The Benefits of Owning a Fountain

Water is an essential element of our world. Life could not have evolved here without it. Mankind could not survive and flourish as a species without it. Civilizations depend on water and its life-giving properties. Agriculture and society revolve around the use and consumption of water. We revel in it and cherish it in ways that many would not even consider.

One of the benefits of having a fountain in your home, or even in your garden, is having a small portion of that vital and treasured element to enjoy any time you wish. The peaceful and soothing sound of water cascading over pebbles or slate can make a home something unique and individual. A bubbling wall or floor fountain may just be the perfect centerpiece that you have been searching for.

The ancient Middle East was the first area to use fountains and pools as a garden feature. These first fountains were often rectangular and arranged with trees and shade plants surrounding them. They offered a cool and relaxing place to escape from the harsh sun, and a beautiful environment to enjoy at the same time.

In ancient Persia enclosed gardens often contained fountains and pools as a part of their ornate and complicated architecture. Roman baths, fountains, and public pools were extremely popular, and the ancient Romans devised ingenious and unique ways to use the water from their famous aqueducts. The ancient world revered water and its life-giving properties.

All over the world fountains and pools have played an important part in the history of many cultures. Even today many cities and towns have large and ornate fountains at their hearts, and celebrations and occasion of all kinds are held and conducted around these treasured landmarks. Fountains represent the beauty of nature and act as an expression of human artistic expression as well.

In our own homes or in our gardens fountains can be that last touch to make a perfect environment. Any bird watching enthusiast would have hours of enjoyment watching the various bird species bathing and playing in their garden fountain. No one is limited in the style or design of an outdoor fountain. They range from traditional to ultra-modern, and often can be made to appear as if they are simply another part of the environment.

Natural looking cascades and water features are extremely popular for gardeners today. What better way to recreate a small portion of nature than with a stylized fountain or cascade? These nature-like features can be adapted for indoors as well. Any room in the home could be transformed into a natural refuge for relaxation and peace.

When we bring water fountains or features into our homes and onto our properties we capture a portion of human history. Mankind has a deep emotional and intellectual connection with water, and it represents peace and serenity, the perpetual cycle of life and infinity. Fountains are beauty, art, philosophy, and meditation all wrapped into a single package. They give us something special that simple furniture and typical home décor cannot imitate.

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