Never Put These Things Down Your Kitchen Drain

It can be tempting to tip anything down the drain with a quick run of the tap to wash it down. But many things that are commonly poured down the drain can cause big problems, not only for the plumbing but especially for water ecosystems. Some contaminants can be removed at water treatment facilities, but many harmful substances and chemicals end up polluting our rivers and oceans.

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An autopsy of a 64-metre-long “fatberg” found under the Esplanade in Sidmouth in 2018 revealed many kinds of fats congealed with hygiene products, illustrating just what becomes of the things poured down our drains.

To keep your drains and the water ecosystems clear, keep these products out of your kitchen drain.

Grease, Oils and Fats

Never put fats such as butter, meat/poultry fats or any kind of oils such as salad dressings, cooking oils, etc, down your kitchen drain. They can solidify in the drainage system and combine with other materials in water systems to become fatbergs, which cause blockages.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds can be reused in the garden as a mulch on flower beds and as a deterrent to ants and to cats. Whatever you do with them, don’t just swill them down the sink. They may look innocuous enough, but if the grounds combine with fats and oils in the drains they can cause blockages which may require a professional to unblock. In Kent blocked drains can be cleared by an experienced company such as

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Chemical Cleaning Products

Conventional cleaning products contain ingredients such as antibacterial agents, phosphates and harmful compounds which are toxic to delicate water ecosystems. Try to use natural homemade cleaners where possible, or try to obtain products with natural ingredients so the damage to the environment is minimised.


Medications should always be disposed of properly. Some doctors’ surgeries or pharmacies have programmes where they accept back unused medications. Alternatively, they can be disposed of in the household rubbish. Never be tempted to tip medications down the kitchen sink, as this can cause blockages and can pollute waterways.


Both oil and latex paint should not be disposed of in the kitchen sink. They can be harmful to the environment and can dry in the pipes, causing debris and clogging.

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