Keeping computers safe and quick

Many computer users see antivirus software as a vital part of keeping their machine running safely despite the extra strain a large application running in the background puts on a CPU. With a vast range of antivirus software available, it can be difficult to decide which software ‒ if any ‒ to install.

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The right antivirus

An article by Whitson Gordon on the Lifehacker website discusses some of the common misconceptions about why a computer runs slowly and how to improve the speed. Gordon’s tips for a faster PC include not loading more than one antivirus suite, as this will gravely slow the computer without improving security in any significant way, and for users to take an active role in monitoring their computer’s programmes and software updates. Even a good, lightweight antivirus will not stop machines grinding to a halt under the weight of bloated and useless additional programmes and updates.  This can mean sitting for hours wasting precious time.  If your doing this 5 days a week then you will want to make sure you and your business invests in decent office and Reception Chairs at sites like so at least you are comfortable when sitting down to work through your antivirus.

According to the Guardian, a senior executive at technology company Symantec has branded antivirus software ‘dead’ in the face of new malware threats. Brian Dye bases this stark forecast on a calculation that antivirus software catches only around 45% of malware attacks, with over 50% of malware packages now too sophisticated to be thwarted simply by a firewall-type protector. As Symantec was a pioneer in antivirus and currently produces Norton suites, there is some credence to Dye’s insistence that his company is right to begin scaling down its antivirus work in favour of detect and respond programmes.

Software testing services

For the average computer owner installing one lightweight antivirus suite remains advisable. While Dye’s path for the future may eventually come to fruition, a properly protected computer will still keep out more viruses and malware than an unprotected one. Going forward, and companies who offer software testing services in the vein of Dye’s detect and respond paradigm will concentrate on testing programmes, tracking hacks and updating passwords rather than passively protecting systems.

For the majority of computer owners antivirus still has an important role to play, but overly-cumbersome suites can hamper the speed of systems. At this time the average computer user should look for a lightweight antivirus suite offering basic protection and should frequently review both their antivirus situation and the volume of programmes loaded onto their machine.

Things to contemplate before buying a Park Home

Park homes can offer an amazing lifestyle – a modern home which is easy to manage, a ready-made community, and in most cases, a secure environment on a tranquil site. They are incredibly popular with older, or retired people, and a good buy for those who released equity from a more expensive brick property. However, park homes don’t suit everyone, and living in one is not always a problem free experience, so before buying it is worth seriously considering the following points:

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1. You own the park home, but not the land it is on

This is good if you sell as there’s no stamp duty to pay, but the negative is you have fewer legal rights over the space than you would otherwise.

2. Not all park home sites have a licence allowing year-round occupancy

The licence should be clearly displayed in the site office, and it is vital you check it and make sure it allows permanent full residency on the site. Breaking these rules could lead to you losing the park home completely.

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3. Location first, second and last!

Park homes are situated in both rural and small town areas, near the sea or deep in the countryside. Check out Gloucester park homes for sale by specialist companies such as for an idea of what is available in that location. If you plan to live in the park home for the rest of your life, it is worth thinking ahead. If the closest shops or doctors are a 20-mile drive that may not be a great idea as you age.

4. Who owns the park home site is important

Although the majority of park home owners are happy and content, there are some who sadly are not. Mostly, this is down to the site owner, who basically can control everything from how much ground rent you pay, to who does any repairs or additions you plan for your home. Take time to visit a potential site several times and chat to a variety of residents, and find out how happy they are with the way things run.

5. Selling on has an extra fee

The site owner is entitled to 10% of the sale price if you sell your home. This is a long established practice which would need to be budgeted for.

When you say Guiness you think of Ireland.

Ireland has such a distinctive culture to it that somethings can only be associated with it. For example, the Shamrock, St Patrick’s day and Soda bread and Mens Aran Sweaters are all examples of this. Shamrock Gift can help with some of those but when it comes to Guinness the black stuff can only come from one source. What is the story behind the nation’s drink?

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The company that would become the world’s most popular stout firm, founded in 1759 by Arthur Guinness, was launched at St James’s Gate in Dublin. Ten years later, Guinness went on sale in England.

Porter was a new beer to be launched and Guinness began producing it in the 1770s. It grew rapidly in popularity, using roasted barley to give the drink a deep, dark colour. Arthur Guinness was astute enough to know that it took different styles to optimise possibilities for different tastes, and so the various Guinness variants were born.

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In the 19th century, the company was passed to Arthur’s son and it has gone through a further five generations since then. Today, including the famous harp logo, the key features of the trademark developed by Benjamin Guinness are still in use. The family benefited from the increasing success more than financially, and Benjamin was appointed Lord Mayor of Dublin.

Diageo, a business that was founded in 1997 when Guinness and Grand Metropolitan merged in a big deal worth £ 24 billion, manufactures Guinness as we know it today.

How to Create a Stunning Garden Using Landscaping

You will find that this is one of the most enjoyable types of landscaping to undertake, as you will be taking a lot of time and effort to ensure that you have created the perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself. There are many ways in which you can go about creating this type of garden, and many different types of plants and flowers that can provide you with the effects that you desire. There is no limit to the amount of detail that you can put into the design of your garden, and with the help of garden landscapers, you can ensure that you get exactly what you want. For Plants for Trade Kent, visit a site like Palmstead, providers of Plants for Trade Kent.

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One of the first things that people think about when they are looking at how to create a stunning garden is the type of flowers and plants that they choose. While this is of course very important, you should not stop at choosing these things, as they are by far not the only consideration that you should make. In addition to the types of plants and flowers that you choose, you will also need to think about how you intend to frame your garden. This can often be done with large trees or with fences, depending on what you think will work best with your garden.

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Once you have thought about all of these different aspects of how to create a stunning garden, then you should start looking for landscapers who are experienced at carrying out such work. A good landscaper will be able to work with you to ensure that your garden is landscaped in a way that not only makes it beautiful, but also that you will not have any difficulties in maintaining the garden.


Working comfortably from home

Working from home has become the new normal for most of us and it can be a little daunting at first. But, once you have got yourself some Next day office furniture and customised the space to suit yourself and the work that you do it can actually be quite enjoyable. Best buy office chairs provide next day office furniture if you are in need of any.

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There are some simple things that you can do to help working from home feel more comfortable.

With our backs to the wall and a view of the door or window, humans are most relaxed when sitting. We believe that we have evolved to prefer these environments because by being the safest places we could be, these variables could have contributed to our survival.

It can help to have a view of trees or even a picture of scenery on your wall. If you can find a space with a view of any kind of nature, it has the ability to reduce blood pressure and stress hormone circulation, and it increases the ability to focus, which is the ability to concentrate.

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It’s tempting to think that by setting light, temperature and other conditions to optimum levels, you can hack your efficiency. There are some benchmarks and light types that are better for relaxation or concentration, but what we also find is that keeping constant settings throughout the day will not make concentration the best environment.

What can be included in a will?

Writing a will can be a difficult ordeal, it is never easy to know where to start. This article gives a few examples on what can be included in a will.

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The first thing to consider when writing a will is who to name the executor. This is the person who will be responsible for sorting out the affairs and distributing whatever is included in the will in line with the terms and conditions stated. The executor can be anyone, as long as they act in the best interest of the will holder and is likely to outlive them. It can be a friend or a relative, or even a solicitor or a bank worker. It is also important to keep in mind that the executor has a number of responsibilities and duties to carry out and they should be capable of taking on the obligations.

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For most people, the reason a will is written is to establish who inherits the assets. If someone inherits a property through a will but does not wish to own it can go through cheap conveyancing to sell the property.

The ‘estate’ is the collective term for everything owned. This includes any property owned, as well as a car, savings, and personal possessions. It also includes things such as life insurance policies, pension schemes, stocks, shares, and premium bonds.

If there is a property owned jointly with another person, then the share will automatically go to the other tenant so this cannot be included in the will.



Getting your Office Feeling Happy and Positive

Have you noticed that an office that is happy is also a more productive and dynamic place to work? There are reasons why some offices are happier than others, but if you are an office manager, encouraging a happy workplace is definitely something that you should be doing – increased productivity, low staff turnover and a general pleasant working atmosphere are the things that come with a happy workplace.

So how do you get a workplace feeling happy and working well?

Take care of the office environment. If the walls are a little shabby, the lighting is a bit dingy and the place could do with a good tidy up, then start making improvements. People are much happier in pleasant environments and will take more pride in the place when it is looking good. Update shabby furniture with comfortable new items like these reception chairs from bestbuy-officechairs.

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A team that gets on well together works well together. Working as part of a team is an essential thing in every successful office so it is important to nurture this team work ethic. Host days out where you can enjoy team games, hold weekly or monthly quiz events where people will have to work as teams, and spend time eating lunch together.

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Health is something that we know is a part of being happy. Being healthier makes us happier so it is a good idea to promote good healthy habits. Encouraging healthy eating, endorsing a cycle to work initiative, and running a stop smoking incentive program are all things that can help.

What is Chlamydia? A rising sexual disease

With the discovery of antibiotics sexual diseases were thought to become a thing of the past. Syphilis and Gonorrhea were now manageable. However a new and similar disease to these two was on the horizon, it was named after the Greek word for cloak. It is called Chlamydia. It is well named as there are no outward symptoms that someone with it will show. However, it can be extremely painful and even result in an increase in Ectopic pregnancy or infertility if left untreated.

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Luckily help is at hand. Chlamydia Testing Kits London based company produce can tell you if you are infected. As soon as you find out that you are the best course of action is to stop having sex and go to your GP immediatly. You will be given a course of antibiotics that will be able to clear it up for you.

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Women are more likely to have the disease as it thrives better in the womb. It can also be passed through oral sex as the bacteria is able to remain in the mouth as well. It can also infect the eyes in a form of conjunctivitis similar to that of what Syphilis can do. Great progress has been made in identifying the bacteria from its major appearance in 1990 upto 2006 (although it is believed to have existed well before these key dates). Cases are still high although they are greater in Africa and South Asia. They still occur in Europe for anyone sexually active to need to take care. Advice, as ever, is to use a condom to reduce the chances of infection or simply abstain.

How a Vegan Diet is Good for Diabetics

One of the most popular lifestyle changes of the last few years has been changing to a vegan diet. Vegan foods have since become much more readily available, as more and more people switch to vegan – whether for health benefits or environmental ones.

Now it is possible to go into a supermarket and see a huge array of vegan food, you can go to most restaurants and find vegan options on the menu, and you can even follow a vegan bodybuilding diet by following recipes like these so it is clear that switching to vegan has become much more popular lately.

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One of the most popular groups of people who have seen the benefits of switching to a vegan diet are those with diabetes. As the dietary requirements for a diabetic mean that you have to watch what you eat and the vegan diet tends to contain less saturated fat, and more of the things that benefit someone with diabetes such as fibre and anti-oxidants.

Of course, when you have diabetes and plan to change your diet, you should consult your GP to make sure that you go into it without causing any risk to yourself. For example, instead of a sudden dramatic change to diet, you may want to do it by slowly cutting out non-vegan foods and gradually replacing them with vegan alternatives.

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A doctor will also be able to advise you the best ways to ensure that you continue to get into your body all of the vitamins and minerals that you need to be healthy whilst managing your diabetes.

Enjoy the Scottish Woodlands this Autumn

The autumn is when the forests put on their own beautiful display of colour. The leaves all alight with their fiery autumn tones are not to be missed and one of the best places to go to enjoy these stung displays is Scotland.

Treat yourself to some warm winter clothes from somewhere like Tommy Bowe menswear and head to the wilderness of Scotland to enjoy the autumn walks in some of the most beautiful forests in the world…

Killiecrankie in Perthshire – The hues of the trees as September rolls around make this a magical place to enjoy a forest walk. As the subtle tones start to change from green to yellow, the light takes on an enchanted look – perfect for a relaxing woodland walk!

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Pressmennan Wood in East Lothian – For a day out with the kids this woodland walk is perfect. Kids can find all of the stained-glass windows and little doors that are set in the trees, behind which the Toolfits and Glingbobs are alleged to live.

Glen Finglas in Stirling – Another family favourite with paths that are wide and easy for pushchairs, this is the perfect place to bring the family in the autumn. As well as being accessible, this woodland is also home to some of the oldest trees in Scotland.

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Loch Ard Forest in Stirlingshire – If you are hoping to catch a glimpse of the wildlife of the region, here is a place where you may encounter an otter, a water vole or even red squirrels. This beautiful forest is teeming with life and is a great place to enjoy an autumn stroll.

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