Best Collaborative Software of 2017

To get the best out of your employees, you need to ensure that they have the right tools to communicate and collaborate efficiently. To that end, maybe you already have some form of collaborative tool – an inhouse wiki, or a business-focused chat client such as Office Communicator. More recently, however, collaborative software has really taken off, adding tagging, whiteboard, and other sharing capabilities. So what are some of the best collaborative apps?

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Best Task and Workflow App: Asana

Asana is one of the top apps focusing on efficiency and workflow as opposed to just communication. Asana is a web-based platform which offers a huge range of ways to track and communicate workflow, with teams having access to shared to-do lists on projects assigned to them, as well as being able to easily coordinate with other teams on shared or intersecting tasks.

Asana keeps a record of all communications and completions and ties them to tasks and subtasks, so when paired with your membership management software, you can have a complete view of the project history.

Best Team Messaging App: Slack

If your teams already benefit from strong project and workflow management, Slack offers a more pared down but expandable experience, more focused on communication and collaboration.

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Slack allows team members to set tags and alerts so they will be alerted when something relevant to them is discussed, but left undisturbed when the discussion is focused on another topic.

Best all-in-one App: Podio

Podio starts off fairly basic, but has a massive range of expansions and plugins, allowing it to fill any role from a messaging only app to a full project management experience.

Compared to the other apps on this list which are focused entirely internally, Podio can even be used as part of your customer relations management, providing forms and feedback opportunities to keep lines of communication clear. Podio can also be integrated with member management software, such as, if you don’t want to use some of the modules it offers.

Bottom Line

There are a lot of collaborative software options, and each specialises in something a little bit different. Depending on what your teams need – be it simply messaging or more aggressive time management features – you can probably find a collaboration app to fit your requirements and budget.

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