Knowing 5 Tips For Effective Video Marketing


5 Tips For Effective Video Marketing

• Provide testimonials

Everybody knows that testimonials are gold when it comes to selling your product. Well, video testimonials are platinum. Video testimonials work better because we can see the customer. We can see their face, we can see how excited they are for the product. We can see how thankful they are for the product. Video testimonials add credibility because they are harder to fake. Anybody can write a great sounding testimonial, add a name of the ‘customer’, and put it up on their site. With a video testimonial, the person on screen helps other viewers relate. And once you can relate with a potential customer, it’s a whole lot easier to sell to them. Read more

How is a bra actually made?

How is a bra actually made

Bras are quite possibly the most important element of a woman’s wardrobe. They provide support, and prevent aches and pains and unwanted movement. They also help us to feel attractive and beautiful. But how are these items made?

How is a bra actually made

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Know your bra!

The bra market has become sharply divided, between bras that are primarily worn for comfort and shape, versus bras worn to look beautiful. There are bras that do both, like the Prima Donna Deauville bra, but you only have to take a look in your own underwear drawer to see the difference.

We probably don’t need to tell you that when a comfort or support bra like the Prima Donna Deauville bra is planned, the designer works like an engineer. Panels and straps are chosen for their performance, to produce a reliable end product that won’t rub or pull.

However, when a bra is designed to be beautiful too, as the Prima Donna Deauville bras are, the designers must also decide on the physical appearance and structure. Cup shape and function are still important, but now the look and how the bra fits into a collection is just as critical.

Getting it right

Once the designer has produced an illustration, prototypes and patterns are produced. The first model of the bra will be cut out of cardboard by computer and then assembled by hand. There are industry standard guidelines in place to ensure that a bra is fit for purpose. As we all know, however, not all companies adhere to these guidelines. Plenty of cheaply made bras from abroad don’t quite do what they’re supposed to do.

Once the design is approved, the same components from the model including the panels, straps, cup top, cup bottom, centre, side and back are produced in fabric and checked again. These are usually tested on models for fit and comfort and once they pass the grade, the pattern can go off to the factory.

Rolling them out

In the factory, standardised assembly and industrial machines mean a small item like a bra can be made quickly and most importantly, very accurately. Even a difference of 2 mm on a sewn edge can ruin a bra. Once the bra is finished, it’s checked again. If it is perfect, it might just find its way into your underwear drawer.

The importance of order in the company

The importance of order in the company

From a small cafe to a SME if there is anything that improves the functioning of the organization, will have to implement it. The order is one of them.

Both the quality, safety and efficacy in work performance will benefit. Time is money, and operate in a prime space where the order will help to improve production as the pace of work is ideal.

The order and cleanliness

There are several methods to meet objectives of order and cleanliness in the workplace.In principle, it may seem a minor issue, but if we think about the benefits and problems associated with disorganized work table, the issue is serious. Read more

Know the benefits of legumes

Know the benefits of legumes

We have told that this year 2016 has been declared as “Year of legumes” by FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organization) and from this organization is trying to raise awareness of the benefits of the same for our health, and to encourage consumption.

This promotion campaign vegetables that you can see full on its website contains several interesting through which we can make these foods much better, basic to an omnivorous diet and more to a vegetarian diet, which should represent the majority of the total protein intake. Read more

Get Targeted Customers And Benefits Of Social Exchange Through Different Networking Sites

Get Targeted Customers And Benefits Of Social Exchange Through Different Networking Sites

Advertising for different websites had always been felt, because it is only through effective advertising that a business can make the target customers aware of the existence and importance of the business. Now with the availability of many social networks, both small and large, people largely indulge in participating in these sites, so that the business can be promoted in easier and effective ways. At the same time, with the help of these sites social exchange also takes place, which is very essential in today’s date. These are basically marketing tools, and the business owners have to know the effective implementation of these marketing tools into the business. Read more

When the Fire Goes Out: Interior Design for Disused Fireplaces

When the Fire Goes Out

The fireplace is the focal point of any room, but what happens when your fireplace is no longer used for its intended purpose? If it’s a particularly old or attractive feature, it’s unlikely you’ll want to remove it altogether. You could leave it as is, but this is really only an option if your fireplace is appealing enough on its own to be a feature in its own right. If you don’t particularly want to retain the existing fireplace, there are plenty of ways you can utilise the space to create an eye-catching and striking design feature.

When the Fire Goes Out

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Fill the Space With Greenery

If you’ve ripped out a fireplace and are left with a gaping hole, do as suggest and make it into a stunning plant display. Paint the surround in a colour that complements the rest of your room, and fill the empty fireplace alcove with potted plants in all shapes and sizes for a fresh, eclectic feature. This is a simple and affordable way to give a disused fireplace a new lease of life.

Use it as a Bookcase

This is a fun way to add a quirky touch to any room, and doesn’t require expensive supplies! If your fireplace alcove is particularly spacious, you might be able to install basic shelves inside to create a bookcase. If it’s a bit smaller, however, or you like a more shambolic appearance, simply stack and cram the books in in any way you fancy and you’re left with a striking yet practical focal point that is sure to brighten your room.

Use it for Heating

Especially if you’re pushed for space, installing an alternative means of heating your home in a disused fireplace can be a great option. Depending on your home’s style, you could plump for a traditional wood burning stove, or more contemporary aluminium radiators. Companies such as Apollo Radiators supply a range of aluminium radiators that are perfect for this kind of project.

Use it to Display Art

If you have a particularly eye-catching print or framed poster you think deserves to be centre of attention, consider mounting it in your fireplace cavity. This works best if the alcove has been boarded over, and if your fire surround is still in place, you’ll find it acts as an elaborate frame for your art.

Ideas to create content in summer

Ideas to create content in summer

Summer is here, the holiday also but there are certain aspects that we should not neglect the creation of compelling content for our readers.

Assuming that at this time feel less read, or that our time is limited, the ideal is to make things easier with fresh, entertaining and easy to consume and accept our audience.


Many companies choose to create contests in the summer context: photos on the beach, fun experiences on vacation, always in the hands of a photograph, a simple strategy that incorporates the relaxed atmosphere in which is the client with the brand. Read more

Samsung presents its speaker Level Box Pro looking to combine design and sound quality

Samsung presents its speaker Level Box Pro looking to combine design and sound quality

The music wirelessly is for summer … or not necessarily. What we do see is that with the arrival of good weather manufacturers increase their proposals when listening to music wirelessly treated, and this time it is the turn to the Korean manufacturer Samsung.

And is that looking approach to design premium that can be found in other brands from Samsung has introduced its new portable speaker Level Box Pro, which is particularly remarkable, with sound quality for outstanding design that makes not clash or house or as a portable speaker. Read more

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