How to Make a DIY Christmas Dress

If you’re looking for a stylish way to update your Christmas décor, we have a great idea for you. Instead of a boring old tree, why not create a christmas dress? You’ve probably seen them in boutique windows with a bodice and full skirt made from Christmas tree-like foliage or on sites like where they do Mini Dresses. Here’s a look at how to make your own dresses.

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What You Need

A mannequin to put your dress on – These are fairly easy to get with bargain shops, home stores and haberdasheries all places you can find them.

Foliage to create the skirt – Depending on your style, you could use fresh greenery like pine branches, recycle an old fake tree you already have, or even use tinsel for a full on festive look.

Something to serve as the bodice of your dress – You could use a sparkly number from your own wardrobe, source something from the charity shop or pick out some festive material.

Decorations to hang on your tree dress – These can be baubles, acorns and berries, lights or whatever you fancy.

Wire – Finally you’ll need to get some wire to help you tie everything together.

Time to Get Building!

Once you’ve gathered all your supplies it’s time to get creative!

Start by hanging the branches from the waist of the mannequin, wrapping your wire around the waist to attach them. Another option is to put a belt or something similar on the mannequin and wrap the wire and branches around that. You can put on as many branches as you want, depending on how full you’d like the skirt to look. It’s simply a case of layering up your branches until you are happy with the look. You can take a look on sites like Pinterest if you need some inspiration.

When you’re happy with the skirt you can use your French Christmas designer fabrics or whatever you have chosen for the top to create a bodice. Simply wrap it around the mannequin and secure by tying or using pins.

Finish off by wrapping another piece of fabric around the waist. This creates a waist band and will hide the wire.

Then decorate your skirt branches however you would like. Finally, sit back and enjoy your Christmas creation!

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