The unique needs of a flat roof

For most of us, our rooftops are very much a case of out of sight, out of mind. However, performing regular maintenance checks of our roofing could save potential headaches and significant costs by bringing to attention any small issues that, if left, could escalate into major ones!

Flat roofing has slightly different needs to a conventional sloping roof, and if you have one, here are some tips for maintaining and maximising the lifespan of your flat roof:

  • Biannual checks

Twice a year, the roof should be checked with particular attention being given to any changes brought on by weather and the seasons. This way small issues can be identified before they turn into big ones. Repairs can then be completed sooner rather than later and the roof will be kept in excellent condition. For a Cheltenham Roofer, visit a site like

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  • Removal of dirt and debris

At any time of year, any flat roof will have an accumulation of leaves, dirt, twigs and moss, for example. Regularly clearing this away will prevent drains and gutters from becoming blocked which causes water to pool on the flat roof. Be sure to clear out any debris so that drainage areas can flow freely and work as they are designed to.

  • Internal examination

As well as going up and checking on the external state of the roof, examining the interior is also important. Be sure to look at the ceiling under the flat roof, keeping an out for damp or moisture building up. Any signs of water damage could be an indication of water coming in from outside. If left, this could lead to serious problems in the future.

  • Standing water

One of the main issues with flat roofing is standing water. Flat roofing is, in fact, not completely flat but will have a slight incline. Should the incline not be steep enough or not included in the original build, water can pool and gather in different spots. Left for too long and the protective membrane of the roof will become damaged, resulting in leaks and possible interior water damage. The same issues can occur when drains and gutters become blocked and rainwater can’t drain away effectively.

  • Foliage

If a property is situated close to trees, this increases the chances of excess debris falling down and accumulating on the flat roof. It’s wise to cut back any trees encroaching on the property and to keep them trimmed to lessen the number of times you’ll need to access the roof and clear away foliage.

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  • Equipment required

Not much is needed to maintain a flat roof and certainly no specialist equipment is required. All that is really needed is a sweeping brush, a hand brush, a ladder, and possibly a pressure washer to blast away moss and algae without any harmful chemicals.



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