Here’s why your staff loathe their work space

Do you find yourself feeling you’ve got a case of the Monday blues every day of the week in your office? Is it cramping your creativity? Are you comfortable at your desk, or do you feel like you are sitting on sharp rocks each time you sit down? These are all things that could contribute towards a loathing for your work space.

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So what can be done to rectify this? What changes can be made in the office to promote productivity? Productivity can be improved by cleanliness in the workplace because we will be more comfortable sitting in a fresh environment.  If you haven’t got enough staff or time to keep your office to a high enough standard then maybe look at an ace cleaning company that provide Leicester Cleaning service suited to you. A Leicester Cleaning Company will come in any time you need them and as often as you like.  What steps can be taken with office chairs, for example, to make sure they are as comfortable as possible during the working day?

Are you sitting comfortably?

According to the NHS, there are 10 steps to follow when it comes to the use of computer chairs, which includes supporting your back, placing your screen at eye level and making sure objects around you are accessible.

Every workplace is governed by specific guidelines from the HSE. These guidelines ensure that all seating, as well as workstations, are safe and suitable for those using them.

When it comes to the office, what you sit on isn’t the only thing that can help or hinder your productivity. The actual design is said to also have an effect. According to many sources, including Business News Daily, where you work most definitely does matter.

Find your full potential

Many office spaces nowadays focus on open plan layouts which promote collaboration, engagement and transparency. However, these can in fact hinder some employees’ ability to function properly. So how can we find a balance between the two, to allow privacy and collaborative space, allowing staff to achieve their full potential?

This, of course, will very much depend on the space available to your business, and the team involved. Workplace surveys have shown that 88 percent of workplaces that had an environment that allowed staff to concentrate with ease, work in teams without distraction and have options of where to work based on the task required, gave employees a happy place of work.

Here lies the key. Happy employees in a happy work environment make a happy company. When your workforce is content, your company productivity will soar and your business will thrive.

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