Explore New and Unique Trends in Giving Great Gifts

Sometimes there are products which capture the collective imagination and become the top gifts to give and receive. Particularly at Christmas, there are some gifts which are the most coveted. Cast your mind back to Transformers, Beanie Babies, Furbies and more recently Tamagotchis.

Gifts with thought behind them

Trends in gifts come and go; there will always be an enticing new product or idea to hit the market. If you are lucky and have a good feel for things that increase in value, you will never have opened some of those gifts you just had to have when you were a child. However, in more recent years there has been a shift from everyone wanting the latest gadget immediately to more thoughtful gift giving.

People often prefer a thoughtful gift that was sold at an affordable price to one that is showy and easily purchased without much thought. Certain occasions demand more thoughtful gifts: landmark birthdays, thank you gifts and christening gifts. When receiving christening invitations UK customers tend to search for gifts that are practical, special and which can be cherished from childhood into adulthood. This sort of occasion does not call for a disposable gift.

What are the latest trends in gifts?

Nowadays people have taken to giving experiences as gifts. You can find a wide variety of experiences on offer. They could be relaxing and calming, like a spa day, massage and beauty treatment or a Michelin dining experience, or they could be thrilling and adrenaline-pumping, like driving a race car, a flying lesson or an adventure activity such as paintballing. These can sometimes be perfect gifts for someone who it is difficult to buy ‘stuff’ for, or if their passions lie in a particular sport or hobby. These are of course more expensive gifts, but these are best suited to close friends and family on special occasions.

Gift vouchers have also seen a steady rise in popularity. They are not always considered the ‘cop out’ gift to give to someone whom you just did not know what to buy. In fact, for many people, they are the perfect present as they can purchase exactly what they want without having to endure embarrassing exchanges of unwanted or disliked gifts. Another good idea is to buy accessories or add-ons that can be used with expensive gadgets. You may not be able to afford an iPad, but you could certainly get someone a quirky case, docking station, keyboard, headphones or speakers, which are all much more affordable.

To really add the feel-good factor to your gift giving, think outside the box. It doesn’t necessarily have to be tangible. You could give the gift of setting aside time to spend together. All too often friends and family get neglected as we juggle work schedules and busy lives. A thoughtful gift could simply be arranging something like monthly film nights or dinner nights to ensure you get to spend time with the people who mean the most to you. This is a gift that can be truly appreciated.

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