Web design vs web development

Do you really know the difference between a web designer and a web developer? Many think of them as one of the same – sometimes there are crossovers as the fields of expertise are complementary. But there are things that set them apart, and it’s helpful to understand the distinction.

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Designer – The Graphics Expert

So your business needs a new logo and you want shapes, colours, vector art imaging for various platforms, including your website. This is where the experienced designer puts graphics and creative skills into motion using professional media tools such as Adobe Illustrator. A web designer can build a user-friendly website using graphics-based software such as WordPress without knowing how to code. Templates and plug-ins within this type of software provide many graphical interfaces, keeping the nitty-gritty stuff behind the scenes.

Developer – The Code Expert

Dive into the back-end of any website and you’ll find a web developer working with logistical skills to design and build from scratch detailed scripts in HTML, CSS or JavaScript as well as APIs. If you’re looking for database work or the integration of payment systems for an e-commerce website, this is the professional you’ll need on your project.

Front-end developers work with the designer to bring the code and the graphics together into a user-friendly interface.

The Hybrid

There are those who have an understanding of both competencies, who can visualise and appreciate that the complexity of code shouldn’t come at a cost of a superb user experience. Working with a skilled hybrid who has insight into your business ethos can grow into a creative relationship. Sharing concepts and graphical content together makes for an in-depth mutual understanding and a productive outcome.

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There’s more detailed information in a good read at, and if you’re looking for a website design company in Gloucester, pop over to for a chat.

When you’re searching for the right person or company to build your online presence, it’s helpful to appreciate the skills you will need: design, development or a mix of both. Usually, the web designer who has front-end development expertise is suited to the small/medium-sized business entrepreneur maintaining cost-effectiveness. For bigger organisations, firms that employ a number of web professionals with the diverse disciplines will be a better fit.

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