How to Avoid Family Conflict when Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is an exciting time for you and your partner. But it can also be stressful – some people find that families can all want to have a say on what they think is best and even though a lot of advice can be well meaning, it can put extra pressure on you when you are trying to organise your big day.

So how do you get around this without having a nervous breakdown or falling out with the family?

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Try to be calm and talk to each other without it getting too heated – it can easily escalate, but a lot of disputes can be easily resolved with a calm conversation. It may be that they don’t realise how their input is affecting you and they think that they are helping, so try not to jump  straight into a row as it may be that it can easily be resolved.


If you have something in the plans that you really want – for example you have your heart set on a particular venue like this barn wedding venue Kent then why not put them in charge of something else such as the cake for example? This will help them to feel that they are involved and keep them from trying to have a say over everything.

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When it comes down to it, it is easy to get worked up over a wedding – after all it is hyped up to be the best day of your life so many couples try to make sure everything is perfect, but get so stressed doing that. Try to relax and think of it as just a day.

Photos to have of your wedding

When it comes to having a lasting reminder of your wedding day there is no better way to do this than with photographs. A good wedding photographer will be able to take some incredible shots of your big day for you and if you are looking for some inspiration for more unusual shots then take a look at the following ideas.

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A Walk

If you want your wedding to take place in lovely surroundings with a country feel with options of staying the night in beautifully decorated rooms then you could look for Wedding Venues Northampton way or other such sites. Shots of you walking together hand in hand from a distance around the beautiful

landscapes of your chosen venue will look incredibly romantic.

Blind Folded Groom

Having a photo of the groom blindfolded whilst he waits to see his bride for the first time is becoming a popular choice. Some couples are choosing to have this moment privately away from their guests and having it captured on film as the blindfold is removed and the groom sees his bride to be for the first time.

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First Dance

No wedding day album would be complete without some pictures of the couples first dance. To make it look intimate and private, a great idea is to get the shot from a balcony above the couple.

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