5 more of the best web design standards in 2017

Many businesses do not think about basic web design standards, but these are very important to web designers. A great website will meet all web design standards, which means it will be user-friendly, fast, and easy to navigate.

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If you want to make sure that your website is up to scratch, here are five of the best web design standards to meet in 2017:

A clear search button

Most websites today have a search button bar at the top of the page, which makes it easy for users to search and navigate their way around the website. If your website has a lot of content, you should consider using a search button; otherwise, users will struggle to find the information they are looking for.

A clear call to action

Your website exists for a reason – perhaps you want users to sign up to your website or newsletter, or maybe you want to sell products. Either way, it is important that there is a clear call to action at the top of your home page. This makes it easy for users to understand what they are supposed to do when they visit your website.

A mobile-friendly, responsive design

According to Ofcom, the smartphone has overtaken the laptop as the most popular device for getting online; therefore, it is important to make sure that your website uses a mobile-friendly responsive web design. This means all your visitors will have a great browsing experience, rather than only the visitors who are using laptops.

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Clear social media icons

Businesses should always promote their social media channels on their website. People who visit your website are likely to be interested in your social media pages; in addition, it is free to advertise them on your own website.

If you are looking for a company that specialises in web design in Belfast, or any other location, check out agencies such as for affordable web design offers.

A clear sign-up box

If you want people to sign up to your website, you must make sure it has a clear sign-up box. It is often best to place the sign-up box at the bottom of the screen, with the top of the screen dedicated to a search box and a clear call to action.


What Should I Look For In A Web Design Company?

As most business owners know, having a great website is oftentimes the key to attaining absolutely incredible online conversion rates. However, many business owners don’t know what they should be looking for in a web site design company. Luckily, the best design companies tend to possess similar traits that result in the creation and ongoing development of a top notch eCommerce campaign. Here are three traits that you should be looking for:  Read more

Fresh Ideas in Flooring Options

Flooring can be an attractive feature in any kind of home. But the chances are that the floor is just part of the domestic background and you don’t really think about it that much. However, flooring has more of an impact than many people realise, and switching to a different type of floor could make a huge difference to the look and value of your home.

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Practical Considerations

As a floor provides a much-needed surface to walk on, it is important to keep a few factors in mind when considering new flooring, such as how much maintenance the floor would require, how easy it is to clean and how it feels. Selling the home at some point is another issue to keep in mind. What will provide best return on your flooring investment?

Budget Versus Beauty

For those with little money to spend, linoleum is an option, being hard-wearing and relatively soft underfoot. Carpet still retains popularity among some homeowners for its feel and texture. Carpet being made now is more hard-wearing and stain-resistant than it used to be, so it could be worth considering.

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A growing trend is tiling floors. The right kind of tiling can enhance a room and is not difficult to clean, though it will take a toll on any dropped crockery. There are even tiles that look like wood now. Wood is still deservedly popular for being both attractive and easy to clean, and options include solid wood flooring or less expensive laminate. Brick or stone are other choices available too. In this report from The Telegraph there is a full rundown on how to select a floor for your home made from natural materials.

Timeless Appeal

Wood is often praised by interior designers for its character combined with durability. If you want to find out more about the options available with solid wood flooring, then why not consult experts such as They will will be able to advise you.

The environment is another issue to consider, as some homeowners want to choose green or sustainable materials for their flooring. Wood can be another good choice here, as recycled or repurposed wood can not only be full of character but also does not require the use of chemicals or high-energy manufacturing methods to produce it.

What is the difference between reputation and brand?

Although they are very similar and definitely linked, brand and reputation are not the same thing. Increasingly, however, the two are getting confused. The problem could be down to the intangible nature of the two concepts and the fact that they both share many of the same approaches and goals.

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In fact, a brand serves to generate differentiation and increase desire, hopefully motivating target markets to invest in a product or service. Reputation, on the other hand, is the brand’s track record. This means the brand must be built (proactive) and the reputation must be protected (defensive). Both concepts are important, and damaging one can easily have an effect on the other.

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Social media Input

In an ideal world, a strong reputation is the foundation upon which you build a business and its brand. However, partly as a result of the social media boom, brands are often being judged on their back office functions – how they are run, who endorses them and their supply chains. It has become much more difficult to see the difference.


The problem is that focusing on one over the other could be detrimental. Therefore, a balance must be achieved. Marketers must now educate senior colleagues, changing the belief that the brand is an outsider impression of an organisation. They need to understand instead that the brand is an expression of business strategy. Similarly, reputation needs to be repositioned as an acknowledgement of the company’s past strengths (or weaknesses) and not marketing. For those organisations that continue to find the two concepts confusing, enlisting the help of a brand and strategy innovation agency can help, such as

Moving Forward

Although it sounds complex, this process does not have to be difficult. Instead, it can be achieved in just five steps. The first three are the identification of key brand attributes, key reposition attributes and key stakeholders. Next, surveys should be used to monitor these attribute ratings to identify, understand and overcome threats to both brand and reputation. Finally, in order to show how a brand and reputation are separate but still impact each other, tease out the different correlations. For example, think about how the brand is affected when a stakeholder says or does a certain thing, and then think about how this might affect the company’s reputation.

Why Is It So Important To Create A Video Email To Our Email Marketing Strategy?

Currently create an email video is a good choice because text emails are increasingly losing market, motivated because; Users read less and less, due to the lack of creativity and design of the same, etc. Therefore it is very important surprise users with something fresh, current and creative in our strategy of email marketing.
Inserting an image that links to a YouTube video or our website is not surprising in an email marketing design, but it does reproduce the video within the email itself, without clicking of any type.
What do we get with a video email?
1.- Surprise the users, since they do not expect the video to be reproduced from the same email.
2.- Reduce the amount of text that the user has to read in the email, since much of it is told in the video.
3.- Reduce the immediate closing effect just after opening the email, motivated by curiosity and because we have caught the attention of the user
4.- We improve the commercial aspect because we can offer a service of a company without the user going to our website.
This email video will be made in HTML5 and will be compatible with the following emails, programs or devices:
– Yahoo Mail
– Apple Mail
– Microsoft Outlook
– Hotmail
– Mozilla Thunderbird
– IPhone, iPod and iPad
– Eudora
– Foxmail
– IncrediMail
– Opera Mail
– Spicebird
This is the source code you should use to create a video email:
<! Doctype html>


The 5 Most Beautiful Coastal Corners Of The Basque Country

Are you a fan of coastal villages? Do you like sea life and typical houses on the beach? Do you want to spend a fishing vacation enjoying all the tranquility you can imagine? Then do not hesitate to visit the Basque Country! We will show you some of the most beautiful corners you will find.

Where to go in Basque Country?

It has been a bit difficult to make a selection with the most beautiful of the Basque Country. Everything is impressive! In addition to the landscapes worthy of thousands of photographs, on the Cantabrian Coast you can enjoy its famous gastronomy with well-prepared dishes.

1. Hondarribia

All this town bordering France and near the Bidasoa River is beautiful. It is an ancient walled city where its cobbled streets will make you want to get lost. You do not want to look at the map! Its castle, now Parador, located in the Plaza de Armas is one of its most representative attractions.

To the east of Hondarribia is the Txingudi Bay. You can take a boat and cross to French lands in a matter of minutes. The Marina district is another place worth visiting, the fishermen’s houses are very beautiful because all their balconies are adorned with flowers.

2. San Sebastián

Zurriola is the beach best known of the capital of the Basque Country and worth laying to rest on it. Its great waves have made it a must for surfers. If you look in the opposite direction to the sea you can see the silhouette of the Congress Hall and Kursaal Auditorium, where every year the San Sebastian Film Festival is celebrated.

As you walk around, take a walk around the Bay of La Concha, the most urban beach in the area. In addition to being in a privileged location, next to the historic center, it is striking its semicircular shape and that its climate is pleasant all year round.

Do you still want more of San Sebastian? Of course, you will! At the end of the beach of Ondarreta stands the Peine del Viento, a great sculptural-monumental work by Eduardo Chillida and Peña Gantxegi. The three pieces that compose it are arranged in different boulders right on the edge of a cliff. It is lovely to see how the waves break on it!

3. Bermeo

If you are going to visit the Costa de Bizkaia, Bermeo is without a doubt a must stop. Surely you have seen the famous hermitage on top of a cliff, typical postcard of the Basque Country. Well, now you know where it is located, very close to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. It has become more popular since Anne Igartiburu decided to marry in this place. What a choice!

During your stay in Bermeo, 30 minutes from Bilbao, you can take a walk through its marina and above all taste some of the typical dishes in the bars of the pier.

4. Flysch Geopark

Between Deba and Zumaia is this large coastal park, of the most beautiful corners of the Gipuzkoan area. It is an incredible place for lovers of geology because they will know the history of some cliffs. 60 million years! A beautiful landscape where you can see it, the panoramas are amazing.

You can start your journey from Itzurun beach and the hermitage of San Telmo. Do you want to observe something unique in the world? Then visit this Basque geopark!

5. Lekeitio

You will fall in love with this town at first sight. Of fishing origin and with an old town of the most beautiful, you will never want to leave from there. Among the main attractions of Lekeito are the Basilica of the Assumption of Santa Maria and of course the area of the port where you can find modern and traditional boats as well as the casitas of the shore.

Looking for a place to dive? You have two! The beaches Isuntza and Karraspio. If the tide is somewhat low, you can go for a walk on the Island of San Nicolás. Pay close attention to the low tide and especially when the tide begins to rise!

5 of the best cleaning hacks

Most of us struggle to find the time to clean our homes to the standard we would choose. However, the internet often comes to our rescue, as there are thousands of sites on the web which dole out cleaning advice from those who know best. Here are some of the best cleaning hacks we have come across…Dust off those rubber gloves!

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1 Use a lemon to shine up your taps.

If you don’t like chemicals or have simply run out of your usual sink cleaner, use a lemon or lime. Clear vinegar will also work. Rub the lemon around the taps and also across your draining board. Not only will this give instant shine, but it will smell fresh too. And when you have finished, stick the lemon in a mug of water and heat in the microwave for a couple of minutes, to deodorise it.

2 Use newspaper to soak up nasty bin juice.

One of the most disgusting household residues is the goop that always seems to leak out of bins as you lift the liner. See for a great description of the horror this provokes. Avoid the nasty drips by placing some old newspaper in the bottom of each new bin liner. This will soak up whatever gets put in there.

3 Put essential oils in your toilet roll.

You can use essential oils to rub around the toilet seat, but some people are allergic to these, so it is best to avoid this even if you are fine with it, in case you have a sensitive guest. However, you can still use essential oils to make your bathroom or WC smell luxurious. Put a drop or two of essential oil on the inner tube of your toilet roll. This is safe and will fill the room with fragrance.

4 Call the professionals

If you are running a business don’t leave anything to chance. Legally, you must meet certain hygiene standards, and the easiest way to do this is to employ the services of a professional firm like, who provide commercial cleaning in Belfast.

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5 Declutter

Whether you have a commercial premises to clean or a domestic setting, declutter first. It will be much easier and simpler to clean if you don’t have to move items around. Clear surfaces stay clean!

5 online business ideas that triumphed with amazing creativity

Sometimes, starting a business online is as easy as having the courage to carry an idea forward. As Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group (made up of more than 360 companies) says: “Conquering fear is the beginning of wealth “.

Good examples of this are the following creative online business ideas that triumphed despite (or thanks) that their innovation was branded as extravagant, unfeasible or directly stupid, but in some cases made their entrepreneurs millionaires.

  1. The Million Dollar Homepage

The Millions Dollars Homepage page was born in August 2005 in Wiltshire, England, where Alex Tew, a 21-year-old student who wanted to finance his university career, decided to create a million-pixel web page and sell each pixel at Price of a dollar.

The idea of online business was very simple, advertisers could buy as many pixels as they wanted to advertise and display in them logos or advertisements of their company that would be hyperlinked to their web pages. When it had collected 1000 dollars, the media echoed of his idea and since then everything was a success. The curiosity of the people made the Million Dollar Page was a phenomenon on the Internet and one of the most visited websites in the world, which caught the attention of many companies.

In January of 2006, only months after its launch, it sold the last pixels with which added a collection of $ 1,037,100.

“From the beginning I knew the idea had potential, but it was one of those things that could have gone either way. My thinking was that I had nothing to lose (apart from the 50 bucks to buy the domain and keep the server). I knew the idea would create a lot of interest quickly … Internet is a very powerful medium. “Alex Tew.

The page is still working.

  1. The Letter of Santa Claus (Santa Mail)

A Byron Reese loved Christmas, but thought it was very difficult for parents to keep the magic and secrecy surrounding the figure of Santa Claus, so I had an idea.

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He would send letters to children around the world pretending to be Santa Claus. To give you more realism got a postal address in the North Pole and accompanies your shipments with photos and postcards of the “home of Santa Claus”.

The parents, who write letters and get in touch with him, are paid $ 10, for each letter sent. Since 2001, when it launched this online business idea, it has sent more than 300,000 letters.

  1. Goggles for Dogs

The idea may seem surprising after all who needs a pair of glasses for their dog? Well it seems to be that many people, since Doggles sells glasses (not graduated, that counts) to dogs from all over the world.

This online business idea came to the owner of a dog who loved to pull his head out the window of the car, but the wind was annoying. One day he tried to put on snug fit glasses and the problem disappeared.

In addition to selling these glasses, they also sell sunglasses for dogs, something that serves for little more than to make a funny photo to our pet, but that has demand.

4- Diaper and Diaper Bags (Diapees and Wipees)

Christie Rei n was tired of carrying diapers child in her purse, so I had a rather simple idea but that no one had thought him to create a handbag exclusively for it. With an attractive design, various models and colors, and with a good entrepreneurial skill, Christie has achieved a business success with his idea of Internet business.

Currently Diapees & Wipees has 22 styles of “diaper carrier” available in its online store and 120 boutiques spread all over the world.

  1. Monks Laser (Laser Monks)

Traditionally, the monks have carried out artisanal works with which to guarantee an income that could be used for the own maintenance of their congregations or to realize actions of aid to the most disadvantaged.

But why spend your time on other more profitable tasks? That must have thought of the abbey of this monastery in Madison, USA, because the monks who reside there are dedicated to recharge ink cartridges for printers. Their success is such that they have expanded their business on the Internet to other sectors, such as food craft products.

Home Vinyl fabric Siding as well as Home Enhancements

Vinyl siding has turned into a popular choice for a lot of home builders as well as homeowners. It’s a wonderful method to change the outside look of your house and provide it excellent curb attractiveness. Imagine having the ability to change the look of your house without needing to incur big expenses. For everybody who is thinking regarding doing any kind of outside house improvements, siding produced from vinyl can give your house the additional curb appeal you have always desired. However, prior to you heading out towards the local do it yourself store or even call the local contractor, maybe you should look at some of the following factors first. Read more

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