5 Benefits of Using a Car Bra

Despite its rather funny name, a car bra is actually an ingenious automotive accessory that can protect a car’s paint job and it can help retain a vehicle’s market value. You’ve probably seen them on cars before – a car bra usually fits onto the front of the vehicle and protects the bumper, hood and even front windshield glass from debris on the road. Many cars – overtime – start to see wear and tear as a result of this debris, but with a car bra, you can keep your car looking beautiful for much longer. This can be important if you make an investment in your vehicle and not only want to maintain its aesthetically value, but also its resale value. Here are five benefits of using a car bra.

  1. Your car stays beautiful for longer. With the natural elements, dust and dirt, and even other careless drivers, our cars can start to look a little worse for wear. With a car bra, however, you can keep your car looking like you just rolled off the lot. Plus, car bras are designed to blend seamlessly with the current aesthetic of your vehicle Рsome are even invisible. A company calledClear Bra Ohio makes an invisible car bra that covers your entire vehicle Рfor total protection.
  2. Lower your comprehensive insurance rate. If you have an insurance coverage plan that protects your vehicle from cosmetic damages, but you are paying an arm a leg for this type of policy, there is a good chance that by protecting your vehicle with a car bra, you can reduce your risk and thus save more money. Car insurance policies are always evaluated by risk, but if there is less of a risk of your vehicle becoming damaged, your monthly premiums will be lower.
  3. Protect the market value of your vehicle. It is common knowledge that a car loses a tremendous amount of value as soon as it leaves the lot. This may be so, but with a car bra, you can hold on to your market value for longer. Let’s say that you want to sell your vehicle in a few years – with a car bra, you car will be protected from some of the usual environmental factors that cause a vehicle’s value to plummet.
  4. Safeguard your investment. Purchasing any car is an investment, especially if you are still making payments on your vehicle. So, you want to safeguard your investment with a car bra. Whether you purchased a brand new Toyota or a brand new Mercedes, there is a good chance that you spent a lot of money – so, wouldn’t you want to do your best to protect the vehicle?
  5. Preserve your antique vehicle. If you have a vehicle that is over fifty to sixty years old, there is a good chance that you are worried about age catching up with it. Even in a garage, a car that old is not safe. And, who knows, one day you may want to auction off this vehicle or pass it down to someone in your family. Out of all thecar bra benefits, maintaining a vehicle’s sentimental value is at the top of the list for a lot of classic car owners. In the end, a car bra will ensure that your antique vehicle is safe and sound for a new generation to enjoy.
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