Protect your fabrics in and outdoors

If you have children or animals in your home, then the chances of your experiencing accidental spillages and other general mess both indoors and outdoors are greatly increased. This is before considering the general wear and tear that naturally occurs on fabrics in your house and garden. Taking preventative measures to protect the items you love will prolong their life and save you money. Here are some tips on how you can keep the items in your home clean and protected.

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Sofas and Upholstery

One report in The Daily Mail suggests that the average Briton spend a whopping 17 years of their life sitting on their sofa. Over time, then, it’s easy to see how dirt and spillages could impair its appearance. Using a specialist fabric protection spray helps to repel liquids and therefore prevent stains, but should an accident occur, it’s important to tackle it quickly with a damp soapy cloth.

Carpets and Curtains

Carpets are most likely to bear the brunt of muddy footprints or spilled drinks, but these troublesome stains can usually be removed with some simple household items if they are treated quickly. Baking soda is renowned for removing tough stains, and a vinegar/warm water solution also proves effective. Curtains are less likely to become accidentally damaged, but they do attract dust so ensure that you vacuum them regularly as part of your usual cleaning routine.

Outdoor Furniture

Use waterproof fabric structures to protect any outdoor patio furniture that you can’t store inside during the colder months. Left open to the elements, even hardy material can become weathered, and fabrics such as cushions will be ruined after a few rainfalls.  If you have a sealed shed that is waterproof then you could box these items and keep them off the floor. Just remember that you will not always see your shed so stop anyone breaking in with a Security Seal sourced from links such as

Fabric footwear such as suede boots can be great for chilly autumn days, but when an unexpected shower strikes they can quickly become worn. Use a boot protector to prevent water and snow stains on your favourite footwear this winter.

Car Interior

Our cars are more important than ever in the winter months, so care for them inside and out. Use a hard-bristle brush to ensure the mud and grit we bring on to mats and interiors is removed in a timely fashion, and wipe dashboards and other parts of the interior of the car clean regularly.


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