Greens You Don’t EatYou use the beets and carrots, but there could still be a great deal you throw away. It may surprise you, but there are many hidden gems right in your refrigerator. I may juice the beets or shred the carrots for a salad, but I still notice the compost bin gets full with unused food. It seems like a waste to me, not to take advantage of your favorite vegetables when there are still so many uses and benefits—for those “throw-away” parts like veggie tops.

In 2010 alone, there was approximately 133 billion pounds of … Read More

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(NaturalNews) When it comes to weight loss, nearly everyone is looking for a quick fix. Many of us live complicated lives filled with stresses originating from all angles. Unfortunately, Western society normalizes the constant flow of activities, distractions and pressures, tricking…

By Mississippi Conservative Daily      As Pat Buchanan said in his victory speech in New Hampshire nearly 20 years ago, “Do not wait for orders from headquarters, mount up everybody and ride to the sound of the guns!” It began on a snowy night in New Hampshire. The first-in-the-nation primary. February 20, 1996. The story’s origins, […]

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If some psychopaths were running around crucifying and beheading lots of people and then they said that they wanted to drown my family “in blood” I would be inclined to take them seriously.  But so far, most Americans seem to be completely and totally unconcerned about ISIS.  Perhaps that is because we had so many [...]
End Of The American Dream


(NaturalNews) Antibiotic literally means “anti-life.” Any drug that’s anti-life is undoubtedly going to cause varying degrees of harm or even death in some cases. “When once you interfere with the order of nature, there is no knowing where the results will end.” — Herbert Spencer…

What's going on inside of a depressed person? Watch 'Do Dogs Get Depressed?': Get Your FREE Audiobook: SUBSCRIBE: —Links to…
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