Chrome 66 arrives, a version focused on security and that activates by default one of the functions that helped to mitigate Specter

Google has officially moved version 66 of its Chrome browser to the stable channel for Windows, Linux and Mac . This means that starting today and in the next few days, the update will be reaching all users.

Chrome 66 includes a wide range of fairly important security enhancements , such as the so-called “Site Isolation” (site isolation), a key feature that helped Google’s browser mitigate the risks of the Specter vulnerability that affects almost all processors modern Read more

With this tool you can easily disable automatic updates in Windows 10

There are several methods to disable automatic updates in Windows 10 , some do not work anymore, others are complicated, and then there is the problem of wanting to receive updates again. With the StopUpdates10app you can solve that problem.

Although we insist that you should never deactivate the updates for your security, we understand that there are many users who prefer to postpone them, especially when a new version of Windows 10 is about to arrive and you have already had bad experiences when installing on your computer. Read more

Energy Sistem uses Alexa as a method to control all the functions of its new intelligent speakers

Christmas is approaching and this year it seems that smart speakers are going to be quite prominent. As an example, Amazon has landed with all its arsenal, we see how other brands are betting on Alexa or Google Assistant to improve their products and now Energy Sistem is the protagonist with its new intelligent speakers.

It is a new range of intelligent speakers that stand out for having voice control thanks to the compatibility with Alexa, the voice assistant from Amazon. A new family that will reach the market ready for the Christmas season. Read more

5 Of The Top Emerging Technology Trends Of 2018

In a late study, engineering research firm Gartner distinguished various top innovation patterns developing in 2018, with the possibility to have a huge effect on endeavors throughout the following three years.

David Cearley, a VP at the firm, said there is a “Nexus of Forces” made up of social, versatile, cloud and data innovations, which are uniting and making interest for “cutting edge programmable base that can execute at Web-scale.”

Here are 5 of the top patterns Gartner distinguished:

Cell phone Diversity and Management

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) sensation is another reality in the working environment.

Business are sincerely busy choosing how they need to address the desires of their representatives, and a few business are pushing BYOD themselves, in an offer to spare expenses on equipment and programming.

As per Gartner, one aftereffect of BYOD is “a multiplying or actually tripling of the measure of the versatile workforce.”

Provisioning for these gadgets is a significant undertaking, with the need to secure system access for workers, visitors, and accomplices, actually when they are utilizing individual gadgets at work.

Portable Apps and Applications

Gartner predicts enhancements in Javascript execution will push Html5 and program based venture application improvement situations into the standard.

The firm suggests the improvement of wealthier voice and feature as a key center for engineers, which can as of now be seen as Webrtc develops in conspicuousness.

Gartner accepts the quantity of portable applications will develop while the quantity of bigger applications shrink–with applications getting to be littler and more focused than more complete applications.

The Internet of Everything

Alongside savvy Tvs and field supplies, the “Web of Things” is starting to take off, with an amazing exhibit of gadgets, apparatuses and vehicles simply holding up to have their IP addresses.

Supporter records four fundamental utilization models made by the mix of information streams and administrations digitizing everything: “Oversee, Monetize, Operate and Extend,” which are material to any of the four fields of the Internet: individuals, things, data and spots.

The reports alerts that “most ventures and innovation sellers have yet to investigate the conceivable outcomes of a stretched Internet and are not operationally or hierarchically prepared.”

Programming Defined Anything

This is an alternate zone that is been extremely buzzy of late, typically centered around Software-Defined Networking, or SDN.

Gartner predicts Software-Defined Anything (Sdx) will bring about developing gauges crossing over capacities to profit portfolios, while testing individual engineering suppliers to accomplish genuine interoperability principles, rather than seeing expanded siloing.

“Sellers who command a division of the foundation might just reluctantly need to keep gauges that can possibly lower edges and open more extensive focused open doors,” Gartner says, “actually when the customer will profit by straightforwardness, cost diminishment and combining effectiveness.”

Savvy Machines

You may need to call this “The Rise of the (Smart) Machines.”

Gartner gauges that throughout the following two decades, there will be an “expansion of logically mindful, sagacious individual colleagues, brilliant consultants, (for example, IBM Watson), progressed worldwide mechanical frameworks and open accessibility of ahead of schedule illustrations of self-sufficient vehicles.”

As indicated by the firm, this will be the most troublesome ever.

Whatever the outcomes of these titanic moves in innovation and how its utilized, you need to concede: These are fascinating time

How to Improve Your Business Wi-Fi Network Performance

If your Wi-Fi connection isn’t up to task, your business won’t be up to task. These days, we live in a world where the strength of your wireless connection determines how well your business competes. It also determines how productive your employees are. If your signal is weak, there could be many reasons why. Your first step is to figure out what the issue is. After that, you want to find a way to strengthen the signal. When it comes down to it, putting the time and energy into making sure your wireless signal is stronger is more than worth it. Here is how to improve your business Wi-Fi network performance.

  1. Get to the root of the problem. Before you take any other steps to strengthen your Wi-Fi performance, you want to find out what is causing the issue. By diagnosing the issue, you can effectively come up with a solution. First things first, you want to bring your laptop to the room where your modem and router is – if the signal decreases as you walk away, it is an issue with your modem and router not being in the right location.
  2. Make sure the fix isn’t easier than you think. When it comes down to it, fixing your signal strength may be as easy as simply moving your modem and router to a more centralized location in your office. If you have your modem and router in a room with a server, or a room with thick walls, the signal could be getting bounced away or absorbed, or even confused with all the other signals. The last thing you want to do is invest a bunch of money if fixing the issue is easy.
  3. Try implementing a wireless repeater. If the issue has to do with the design or set up of your office, you may want to install a wireless repeater. Basically, some offices have a set up that ensures that only a certain number of people in your office receive a strong Internet signal, but a large group does not. If this is the case, you may want to install a wireless repeater that bounces the signal to different sections of your office.
  4. Get rid of any obstructions. On top of installing a repeater, you also want to get rid of any major obstructions. If you have too much clutter in a certain part of your office, it could actually affect the signal. The signal may not go away completely, but it will be running web pages and other applications at a snail’s pace. Simply clean up your office and get rid of clutter and your signal may be stronger.
  5. Install an antenna alignment tool. Another option is to install something called an antenna alignment tool. You can find these appliances from a company like Sunsight Instruments. An antenna alignment tool does just that – it lines up the antenna’s signal and makes it stronger for your business’ router. In the end, an alignment tool may be exactly what your business needs to make its signal stronger and its employees more productive.

Some Common Myths Related to an SEO Company

Createch Info Systems, in Denver, Colorado, presents well-organized web remedies and online marketing services, indispensable to many small businesses, to set up specialist web persistence and get brand-new traffic/leads from on the internet search web traffic. Producing brand-new company via high-grade list construction requires businesses to make brand-new and boosted online marketing events centered on particular objective audiences. Createch Information Equipment does specifically that, by presenting proven online marketing/web design/graphics design remedies to consumers across USA, and boosting their online experience for company growth. Read more

How To Write Articles The Quick and Easy Way

People owning a business, often takes a lot of effort to make it reach sky-high. If it is well settled and earning good, then might you not worry about that. But, if it is new and still fighting for survival, then you need to watch over it. At this stage, you require some good techniques and tactics to make your business get its targeted consumer list. Well, the very basic fact is that, being a beginner and new business, you just can’t pay dollars to the TV campaign, newspaper advertisement of your business. Then, what will be the method, which can give you cheap, but still, an effective marketing. Well, don’t go so far, it is just right in front of you. Yes, this method is nothing but the, online marketing. This can be the highly cost effective and instant technique for the business endorsement and marketing. Therefore, if you don’t know much of the fact related to the online marketing, then click here on this website, explore more. Well, the online marketing can be far cheaper than registering on yellow pages, campaigning an advertisement on TV, etc. Still, if you want to know more, continue reading the advantages with us. Read more

Sky Broadband Customers Are Happy With Its Customer Services

In January 2016, loyal customers of Sky TV have a new reason to celebrate. A recent report by the OfcomQuality of Customer Service shows that 80% of Sky customers are satisfied with their customer service, a number higher than any of their competitors. The number of broadband customers reaching out to customer service is 19%, with 47% of these being for faults and repairs, similar to that of the year 2014.


Out of Sky’s direct competition, TalkTalk showed customer service satisfaction at 53% while Virgin Media and BT stood at 67%. Even in the landline and pay TV categories, Sky is leading with 79% and 76% satisfied customers on customer service.

The Managing Director of Sky’s customer service group, Chris Stylianou, said that Sky has kept up its tradition of happy customers. Sky TV combines world class content and a great viewing experience with ‘delivering consistent market leading customer service’ to its customers. He has quoted that this report was a testament to the hard working people at the Sky customer service teams. This is going to only improve in the year 2016, with higher investment in the correct tools, systems and training. To know more about Sky broadband and its customer service, dial the Sky telephone at 0844 800 3115.

Within the mobile industry, the prestigious Ofcom report shows that O2 continues leading the mobile market in the customer service department for the sixth year in a row, with a customer satisfaction rate of 80% as opposed to an average of 72% amongst remaining mobile network providers.

Again, the number of customers who reach out to customer service in the mobile industry remains the same as 2014, at 19%, out of which 27% were for complaints. However, the numbers for EE Mobiles was higher this year, with 33% of its customer care contact being for complaints.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Tech Apprentice

If you’re running a SME there are several costs to think about, but now there is a need to keep up in the digital race. Without having tech talent in your company you will be fighting a loosing battle, but this can be addressed with hiring a tech apprentice.

A study by the Tech Partnership states that the UK needs up to 134,000 new tech specialists every year, with over 215 companies struggle to find tech specialists when trying to fill vacancies.

There is clearly a shortage of digital talent, so if your business is facing a recruitment challenge or needs the extra skills, taking on a tech apprentice could be the right move for your SME.


Lower Upfront Costs

In 2014, the government set aside a great deal of funding for SME apprenticeships. You could access over £1,500 per apprentice depending on their age and the size of your company.

An apprentice salary will reflect their trainee status and will be cheaper to hire than a graduate burdened with University debt.

Immediate Impact

Bringing in a fresh face that is enthusiastic and brings new skills will undoubtedly have benefits. Training providers credited by Tech Industry Gold will work with you to ensure a quick return on your investment into a tech apprentice.

A tech apprentice can fill many roles including software development, database development, technical support and digital marketing. The millennial generation are ‘digital narratives’ and have a close understanding of the social media tools your business may be crying out for.

Tech apprentices are a quick way to bring sought after skills into a company and could help you with website design, setting up an Instagram account, online customer service and so much more.

Long-term Benefits

A long-term investment into an individual will enable you to mould their skillset to your business needs and drive future success.

Your current employees who assist in the digital aspect of your business will see their workload spread out, especially if they’re not as tech-savvy as your apprentice. Other parts of your organisation will be able to grow and this allows them to focus on other priorities – saving time and boosting revenue.

The National Apprentice Service found that a SME hiring a tech apprentice is also likely to attract new customers. Research shows that 80% of people surveyed would be more inclined to use a business hiring an apprentice.

Tech Apprentices – Your Business’ Future Is In Their Hands

There is an abundance of tech-savvy people across the UK who have energy, enthusiasm and fresh ideas. Hiring a tech apprentice will not only save you money, but you can develop them under your vision.

Millennials are the upcoming workforce generation that were born with technology at their fingertips – use it to your advantage! Tapping into a tech apprentices skillset is what your company needs to grow, win new business and ultimately stay competitive in the digital age.

At careermap, we work closely with businesses engaging with apprenticeships and know a great deal about industries. If hiring a tech apprentice sounds like something your company could benefit from, don’t be afraid to get in contact with us.

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