Are You Liable If a Friend Drives Your Car and Gets Into an Accident?

Friends are there to help each other out ad lend a helping hand form time to time. At one point or another, you may be asked by a friend if they can borrow your car. In other cases, you may need your friend to drive your car for you as a favor. In these cases it is essential for you to know your responsibility as the car owner as well as your friend’s responsibility as a licensed driver. Here is some information to help you determine if you are liable in the case that a friend driver your car and get into an accident.

There is no blanket yes or not answer to the question, “Will I be liable if my friend gets into an accident in my car”. Unfortunately, this answer will vary depending on your insurance policy as well as the policy that your friend has through their own insurance company.

If your friend has his or her own liability insurance for their car, the insurance will follow them no matter what vehicle they re driving. In this case, you would not be liable for the accident that your friend got into, even thought they were driving your car. Often this person will be covered, but usually the coverage is very limited. Luckily the company will typically take into consideration the reason for that person driving. For example, if it was a medical emergency situation, the company would probably be more lenient regarding insurance terms and coverage.

If you are going to consider letting a friend drive your car, this is the most important question to ask them what kind of insurance and coverage they have first. Find out the extent of their insurance plan in order to make sure that you friend’s insurance cover them incase of an accident so that you can rest easy knowing the liability and expenses are not your responsibility or obligation.

When buying your insurance, be sure to ask who specifically is covered by insurance. Sometimes companies will cover another driver who operates you car, but over the coverage is limited and minimal. Family members are usually included on your insurance, but if they get in an accident they may not be covered again in the future. Some companies do not offer any insurance coverage at all for other drivers, whether they are friends or family members, so it is absolutely imperative that you ask the company ahead of time about your terms so that you are aware and educated.

Before letting a friend get behind the wheel of your car, think if through. Find out if your friend is covered and what the terms of their coverage are when driving a vehicle that is not their own. Also, check with your insurance company, such as the best car insurance companies in AK, to find out about rates and coverage. Planning ahead will help you to know what you expect in the case of an accident when a friend drives your car. Being cautious and proactive will help to reduce unpleasant surpasses so that you can focus on dealing with the accident instead of being converse about who is responsible.

The Best And Worst Dressed Of The Summer Weddings

On Saturday, Caritina Goyanes married and with her link closes the season of famous weddings this summer. Along with this last one the weddings of Bethlehem Esteban, Amelia Bono, Claudia Guasch and Alejandra de Bourbon have been where more familiar faces have been seen between the invited ones.

What has become clear is that there are no longer rules when dressing for a wedding: short dresses for weddings at night, scraps, and informal hairstyles. Anything goes and right or wrong, it depends more on who takes it than the style itself. I leave you the best and worst of the summer wedding season.


Nieves Alvarez risked a dress of ethnic style, very talented, for the wedding of Caritina Goyanes. Although quite informal, it is perfect for a summer Ibiza wedding. A 10 also for the collected, simple and with volume.

We continue with another top model. Eugenia Silva attended the wedding of Alejandra de Borbon with a couture design. It’s not a dress that anyone could wear but she was awesome. The only glue I put is the white color.

I’m not much of a fan of Elena Tablada ‘s style but I like the way Amelia Bono’s wedding was. The dress signed by Valentino was original, lovely the color, elegant and very appropriate for a wedding of that style.

 Neither cold nor hot:

It is true that Isabel Preysler never rises, and can get bored with her styling’s, but no one can deny that she is always impeccable to this type of events. Pink stick dress with Jimmy Choo shoes. A look that never fails.

Alejandra Martos surprised everyone at her brother’s wedding with a slightly sexier look than we have been accustomed to. Intense red dress of empire cut, much seen in other occasions but correct.

Laura Vecino, the eternal girlfriend of Rafael Medina, is usually one of the best dressed although it usually goes unnoticed. For the wedding of Caritina chose a gold dress with pleated skirt, beautiful but that did not finish to sit well.

They did not hit:

Hostess Patricia Pérez, skidded when choosing a purple lycra dress too all bright, low – cut, tight … Same for other party would not have looked out of both.

The girlfriend of Carlos Baute, Beatriz trusted as a great designer Hannibal Laguna but was not a dress for her. The color was like a shot. Not to mention the horrible effect “I’m falling off the dress at every step.” The gray-blue shadow he wore ended the matter.

The 6 Most Impressive Fjords

When we think of “fjords” we automatically catch the word “Norway”. Although most of them are located in this northern European country, there are many fjords, wonderful and impressive, spread throughout the planet.

In this article we tell you which the 6 most impressive fjords are so that you have a great dilemma when choosing which to meet first. They are all fascinating!

How do fjords form?

Quickly reviewing concepts we have learned in school: “A fjord is a narrow sea entrance formed by the flooding of a dug valley or by the action of glaciers.”

They have a “U” shape, however the bottom is not visible (it is under the sea). All fjords are found at latitude 50 of the northern hemisphere and at latitude 40 of the southern hemisphere. The coasts that present them are:


  • Alaska
  • Iceland
  • Greenland
  • Norway
  • Scotland
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • New Zealand

Now, let’s move on to the practical part … a tour of the most beautiful fjords in the world!

What are the most wonderful fjords?

1. Fjord of Dreams, Norway

The Sognefjorden is located to the west of the country and extends for 204 kilometers until it flows into the town of Skjolden. Its maximum depth is 1,308 meters and its innermost arm is called Lustra fjord. From here you can reach the Jotunheimen National Park.

In ancient times it was used as transport to the interior of Scandinavia. Nowadays, it navigates many of its arms to communicate coastal towns. It attracts hundreds of tourists a year due to its great natural beauty.

2. Scoresby Sund, Greenland

In its local language Kangertittivaq, it is the largest in the world, with an extension of 350 kilometers. As if this were not enough is the deepest, with its 1,500 meters. It is on the east coast of the island, near Iceland. Within this fjord are located several islands, the largest is called Milne Land.

The main human settlement is very close to the mouth of Scoresby Sund and is called Ittoqqorttoormiit. The fjord was discovered in 1822 during a whaling campaign led by William Scoresby, hence its name.

3. Hardanger Fjord, Norway

In Norwegian Hardangerfjord, it is located in the North Sea, in the south of the country. It is the third largest in the world, with a length of 179 kilometers. It begins south of Bergen and runs north-east to the Hardangervidda plateau. Its largest arm is 50 kilometers long.


It is used for pisciculture of salmon and rainbow trout. It is divided in 13 municipalities and in the environs of this fjord live near 70 thousand people.

4. Doubtful Sound Fjord, New Zealand

It is located in the southwest of the island and next to it is located a small but better known fjord, the Milford Sound. The latter can be accessed by road. Doubtful Sound was discovered by Captain James Cook in 1770, who did not enter it because he was not sure if it was navigable?

One of the characteristics of this fjord is that it has two different layers of water, one sweet and another salty. To get there you must take a boat from the village of Manapouri, 20 kilometers away.

5. Nærøy Fjord, Norway

Nærøyfjord is located in the interior of the country, on the west coast of the Scandinavian Peninsula, within the Sogn fjord area. All its banks belong to the municipality of Aurland and are 17 kilometers long. It was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2005 next to the Geiranger fjord.

6. Ilulissat Fjord, Greenland

Ilulissat Kangerlua is to the west of the island and since 2004 is a World Heritage Site. It is located 250 kilometers from the Arctic Circle and has a length of 40 kilometers. At its end of Disko Bay lies the Jakobshavn Isbrae glacier, so this fjord is filled with icebergs, some large, up to 1 kilometer in height.

Are you going for an excursion on one of these fjords? It will be a wonderful experience!

Ways to Make Your Wedding Memories Last

When you’ve spent a small fortune on your big day, you won’t want your wedding photos hidden away in a drawer. You will want to display your beautiful photos around your home in any way you can. Here are some great ideas for savouring the happy moments and making them a part of your décor:

  1. Canvas Print

One of the most fun ways to show off your wedding day celebrations is to pick your favourite shots for a large canvas print or several smaller prints in a display. The prints are eye-catching, will look like a work of art and make a perfect addition to your newly-wed living room décor.

Image credit

  1. Calendar

Putting up a calendar of 12 of your best moments mean you get to savour the day for a whole 12 months. You could even get several printed off and give them as Christmas gifts to your nearest and dearest, especially if they contributed to the big day. It’s a nice way to thank them for their support.

  1. Photo Strips

If you want to create something contemporary and fun, then hanging photo strips is a quirky idea. Choose the craziest moments from your nuptials and hang them from a photo strip wall hanging for a funky addition to any room’s décor. It’s an authentic look that guests will be sure to notice.

  1. Lap Tray

If you want little reminders whenever you use everyday household items, then why not personalise a lap tray? This is a unique, fun reminder of your special occasion every time you snuggle up together for meals on the sofa in your newlywed love nest. Use one to surprise to your other half with breakfast in bed in true romantic style. For a range of Personalised Lap Trays, visit

  1. Coffee Table Portfolio

For the ultimate in chic, designer style, create a coffee table book with all your best shots and wedding memorabilia included. Not only will it look amazing in your living room but will encourage both you and anyone who visits to look through and admire. It’s a beautiful, timeless reminder of one of the most special days of your life.

Image credit

  1. Shadow Box

These are a great way to display 3D items from your wedding such as flowers, champagne corks and any other special memorabilia. As well as displaying your photos, by putting up these other keepsakes, you are telling the story of your day in an original and contemporary way. They’ll look great in any room’s décor.

Everything you are doing wrong with your pillow and it hurts you

Which is the most appropriate? When should they be changed? How can they be cleaned? We tell you everything you need to know about this fundamental element for optimal rest

The mattress is an important investment, both for our economy and for our health. For this reason, people are particularly aware of their care and of their periodic replacement. The pillow, however, is usually seen as little more than a mere rectangle of cloth covering some kind of soft material. If we think that we spend a third of our life with the head resting on one of them, the object in question begins, however, to acquire relevance.

The quality of sleep depends on several factors and between them, the pillow plays a fundamental role. Size, height, consistency, anatomy … So that you begin to understand the particularities of this object destined to rest, we present you a complete guide with which to correct both in the election and in its care.

The right position

When we sleep, our spine should be in a natural, relaxed position beginning with our cervical spines. It is known that the height of the pillow is an important conditioner. One that is too high or too low (or absent) causes the alignment of the spine to be lost both in the supine position (looking at the ceiling) and on the side, something that the muscles try to compensate, with the consequent pains that afflict us nothing more Wake up If we tend to sleep on the side, the pillow should fill the gap between the neck and shoulder, so it is recommended that in these cases are thicker than if we chose to sleep face up.

Pillows filled with goose feathers are in focus because of their association with pulmonary fibrosis

It must be remembered that the height is intimately linked to the stiffness and the position between two pillows of the same thickness can be very different depending on how hard or soft they are.

The special case is that of people who sleep on their stomachs. This is a position that doctors advise against, but if we still can not avoid falling into it the best may be to even dispense with the pillow. If we can not deprive ourselves of the pleasure of placing the head on a smooth surface then we should choose one that was especially fine.


Just go to a specialized store to check a number of materials with which these objects are now filled for rest. The first question is to verify that we are not allergic to any of them, or we do not suffer affections like asthma that before materials especially prone to the colonization of mites can prevent us a good breathing during the dream.

Following the publication of a study carried out by the University Hospital Vall d’Hebron, pillows made with goose feather are in the spotlight. Although they are usually very soft and pleasant, they are unhygienic and it is even argued that the natural pen can be closely related to the development of pulmonary fibrosis, a disease that causes the hardening and loss of elasticity of these organs, reducing our Respiratory capacities. It must be considered that pulmonary fibrosis is even a recognized problem in Spain as a professional disease of poultry breeders.

The viscoelastic, a material created by NASA that evenly distributes the weight of the head across the surface, is the breakthrough in the sector

Foam pillows are more hygienic than the previous ones and more suitable for those suffering from allergic rhinitis. The problem is that they are rigid and very uncomfortable for the summer.

The middle term between comfort and hygiene is found in latex, which is washable and prepared against mites. However, they may be too rigid for those who are accustomed to the softness of those that are stuffed with feathers.

Sleeves should be changed every week. They should be washed with water at 60 degrees

The most modern options are made of microfiber that redistributes the weight of the head very well. While “cutting edge” technology, as far as pillows are concerned, is found in viscoelastic or memory foam, a material originally designed by NASA that adapts to the shape of the head evenly dissipating pressure throughout the surface.

Other fillers can range from buckwheat, polyester or even water. The latter are adjustable in height: just empty or fill their contents.


As we have seen, one of the health risks of pillows is in the mites that can colonize them. Dust mites are invisible and proliferate in humid and hot environments. Even in people who are not allergic, they can create important problems. For this reason, the pillows should be washed regularly, while the covers must be changed weekly and placed in the washing machine with water at 60 degrees.

For feather-filled pillows, it is recommended that three or four tennis balls wrapped in socks are inserted in the washing machine to help prevent them from taking, always using cold water. The drying of the same should be done on a flat surface, trying to remove them from time to time so that the feathers are dispersed.

Pillows should be replaced when they are no longer comfortable or when they are two years old

Those that carry synthetic filling can be washed by hand or machine and it is important that they are dried on a flat surface to avoid deformation. You can also use a dryer, but always with a program at low temperature.

Latex pillows should be washed by hand and with cold water. To dry them, it is preferable to place them outdoors, in the shade and horizontally.

When it comes to viscoelastic foam pillows it is recommended to look at the label since many manufacturers do not advise their washing.


As with mattresses, over time the pillows are losing their properties and may even be detrimental to rest. The rule is usually as simple as changing them when we notice that they are no longer comfortable or when we begin to feel discomfort that was not present before.

Everything About The New Minix Neo X8-H

Android box and dongles have become a strong alternative to the pc to perform everyday tasks such as browsing, browsing the mail and playing multimedia content. A good Android TV Box has enough power to do all this smoothly at a very economical price in front of a PC. Long ago,  we talked about the Minix Neo X7 ; Now Minix has been renewed and we want to tell you all about the new Minix Neo X8-H.

  • Minix Neo X8-H: Technical specifications.
  • Processor: Amlogic S802 Cortex A9R4 Quad Core
  • Graphics Processor: Mali-450 MPS Octa-Core
  • Memory RAM: 2 GB DDR3
  • Storage Memory: 16 GB
  • Operating system: Android 4.4.2
  • Wireless: Wifi and Bluetooth 4.0
  • Ports: MicroUSB OTG, 3 x USB 2.0, SD card reader, HDMI 1.4b, optical audio output, ethernet jack, headphone jack and microphone jack.

Minix Neo X8-H

The   Minix Neo X8-H has the same design as its previous version. The contents of the box include the charger, remote control, OTG cable, HDMI cable, MicroUSB-USB cable, Wifi antenna, documentation and the own Minix Neo X8-H.

Support 4K / Ultra HD and reviews Minix Neo X8-H.

The Minix Neo X8-H is positioned as one of the most powerful Android TV Box on the market , only exceeded by a few like the FunBox with Tegra 4, but has solved all the problems they suffer (poor interfaces, languages, absence of Play Store …). We find a quality product, with very polished details, oriented to the most demanding who seek power without making a big payout.

Its wide assortment of connections and high compatibility with all types of hard drives including the high capacities that are currently handled, make it an “off-road”.

As it could not be otherwise, the Minix Neo X8-H has support and capacity to reproduce video in 4K / Ultra HD quality, which makes it a machine with a long life and will have great support by the community, maturing and improving even more if it fits with the passage of time.

Fly Mouse Mouse Minix Neo M1

A good current Android TV Box is not such if it does not offer the possibility of being controlled in an alternative way to the traditional control, in this case Minix has chosen to use a command with accelerometer and gyroscope (type Wii) called Minix Neo M1, with the you gets a better user experience.

The command is included for free in the first units of the Minix Neo X8-H but if you have not had the luck to get it for free, you can find it in websites like Aliexpress for $ 18.50  or Amazon .

Availability and pricing for the Minix Neo X8-H

The Minix Neo X8-H has been available since the beginning of June. You can get it on Amazon if you want a quick shipment , if you have patience and you do not need it already, you can turn to pages like Aliexpress where you will get it for only 110 € shipping included.

Choosing a Mixer for Powder Blending: 10 Tips

Powder blending is a popular industrial process that is used in many different industries, including food, plastics minerals, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

If you need to buy a mixer for powder blending but you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. Here are ten tips to help you choose a mixer for powder blending.

Do You Need Continuous or Batch?

The first thing that you need to consider is if you will mixing different batches or one continuous batch. If you are doing one continuous batch, one mixer is enough, but you may need more for different batches.

What Result Are You Looking For?

Different mixers produce different results, so it is important to be aware of what you want the final mix to look like. This may seem obvious, but planning is an essential part of a successful business, and if you buy the wrong mixer you could end up with an unsellable product.

Image Credit

If you want to buy inline static mixers for your business, check out

How Big Is the Batch?

Some mixers are designed to work with smaller batches, but if you plan on using a large volume, you may need to invest in a larger mixer.

How Long Does It Take?

Some mixers only take a few seconds, while others can take hours.

Is It Easy to Discharge?

One of the most important functions for your mixer is ease of discharge, as you want to make sure that the mixer empties all of the mix quickly and smoothly.

Is It Easy to Clean?

No one wants to spend hours cleaning the mixer!

How Much Power Does It Use?

Many business today want to choose low0energy mixers as they are better for the environment – and also the business will spend less on energy.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Some mixers can be pretty huge, which works well in a big factory but can be a problem if you only have a small warehouse.

What Is the Finish Like?

If the product is finished well, it will discharge the mix easier, which is ideal if you will be making multiple mixes a day.

Do You Like the Design?

Some designs are simple and minimalistic, whereas others are more complex and require a level of skill to be used.

A beginner’s guide to Drupal

Drupal is a piece of software first developed by a Belgian student, Dries Buytaert, to communicate with his friends at university. He called it ‘Dorp’, which is the Dutch word for village; however, he accidentally spelt it wrong when registering the domain and it became ‘Drop’ instead. When he decided to release his software into the public domain, the name became ‘Drupal’, which is Dutch for ‘drop’.

Image Credit

What does Drupal do?

At its core, Drupal is a content management system (CMS) that enables non-technically minded people to manage website content. This means most people can quickly learn how to alter website content, insert photographs and images, and update onsite information without having to wait for a web designer to enact the changes.

This puts Drupal in the same category as WordPress and Joomla, which both offer a similar service; however, Drupal software if more flexible and powerful. This means it can be used to create anything from small brochure websites through to large and complex sites; for example, the official White House website in the States is powered by Drupal. According to Entrepreneur, over 1.1 million websites are now running on Drupal, making it the third most-popular CMS on the internet.

Open source programming

As Drupal is open source, it is completely free to use, redistribute and modify, with a huge online community of enthusiastic professionals and amateur programmers creating add-ons and extra features. The online community is one of the most important aspects of the software, as there is always someone on hand to help with queries or problems. You can also find web designers and developers that specialise in the software, such as the Drupal design agency These offer a specialist service for anyone experiencing problems with their Drupal website.

Image Credit

As the software is safe and secure, it has become a popular choice for website owners to use Drupal in a wide variety of ways to facilitate their businesses. The software can be used to create large e-commerce platforms, to control and manage orders, to update products, and even to offer payment gateways. You can use it for stock management, shipping information, and you can even use it to take bookings. This makes it an increasingly popular option for a wide spectrum of users, giving customers real value in one single package.

Best tips for jogging without tiring

When we plan to start an exercise routine for jogging, we give up that wonderful effort just because we got tired very quickly. With a few tricks and tips, we can keep continuing our jogging without being tired and we can avoid falling into old habits of a sedentary lifestyle. In these articles, we will focus on some of the best tips that you can apply in your jogging process.

Starting Process:

Don’t over-push yourself and it is the first tip for you to follow when you start jogging. We know it can be frustrating for us when we can’t jog for a longer period and see we are kind of slow compared to other runners who pass us on the one hand and share their achievements in social networks. I will tell you to strict your best ally when running. No need to hurry.

Your body will absorb this process little by little as you go and this will accustom to new demands every week. The first week of your jogging do it for only five minutes and you can gradually increase each week until achieving the desired time you want for jogging. No doubt sooner or later you will succeed. With applying these best tips you can jog without limits and you can train your body to endure what your body demand.

Tips for jogging without tiring:

To control your heart rate you can use a monitor or you can control it manually several times during a trot. You can regulate your exercise knowing your maximum heart. To calculate that simply subtract your age from 220. When you start your training you should keep your heart rate at 65% of the value you get. You have to keep it until you figure out how your resistance has increased, then you can increase the intensity to achieve your maximum rate at 85%.

Breathe well when running:

Running for a short period of time should not make you tired, but it does. If you end up with breathing like asthma or recover from a critical state of pneumonia may happen just because you do not apply proper breathing technique.

Breathing well is very necessary from the moment you decide to run. In this way, you can convert it as a habit to keep constantly increasing the distance and time. The importance of taking a breath in running can’t be mention in words. When we breathe the oxygen going to our cells and help us to burn glucose for energy and make energy molecules known as ATP. Without having this energy our muscles cannot work properly.

To know how to breathe properly you must train your body to be more efficient for taking advantage of oxygen. Denying the amount of oxygen required to increase breathing capacity leave us to leverage more oxygen with each breath. To achieve this skill you must practice a technique known as Swimmer’s breathing.

Swimmer’s breathing:

Swimmer’s breathing is techniques where you can breathe use of minimum oxygen in your jogging process that means breathe slowly as you walked. You must accustom your body to run with the minimum amount of oxygen in order to be more efficient when you need it to use.

This technique will help us to stimulate the circulatory system. The heart beats faster means to bring more blood to the muscles and compensate for the lack of oxygen. Once you become mastered the technique, you should start marking the time of breathing and keep breathing with a steady pace that will let you focus on your running.

Proper breathing can prevent bad postures and introduces your mind into a state of maximum concentration that will keep you away from the fatigue and make you discomfort to run.

For maintaining strong rhythms a 2: 2 breaths is appropriate i.e. you inhale every two strides and exhale every two. For a slow running pace, a 3: 3 breath is appropriate, which means you inhale every 3 strides and exhale every 3.

U.S. SEALS recommend a rate of 3:3 i.e. inhale and exhale three strides. You should apply these techniques to breathe through the mouth and nose, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

Running contractures:

There is another technique that can be applied some extensive racing when you feel you start contractual. This is caused by very tense posture when running as having very straight very tense shoulders or neck, these annoyances can lower your performance and tiring prematurely.

Other tricks and tips for jogging without tiring:

Keep in mind the following recommendations, follow our advice and you will see how with these simple tips for jogging without tiring you will achieve long term excellent results.


It is a key step to not get tired; you should maintain a good diet and energy fill it easy to burn to your cells, i.e. carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are degraded that have small amounts of sugars in the bloodstream and muscles in the form of glycogen. Glucose is not stored in the liver but used when your body needs it.

Consuming inadequate carbohydrates or small amounts can make you tired while jogging, which is why you should consume bran bread, fruit and yogurt before two hours of training.

Proper sleep:

You should sleep 8 to 10 hours during the night before jogging to improve your performance. With some tips you can have a better sleep otherwise, the tiredness will move to your training.

How to improve running resistance:

If your body is not ready yet tries to run at intervals, jog for 1 minute and walk for 4 minutes. Do that for four times means you’ve trained for 20 minutes. When this become easier for you can double your time for jogging and reduce the time in the walk, we can continue that process until reduced to 0 walking time and this way you can jog for 20 minutes without getting tired.

When you jog comfortably 20 minutes then you can try to increases another 5 minutes and continues like this until you reach your goal.

Improve speed when running:

When you achieve this reduces the number of minutes for a higher speed running then your body becomes accustomed for returns to your previous time.

As you make adjustments to trot faster in your easy runs, carry them out according to their original duration. Move to run shorter median races at a faster pace. Once you become a master of them, slowly increase your midsize races until you reach their original length.

Once your fastest rhythm becomes your new “normal” rhythm, repeat the process to add more speed at a much faster pace.

Helpful tips:

  • Hydrate yourself while you are not thirsty, if you let your body tell you it is thirsty, your performance will go down.
  • Purchase running shoes that are suitable for running and avoiding injuries.
  • If you suffer from heart problems or respiratory problems consult your doctor before training.
  • Listen to motivational music, music from the 80’s and action movie soundtrack is suitable for running. Or you can visit YouTube and find a repertoire of motivational songs special to run.

These are the best tips for jogging without getting tired. You require a lot of patience and perseverance. If you can strict with this training plan you will soon be able to run for a longer period of time without being worry about fatigue.

How To Take Advantage Of This Dress?

The summer is on and with it the wedding season. In addition, from the one of Dominique to me I have 3 more, for which I still have not thought the model…

Like me, there is Rosa, one of our assiduous ones, who has asked us for advice to take advantage of an ideal dress that has been bought in Hoss. The dress is a black word of honor, neckline with light heart shape, empire cut, with bow under the chest and steering wheel at the knee.

On the first occasion, Rosa bet on eggplant wedges , tied to the ankle, peep toe and with a little flower (I would swear they are from Zara and they are one of the articles that Mr. Amancio has decided not to downgrade, “because I am worth it “), A black Accesorize bag and loose hair.

The truth is that this is perfect but I could get much more out of this dress! That yes the footwear was the most appropriate because I cannot imagine myself with stilettos out there…

The dress, being black, admits any combination. Looking to the summer I would choose more vivid colors, although you can always bet on the infallible metallized…

These purple Zara shoes, sure to have them signed, are also in green. They are ideal, I have in mind for one of my upcoming weddings, and I think with the black dress would look great.

 Purple Zara Shoes

Although I would also bet on some fuchsia, yellow, turquoise…

Another way to add a touch of color to the dress is to replace the black tie with a colored one, a sash … What happens that may be more complicated … And right now I do not have any pictures that I can help you with …

The earrings are fine as you wear them, they do not look very good, but they look like pebbles. You can go to any add-on shop, they usually have color-coded and you can make some worthwhile discovery. You can also complete the look with a bracelet or bracelet. I have been given a very cool this weekend, is blue / indigo and a bit informal, but looking for something similar you can give an original touch to the look. Of course, look for the complements you carry are in the same line!

Pull and Bear Bracelet

The new accessory company of the Inditex group, have a party line for bags and shoes and a very original line of costume jewelry.

In my hair I would do something a little more elaborate, also for comfort. I have seen in your photos of the wedding that the semi-picked you looked great and with the mane you have, you can do something simple but showy.

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