Kitchen must-haves

If you feel like cooking up a storm in the kitchen then you need the right equipment. For confident cooking, you need top equipment for preparing meals as efficiently and with as little hassle as possible. Kit out your kitchen with some of these top picks:

Veggie Bullet

If you’re keen to join the health food revolution then this gadget is very suitable for making healthy food fun. It is a 3-in-1 that allows you to easily cut the vegetables into spiral, sliced or shredded pieces to make adding vegetables to your meals super easy. You will be able to reduce food waste as well, by turning the remaining vegetables into a salad or coleslaw.

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Quick Egg Cooker

Eggs are a source of protein and a quick cooker will make light work of introducing more eggs into your diet. It allows you to make soft, medium and hard-boiled eggs, and omelettes. Now you don’t need to put off having eggs because of the mess with this egg-cellent tool!

Garlic Chopper

Garlic is tasty and versatile but falls apart and gets very smelly when trying to mash or cut without assistance. The garlic chopper takes all the hard work out of crushing it and you can have your garlic peeled and mashed as much as you need.

Kitchen Stand Mixer

No kitchen is complete with a top-quality mixer. The best models include features like a 1000-watt motor, different tools and attachments for mixing, a stainless bowl and splashguard. A machine with flexible arms, a variety of different speeds and the ability to mix, shred, slice, cut, beat and whisk is essential for that helping hand while cooking.

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The kitchen itself

What is the good in having top gadgets if your kitchen isn’t a room you want to spend time in? If it’s been a while since the kitchen had a makeover, then consider the basics first, such as new cabinets, storage, worktops and lighting. For Kitchen Showrooms Swindon, Visit MP Tiles kitchen showroom in Swindon

Slow juicer

If you want to make your own juice with maximum extraction, a slow juicer is just the thing. Instead of rotating at super-fast speeds, a slow juicer spins at 45rpm getting to the most nutritious part of fruits and vegetables more effectively. The more nutrients in your juice, the better for you. It’s the ideal gadget to get more goodness into your kids’ diet too.

Deep Steam Case

You may not believe it but it is now possible to cook a whole chicken in 20 minutes. The case is manufactured out of silicone that provides a quicker, healthier cooking alternative than cooking in fat or oil. Whatever you put in the case is steamed by using the microwave, which is excellent for trapping in more nutrients than alternative cooking techniques. It also provides great flavour too.

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