5 Benefits Of Aging In Your Own Home

Aging at home or commonly known as aging in place is another option that seniors can take. Aging normally go along with a waning of both physical and mental health bringing about the loss of total independence. But, this does not immediately mean it’s time to transfer to a home care facility or nursing home. Although these facilities have great benefits for seniors like meal preparation, they also have a number of disadvantages like financial expense and minimal independence.

Aging in one’s home is a great option for many seniors and has a number of advantages such as the following:


You may question the accessibility and safety of a senior who chooses to stay at home as compared to being in a nursing home. But, it’s much safer for them to stay at home since they are familiar and comfortable with the place and they know the possible danger areas. Accessibility problems can be addressed by doing a number of renovations or rearrangements with the help of members of the family or health care workers.


For most seniors, there may be a number of advantages of living in their own home but this one is among the top. Staying in a place that’s associated with many wonderful memories is much more comfortable. It will provide them with the feeling of independence as compared to moving into a care home.


Minimal Change and Stressors

Aging at home lets seniors to do their usual routines instead of having to make changes like eating at a particular time and being around new people and environment. Making some changes to their daily life can be extremely nerve-racking and distressing for many seniors. For those who wants to age at their home only needs to have supports like home modifications and assistance with meal preparation so they can continue with their regular routines.

Stronger Relationships

Seniors aging at home also makes it easier for family visits. A nursing facility makes it hard for family visits since there isn’t much space for the whole family and also there is a pressure of being in a place that’s not familiar. If a senior is at his or her own home, the family can visit anytime, have enough space and has a positive association with the place.

Lower Cost

Nursing home facilities are quite expensive. While having a caregiver will cost money and caregivers that work at a senior’s house pays significantly less compared to a caregiver that’s working on a nursing home. Aging in place will only let you pay the caregiver with the time that he or she spends at your home instead of paying him or her for 24 hours.

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