German fans, who have gathered at Berlin Union stadium, will watch their national team play Argentina in Sunday's World Cup final match. With fans bringing their own sofas to watch the games,…
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Most people don’t associate fruits with testosterone production, however there are many which boost the hormone in the human body. Fructose is not a problem when it comes to most of these fruits and nature provides the perfect balance of compounds to benefit our health.

(NaturalNews) Get ready to see some mind-blowing videos on a diverse range of subjects.First, let’s start with a fun one: my B-17 “bombing run” over Austin, Texas. Last weekend, I took a flight in one of only nine remaining B-17 Flying Fortress bombers that can still fly. Over…

A recent poll conducted by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s defense team, part of an effort to force a change of venue for his trial, found that a majority of Bostonians—58 percent—are already convinced the accused Marathon bomber is “definitely guilty.” That may be persuasive to the presiding judge. But what’s perhaps more interesting is that the poll found a sizable number of Boston residents—42 percent—are still “unsure,” indicating that even the population with the closest proximity to the April 15, 2013, act of terrorism still harbor doubts about the “official” version of events. Without seeing the evidence the government claims to have … Continue reading

466554717(1)Whenever I go to the grocery store, I always have my eyes open, watching to see what everyone else is buying. Boxed foods and instant dinner packets, soda, lemonade… it’s not always a picture of nutritional bounty.

As a professional health care provider, I am fascinated with how people make their food choices and what motivates them to do so. And how I can help by getting the right information out there.

I have also come to understand just how important decision-making is in the development of diseases like obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Throughout … Read More

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(NaturalNews) Creatine is one of the most popular supplements in the fitness industry. It is a naturally occurring combination of amino acids found in meat or fish or produced in the liver, kidneys, and pancreas. The body can build or synthesize creatine using amino acids from the…

It is well known that newspapers and the big evening news shows have been getting battered in our world of decentralized communication. These were (and still are for older generations) crucial mouthpieces for government propaganda. Newspapers and the evening news picked up right where the government schools left off. The fact that they are gradually fading away is a positive sign for liberty. Here’s a chart that shows yet another establishment darling – Hollywood – also feeling the pinch of the YouTube generation. Box office receipts are nothing to write home about. They peaked over a decade ago! Leaks in … Continue reading