What can private security guards actually do?

There are a lot of chauffeurs operating in London, which is great if you need to get somewhere in a hurry. However, if you are high profile person or someone worried about security issues, it may be more beneficial for you to hire a security chauffeur instead. However, you might wonder what these guys can actually do?

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Drive safely

There is more to driving safely than just knowing the highway code and for security chauffeurs London bings plenty of challenges. A security chauffeur will know the safest and best ways to park and how to get their high-profile client out of the car and into a venue without incident too.

Make an arrest

Private security chauffeurs can make a citizen’s arrest if they see someone committing a crime. This is different to what the police can do, as they actually have to see the crime being committed rather than just having reasonable grounds to suspect that a crime has been committed. It will still give you peace of mind that they do have some powers to protect you.

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Carry weapons

Many security chauffeurs carry weapons. They need to have a licence to carry guns and they are only allowed to use them if human life is being threatened. A lot of security chauffeurs are trained in unarmed combat and can use their own bodies as potentially lethal weapons if they need to. Their main responsibility is making sure that a situation remains safe for the people they are guarding though, and they should not allow an incident to get so out of hand that they need to use force.


Many security firms such as Valarous Group have security chauffeurs in London, who come from a military or police background. They are well trained to know what the law is and what they can do in order to protect the people they are guarding. They know how to keep cool in a crisis and they have had experience in watching a crowd and knowing how the people around them are going to react.

It’s true that knowledge is power and the best security chauffeurs are professional people who are excellent at carrying out the job they have been trained to do. You will know you are in safe hands.


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