Great Examples of Industrial Art

Art evokes different reactions in all of us and many say that when it comes to art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, art must be subjective but is all art subjective? Industrial art throws a spanner in the works (excuse the pun) as even if you don’t like the way it looks, surely there must be some appreciation of the skill involved. Here are some great examples of industrial art form around the world:

  1. London 2012 Olympic Cauldron

This piece of industrial art was seen by more than 900 million people across the globe. After a stunning opening ceremony that heavily featured Britain’s role in the rise of the Industrial Revolution, the 16-ton sculpture stole the show entirely. Placed in the centre of the stadium, it stood a proud 28 feet tall and was made up of 204 steel stems each holding a copper petal lit by a flame. 204 was the number of countries competing and after the games, each country was given one of the copper petals. If you’d love your own sculpture, find out about Corten Metal Sculpture at

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  1. Limee Young’s Kinetic Sculptures

These sculptures are unique and Limee Young’s are designed to perfection. They are incredibly complex and made up of stainless steel parts, cpu boards, all manner of mechanical components and microprocessors. The way they move is mesmerizing and makes us re-evaluate the way we think about art. Whilst you might not think this is art in the traditional sense, there is a beauty to these machines and the way they have been created to move in perfect symmetry.

  1. Chris Cole’s Kinetic Sculptures

Exploring the relationship between the natural world and the industrial world, Chris Cole designs all his own work. He is fascinated by the threat to the wild from human machinery. While the Industrial revolution focused on creating mechanism from organism, Cole shifts the focus from mechanical back to natural. All of the sculptures are either driven by a hand crank or a motor.

  1. Industrial Horses

For all equestrian fans, a trip to Skokie Sculpture Park in Illinois is in order. The park boasts 60 sculptures in different sections and is a perfect example of incorporating industrial art into public spaces. Charger I and II have been designed by Ted Gall to show a real likeness to the way a horse moves. Made from painted steel, they are a permanent fixture in the park, bright, fun and uncannily realistic.

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  1. Stainless Steel Chess Set

To celebrate the steel production heritage of Manchester, Ryan Gander was commissioned to create a piece of public art. The stunning metallic chess pieces are incredibly reflective of their surroundings and were fashioned in this material so it didn’t matter who was winning, black or white. The area where the pieces stand in Beswick used to have a stainless-steel factory and a mining background so the choice of material is perfect.

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