Knowing your very own Samsung Note 5

Like always Samsung is back with its new member of note series. Yes ! we are talking about our very own and favourite of tech nerds, Samsung phablet- Note 5, which is going to set new benchmarks in the tech world. These days tech market is full of rumors about the upcoming technology, namely Samsung Note 5. Its last release, Note 4 was launched just a few months back and everyone has not even enjoyed it fully and the rumors of this new phablet are already here and seems like making it the favourite of tech geeks.

We know how dynamic Samsung is ! It is probably because of this characteristic of Samsung that we get to experience new technologies every now and then. This upcoming phablet has attracted many tech geeks. Even the tech experts couldn’t keep themselves away from the magic of Note 5. They have framed out a set of features which they are very sure of seeing in Note 5.

 Magical Features You Gonna Experience In Samsung Note 5 :-

 Display – According to the tech experts and rumors, Samsung Note 5 is going to have a super amoled 5.9 inches screen with 4K resoluion.

Processor – Your smart phone is not good enough if it has a slow speed processor. To eradicate this problem, Samsung is planning to launch its next phablet with an octa core processor that will be running at the speed of 3.2GHz.

Android – Latest android version, lollipop 6.0 is the only version that should be accepted from Note 5.

Ram  This is going to sound like a big relief to those who need to travel and work simultaneously. It is expected that Galaxy Note 5 will come with a RAM of 4GB which will allow you to do all your office related work on your smart phone. SIGH !

Camera – Good news for those who love to capture every moment of their lives! Yes you got us right , you are going to get an amazing camera. Samsung Note 5 is going to come with a 19MP primary camera and secondary camera or front facing camera of 4.7 MP for your amazing selfies ! Now click unlimited for two reasons – first is obviously its awesome camera and second ?? Think think !! see the next feature !!


Amazing Storage – You always wanted to save up unlimited data(pictures , song etc. ) in your smart phone but storage was always an obstacle ?? Time to get rid of it as Samsung Note 5 is offering you a two variant memory – 32 GB and 64GB. Not enough?? Its giving you an option of further expansion upto 128GB with the help of a microSD card.

Battery – You will be getting a battery power of 3700mAh in the Samsung note 5 with an ultra power saver mode.

Scroll down down for details pertaining to its releasing date and price!

Time To Grab It And The Cost You Need To Save Up For This :-

 Its a ritual of Samsung to launch its phablets at a very renowned event, called IFA held every year in Berlin. Its an event where every year all international brands get to exhibit their technologies. So as per its trends , tech experts are guessing the release of Samsung Note 5 at the same event in September 2015 and its world wide launch by the month of October. We know there is still some months to go but patience is a problem something which we all lack. But sadly, we can just wait till Samsung officially gives out a word on it.

We hope you are not expecting a low price for this mind blowing phablet by samsung !! Sorry if you were because it won’t be in your pockets at a lower price . Its expected price range is – 800$-1000$ .  The waiting period might sound too long and its price value too much but good things comes only to those who wait.

Happy waiting and stay tuned.

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