Returning to a family home and the Hacked furniture trends for young adults

While most of us long for a home of our own, the reality for increasing numbers of young adults is that they are faced with no option but to remain living with their parents until they can afford to rent or buy. A lack of job security, rising house prices and increases in the cost of living mean that many families are now living under the same roof for longer than ever before. While our childhood bedrooms might hold happy memories, they are not always suitable for us, once we’re working full time and need a more adult space in which to unwind.

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This is where furniture hacking comes in. Whether you buy cheap pieces with the intention of converting them into bespoke furniture, or you upcycle an old chest of drawers or table into something more stylish, furniture hacking is ideal for those with limited space or those who want to put their own grown-up stamp on their childhood bedroom.

Dual function pieces

Young adults living in the family home might find they feel cramped if their space needs to act as a bedroom, a study or home office and a place to relax and watch TV or read. Furniture hacking is a great way to update furniture to make it dual function. Think of a chest of drawers that also acts as a desk, or a chair that can also be used as a bedside table.

House Beautiful magazine’s website reveals a number of ingenious hacks using IKEA furniture and accessories, including a stunning space-saving roll-top desk made from a budget chest of drawers.

Of course, if your budget stretches a little further than basic pieces from IKEA, there is always the option of having pieces made specially to fulfill your requirements. When it comes to designers can work with you to create stunning yet practical pieces that perfectly fit your space and do everything you want them to.

Increasing independence

Space is at a premium in many family homes, and it can be hard for young adults who have returned from travelling or studying to have to give up their independence. Hacked and dual-function furniture can give young adults more freedom and allow them to make the most of their space, without feeling cramped.

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