Team Building Workshops

A healthy work atmosphere is for the benefit of the business, especially well-coordinated team plays an important role both for the individual team members and the organization as a whole. Corporate businesses spend a lot of resources on team building exercises in order to benefit from the advantages of a powerful team. These workshops involve artificial situations that test different skills of the teams and give them a clear idea on areas where they need to improve. These are then followed up with strategies to improve their skill sets.

Identify your teams strengths and weaknesses
As a team member, spend some time analyzing where your team is lacking. Note down the weak points and try to improve these areas by planning different exercises that may include outdoor activities or strategy games to address them.  An external agency trying to put together a team building exercise for your organization will do their analysis of different teams and plan out activities. Some of the common problems that teams face are

  • Members are not open to discussion and change.
  • Infighting between members, basically a clash of egos.
  • Poor communication between team members.
  • Working for individual glory than team success.

There may be many more issues that can be a hindrance to the team’s performance. Depending upon the kind of problems, the team building exercises are planned.

Team Building Activities
Different business houses make use of different team building techniques, this is decided by the size of the team and also the organization and budget and time factor also play a decisive role. Some activities are planned outdoors with time targets for different challenges that have to be completed with full team coordination. Sometimes the teams are just allowed to spend time in the wilderness hiking or walking, teamwork their way out of the different trails. The list of activities is endless with different training specialists having their own set to target different skill sets. They may include some individually impossible tasks that can be accomplished with teamwork thus enabling the team members to bond and improve their communication skills and enjoy the benefits of success as a whole.

These kinds of workshops conducted by a corporate trainer have found to be very beneficial for the business houses, their investment in such team building exercises is definitely money well spent since their team is a big asset to their business.  With a well-set team they can confidently plan their business strategy for the future.  A motivated team tends to stay together and this has also reduced the attrition rate in many of the companies.

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