Delivering by Road and Sea

Same Day Courier Slough businesses such as UKTDL offer a service which is similar to that of the next day  courier. These companies offer both air and non-aeronautical services. It may be said that the same day courier companies operate on the same principles as the next day or next-day courier services. However, in case of the non-aeronautical services like international shipping, the same day courier may have to fight with the other two types of courier services: the sea-going courier and the road courier. In case of an international shipment, the same-day courier has to get in touch with air cargo handlers in time to pick up the shipment.

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Sea-going courier service means that the courier company has a permanent water-way or sea-side office. The sea-going courier service has to get a hold of the shipper’s flight details before it picks up the shipment. The other two types of couriers must coordinate their services with the other types of courier services.

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Road-going courier services can only pick up deliveries between the hours of midnight and 6am. Same day courier companies work around the clock and ensure that the delivery is made as scheduled despite the weather conditions. As far as the delivery of packages is concerned, it is the courier’s job to organise the logistics of the parcel delivery, including warehousing, packaging and unpacking it safely. This way, the same-day courier company can guarantee an excellent delivery record every time.

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