Link Your Blog In A More Social Way With Overblog

For the last couple of years I have been suggesting people use WordPress for their blogging needs. That is because I simply hadn’t found anything better, or even anything especially unique that could replace it. Especially since I have tried most mainstream platforms and found them seriously lacking, making WordPress the best for my needs.

The problem is that it still wasn’t quite right. Truth be told, I am a horrible administrator. I don’t understand how to properly install and use most apps unless they are fully automated. I ignore most of the features. I don’t even use SEO addons because I find them way too complicated. While I would love to improve my social media standing on a more fundamental level, the plugins that help you do that are a mystery to me.

It was my technical backwardness that initially led me to search out other, lesser known platforms for a new blog I was opening. Which is how I found Overblog.

What Is Overblog?

This is a newer kind of blog platform that works by allowing you to customize a content page and link your blog in a more social way. It is based around sharing various multimedia, such as videos, photos and links. All in a more simple way similar to microblogging, which can then be expanded into regular posts when you choose to write them.

I have noticed a lot of people with travel and entertainment blogs switching to Overblog. Which isn’t a surprise, given the majority of their content is going to be visual rather than text based.

Overblog used to be Europe-only platform and was doing pretty well in Europe with around three million users there.

Basic Features

Overblog is free, and it is a great way to find a more socially minded, fully network integrated blogging platform. It supports many services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. You can track analytics, customize your design and page and even get revenue share.

  • Maintain a regular blog
  • Aggregate your social media life
  • Livestreaming! Live blog using your mobile device (thanks to powerful cross-platform optimization)
  • Free analytics
  • Built-in revenue generation tools
  • Responsive design
  • Multiple platform migration support

Overblog features hundreds of pretty awesome themes. It is very easy to set up and many blogging influences (including Robert Scoble) announced they were going to switch.


If you want something really simple to use with all the feature needed for social media integration without the tech talk, I would recommend this service.

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