How Gaming Websites are Using Twitter for Marketing

It seems that every company from the neighbourhood florist to car makers are using Twitter and other social networking platforms to market their latest offers. Unsurprisingly, the gaming industry seems to have found a natural home in the land of Twitter, with Sun Bingo being quite an innovator. When a gaming website gains a new follower on Twitter, a minor victory has been made. Having a Twitter user follow your gaming website basically says that you have been deemed worthy and interesting. So give your followers a reason to keep their eyes on your company’s latest developments with these useful Twitter marketing tips.

Connecting with Players

Gaming websites may provide their players with a fun platform to visit whenever the mood strikes, but there aren’t usually many meaningful conversations between gamers and developers. Besides industry conferences and seminars, gamers know that most of their suggestions, complaints and even praise are not usually read by anyone higher up within the company structure. Using Twitter allows gaming websites to connect with players in a natural and totally unforced manner. Your company’s casual and periodic tweets say a lot to gamers, who are constantly on the lookout for news. Using this effective method of marketing to connect with gamers new and familiar will lead to more interest in your gaming website.

Special Offers and Incentives

You can also utilize Twitter in a way that catapults ordinary updates into the viral news category. Pump up enthusiasm and spread the word about a special offer or contest exclusive to your Twitter followers. Your tweets will be favourited, reposted and can even start to trend on Twitter itself if you have enough momentum. Promoting special offers regularly will grow your list of followers, and gamers will learn to start checking your Twitter feed to see what your website has in store.

Providing Real-Time Updates and Responses

Gamers are well-known for making impulse purchases, but the secret to gaining their business is offering them something that they can’t find elsewhere on the market. A well-planned game release or product update can literally take the internet by storm, but you need to ensure that your marketing plan hits the community at the right time and pace. Making an update on your website will alert regular visitors of impending changes, and over time, the rest of your customer base will come to learn what you have announced. By contrast, Twitter allows gaming websites to get atop a proverbial mountain and shout their latest developments into a loudspeaker. Your message is going to get noticed and picked up faster by gaming outlets if you send out well tailored tweets.

You aren’t going to reach all of your customers through Twitter, but there’s a good chance that all of your targeted customers at least know someone who uses the social networking platform on a daily basis. Use Twitter to show the human element behind your gaming website and you will get valuable insights into your target customers. Make sure your gaming company’s tweets have meaning and your list of followers will increase.

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