Ideas for a Contemporary Kitchen

If the time has come to refurbish your kitchen, you may be wondering what the latest trends are in 2020 to design a contemporary kitchen. What’s hot in the world of kitchen design? With a lot of new designers and brands coming to light, there are many innovative design ideas on display in showrooms across the country.

So, if your kitchen is now in need of renovation, or you just want to refresh a tired scheme, take some inspiration from these latest kitchen designs.

  1. Anti-Kitchen

When is the kitchen is not the kitchen? When it is cleverly hidden by chameleon-like skills to blur the functional and putting the focus squarely on the form. This trend for kitchens that don’t look like kitchens has grown increasingly popular and features a palette of materials and finishes that are more usually associated with living room furniture. Luxury wood and stone score highly, plus the use of integrated equipment wherever possible. Discuss your kitchen options with Kitchen Fitters Essex, at a site like Balance and Co, top Kitchen Fitters Essex.

  1. Shiver me Timbers

While an all-out timber treatment may be difficult to get right without stepping perilously close an old-fashioned look, a popular trend is for a shot of warm wood through the decor. Real wood, being a natural material, will make the room feel comfortable and soothing. There is no substitute for real wood, and it provides a wealth and personality that will ensure your new kitchen stands out.

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  1. A patterned floor

Drawing inspiration from traditional tile patterns, current trends include recurring geometric patterns that are strong and with bold colour choices.

  1. Industrial aesthetics

With shades inspired by the metal industry and polished concrete, rusty copper tones remain popular.

  1. Copper continues to reign

Not only for the taps and the sink, a lot of equipment is getting the copper treatment, such as ovens, for example. Copper trim details are now visible on a range of appliances from Smeg, De Dietrich and Italian brands, Bertazzoni.

  1. Colour

Kitchens are now all about injecting colour, and certainly not leaving them naked or plain. Think of dusty pinks and turquoise, dazzling copper balanced with bright tiled splashbacks. So, this certainly gives you something to look at while you do the washing-up!

  1. Hiding the extractor

An extractor fan can ruin the smart appearance of the contemporary minimalist kitchen. Fortunately, new designs mean that a glass-framed extractor can be placed almost flush to the ceiling and LED backlit.

  1. Stone Sinks

Marble sinks brings a slice of Italian flair to your cool, sophisticated English kitchen. Consider penthouse Milan or views of the Tuscan countryside, with the sink cut from a single block of polished smooth stone that will mature beautifully over the years.

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  1. Leading lights

A modern kitchen should be enhanced with silicon integrated LED strip and cabinets underlit for a real designer look.

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