Three Ways to Style a Smaller Bedroom

A bedroom is a place where you should be able to relax and unwind, and of course get a good night’s sleep. Bedrooms come in many shapes and sizes and some bedrooms can be tiny. If you are struggling with how best to go about furnishing, styling and simply making the most of a smaller bedroom, here are some ideas that could help you…

Storage – When space is at a premium, storage has to be more carefully thought out than ever. Make the most of every available space in a smaller bedroom. Think about adding shelving over the bed, using the bed itself for storage, such as the clever bookcase headboard idea, which also makes for a great feature wall, and utilise built in storage solutions that is made specifically for you like these bespoke fitted wardrobes

Something else to think about, especially in a more unusually shaped room, is how you can use small areas and corners to create more storage, to make the most of the space that you have available in the room.

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Layout – The layout may need to be played around with in a smaller bedroom. In a larger room, traditionally the bed goes right in the centre, but this can make a smaller bedroom seem far more cramped and take up a lot of space unnecessarily. Furniture that is all against one wall can really open the space out a lot more, giving the feeling of space. Think about furniture that can be tucked away when not in use – beds like cabin beds are great for this, as they incorporate a desk and workspace which can then be stored under the bed when they are not being used.

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Colour and Décor – A lot of making the most of a smaller room comes down to how the room is decorated. Using two colours of paint, the darker colour on the bottom half of the wall and lighter on top, with a border or dado rail can give a much more spacious feeling to the room and can easily be adapted to suit a kids or an adults room. Lighter colours generally tend to open a room up more, but you can add interest by adding an area of colour that is darker or bolder as a focus and to add interest.

Three Great Reasons to Add Electric Gates to Your Property

If you are thinking of getting some new gates for your home, either to replace some that have seen better days, or as a completely new addition, something that many people love for both homes and businesses are electric gates. There are many reasons why going for electric gates is a good idea, here are just a few of them…

Security – Burglary is something that all of us want to prevent, but sadly, it can happen anywhere.  Making sure that your home is as secure as it can be is important, and electric gates are a great way to add that extra security to your home.  It is a good idea to go to a professional, like this electric gate company Cheltenham as they will be able to advise you on what is best suited to you and your home, and also install them for you.

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Automated gates are a great way to control who has entry to your property, and it may also reduce your insurance payments too. The security of automated gates also works the other way, and if you have young children or dogs, then you know that they are safe and are not able to wander out of the driveway.

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Convenience – Having electric gates is so much more convenient. Whether you are arriving home from a busy day at work, or leaving the house in the pouring rain, with electric gates you don’t need to get out of your car to open and close them. They are also great for people who have a disability, or can struggle with mobility, as it is as simple as pressing a button. There are many reasons for why the convenience of having gates that open this easily are so popular for their convenience!

The Value of your Property – If you are looking to sell in the future, or simply want to increase the value of the property, electric gates are the way forward. Not only do they look great, but they also are a great selling point that will attract buyers. The privacy and additional security that they bring to the property will be as attractive to potential buyers as their first impressions of the property.

Tips For Preventive Maintenance For Your Vehicle

Nowadays, many vehicles are built to last longer and run better than the ones used twenty years ago. That means less maintenance is required. But, many car owners still don’t conduct the necessary preventive maintenance for their vehicles. This neglect can lead to major problems down the road. To help you prevent future mechanical issues, follow these tips. It is never too early to start performing preventive maintenance for your vehicle. Performing these simple procedures will help you maximise the lifespan of your vehicle.

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Check the owner’s manual for detailed information about your vehicle. It contains the recommended maintenance schedule and illustrations of the different parts of the vehicle. You can also use the manual to understand how to perform the necessary maintenance. The owner’s manual should also contain illustrations to help you locate components around the vehicle. Always refer to the manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance.

Change your oil regularly. Oil should be changed at least once every six months. Checking the oil level can catch problems before they happen. Slow leaks deplete the oil level over a long period of time. Regular oil changes prevent future problems from occurring. By maintaining your vehicle, you’ll be keeping yourself and your passengers safe. If you’re unfamiliar with any part of your vehicle, contact a mechanic in your area.

Check your tyres regularly. A properly inflated tyre will prevent other damages. A proper tyre pressure is essential for safety and good fuel mileage. Checking your tyres’ PSI often will help you determine the recommended pressure level. Also, make sure to change your oil and filter regularly. A simple maintenance plan will keep your car in top condition for many years.

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Keeping a vehicle stored in a garage away from the elements will also help to protect it from damage and rust. If you need a better door, consider Garage Doors Gloucester at

Regularly clean your vehicle. A dirty car will not last long. Road grit and mud can damage the finish of your car’s paint and erode its structural integrity. Clean your car at least once a month, and vacuum the floor mats and upholstery. Remove sand and grit to extend the life of these vital components. Keeping your car clean can make all the difference in the quality of your ride.

Make sure you keep your car away from extreme temperatures. You can use a car wash to keep it in top condition. When doing a regular car wash, remember to clean the undercarriage of dirt and grime too.

Groundworks Jargon Explained

Confused by groundwork jargon? There are lots of things that are used in construction that the average person probably hasn’t heard of, like this electric tapping machine . If you are wanting to get to know more about groundworks in particular however you have come to the right place. Here are some explanations of the different terminology you might come across:


Where underground drains run, they must go lower but it is not always possible to increase the downward slope exceeding certain limits as anything other than a clear liquid would be left. The way to solve this is to build a hole where it came at the top and impurities are then free-falling vertical pipe in the hole to a new lower level. The advantage of this method is that the hole is easily accessible for rodding out any blockages. This hole is called a backdrop.

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Channels in the bottom of the hole are finished with smoothing mortar made to form a cleaner slope. This is called the benching. Sometimes benching will rupture causing it to block.

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Bitumen Macadam is a coated aggregate, which is put down hot onto a road surface and driveway. It is normally placed as two basic layers with a base layer and a coarse layer. Solid bitmac is the name given to a graded rock where smooth stones mix in to complete the gaps and add power. It is often used for heavily trafficked roads or driveways.


This is a sand topping around 30-50mm placed on the surface of the sub-base to prevent the topping from running into the sub-base. The blinding also allows the topping to move independently of the sub-base. When you need help with a groundworks project, consider Groundwork companies Bristol at a site like Chew Valley Construction, a top name in Facilities management companies Bristol.

Brushed Concrete

The concrete surface is smoothed and then finished with a soft broom dragged across it to provide grip.

Damp proof membrane

Damp proof membrane is placed directly under the concrete floor slabs of concrete to avoid issues with rising damp. It is also often used over blinding to provide a non-slip membrane to ensure there is no binding between the layers.


Deepest point in an excavation for a drive or a terrace, which is flattened and smoothed before laying the sub-base.


A trade name for very tough clay pipes that are connected with a plastic collar.


Plastic pipes are often used in underground drainage in the country, as they are lighter and longer than clay pipes. The disadvantage is that the pipes are not as strong and may have to be encased in concrete under certain conditions, negating any flexible quality. In such circumstances, clay may be a better option.


Before the current pipes of today were used, pipes used to be made from baked clay. The clay pipes used to be covered with a clear glaze that was kiln-fired to guarantee a smooth impermeable surface. These pipes were joined with sand / cement and tarred hemp.


Material excavated from the excavation site, which can be referred to as muck is removed from the site.


The coarse fills such as hardcore or crushed stone form a strong frost-resistant base and cushions to spread the load. It is usually at least 100mm thick.

Tamped concreteCompacting concrete surface with long heavy boards leaves shallow ridges behind. shallow mountain. These ridges should be shallow to allow the water to drain.

How to care for your laminate flooring

When you have a laminate floor you can be assured that it is a much easier prospect to clear than that of carpet. It’s one of the biggest advantages of going for a laminate option. However. Just like a carpet, the laminate floor needs to have some care and attention on it to keep it looking its best. It’s also a great way of extending the lifespan of the floor so that it lasts a lifetime. Getting Laminate Wood Flooring from a supplier like stand you in good stead.

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The best way to keep your laminate floor looking in top shape is to clean it regularly. This usually means a mop every 2 months as a minimum. You can’t just slop a soaking traditional mop on the floor. It’s much better to invest in a microfiber mop and make sure it is a bit damp. Too much water is a big mistake to make with a laminate floor. It can stain and sink between the minute cracks.

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Do not be tempted to buy a cheap,  “all in one” cleaner. You need to get a specific cleaner designed just for laminate floors. Other inferior products can cause the wood to stain and discolouration. More traditional methods to avoid scuffing and scratching can also be employed. Rugs or shoes under furniture legs is an absolute must. The same is true of keeping any pets that you have nails nice and short.

Types of roof in Britain.

All across the UK buildings can be seen from every angle. They will differ in design and style but they will all have one thing in common – a roof, which usually takes on the form of slate.  However this is not the only type of roof that you will find in the country as there are, for example, thatched roofs which use traditional methods of tightly bound straw creating an incredible rustic look . They do,however, require an extraordinary amount of maintenance. The reason we now use Welsh slate instead is because it is a much better material for keeping out damp weather.

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In this country we have an enormous amount of rainfall therefore we need decent roofs to protect us. If your roof is looking in disrepair look to Hereford Roofers who can provide the perfect service for making sure your roof is working well.

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The other type of roof  you will find is the flat roof, which although it appears to be flat this is not actually the case. No roof is flat as it would create standing water which would cause further problems with damp and mould and they would collect rainwater and other such waste. No expense should be spared when it comes to roofs. They represent some of the most important parts of a house and without them serious illness and injury can occur.

Three Easy Ways to Update and Refresh your Kitchen

The kitchen is probably the room in your home that experiences the most wear and tear. Used for all manner of things, the kitchen is a high traffic area, as well as being the engine room of the house, so it is little wonder that it can often be the first room to start to look a little worse for wear. However, you don’t have to spend an absolute fortune on the place to make it look much better – here are a few ways to give your old kitchen some love…

Update your cupboards – You don’t need to buy a whole new kitchen when you can give your old one a new lease of life with some paint. Painting tired old kitchen cupboards is an inexpensive way to get a modern looking kitchen, as well as changing cupboard door handles.

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The Kitchen Floor – The floor of a kitchen takes a lot of abuse, so it needs to be tough. This is the part of the kitchen that many people often feel takes the brunt of wear and tear – look at attractive and hardwearing flooring such as this engineered wood flooring for the kitchen to make sure you get the best of both.

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If you want to make the kitchen look more modern, then there are some really easy ways to do this. Simply changing a few things – new kettle, new light fittings etc will make a big overall impact on the look of your kitchen and it doesn’t cost a lot!

Why Risk Management Must Include Cyber Security

This is an interesting matter and the usual response one would expect from such a viewpoint is that it is simply a matter of managing business better. There are many individuals who are very business oriented and they believe that risk is something that must be managed but do nothing to protect their business from online harm. The first thing that businesses should do is understand the nature of risk, how to recognise it and then how to act accordingly. For more details on Cyber Security Risk Management, go to JMP, a provider of Cyber Security Risk Management solutions. Read more

How Does a Sprinkler System Work?

The question “How does a sprinkler system work?” is important to every homeowner because it is important to have it working correctly if one is installed on a property so as not to waste water. It is a fact that most homes that have them installed are more prone to be checked on daily for leaks than those without them. Sprinklers usually do a very good job of keeping the surrounding areas dry and only watering where required. Without the proper sprinkler system installed you risk having clogged up sprinkler heads and even damaging your garden because there is a leak. For more details about Water Irrigation Systems, go to a site like Irrigation UK

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The sprinkler head is a cylinder with a nozzle at the end of it. When water starts to pour from the pipe, the water pressure created by the nozzle allows the water to be directed into the soil. This process is continually repeated, keeping the water flowing so that the entire area receives water. The pressure in the head is usually adjusted according to the type of soil being covered. If the water pressure falls below the set level, the water stops flowing until it is increased.

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A sprinkler system usually includes timers that control when the water is due to begin flowing so that you can either mow the lawn early in the morning so that the grass gets the needed amount of water or you can turn on the water at night before you go to bed so that the ground is properly watered. Although you may never use every feature available on a sprinkler system, it is nice to know that you have options.

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