Purr!! There is a Flea on my Fur…

Have you noticed your cat behaving strange off late? Does she keep on scratching her back continuously? Did you ever find something crawling on your cat’s fur? If all this is true, then probably your cat is suffering from fleas.

Flea infestation is common in cats. Fleas are a big nuisance for cats and can turn a happily purring cat into a crazy cat meowing with pain and irritability. If your cat is an outdoor junkie and loves to twist, turn, and play in mud, she is more prone to developing flea infestation. Moreover, if your cat is of a playful nature and loves to play and fight with other cats and dogs, she is one of the top candidates for fleas.

Flea infestation should not be taken lightly. Some cats are extremely sensitive to flea saliva and may develop serious allergies. Fleas are blood-sucking pests; hence they make your cat weak and malnourished. At times, flea infestation could be fatal, and you lose your cat in the bargain. Once you suspect your cat displaying any abnormal behavior, show her to a vet for a possible flea infestation. If you are experienced in pet care, treat them on time before it gets too late.

One way to prevent your cat from contracting fleas is by maintenance of hygiene. Clean and well-vacuumed beddings, furniture, and corners discourage fleas from breeding. Another way to keep away your cats from contracting fleas is by training your cats not to play in the mud or visit dirty areas like the backyard or the kennel where the infected dog lives Discarding dirt from vacuum pumps and cleaning them well is essential to ensuring that you do not harbor flea larvae which increases the population of fleas. Make sure your carpet or the sofas where cats sleep or roll around for the maximum time are well dusted and cleaned.

Treat your cat on spotting the first signs of flea infestation. Since it is a parasitic infection, any delay in treatment will only serve to worsen the problem. Fleas develop from larvae which then lay eggs. Thus, flea multiplication occurs fast, and the cats are laden with greater number of parasites on their fur making them sicker and weaker.

You must take care not to treat cats with treatment meant only for dogs. What is meant for dogs won’t work for cats, but it may aggravate the problem of cats by causing allergies and other adverse reactions. Frontline for cats is highly recommended by vets as an effective spot-on skin application treatment for flea infestation in cats. It provides protection to cats against lice, ticks, and fleas. Apart from saving your cat from being irritated by flea bites, you protect them from developing serious diseases. These diseases don’t just remain confined to your pet, but they could pass on to you too. So, flea infestation in your cat must raise a red flag in your mind and prod you towards prompt treatment. Frontline for cats is an easy-to-apply treatment and has been very effective against treatment of flea allergy dermatitis in cats.

Never be under the wrong notion that cats require protection from fleas only during summer. In fact, they are vulnerable to flea infestation any time of the year. For superior quality cat flea treatment, try advocate for cats. This treatment works against all stages of flea infestation and provides longer lasting protection for up to 4 weeks.

You may buy this product online at discounted prices. You get a different pack for different cat sizes (large cat=4-8 kg; small cat=up to 4 kg). You don’t have to bother your cat every now and then. With just one spot-on skin application of advocate for cats, you ensure a monthly protection against not just fleas but mixed parasitic infections like ear mite infestation, roundworm, hookworm, and heartworm.

So, keep your cat free of fleas and happily meowing with joy.

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