Frugal Holiday Home Decorating Ideas To Give Your House A Festive Look

A few more weeks to go and Christmas will be here. What better way to capture the festive mood of the season by decorating your home with a holiday flair? Unlike regular decorating where you have to pain over what color to paint your walls and what furniture style will last for a long time, decorating for Christmas doesn’t have to be intimidating nor expensive. With little money to spare and by reusing or revamping some of the items you already have, jazzing up your home for the holidays is easy. Below are some holiday decorating suggestions you can try that won’t blast a hole in your pocket.

Give your guests a warm and bright welcome

Before your guests even step through your front door, give them a warm and bright greeting by dressing up your mailbox, entry posts or fence with colored bulbs. You can purchase LED colored bulbs that are specially rated for outdoor use and casually wrap them around the aforesaid areas. The good thing about these LED colored bulbs is that they are longer-lasting compared to incandescent, thereby giving more value to your money. For a lighthearted twist, add some garlands or greenery.

Deck the hall table

A hall table is a handy spot to arrange holiday bits and pieces. Try arranging holiday cards on the table and set out a small pot to hold keys and other trinkets. If you have glass cloches, stack pine cones underneath them to give the scene a rustic feel.

Add a conversation piece on the dining table

Elevate the holiday mood right on the dining table while you, your family and guests share a hearty meal by adding a beautiful centerpiece. Purchase a cornucopia basket and give it a new look by painting it and lining the inside with shiny fabric. Fill it with fruits and vegetables and carefully lay the piece on the table, allowing the contents to spill out.

Update old dining chairs by repainting their legs

Another great way to make Christmas dinner a festive affair? Perk up your old dining chairs by repainting their legs with a vibrant hue. Smooth out the chair legs using a medium-grit sandpaper and wipe the dust using a tack cloth. Then, with a small brush apply a coat of primer. Allow the primer to dry before applying two coats of latex paint in your desired color. To cap off the look and give your guests more comfort, add patterned cushions on the seats.

Let your mantel glow

When it comes to Christmas decorating, it’s a no-brainer that your fireplace is the best spot where you can show off the spirit of the season. However, rather than decorating your fireplace mantel with a traditional garland, let it glow along with the firebox by placing candlesticks of varying heights on one side. Balance the look by lining the opposing side with dishes filled with candies.

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