5 of the best cleaning hacks

Most of us struggle to find the time to clean our homes to the standard we would choose. However, the internet often comes to our rescue, as there are thousands of sites on the web which dole out cleaning advice from those who know best. Here are some of the best cleaning hacks we have come across…Dust off those rubber gloves!

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1 Use a lemon to shine up your taps.

If you don’t like chemicals or have simply run out of your usual sink cleaner, use a lemon or lime. Clear vinegar will also work. Rub the lemon around the taps and also across your draining board. Not only will this give instant shine, but it will smell fresh too. And when you have finished, stick the lemon in a mug of water and heat in the microwave for a couple of minutes, to deodorise it.

2 Use newspaper to soak up nasty bin juice.

One of the most disgusting household residues is the goop that always seems to leak out of bins as you lift the liner. See for a great description of the horror this provokes. Avoid the nasty drips by placing some old newspaper in the bottom of each new bin liner. This will soak up whatever gets put in there.

3 Put essential oils in your toilet roll.

You can use essential oils to rub around the toilet seat, but some people are allergic to these, so it is best to avoid this even if you are fine with it, in case you have a sensitive guest. However, you can still use essential oils to make your bathroom or WC smell luxurious. Put a drop or two of essential oil on the inner tube of your toilet roll. This is safe and will fill the room with fragrance.

4 Call the professionals

If you are running a business don’t leave anything to chance. Legally, you must meet certain hygiene standards, and the easiest way to do this is to employ the services of a professional firm like, who provide office cleaning in Belfast.

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5 Declutter

Whether you have a commercial premises to clean or a domestic setting, declutter first. It will be much easier and simpler to clean if you don’t have to move items around. Clear surfaces stay clean!

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