Reasons to respect your elders

They have lived much longer than we have! Obviously, we know this but when we really stop to think about it and think about what they have been through, it commands respect. Life is hard! Have patience and consideration for the time they have spent on this earth.

They may know more than you think

If you do not know what things to talk to your grandparents or neighbours about, ask them questions. Respect the stories they tell of the world as it was, keeping their part of history alive. They have a lifetime of knowledge to draw on and impart.

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They have had different experiences to us

The world ‘back in the day’ was very different. Evolution is happening fast, and we all know that different types of experience means different kinds of wisdom. Compare your differences, consult with them, consider them. You can learn something that you might never learn from your own world. Ensure you find only the best care facilities for your loved ones with Dementia Care Homes Leicester at a site like

They see the world in a different way

Due to their own life experience, they will have a unique perspective of the world. They can set themselves different from the way they walk and talk and dress. Take note as it can only broaden your horizons.

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They have experience we could only dream of

The world is a different place now. The world they lived will never be repeated. We will never know what it was like then, before things changed to how they are now. We can only dream of what it’s like dancing in the sixty’s era, or the war experience. They lived it!

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