The best wedding footwear to see guests through the day…and night

Many wedding shoes are not especially comfortable. Brides want the best designer shoes to make their feet feel special on their big day, but end up limping around in pain for the rest of the night. And who wants to start off the rest of their life in pain? Comfortable and stylish wedding shoes do exist, and brides will never have to sacrifice style for comfort again.

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Do’s and don’ts

Once you’ve got the gown, wedding guest dresses, flowers, the cake, and the other sundries needed, the shoes should be the top priority. Check out some bridal do’s and don’t when it comes down to your shoes, but remember to try before you buy and remember you might be wearing them for up to fifteen hours!

Shoes to try

An ankle strap sandal with a block heel are a simple yet classic touch to any bridal outfit. The ankle strap offers support and comfort, and a wide width prevents cutting off the circulation to your toes. They’re feminine and fresh, ideal for a summer event.

Kitten heels are a classic, but the low height of the heel stops a bride from dealing with back pain throughout the ceremony. They offer cushioning under the ball of the foot, and a savvy bride will snag herself a pair with a built-in padded insole. Versatile and always in style, these are perfect for a bride uncomfortable with taller heels.

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Wedge heels might not seem the most formal, but they can be easily styled up for any event. In any case, they’ll be the perfect choice for a more casual ceremony in the woods or on the beach. Wedge shoes remove the stress a high heel puts on the ball of the foot, but give your feet freedom of movement.

You could even consider a flat for a revolutionary wedding choice. Ballet flats can be so pretty and look special. But make sure they fit properly. They can cut tightly across the toes and lead to painful ingrown toenails – not fun for a new bride!

Once you’ve selected your shoes and the coordinating reception outfits for your bridesmaids, looking ready to party with these chic gowns, you can sit back and relax.

With these tips, make sure you have happy toes on your wedding day.

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