It’s 5.05 and time for More school

After a hard day’s graft at school watching the Essex Asbestos company removing all the problems from the ceilings so we didn’t get ill, the British Broadcasting Company knew exactly what I wanted to see.  I would come home and slump myself down on the sofa. My head full of algebra and English lit. What then could I watch to take my mind off the last 5 hours. I know, how about more school in the shape of Blue Peter. Maybe it was the presenter. I grew up with the tail end of the great John Noakes. He and Shep were moving on to meatier tales travelling around Britain. They replaced them with Simon Groom and Goldie, a man with the all the personality of two brass door knockers that he once showed us on the programme. At least Goldie was good value, she tried to attack the gold fish in the Blue Peter sunken garden. The other was Janet Ellis is just seemed to be the offspring of Valiere Singleton. The producers obviously thought “right, well, having a posh sounding jolly hockey sticks kind “gell” worked out lets just have another one”. “Don’t you think we should make her a little bit modern?”, “Alright stick her in a jumpsuit from time to time that will do”.

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If Id wanted to lean more I would have asked or done my homework as soon as I got home not this. It was there to train me for the world that I was about to enter into just as those searching for an Online learning courses.  Can you imagine the fun that Simon Groom would have had if the Internet had suddenly come into being when he was on Blue Peter?

“Oh, now look this is quite interesting you can type things into the computer and it will tell me things I want to know, for example what’s Derby County FCs fixture list for next season…” He’d have had a field day with that, He was an English teacher before he became a presenter so it’s not much of a surprise he never left that mode. Janet ellis on the other hand was actual a bit edgy. She been in Doctor Who as some new romantic space alien and she was in the surreal Jigsaw which again was more school, albeit art school and it had Noseybonk one of the most scariest characters ever to grace UK television screens. She also gave birth, not live on screen, (“Now, I’m having a baby and, oh look children here it comes now. Well that was fun lets go to Peter in the kitchen. What have you got for us today…”), to a girl that was to grow u to be Sophie Ellis-Bextor so that was great.

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I’m saving the best for last Peter Duncan was the action guy, He was the shows danger man. He felt the need to tell us that, whilst climbing up a frozen waterfall they “stopped to have a drink of tea from Doug’s flask”. He was so hard he did Kung Fu under a flowing Waterfall and got his own show called Duncan Dares. He even trained with the Marines. Amazing bloke.

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