The new ways in which fabric architecture is being used

The new ways in which fabric architecture is being used

Fabric architecture is different from any other form of building. Its lightweight, durable shapes allow for versatility in both form and use, and it can create membrane structures whose primary purpose is to add interest and provide shade. What’s more, it has a number of new fabric forms, meaning the variety available has never been so great.

The new ways in which fabric architecture is being used

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Different fabric qualities

The most commonly used fabrics in tensile structures are woven acrylic, laminated or coated PVC, and the ethylene composites, such as HDPE, PTFE, ePTFE, and ETFE. Each product offers different strength-to-density ratios, to suit a wide range of designs and applications. Many of these options also offer mesh or waterproof varieties.

The Traditionalist

Woven acrylic has been used in the production of awnings for over 50 years, and it is still a top product when designing smaller shading structures. It’s tough, practical and easy to produce. Its timeless look and the range of colours available also add to its lasting appeal.

The PVCs

Laminated PVC is an ideal option for frame-supported structures. It’s dirt resistant and very economical. However, Coated PVC has a wider range of uses and can be used in nearly every architectural application. It has all the benefits of Laminated PVC but is available as a solid or a mesh product too. Check out the projects at this tensile Structure designer Fabric Architecture, for more application examples.

The ethylenes

Although grouped together as one, the variety of products derived from ethylene is enormous. HDPE is ideal for small areas such as playgrounds, and has a high protection level. ePTFE is a great product for when designers want to let light into a space. It can also be flexed multiple times without damaging the surface, which is ideal in retractable applications. PTFE-coated glass fiber is the go to product in large tensile roof designs. Expect to see this product in airports and Olympic stadiums. ETFE is one of the newest products in the tensile structure design world. This clear fabric creates shape and structure without blocking light, allowing for greenery to grow below.

The choices in fabric architecture might be endless, but often the options for designers are not. Builders and installers will all have their say in the final product used, as will the end user.

Getting the ultimate ‘pearly whites’: Different methods of tooth whitening

Getting the ultimate pearly whites

A healthy smile showing straight, white teeth is something most of us aspire to in these body-conscious days, so dominated by magazine photographs of ‘perfect-looking’ celebrities.

Getting the ultimate pearly whites

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You may be forgiven for thinking you can never achieve the smiles of the rich and famous, but you’d be wrong. It is now easier than ever to get the look you want.

Many things can stop your teeth from having that healthy, white smile – tea, red wine and smoking are just a few obvious ones. Giving up cigarettes will obviously help, and of course not just your smile will benefit, but there are other actions you can take to help whiten your toothy grin.

Doing it yourself

It is possible to buy over-the-counter preparations – there are more treatments available in pharmacists and supermarkets than ever before.

Whitening toothpastes are the easiest to use. Just brush twice a day, as part of your normal routine, and, say the manufacturers, your smile will soon be dazzling everyone you meet.

Of course, all toothpaste removes some stains, as it contains mild abrasives. The harshness of the toothpaste determines how much of the stain will be removed. Whitening toothpastes contain harsher abrasives, while some have chemical or polishing agents which gently clean and whiten your teeth.

Other over-the-counter methods, such as whitening strips, rinses and gels, are more expensive and usually more effective, but as with most treatments, results vary and not everyone will get a pure white smile.

Ask the experts

If you want better results than doing it yourself, you may want to ask your dentist for advice. Docklands Dental is just one dentist in Dublin, that offers a range of whitening treatments which will leave you feeling like a superstar.

Although getting the experts to whiten your teeth is more expensive, there is little doubt that it will be more effective, and safer, too. According to health website WebMD, your dentist can match the type of stain on your teeth to the most appropriate method of removing it.

Things to consider

Children and pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid tooth-whitening, while those with allergies or sensitive teeth should get professional advice.

Even the most expensive treatments will eventually wear off and need to be repeated, if you want to keep that Hollywood smile.

Will wealth management and the alternative finance industry start to meet in the middle?

Will wealth management and the alternative finance industry start to meet in the middle

The independent financial advisor (IFA) may not be fully acquainted with alternative financing online, but P2P lending is growing. Last year in the UK, online alternative financing swelled to £3.2bn, growing 84 per cent from the year before. Additionally, alternative finance lending comprised about 14 per cent of new lending to small businesses.

Will wealth management and the alternative finance industry start to meet in the middle

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Peer-to-peer lending, which is sometimes shortened to P2P lending, comprises lending money to businesses or individuals online via services that directly match borrower and lenders.

Getting more IFAs onboard

Money from institutions has supported the P2P movement, but financial advisors have shown some reluctance. It appears that they may need more practical guidance from key industry players.

Of course, software for IFAs will play a vital role in helping them to enable clients to consider P2P lending. As interest rates continue to be depressed, P2P could become more attractive. The BBC reported that P2P could happen within an ISA-type tax shelter, giving savers an opportunity to get greater returns.

Keeping up with new trends

It makes sense for IFAs to be fully aware of what P2P entails. The UK manages some $1.6 trillion in financial assets and is thought to be the second-biggest operator in the world for managing wealth. IFAs need to be seen as offering a full range of wealth management services to their clients.

Offering the best tools

If IFAs became more enthusiastic about P2P and engaged more client funds, it would give them a huge boost. In any case, P2P doesn’t look like it is going away, and informed clients will at least expect to have the P2P conversation.

In the future, enabling P2P lending could become a natural part of wealth management. This could mean they need to turn to a company such as to get the most efficient and professional software tools.

The world of lending is changing. In the US, P2P has become big business – so big that it is no longer known as “marketplace” lending. Some industry analysts think this could happen in the UK, as diversification into “funds” of this type can benefit clients. The industry is still looking for reliable tools to analyse lending platforms, and more development in this area will aid growth.

2 Excellent Reasons Why Business Owners Looking to Sell Their Business Really Should Cease Hiding Cash

2 Excellent Reasons Why Business Owners Looking to Sell Their Business Really Should Cease Hiding Cash

Let’s face it, a great number of business owners in cash businesses do not claim all or a substantial portion of their cash revenues to the IRS. Being a business broker from the Philadelphia region, I have observed this scenario from owners first hand. These owners do this for one reason; they want to spend significantly less money in taxes. A lot of owners feel as if they shell out enough in taxes and try to keep what they can. Others feel that all business owners do it and that they would not be able to survive otherwise. Whatever the explanation, the fact of the matter is that it is illegal. Read more

Five Reasons Why It’s Better to Rent a Property Than to Buy

Five Reasons Why It's Better to Rent a Property Than to Buy

There is a great deal of emphasis on home ownership in the UK. Owning your own property is seen as a secure investment. However, other parts of the world have long enjoyed a renting culture in preference to ownership. Indeed, there are numerous economic reasons as to why renting may be better than buying for some. Here are five of them.

Five Reasons Why It's Better to Rent a Property Than to Buy

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Maintenance and Repair

When renting, the responsibility for replacing broken appliances or attending to wear and tear lies with the owner. Whilst these are factored into rental costs, tenants are not faced with sudden unexpected bills.

Added Amenities

Renting a property, particularly in some of the newer purpose-built developments, has the advantage of providing access to communal facilities for which you would normally have to pay a separate service charge.

Better Investments

Not everyone believes that property is a good investment. By paying rent, you are, of course, paying off someone else’s mortgage when you could be paying off your own, and there is the appreciation in the property’s value to consider. However, property can hardly be described as a liquid asset, and you may have better investment vehicles, such as starting your own business.


Buy a property and to move you will have to sell it – not something that can be achieved overnight. Alternatively, you could rent it out and become a landlord. Tenants can move without the ties of prolonged property transactions. They can also enjoy competitive rents, particularly if they consider moving out of some of the larger and over-subscribed cities. In south-west England, for example, flats to rent in Gloucester and other locations are available at a fraction of the cost of comparable properties in London and the South East.

As such, TGRES flat rents in Gloucester and other South West locations may well offer an opportunity for those wanting to make a significant lifestyle change.

No Stamp Duty

Tenants can remain entirely unconcerned with the seemingly constant hikes in stamp duty, the last of which took effect in April this year. Once again this minimises the economic burden and helps in creating a predictable, stable financial situation in a relatively uncertain post-Brexit world.

Home ownership may be a good long-term goal for many, but renting has much to commend it.

Do it yourself Home improvement

Do it yourself Home improvement

Home improvement is a type of project that can be very small getting over in a couple of days or it can be actually very big such that it continues to last for more than some months. While small activities can be like painting the exteriors, the big projects may include remodeling your entire house. Up to certain level it can be a do it yourself home improvement. But in case of big projects that require technical knowledge, it is better to take some professional guidance. Read more

Best practices in membership recruitment

Best practices in membership recruitment

Membership organisations are growing sectors in both the B2B and B2C markets. For any business looking to implement a new membership offer, best practices flag up good ways to add genuine value and to make the membership offer attractive enough to drive forward sales, particularly when commercial membership fees are involved. Here are some key questions that membership providers need to consider.

Best practices in membership recruitment

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What value am I providing?

This is the most important question of all and the answer must be quantified. The customer needs to see value to be asked to pay for a premium service. This is essentially your proposition, which will need to set you apart from the competition. Getting it right will help you to create your marketing messages and sales pitches to create a compelling buying proposition for leads. You can help to make the offer even more attractive by offering high-tech membership management systems that facilitate rich content, customised offers and self-service.

What will make your members join?

Ask your current membership – if you already have members – what it was that made them see your membership as good value. Look for patterns and trends; for example, B2B memberships may attract startups if networking is included as a benefit. Members may want to receive special discounts, access to value-added content that is not available to the general population, access to events and networking, the general provision of knowledge, and that ‘extra something’ that makes your membership proposition stand out. Also remember that you do not necessarily have to offer something that is completely different; instead, commit to offering it at a better level than your competitors and gain membership advantage in this way.

How can you build prospect awareness?

The most valuable means is by viral marketing, or existing members spreading the word. Membership systems such as can facilitate this through sign up and referral offers and incentives. Also promote your existing members to demonstrate credibility.

Above all, invest in the right systems and processes that support your members and keep engaging with them for regular feedback. In this way you can constantly improve and evolve your offer in a way that both retains and attracts profitable customers. With commitment, time, effort and focus, your membership offer could become very successful indeed.

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