7 Benefits to Flat Living

For many people in the UK the dream of owning a home with a white picket fence is likely to remain a dream. Getting onto the property ladder is tougher than ever and a lot harder for young people today than it was for their parents or even grandparents. There are reasons to remain positive though, as we should take a look at our European counterparts who enjoy a lot more apartment living. Apartments and flats are at the more affordable end of the property scale and there are many benefits:

1: Sociable Living

There are many benefits to having good relationships with our neighbours and apartment living is more sociable. There is a closer feeling between people when they share a building, with greater opportunities to look out for each other, contacting management agents when something needs fixing, signing for parcels and any other emergency. There is a greater sense of community.

2: Smaller Space means Smaller Price

While you don’t have as much space as you’d enjoy with a house, the advantages do include smaller space to clean and maintain, lower initial cost and lower utility bills. Many flats will use only gas or only electricity, so bills should be lower and council tax is not quite so painful. This could provide you with a better opportunity to gather some savings for the future.

3: Location

If you don’t drive, then living close to amenities is important and the location of your residence needs some extra consideration. There are loads of apartments and flats located in town and city centres, which could suit you far better for work and entertainment then buying a house in the suburbs. Houses are more expensive to build in highly-sought after central locations which is why you find more apartment blocks. If you want to be lose to the action and even be able to walk to work, then you’ll find living in a flat offers much more flexibility in this respect.

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4: Amenities

Many apartment blocks offer additional amenities that you won’t get with a house, such as shops, gyms, laundry facilities and even swimming pools! This gives you so much more for your money, is incredibly handy and provides even more opportunity to meet new people.

5: Less Responsibility

One of the biggest advantages of flat living is that you don’t have to worry about maintenance issues. You might have to pay a service charge but when communal areas are looking rundown or the lift is out of order, it’s not your problem. A management company will ensure everything is seen to. Many issues are dealt with by a management agent, leaving you stress-free. For a Block Management Company in Cheltenham, visit

6: Nature

If you’re concerned about not having a garden, some locks will have shared outdoor space. You can still enjoy the great outdoors by having house plants or a beautiful window box. Treat yourself to a herb box for the kitchen window and if you have a balcony, a couple of small potted trees are another possibility. Just because you don’t have a private garden doesn’t mean you can’t get imaginative with bringing the outside in.

7: Security

Many people who live in flats report feeling safer. There could be a gate with CCTV, an access code, apartments higher than ground floor, alarms and individually locking doors.

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