Lloyd Looms Chairs: Identifying the Key Characteristics

Have you found an interesting piece of old furniture in your garage that you think might be a Lloyd Loom chair? Here’s how to tell.

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The famous Lloyd Looms weave is identified as a machine-woven kraft paper, tightly twisted around a steel wire core for strength. The loom weaves the material continuously, which is then cut to size and secured to the chair frame with nails. The typically curved edges of this furniture are provided with a bentwood frame made from solid beech.

Pre- and Post-War Identifiers

Most Lloyd Looms chairs were crafted before 1940 and feature this curved Bentwood styling. More modern pieces have squared-off legs and solid beech frames – seen in styles like the Abbot chair.

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Identifying Imports

This make of furniture is produced in Indonesia and then brought to the UK for sale. One sign of an import is if the legs of the chair come wrapped – this is because the cane frame is paper-wrapped to disguise the underlying cane structure. Find out more at

Features of the Weave

The weave will nearly always be uniform with horizontal strands of paper twists that are 2mm thick. To test authenticity, use a strong magnet and see if it will stick to a vertical strand weave. If it does, it may be authentic, as the chairs contain metal wire inside each vertical paper strand. Other types of chair made from wicker, rattan and sirrom don’t have this interior wire feature, so the magnet will fall off.

Sirrom Chairs

Sirrom chairs can be easily confused with Lloyd Looms models because they have similar braiding and use a comparable colour palette such as green, gold and pink. However, the weave structure is different and flatter. Sirrom chairs were produced in Nottingham from 1889 by Morris, Wilkinson and Co. alongside the well-known Sirrom Colurtex furniture range and Sirrom prams.

Key Features of Original Lloyd Looms

Another way to identify a Lloyd Looms original is to flip it over and look for the original paper label – if it still exists, as they are very fragile. Some models will also have an original data stamp next to the paper label or underneath. However, pieces that date from before 1931 tend not to have date stamps, and any original chairs which have been repainted will have likely lost this.


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I think I’m seeing double

Back in 1997 the news of dolly the sheep rippled across the world.  Dolly was the poster sheet for reproductive cloning.

Essentially dull a shared the same nuclear DNA as her mother, meaning that genetic material was the same.  Although in generational terms they were mother and daughter, the DNA was like that of identical twins.

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The creation of dolly was hailed as a scientific breakthrough as it proved that it was possible to take a star from a specific part of the body and use it to create a whole new organism.

Scientists in Scotland at the Roslin Institute discovered this possibility by taking a cell from the mammary glands of an ewe and then placed this inside and unfertilised egg (once they had removed the eggs own genetic material) and then gave the egg and electric shock and watched it begin to divide into an embryo.

For years technology has been able to reproduce identical items.  Whether this is produce items of jewellery such as diamond rings, just as an aside you can find some lovely examples at formerly  But this was the first for biology.

Not only did the scientists in Scotland prove that cloning was possible, but they also demonstrated that specialist cells you are not confined to only creating similar type cells.  For example, before the successful cloning of dolly, it was thought that liver cells would only be able to produce other liver cells, lung cells produce lung cells and heart cells produce other parts else.  However, dolly as an entire entity was made entirely from the single memory cell extracted from the six-year-old ewe.  Therefore, one final say that some showing that specialist cells can actually be completely RE programmed to produce any other cell.

Dolly was in essence a complete genetic replica of her mother including the fact that’s from birth she had short telomeres.  These are in basic terms little caps of protein that are situated at the end of chromosomes.  They could help with the protection and repairing of cells.  Dolly had shorter telomeres than any other lamb of her age because she had replicas of her mother’s sixth year old sized ones.

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Dolly went on to years in normal albeit short life.  She gave birth to six lambs you were all naturally conceived and died at the age of six (most ewes of her breed live to eleven or twelve years old) after she suffers from a crippling forward other writers and lung cancer.

Since dolly, numerous other animals have been successfully claimed using the same nuclear transfer method and include pigs, goats, cows and mice.

Size is continually making new discoveries and breakthroughs.  Could we perhaps see another one in the news in 20 18?  We will just have to wait and see!

Five benefits of polished concrete flooring

Concrete flooring has always been a popular choice for many buildings and facilities. Not only is it hard wearing, it’s also highly economical and environmentally friendly. Read on for five reasons why you should consider polished concrete.

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1. Durability

Concrete is sturdy, hard wearing and highly durable meaning this is a great option if longevity is a concern. It will withstand heavy wear and tear so is ideal for high traffic areas. It requires only a very low level of upkeep, so maintenance is not an issue. The polish also protects the concrete. This all leads on to the next benefit: economy.

2. Economical

Polished concrete is a great option for those on a budget. The low maintenance of a concrete floor means it can last many years or decades, so it is a great long-term investment which makes it cheaper than other similar options, even if the initial outlay might be more.

3. Easy-Maintenance

Polished concrete flooring, such as that available from and other suppliers, requires hardly any care. It can last well with just a bit of brushing or sweeping and a scrub now and then. The polish will keep in good condition even with regular use of forklifts, vehicles or other equipment. There is no need for waxing or polishing.

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4. No Dust

One benefit of a polished concrete floor solution is that is does not give out any dust, as unpolished concrete can. Concrete dusting is a natural process which happens when the concrete slowly breaks down into a fine powder. It can appear in cracks and not only can it be unsightly it can also cause problems with health, as breathing in the find dust is not good for the lungs. It can also potentially cause problems with machinery. With the polished floor, dust is reduced and so any problems from dust are minimised.

5. Energy Efficiency

This floor type is a green option as it is highly energy efficient and can therefore save money on bills. Concrete is a natural material that is sustainable. It is also able to reflect heat and light back into the room or to the surrounding area, so it gives good ambient lighting and limits waste energy. It has a pleasant sheen from the polished finish, so this creates a light feel whether in daylight or artificial light.

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Keeping the Wedding Costs Down

Weddings can quickly spiral out of control, costing thousands upon thousands. Savvy couples are finding clever ways to keep costs down, so they can have a frugal (but not cheap) stylish wedding. Here are some top tips for getting more for less:

Choose an out of season date

The peak wedding months are the summer – June, July and August – so avoiding these can save you a fortune. Avoiding a Saturday is another sure way of paying less for your big day. For example, a Friday wedding in March could see you spending significantly less than a Saturday in July.

DIY invitations 

Getting crafty is not only fun but could help you save enormously. Choosing a professionally made invitation can cost well over £5 per invite, so it makes sense to try the do-it-yourself approach. Not only will the invitations mean more to the recipients, but they’ll cost you a lot less to make.

High street wedding dress

This is quite possibly the most important decision for any wedding but remember that the ideal dress doesn’t have to mean the priciest. Many high street retailers have got in the budget wedding theme, offering some stunning and stylish designs at highly competitive prices. Even some supermarkets have entered the bridal market.

Reduce the guest list 

It might seem ruthless, but you should avoid over-inflating the guest numbers and only invite those closest and dearest to you. This can potentially save you hundreds in food and drink. This also makes for a far more intimate occasion where you can spend time with every one of your guests.

Book a DJ

Whilst it might be tempting to hire that harpist or live band for the evening entertainment, this will cost you a pretty penny. Booking a DJ is easier, cheaper and they will offer a much wider variety of music choice, having something for everyone. For a top Wedding DJ Gloucestershire, visit

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Consider unique food options

You don’t have to have a sit-down three-course meal. Why not consider cheaper options such as ordering in bulk from a favourite Chinese or Indian takeaway? Perhaps you could offer giant pizzas, a smaller buffet or even a BBQ instead?


Reduce the cake size

Do you really need a multiple-tiered masterpiece? Either go smaller, get someone you know to bake one or forget the wedding cake idea altogether and supply cupcakes instead. Cupcakes stacked in attractive displays can be just as impressive.

Fake it with the flowers

The cost of fresh flowers soon adds up once you’ve factored in table decorations, bride and bridesmaid bouquets, corsages etc. Cheaper options include choosing silk flowers, making your own decorations from crepe paper, fabric flowers or choosing cheaper real flowers. Swapping roses for flowers like Gerber daisies and Carnations can save you a good wad of cash. Alternatively, if you still want to splash out on the bridal bouquet, choose the cheaper flowers for decorations and go for something a little more special for the bouquet.

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