The next Subaru XV Hybrid could have an autonomy in electric mode of at least 40 km

Subaru is still one of the few generalist manufacturers not to have a hybrid car in its catalog. But it is something that will soon change. In the United States, Subaru will debut before the end of the year the Crosstek PHEV plug-in hybrid, that is, the Subaru XV PHEV (Crosstek is the name it receives in the United States). And everything points to the fact that this Subaru XV PHEV will reach our market in 2019. A few days before its presentation, a document from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) was leaked indicating its autonomy in electric mode. Read more

A Short Lesson on Real Estate

Where did the notion that men should buy houses for women come from? Some people say that this is based on our natural instinct. Like any other animal, parents want to protect their young for the continuation of the species. Anyway, asked that question because I wanted to know why business relating to real estate is suddenly making becoming popular. Before you had the buying and selling of properties. Now, with the widespread use of the Internet, we have real estate trading which is basically “I buy yours you buy mine” kind of arrangement.

The term real estate is used to refer to any property, which is permanently attached to land such as buildings and houses. Most people refer to it as real property but there are situations wherein the term real estate is used for the land and the building together while real property refers to the ownership rights of the land itself. On the other hand, the word real is used to categorize these properties as things as opposed to people. Records show that the idea of real estate can be traced as far back as 1666.

With the idea of personal property becoming more widespread, real estate has become a major area of business in the United States. In fact, economists claim that the reason for the recent economic slump is due to the lower revenue generated by this industry. In order for the US to get back on track, Americans need to view land and buildings as an investment.

There are many types of real estate: residential, commercial or industrial property. The most common transactions involve the buying and selling of residential properties such as apartments, condominiums and a duplex. Sometimes families who want to move to a different state finds it difficult to find dwellings on their own so they usually do a map search of the area they’re moving to so as to find any houses which are either for sale or for rent. This way, they get to pick the properties they want without having to travel yet, thereby saving time, effort and money. In some cases, people contact a real estate agent who can then give them a tour of the area so that they get to see the houses and to possibly bargain for the price of the property.

In US and Canada, finding property is easy because of the existence of the multiple listing system or MLS – a data base wherein real estate brokers can share information about the properties their clients are planning to sell, or in some cases, planning to buy. Most people who want to buy a house usually have no idea where to start so they call a real estate broker. When you do so, the broker searches the MLS to find details about the property. At present, there are about 800 different MLS in the US with new competitors like Google Base, Craigslist and Cribfinder entering the public domain.

Accounts Receivable Financing, Tax Write Off And What Does It Cost?

Banks won’t lend money to a business seeking to acquire larger contracts because its not viewed as an asset. So if you are a small start up company, funding for expansion may be hard to obtain. Accounts Receivable Financing could be the key to funding for a start up with desires to bid on large Government (or Corporate) contracts.

So what is Accounts Receivable Financing? It is the selling of your accounts receivable invoices for cash versus waiting 30-60 or 90 days to be paid by your customer. Accounts Receivable Financing is also know as Factoring.

Securing the services of an Accounts Receivable Financing Company will allow a small company to bid on almost any contract within reason. A small company would know in advance that the funds needed to produce goods or provide services are available once they win the contract. In fact, some A/R Companies will advise you on which companies they will Factor Invoices from and which to avoid! (Federal Government contracts are considered “gold” however not all Factoring companies can handle Government Receivables)

One of the major concerns for most small business owners is how much does Accounts Receivable Financing cost? Between 1 to 5% generally speaking. Since Accounts Receivable Financing rates depend on the credit-worthiness of your customers, your average invoice, average payment cycle, and factoring volume, its hard to predetermine the exact cost of the money. However, you should remember, whatever the cost is: Its TAX DEDUCTIBLE and this is important. This means that the cost to factor is offset by IRS.

Not all Factoring companies are created equally (you can’t tell that by looking at their web pages). A Cash Flow Consultant or an Accounts Receivable Broker can stir you in the right direction. There are issues such as: process to acquire funding, will the Accounts Receivable Financial company (factoring) company handle your collections, will they provide the funds through a credit card or will they wire the monies into your business checking account, will the Accounts Receivable Financial company factor with recourse or without recourse? (Meaning will they take responsibility for the debt or will you the client take ultimate responsibility? The rates are different)

Sometimes an A/R Broker has a choice, but not all the time. For instances, there are not that many companies that provide Accounts Receivable Financing for health care or construction. It all depends on what type of business you have and what your needs are.

Things to consider before you locally outsource

Outsourcing can help businesses to become more efficient and increase profit. Entrepreneurs who try to run every part of their venture by themselves frequently do not accomplish the highest growth capacity.

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If businesses were to use outsourcing for certain areas, they could focus on building their company. There are many services that can be outsourced, such as finance, legal, marketing, IT, accounting and HR.

The advantages of outsourcing

There are advantages to locally outsourcing; for example, sharing the same language, culture and background makes management and communication easier.

Professionals who outsource can work from anywhere; therefore, businesses can choose from a bigger pool of skilled workers and there are fewer costs associated with occupancy and travel. Resources can also be increased or reduced when required.

Experience and a degree are often needed in accountancy, but so too is data entry. If a CFO did data input work, this would not be making the best use of resources. Using outsourced accounting services from a provider such as would be more beneficial.

A group of outsourced workers, all focusing on their area of expertise and working 20-40 hours each week, costs about the same as employing one person to work in-house; however, the business will be more efficient operationally, there will be less fraud and errors, and improved checks and balances.

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The business must be examined to see what is impacting profit. Devise a plan to develop the business with the aid of external professionals. Determine which areas would improve with extra proficiency and which processes can be reorganised.

Some points to consider

Before deciding which company to hire, interview several. The cheapest price should not be the priority. Make sure the provider has workers with the appropriate expertise level, that they can begin as soon as possible, and that they can meet important deadlines. Make certain that the prices quoted are credible, as a very cheap quote could mean that the company is not fully aware of the needs of the business or could supply under-qualified workers. It is imperative to develop a good relationship with the firm, so check testimonials and ask for recommendations.

It can be a difficult decision to change to outsourcing; however, taking the initiative, thinking ahead and honestly assessing the capabilities of your business can be extremely rewarding.

Learn and Be Happy with the Right Mortgage Options

No matter if you live alone or with family, have a business or are retired, are jobless, or need to pay off outstanding debt; what is important is that you are well informed in all decision making. Sometimes, all it takes is street smarts and a little help from a reliable mortgage broker to help solve what might appear to be an impossible financial situation.

Here are some things to remember, to learn about mortgage options and the advice provided by professional mortgage brokers.

Know your mortgage options

  1. First-time Buyers. These are people who will be purchasing their first home, typically through a mortgage broker. A reliable mortgage broker can help you from start to finish – and make finding the home of your dreams easier.
  2. Re-mortgages. To re-mortgage is to get a new mortgage instead of your existing home loan agreement. Usually this is done to reduce the number of monthly mortgage payments payable, take advantage of a more preferential interest rate, or because personal or financial circumstances have changed and the new mortgage payments or term will reflect this.
  3. Buy to let. Basically this is an option which allows you to purchase a property for investment purposes. You will not live in the property as your principal residence. It is the process by which people buy new homes to rent out to others in the hope of earning extra income to fund their business or retirement days.
  4. Help to buy. This is a government scheme that helps you buy your home via an equity loan scheme in which the government lends you 20% of the cost of a new home; or mortgage guarantee scheme where you can borrow a higher loan to the value of your mortgage.

Choose a reliable mortgage broker

A reliable mortgage broker will analyse your financial capability, discuss the whole process in layman’s terms, and help you choose the right option. Most importantly, a mortgage broker will teach you how to make your money move to your advantage.

Before you relocate to another town, borrow money to buy a home, or sell your property, you may want to consider what a mortgage broker Colchester has to offer. With their Mortgage Service Center, they give free advice, give a complete walk-through of your application, and answer other queries on mortgage. Professional mortgage advisers can help you save time, money and a lot of hassle when it comes to finding the best mortgage deal in the market. Whichever mortgage option you choose, do it smartly and based on the best information and most up to date information possible.


3 Benefits of Having a Steam Shower at Home

Not that long ago, experiencing the amazing relaxation benefits associated with a steam shower or steam bath was something reserved for a visit to your local health club or spa or possibly when staying in an up market hotel. But things have changed – steam showers are now moving to the top of the shopping list for people looking for savvy home improvements.

As people seek ways to help them recover and relax from the pressure of modern life, more people are discovering just how beneficial and affordable it is to install their very own steam shower at home – and enjoy the many benefits whenever they feel like it. Here are 3 reasons why steam showers are rapidly becoming the ‘must have’ addition to any bathroom.

  1. Health benefits

The impact of steam on general health and wellbeing is well documented, and steam has been used through the centuries as a way of healing and helping the human body recover. A steam shower helps with vasodilation – effectively enlarging the blood vessels and allowing blood to flow more easily throughout your body. Why is this important? Because it improves the delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients to all parts of your body.

Steam also helps unclog skin pores – deep cleaning in a way that is difficult to achieve simply with soap and water; leaving skin healthier and giving you that wonderful glowing complexion.

If you suffer from any of the common respiratory problems, then steam also helps relieve many symptoms of asthma and similar conditions. It helps clear your airways, making breathing easier and improving cardio pulmonary performance.

  1. Save money

With a steam shower in your own bathroom, you can forget expensive trips to the spa or health club to take advantage of steam therapy. You’ll be able to indulge yourself whenever you feel like it, all without leaving the comfort of your own home. Modern steam showers are also extremely cost-effective in terms of running costs; heating just the amount of steam and hot water required – much more efficient than a regular shower or bath.

  1. Add value to your home

The housing market isn’t what it once was – buyers are looking for more bang for their buck, and one way to make your home stand out when it comes time to sell and move on is to make sure it offers more than similar properties on the market in the same area. Desirable home additions include upgraded kitchens and bathrooms, and a steam shower is rated highly as a desirable addition to any home.

Modern steam showers are easy to install, come in a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes, and offer a mind-boggling range of additional features which can be incorporated. If you’re looking for the next ‘must have’ home improvement project and also want to enjoy your very own relaxing steam therapy sessions – installing a steam shower in your home will give both you and your home a new lease of life.

Winter Driving – What do you need to know?

With winter just around the corner, the daily commute for drivers is about to get much more hazardous. Winter driving conditions command a lot more skill and caution – here are the most important things to be aware of when driving in the winter.

Wind – With winter comes winter storms, and as the recent storm Calum has shown us, strong winds can wreak havoc on the roads. Be aware that windy weather can lead to standing water on the roads, especially when accompanied by heavy rain as it often can be. Keep listening to the news as trees can be blown down blocking roads, so you may need to alter your route. In windy weather take care to drive more slowly than usual – cars can handle differently in high winds and strong gusts of wind can catch you off guard if you aren’t prepared for them. Be aware that more exposed stretches of the road will leave you more susceptible to these strong gusts of wind.

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Snow and Ice – Snow and ice can make driving dangerous and unpredictable so it is extremely important to be cautious in these conditions. If there is heavy snowfall, listen to travel advice in your area and take it! Often the police will advise only to travel if it is absolutely necessary. Ensure that your car is in good working order as these conditions can be deadly if you have problems with your car – get it checked over by a professional such as Gloucester car service company  to make sure that you don’t have any hidden problems with the car. When travelling in the snow, it is important to ensure that before you set off on your journey you are prepared for the worst – take blankets, plenty of water, snacks and a fully charged mobile phone with you so if you are stuck somewhere you can call for help and be comfortable whilst you are waiting.

Poor Visibility – The Winter driving conditions are also more dangerous because visibility is often much worse. The mornings and evenings when the sun is low in the sky can result in drivers being dazzled and not being able to see approaching hazards that they would normally. Take care in these conditions and if you feel that you cannot drive safely, pull over in a safe place until you can. Unfortunately, the low sun coincides with morning and evening rush hour, so more accidents do occur at these times because of it. Rain can also cause poor visibility especially when it becomes very heavy. If you are struggling to see, do find a safe place to wait until conditions have improved. The rain also adds more risk as the road becomes wet, which, when combined with poor visibility can be very dangerous.

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Why do we name storms?

Are we having more winter storms now or is the fact that they now have names means we are taking more notice of them than before?

The UK has always experienced fierce winter storms that have battered our shores, but they have only been named since 2015. The UK’s first named storm was Abigail in November of that year. Others followed in quick succession – Desmond, Barbara, Doris and Georgina to name just a few.

Why do they now have names?

It was decided in 2015 that the Met Office would name storms in the same way hurricanes are named in the United States. It is believed that important communications regarding preparing for severe weather are more effective when the storm has a name. It raises awareness of the potential for severe weather and is better at prompting people to take preventative action for themselves and their property.

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If the UK experiences a storm that has already been named and developed over the Atlantic, then the original name will stay in place to avoid confusion.

So, as we brace ourselves for another winter of storms, it’s sensible to take some preventative action around your property. For example, if you have any large trees or branches overhanging your property, it might good to consult a Tree Surgeon Dorset like for safety advice before the storms begin.

Who decides on the names?

The Met Office and its Irish equivalent Met Eireann decide on the names for the storms. The names come in alphabetical order and alternate between male and female. To be considered for a name, the storm must have winds forecast that reach amber or red warning status. Amber means ‘be prepared’ and red means ‘take action’.

Some names are avoided, such as if they have previously been associated with a severe weather event, like the Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina in the U.S for example.

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Other weather systems that receive names include cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes – these are all tropical storm types.

Meteorologists started naming tropical storms back in 1887 when a British-Australian meteorologist called Clement Lindley Wragge began using the Greek alphabet and historical figures to refer to specific weather events. Upon his death, the practice was discontinued.

During the Second World War, meteorologists in the U.S began calling tropical storms after their wives or girlfriends to help provide information to pilots. By 1953 the American National Weather Service began doing the same.

Whilst the UK doesn’t often experience storms on a par with the devastating tropical hurricanes, we have experienced some pretty extreme winter storms. In 1953, the North Sea Flood occurred from a huge storm tide on the east coast that killed over 300 people.

The big storm of 1987 has also gone down in history, partly due to the poor predictions of weatherman Michael Fish who said there was no cause for concern. Hurricane winds then hit the UK, 18 people dies and £1 billion of damage occurred.

Back-End Offers – Make Real Profits

Often the real profits lie in back-end sales.

Once you have a customer, you simply offer additional products, add-ons, upgrades, a super-deluxe version of the original product purchase with all the bells and whistles. The customer is already “sold” on the product or service, based on your sales material or presentation.

The back-end offer should supply the answer to “what’s next?” It should be related in some way to the original product, and the most successful back-end products are higher-priced accessories that makes it easier of better for the buyer than simply having the original.

A back end product should further enhance the product that the buyer intended to purchase. Whatever the original product does, a good back-end product will make it faster, better, more detailed, more complete or easier to use and benefit from – in essence it is far more helpful to the prospect in satisfying his wants, than is the original, more basic product.

Keys to Success

The success of back-end products can be attributed to having a captive, highly targeted audience who is definitely interested in achieving a specific result or solving a specific problem. The add-on product makes it easier to solve the prospect’s problem, quickly.

Another factor is to further sell the customer while he is still in the buying mode and while he is feeling good about solving a problem or moving closer towards a goal.


To come with examples of back-end products simply ask “What product or service could I also offer that would be a natural match for what my customer is buying now? A self-publisher could offer a booklet on a specific topic. As a back-end, he could offer the same topic covered in greater detail and presented in a multi-media format complete with audio cassettes, videos, manual and CD.

Opportunities for back-end or additional add-on products are easy to find. A shoe store can offer shoe buying customers, laces, polish, protectants or, other accessories, based on the type of shoe sold. Ever visit a theatre to watch a movie and not order popcorn, chips, soft drink, or some other refreshment? Those items are all back-end products. First you bought your tickets, then you went to the snack bar.

My local video store now offers “tape protection” as an extra option. It’s basically insurance against returning a damaged video. Since most videos rented out these days are new releases, tapes being returned in damaged condition are a rarity. Yet, many people gladly pay the extra twenty-five cents to “feel” secure. A clever new profit center for the video-rental industry.


Always be mindful of products, services or ideas that your customers will willingly pay for. Anything that can make it easier or hassle-free for the customer, could be a good candidate as an add-on product. Convenience is a wonderful thing and many will willingly pay you for it.

Effect of a Slow-Loading Page on SEO

Imagine you have a fantastic website. Imagine that this website has absolutely no visitors. Do you see a problem here? If nobody sees all your hard work, what’s the purpose of that website? Getting people to see your content can be a matter of knowledge and technique and the present article will try to share with you some of the information you need to know.

•      Audience connected to Social Media

Social networks are one of the best tools to gain some popularity. Everybody these days is on Twitter, Myspace and Facebook. These sites can generate a lot of visitors to your webpage. What you need to do is simply to create a community around you and once you are popular enough, your online content will be popular enough, too.

•      Visitors connected to Article Promoting

This can be a powerful tool to gain visitors. It consists of uploading your work on websites similar to Ezine or Squidoo and posting links leading to your own webpage. These links can have two effects – on first place your own website will be available to anyone who views the article. The second effect will be in the creation of the so-called “backlinks” – everybody who visits your website by clicking on a link from another webpage is creating a “backlink”. With the growing number of backlinks of your website, the popularity of your content will grow, too – simply because your webpage will be on the top of the list in the search engines and this will lead to a greater audience.

•      Visitors connected to Video Promoting

This is another way to gain visitors by using your own content to draw attention. Instead of articles, you can use other kinds of media and for example, video. The principle is the same – you upload some video content on sites similar to Youtube or Vimeo and attach links leading to your own webpage. You can use this tool in addition to Article Promoting in order to reach to a bigger and more various audiences.

•      Visitors connected to Press Release

You can use a press release for anything. Giving general information, marking some important event or just updating your daily posts.

•      Visitors connected to Forums

This tool is currently a hit for gaining visitors for your website. When people upload a comment in a forum, they are able to put a link in the end of their post which can of course lead to their webpage. If your forum posts have some quality, this could drive a lot of visitors to your page.

  • Visitors connected to SEO

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. The importance of SEO can be huge. It has two main types – onsite and offsite optimization. No matter which type you use, they increase the chances of your website to find it in the top listings of the search engines. All links leading to your website from blogs, forums or the other kinds of content promoting are called offsite optimization.

  • Visitors connected to Directories

When somebody wants to find a site on a specific topic, they go to the so-called Directories – these are websites organizing all kinds of different sites by topics and content. You can put a link to your website on these directories and that will generate more visitors for your business.

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