How Your Kids Can Get The Exercise They Need Rain Or Shine!

As of a little over a year ago,it was declared that childhood obesity was at an all-time high with nearly one third of all kids and teens being considered obese. It seems as time passes kids become more interested in sitting on a couch with a remote control or being holed up in their room with a game system rather than being outside enjoying fresh air or getting in some physical activity. A great way to change this is to get kids interested in playing outside and being active. Swing sets and jungle gyms are a great way to get kids moving outside in the beautiful sunshine. Kids of all ages enjoy the swings and it can be fun for the whole family. A swing set in the backyard is good way to encourage kids to get out more and have fun and they are fairly easily to set up and are much more convenient than traveling to the park with kids.

Jungle gyms are probably one of the best ways to get kids to be more active. What is better than having your own playground right in your backyard? Playgrounds can include slides, bridges, ladders, tunnels and so much more depending on the style. They are great for letting kids run around and expend their energy. They are also a great way for kids to learn large motor skills, like climbing, running and jumping. Playgrounds are especially great because they can grow with your kids. Multiple play sets can be connected so they can grow as your child grows. For a great way to ensure your child gets exercise rain or shine, build a small playground inside the home for rainy days and snowy days.

Another great way to get kids to be more active that involves the whole family is adding a basketball hoop. Basketball is a great sport for getting in some cardio and working on balance, focus and teamwork. Having regular family game nights will inspire the kids to be more active. Statistics show kids will be more involved in their health and physical awareness if their parents and family are. You can even include prizes for the winners to make the game more fun and give kids more incentive to stay active. You can also have the kids invite friends over for weekly or monthly basketball games to get even more kids active.

One of the best benefits of having a swing set, a basketball hoop and other activities in the backyard, aside from increasing physical activity, is the safety and security you feel rather than being in a public park filled with germs and crowds of strangers. You can easily watch your kids and even invite their friends over for play dates. Another plus is, instead of worrying about getting to the park and packing all the juices and snacks, everything is at your fingertips in the comfort of your own property. If you are looking to purchase a swing set in Montreal (or in the city where you reside), search online for a trusted company, such as Play Rainbow, and find your ideal play set today.

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