How To Use Twitter To Grow Your Business

What is Twitter? How does it work and how can it help you grow your business? Twitter is a social media platform that allows you to express yourself within a 140 character limit. It’s a great way for a business to show their customers a brand personality. It also allows you to link to any web content, which helps drive traffic back to your website.

So how do you use Twitter to increase your business?

Increase your Twitter Followers

Well firstly, to get more sales and grow your business you need to increase your followers. How do you do that? There are many ways to increase your followers but the easiest way is to buy Twitter followers. This will instantly give your Twitter profile the credibility it needs when you’re first starting out. However, remember that these ‘bought Twitter followers’ are not real fans and probably won’t convert to sales. Buying Twitter followers is a method to increase your numbers so you don’t look like a newbie.

Some businesses, such as ones in the adult industry, find it hard to gain real Twitter followers. Therefore their only solution is to buy Twitter followers. For example, if you were to purchase a Hitachi Magic Wand you probably won’t go home and tweet about it. You probably won’t follow the adult shop that you bought it from.

So for these types of businesses or if you’re just starting out, buying Twitter followers might be a good short-term solution for you. However for long-term results read below for tips that could help your business grow.

Create a Brand Personality

Many people want to relate to a brand before they make a purchase. They want to know what the brand stands for and whom they are supporting. Twitter can help you create a brand image for your business without expensive marketing costs. For example, if you were a sex shop selling the Hitachi Magic Wand, you could post funny images or quotes from users. Creating a brand image of openness and fun rather than the typical seedy sex shops that you find in Australia, like in Cairnsfor example.

Drive Traffic to your Website

Twitter is great, especially for adult industry like sex shops in Australia or in other countries, or online shops selling vibrators like the Australian version of the Hitachi magic wand massager. They are a lot more lenient with what can be posted. This is why many people use it to advertise adult toys such as the Hitachi Magic Wand. You can make a tweet and link back to your website. Twitter will then shorten your URL to just 20 characters. That way they still give you ample space to say tweet something funny or interesting enough to get people clicking on your link.

Connect and Create an Online Presence

Today we live in a very quick paced environment. People want everything now. They like to be able to communicate with a brand and get a reply straight away. If you can afford the time and human resources, it might be a good idea to have someone man the comments on Twitter. That way when a potential customer asks a question of Twitter, the faster they get a reply the higher the conversion will be.

Those tips above are just a few ways Twitter can help you grow your business. There are many more techniques that you can try. With some research, you can find out what works best for your business.

Rashed Ahmed regularly contributes to online news magazines and living ideas to various blogs around the web. When he’s not busy working with the work, you will find him undertaking many of her own lifestyle-related topics and living ideas! He has a lot of dreams. He works hard to fulfill his dreams. He loves to share his ideas, tricks, tips, and information by blogging. He also works at craziest business ideas, a business marketing company that committed to helping businesses with online marketing.

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