How To Add Your Personal Touches To A Traditional Bathroom

Traditional bathrooms can be a great way of enjoying luxury and high quality fixtures, from claw tubs through to vanities. However, traditional bathrooms can sometimes have the problem of not being accessible, and of appearing too formal to be truly relaxing. This problem can be easily solved through the use of creative decoration, and by adjustments in terms of lighting, traditional and contemporary style mixes, and through special features and accessories. By doing so, it’s possible to still have an excellent traditional bathroom suite, and feel that you have personalised it to your tastes.


Different tastes come into play with lighting for a bathroom. At times, it can be better to go for more of a natural look, with open windows and a lot of light passing into a room to show off its features, and to create a clean, airy feeling. However, some people like to enjoy different lighting options, which use modern technology alongside traditional fittings. This approach might involve installing LED lights and strips, as well as dimmers, in order to create the perfect atmosphere. Tealights and other candles can also create the right mood for a room.

Mix Traditional and Contemporary

There’s nothing to say that you can’t mix some traditional and contemporary styles when putting your bathroom suite together. Approaches to this might range from simply investing in a few key items, such as a claw footed bath or chrome taps, or adding in modern heated tower rails and underfloor heating. At the same time, you can add a personal touch to a traditional bathroom by using contemporary prints and colour schemes for wallpaper, while adding in a few more functional, minimalist cabinets for extra storage.

Extend Other Home Decor Themes

One option to make your traditional bathroom more accessible is to extend a decor theme from elsewhere in a house. This might involve simply matching up wallpaper, or colours from blinds and other pieces of furniture. It’s important for your traditional bathroom not to clash too much with the rest of your home, and particularly if you have more of a contemporary feel elsewhere. Light fittings, artwork that matches up with the rest of the house, and a few choice pieces of furniture that match other items in your home can work well for achieving this goal.

Add Warmth to Classical Designs

It’s also possible to add some warmth to classical designs, and particularly if you feel that your bathroom design is too cold. Mirrors that provide a lot of depth and light can work well with darker shades of wallpaper, which can also add colour, and soften marble counters and chrome. Making some personal touches, which can involve hanging up artwork that you love, or using dark brown hardwood floors, can also make a big difference to the overall look of your bathroom.

Be Selective with Items

If you’re not comfortable going or a full, traditional bathroom suite, then consider whether a few choice items can achieve the effect that you want. You don’t have to completely fit out a bathroom, and can instead use a traditional claw foot tub, or an antique vanity with a mirror, to make a modern bathroom standout. Using traditional light fittings, or chrome and brass handles and faucets, can similarly have a great effect on your bathroom.

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