Making your garage greener

Increasingly, homeowners are looking at ways to make their property a lot more environmentally friendly and are showing a commitment to consistently living a green lifestyle. Each of us can do our bit to help the planet. Most people do not think about their garage when looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, but there are a lot of opportunities here and just a few small changes can make our garage space become a little greener! Here we explore how you can make your garage greener:

Change the bulbs

If there is one area in your home at least that can be updated with energy saving lights, it is your garage. The lights in the garage use more energy than you think and ideally should be enabled by energy-efficient LED lights to save energy and money.

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Protect your garage door

Many existing older garage doors are weak and not very well designed. However, a garage door that is designed well and comes with plenty of insulation will prevent the continual loss of heat from your garage. To stop outside air from leaking into the garage and into the house attached, it is recommended that you use a garage door with an R-value between 13 to 18%, whereas the majority come with only a value of between 5 to 7%. Closing up any potential gaps will mean your home can become much greener.

Buy a new garage door

The quickest and simplest way to make your garage more environmentally friendly is to purchase an updated one. A new door with the latest materials, technology and increased insulation. For Garage Doors Essex, visit a site like Lime BDS, top Garage Doors Essex suppliers.

Better safe handling of hazardous substances

Everyday substances that you can store in your garage such as pesticides, car fluids, paint and anti-freeze all can harm people, pets and the environment. Cleaning the racks of unused hazardous materials can make your garage safer, allowing you to find items more quickly and dispose of it properly, helping to make the world a safer place as well.

The use of energy efficient building and decoration materials

If you are building a new garage, then you should research the right ingredients to make your garage environmentally friendly. Everything from solar panels to window better-insulated garage windows can make you more environmentally friendly in no time at all.

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Conserve water when washing your car

An often-overlooked way to be greener includes collecting rainwater in rain barrels that are connected to your gutters. This water can then be used to wash your car, for example, or clean the patio or hose down your dog after a walk! This saves wasting clean drinking water.


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