Interior Design Trends to Look Out For in 2017


As the year draws to a close, an interior designer’s thoughts turn to what’s hot for 2017. And next year promises to shake up some well-entrenched ideas of what’s trendy in your home.


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If you want to create a beautiful house which will be the envy of your friends, you should pay attention to the following list of what’s going to be ‘in’ next year.

Au Naturel

Natural materials are predicted to lead the way in terms of interior design next year. Making a comeback will be cork, say experts, not only in the form of traditional noticeboards but also on surfaces such as coffee tables and wall mountings.

The warmth and sound-proofing of cork make a welcome contrast with other materials, such as metallics.

Also making a welcome return will be terracotta. Warm, matt terracotta finishes, for instance on tiles, will add rustic elements to your bathrooms and kitchens.

According to The Daily Telegraph, our desire for a return of more natural materials could be driven by our increasingly technology-led lives.

Jewel in the Crown

Bold, jewel-like colours are going to be big next year, say those in the know. Forget pastels and go for colourful shades inspired by elements of the cosmos and metals. Opal and quartz will be particularly popular.

Tone these down with soft, floaty fabrics and sheer silks to create a romantic feel to your bedrooms and living spaces. Colours, too, will be more jewel-like and natural. Dark green will help bring the outdoors in.

A Place to Escape

Tied in with this romantic, spaced-out feel will be the desire to create nooks and crannies where you can zone out of the incessant technology we are all faced with every day. If you can’t face throwing out the flat-screen TV and going altogether tech-free, simply set aside a cosy relaxing space in your bedroom or living room where everyone can go for some peace and quiet.

Help create a calming atmosphere with the clever use of large comfy sofas, soft furnishings, chunky rugs and embellished cushions.

If you need help with designing the perfect home interior, there are plenty of websites with clever ideas to inspire you. Your friends will soon be saying what a beautiful house you have.

Redesigning your interior spaces is really not as hard as you might think.

The Effects of Anchor Text


The thing about anchor text pointing to your website is that unless you are in control of the linking website, you can do very little about it. There are still ways to use anchor text to your advantage, but first you need to understand what it is, and what the search engines use it for.


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What Is It?

Anchor text is the text used to link from a particular article to a different website. For example, if you were writing a post about anchor text (such as this piece) and there happened to be a particularly useful article on about it on Moz, then you might write ‘Moz have produced a particularly useful article about anchor text’. If you set this up as a full A HREF link, the anchor text would appear as the link (commonly blue and underlined). The word or words you choose to link to the Moz site are your prerogative, but they would of course need to be relevant to the URL in question.

If you instead decided to link from this page to the same article, but from the words ‘frogs eat flies’, this would still be anchor text. And Moz wouldn’t be over the moon with you linking those words. The difference between the first link and the second link is the signal it sends to the search engines.

If you link in a relevant manner, the search engine can see that Moz provided useful information on anchor text to which you naturally wanted to link. If you link to it in an irrelevant manner, as in the second example, then the search engine will still see the link, but it won’t class it as a relevant link. The importance of link relevancy is explained rather eloquently in the Moz article used as an example above. It gives the search engines an indication as to the subject relevancy of the target page.

Are There Any Shortcuts?

Unless you are a SEO expert (or even if you are), this can all seem a little overwhelming. But it essentially means that as long as you produce relevant content that people will want to share, you should obtain relevant links.

This all contributes towards your SEO objective of ranking closer to the first page of the search engines. However, it must be noted that this does take time. The only way to jump to the first page straight away is to pay for AdWords. It is worth consulting with a full service digital agency that specialise in both web design and development as well as online marketing like Northampton web design agency Easiserv
The other thing that is important in the context of anchor text is that it is no longer necessary to desperately try to shoehorn irrelevant single keywords into your text, as Forbes points out. The search engines no longer see this as useful text, since it is so obviously artificial.

So in summary, the best way to get good-quality, relevant anchor text pointing to your website is to produce good-quality, relevant content that people who are interested in your particular subject area will want to share.

Choose quality to help you get the job done


Whether you’re a professional trades person like a plumber in Woking, a regular DIYer or you just like to be able to fix the odd problem, it’s important to have the right tools for the job. Choosing the correct tool can enable you to complete the work quicker and more successfully. It’s also important to think about opting for quality rather than going for the cheapest option.


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Have a basic tool kit

If you’re new to DIY or want to start building up your stock of tools, it’s beneficial to start with some quality basic items. From this you can build up your kit to include more specialist tools or to have a wider range of certain items. These initial tools should compromise the items you use more often and they’ll enable you to complete the majority of tasks. If you spend some money on this kit the tools will last longer and perform better.

Within your basic kit it’s a good idea to have the majority of these tools:

– hand-saw: this can be used for a variety of tasks, so choose a universal one with medium sized teeth
– claw hammer
– Stanley knife
– retractable tape measure
– chisels: both 8mm and 20mm models are useful
– junior hack saw
– adjustable spanner
– punch
– bradawl
– wrench
– mole grips
– screwdrivers: buy between five and six with a range of sizes across both cross head and slotted
– allen keys
– pliers

Why choose quality?

A workman is only as good as the tools he has and often this can be the difference between carrying out the work to a professional standard and causing problems with the finish. More consumers are looking to do property improvements themselves, but this can also lead to issues if they don’t understand what they’re doing or have the wrong tools. According to research from Santander Insurance, 13% of DIY work will have some type of problem.

Quality products are much more cost effective as they are durable and will last for many years if you look after them. There’s also less risk of them becoming blunt or damaged and they are stronger, so more suitable for the work. Badly finished DIY can often be worse than leaving the issue and can even reduce the value of your property.

Buying tools

When you’re looking to buy a new tool, you need to consider exactly what you need first. Then research what products are available and the different costs. If the item comes with special features check if you’ll actually need and use these, otherwise you could be paying for unnecessary extras. With tools it’s useful to be able to handle them before you buy. This gives you an idea of the weight of the tool and how comfortable it is to work with.

Not all tools are the same and it’s vital that you reflect on the quality and handling of the tool, as well as the actual cost.

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The Importance of Books in Childhood


Books are a wonderful thing – they can transport the reader somewhere else entirely, to another land, on an adventure – anywhere. They are also great for helping children to learn about and cope with the world. Sharing a story with a child before bedtime is a great way to talk about things with them, and to encourage a love of reading that will last a lifetime – a very valuable gift. Encourage and help children to read better with my word buddy, an app to help children read better. Here are a few great books that you can read with your child, that are not only enjoyable, but can help them to understand and deal with various difficulties and fears that they may have…

Badgers Parting Gifts by Susan Varley – This is a wonderful book, and although quite sad is also very positive. It deals with the death of Badger – he is old, and knows he is about to die, but is worried about how his woodland friends will handle the loss of him. It is a lovely book that describes badger’s death as the great tunnel, where he can run once again and no longer needs his walking stick, and his friends realise that they can remember badger and be happy for what he taught them, rather than sad that he passed away. It is especially good if your child is dealing with the death of a family member.


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The Owl who was afraid of the Dark – Jill Tomlinson’s book of a baby owl named Plop who is unfortunately afraid of the dark, is a great book for helping children to overcome their fears (particularly of the dark!). It follows Plop as he explains his fear to people and animals, and how they tell him the wonderful things about the dark, so that eventually he is no longer afraid of it, and thinks that the dark is super!

Elmer by David McKee – Elmer is the story of an elephant who isn’t happy – he is multi-coloured and all of the other elephants are grey. This is a great book to teach children about accepting themselves as they are and their differences. Elmer tries to blend in by painting himself grey, but his friends no longer recognise him – it is only when the paint washes off that he is revealed, and his friends are happy to see that it is him.


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Why There is More to Victorian Vintage Than Meets the Eye


As the focal point for design in the home, the living room has long been an outlet for personal style. And no more so than for those living in Victorian times – for although we often think of the popular, yet somewhat depressing, Dickensian image of 19th century poverty, the reality was often quite different. Consumption of commodities began in earnest as fashionable Victorians hurried to decorate their homes in the most up-to-date styles and the living room was transformed. Not only that, the influence of foreign travel, the reproduction Gothic designs and the significance of key designers began to play their parts in the changing shape of the room. No longer simply somewhere to relax, the living room became a visual indicator of wealth, style and sophistication.


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For modern home owners, maintaining the living room as a museum in which to house and present prized possessions is not really practical. Yet there is much in the style and décor of a traditional Victorian living room which can be enjoyed today. From choosing reproduction designer furniture to defra approved multi fuel wood burning stoves, by replicating the accessories of the time, a Victorian look can be achieved whilst retaining a sense of the modern.

Experiment with colour

Too often considered a dull and downbeat era colour wise, many Victorian living rooms were in fact splashed with vibrant shades. However, to recreate a realistic Victorian vision, as this couple did, avoiding pastel and luminous colours is a must. Indeed, in order to compliment the array of ornate dark wood and intricate brass designs, sticking to forest greens, ruby reds and rich purples is best.

All about the detail

The word embellishment is synonymous with Victorian design and nowhere more so than in the living room. Mass production of wallpaper made a huge difference to 19th century décor and much of what was loved then remains popular today. Anything with birds or other animals, anything with large blooms or anything with a recurring pattern can be considered Victorian in style … and much of this is preserved in the continuing popularity of the work of William Morris.


Victorians loved to fill their living rooms with interesting furniture, fascinating trinkets and conversation-starting curios leading to the exhibitionist appearance so revered by magazines of the day. This may not be ideal for modern living, but using older pieces or stoves from businesses like stoveworlduk, then accessorising with candle-filled glass jars can create a vintage feel without the clutter.

Feeling good

More of the above-mentioned clutter remains popular now as Victorians loved to overcrowd their living rooms with often overly plush and highly patterned furniture. And just as reproductions of designer furniture are popular today, Victorians also loved looking back to inspire leading designs of the day. Their very Victorian velvet and brocade upholstery was enhanced by hand-carved wooden details in Rococo and Gothic designs, celebrating the fashion of the past with what was then a modern twist: a style guide we continue to follow today.

The Evolution of Plastic Surgery


Many people think of plastic surgery as a relatively new science but, in fact, some ancient medical treatments for the correction of injuries and deformities have been recorded, and these form the basis of plastic surgery as we know it today.


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The First Plastic Surgeons

As long ago as 3000 BC, repair of broken noses was carried out by the Ancient Egyptians, and similar techniques were also followed in India from around 800 BC when reconstruction of damaged noses was undertaken. In Rome, techniques for repairing damaged organs such as ears were developed from as early as the first century BC.

In the West, doctors such as Joseph Constantine Carpue, an English surgeon, travelled to India to learn about their plastic surgery methods, and the first major plastic surgery in Europe was performed in 1815. Before the introduction of anaesthesia, such operations were painful, and the risks involved in surgery on the face and head meant that plastic surgery did not become popular in Europe until around the nineteenth or twentieth century.

With the introduction of disinfectants and sterile techniques, surgery became much safer, and the development of the first antibiotics such as sulphonamides and penicillin meant that plastic surgery could be planned and carried out much more safely.

Modern techniques in Plastic Surgery

During both the first and the second world wars the disfiguring injuries sustained by service personnel have contributed to the development of modern techniques in plastic surgery. Sir Harold Gillies, a New Zealand surgeon working in London, worked on many new techniques in World War One. He was responsible for setting up a dedicated facial injury ward which later became a new facial repair hospital in Sidcup. According to documents from the Royal Free Hospital in London, probably some of the most significant advances in plastic surgery occurred at this time.

Later, in the 1930s, Archibald McIndoe, Gillies’ cousin, joined his practice and was responsible for developing further plastic surgery techniques for the treatment of severe facial injuries and for helping disfigured servicemen to become reintegrated into society. Some of McIndoe’s patients at the Queen Victoria Hospital in Sussex became the “Guinea Pig Club” which had some very well known members such as the comedy actor, Jimmy Edwards.

Plastic Surgery Today

Plastic surgery can include both reconstructive and cosmetic operations, and whilst surgery for repair of abnormalities caused by birth defects, disease or injury is normally carried out by health service surgeons, cosmetic surgery is not usually available through the NHS. Many appearance enhancing procedures are available and operations such as breast enhancement, facelifts and nose reshaping are available to help increase self confidence and improve your appearance. For people who are looking for a tummy tuck or, more properly, abdominoplasty Essex has practitioners who will be able to provide this procedure.

Plastic surgery has advanced over recent years, and has become more popular than ever as a way of gaining the features or body shape that you want. There are even other forms of minor body alterations now being performed more than ever. are an established Bristol tattoo removal clinic that can wipe away those inky mistakes.  It is estimated that around nine out of ten cosmetic procedures are performed on women, and your surgeon will be happy to discuss the procedure in detail before you decide if surgery is right for you.

Getting Started with eBay


Running an eBay store is a great way to make a second income, and some people even manage to turn it into a sustainable full-time job. What many people don’t realize, however, is that running an online store requires just as much due diligence as running a bricks-and-mortar store. Margins can be thin, and there are a huge number of sellers in almost every niche.


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A lot of people try dropshipping as a way to make money online without having to worry about holding stock and handling order fulfilment. However, there are a lot of challenges associated with this, and eBay frowns on dropshippers, preferring store owners to have the stock in their hands before they list the products – for many reasons.

The eBay Marketplace Is Competitive

The eBay marketplace is very competitive, and it will take some research to figure out what is really popular on the site and which listings languish untouched. Once you have an idea of what is popular, you can start to shop around for reliable suppliers, and look at things such as Buy It Now listings, shipping fees and product descriptions. What are the best sellers doing to make their products so popular?  Think of the product range that you intend to sell and check out your competition.  Take office desks before you decide to sell them take a look at other prices available online from suppliers like then figure out if the margins left will justify the sale.  If not find an alternative.

Making Your Store Stand Out

Once you have found a niche that is competitive, the next challenge is to secure customers. While there are some buyers who are purely price-conscious, many people will pay a little extra to purchase something from a store that they feel they can trust, and your eBay store design will have a big impact on how those customers perceive you.

If you are selling goods that cost more than a few pounds, then hiring a company to put together an attractive store front for you makes a lot of sense. If your design is consistent across every listing and reflects the demographic that you are trying to reach, then you will find it a lot easier to attract customers.

Sometimes, buyers are willing to pay extra for faster delivery or to a seller that will ship to a postal locker instead of their home address. Use these things, as well as a great-looking design, to differentiate yourself from the competition and you will have a better chance of being a successful seller.

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