Creative ways to use your steam irons

You have used the steam iron for pressing perfect pleats into your pants & iron the wrinkles out of your shirts. But did you ever know that irons can also help with cleaning &repair projects & in the maintenance around the house? You might probably use the steam irons regularly to press the clothes for work, but why don’t you use these pressing irons to work around the home? A steam iron can eliminate wrinkles from your tablecloths, curtains & bedding plus your clothes.

Read on to discover the several creative ways to use your steam irons.

To take away wax from the Linen:

A steam iron is a great tool for removing the wax by melting it from linens. Just place a couple of paper towels on the wax & then press them with the steam iron. The wax will be transmitted to the towels as the wax melts. When you pick up the steam iron, just move the paper towels along with it to prevent the wax from re-depositing again on the linen.

To fluff up the crushed carpets

We all have experienced the same: when we move a piece of furniture, you will find the ugly compressed carpet where the furniture is placed earlier. In order to level the crushed carpet, use a spoon to release the fibers and then hold a hot steam iron over the crushed area & let the steam fluff up the carpeting.

To iron on veneer

A steam iron is a just right choice for applying iron-on veneer patches or edging. The heat generated from the steam iron will activate the glue present on the veneer. Then you can easily cut the veneer to the required size of your choice, cover up it with a cloth or a piece of heavy paper to guard the surface & then press with your steam iron to activate the glue.

To fix the dents & dings on wood furniture

To fix the dings & dents on wooden furniture, stab several holes into the wood using a pin, place a somewhat moist cloth over the furniture & then place the steam iron just on top of the pinned furniture area. This penetrates the essential moisture which helps to swell the wood to its original dimension.

To repair unfastened vinyl tile

Vinyl tiles now and then come out of the floor. To repair these tiles, cover them using an aluminum foil & move the hot steam iron back & onward over the affected area; the result is the heat from the steam iron will then reactivate the tile adhesive. Then, just heap a couple of books on the tile to hold the repair down for some hours.

Protection tip: Aluminum foil might get hot so does not get burned.

To fix the damaged or broken vinyl

The same steam iron which helps to stick an unfastened vinyl tile be able to also assist in removing a broken tile. The same principle as above applies here too: using the steam heat to reactive the glue. Place the aluminum foil on the tile & run the steam iron over the broken tile to release the adhesive. Then to remove the tile, use a wide putty knife. The small quantity of vinegar will take away any adhesive residue. Then you can simply replace a new tile.

To iron more efficiently

Place a layer of aluminum foil beneath the cover on the ironing board, the heat generated from the steam iron will reflect back of the foil & will aid you iron twice as fast.

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