are also available, integrating lighting art for a custom, high-design finish that will turn heads!

Specialist providers

You can find a range of tensile fabric structures through providers. Each system is highly flexible and can be adjusted to suit the unique dimensions, shapes and characters of each room. Each ceiling can be adapted and customised to the home and the buyer’s preferences, and a specialist installer will ensure that the tensile fabric ceiling is perfectly installed around lighting and other features.

Stretched ceilings of these kinds are popular with architects wishing to create stunning features, commercial and industrial designers creating functional working spaces, and domestic buyers who want something clean, modern and beautiful for their homes.

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