When your pet makes you sneeze

You love your pet, they are your friend and your fur babies. The snuggle up to you and you take them for walks. It’s a win win situation. Why then are they making you sneeze? At first you think its one of but maybe there is more. Perhaps its time to look at whether you have a pet allergy. The other cause might be because your carpet has picked up too much of there fur. What you might need there is a Gloucester Commercial Carpet Cleaning like the one available here Whatever the reason do not panic, there is help out there.

The first reaction maybe one of shock. You are very close to your pet, what does this mean in the long term, will you have to give them up and get some one to adopt them? That is very much a last resort. Let’s look at what is causing the problem.

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Its not a very nice thing to say but your pet shed fur things that get into the carpets and the curtains and the sofas and oillows of your house. This could be hiding all sorts of things that your nose is just not prepared to deal with. This could be dead skin cells, saliva and even wee. Its not just things shed for the pet. The fur can also pick up other things like mould and our old “friend” pollen.

What can we do to stop this? Here are some ideas.

  1. While it may set you off the first time, regular brushing will mean that more futr gets on the brush then into your soft furnishings where it can collect. As time wears on the need to should decrease. Still at least the to of you get to send some quality time together.
  2. Bath’s. Yep he may hate them, especially if there a cat but if they want to live in your house they need to have it done and pretty regularly. This will get rid of those nasty things we mentioned at the top of the story fast. Plus, it will keep out dreaded fur down or. At least, in your bath.
  3. Go to the Doctor. They can asses whether the animal is causing the issue. Maybe you are allergic to something else entirely.

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If its your pet, then the removal option has to be considered. However, if you are determined to keep them then here is what you may have to do.

  1. No more bed snuggles I’m afraid. The pet need to be out of the bedroom so you can sleep.
  2. Wear a facemask when hoovering. When you vacuum is throws a lot of this in the air plus it means that you suddenly have a concentrated amount of pet hair in one place right next to you.
  3. Make sure you have a low pile carpet.
  4. Wash the animal regularly as we say and get someone else to brush them.

Good luck! You can make it work.

The Rise of the Rom-Com

The Rom-Com has become a staple in television movies. There have been many classic films often portraying both strong male and female characters. The concept isn’t new. Hollywood has been knocking his sort of stuff out for years. Roman Holiday for example or anything involving Doris Day and Rock Hudson. Even the Fred and Ginger danceathons had the air of them about them . The chance to watch these popular films was made possible for me by TV Aerial Swansea company

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Rom-Com’s:

  • Love Actually – A stellar cast including Liam Neeson attempting to bond with his step-son, Bill Nighy being Bill Nighy, Kiera Knightly being semi stalked by a pre- Walking Dead Andrew Lincoln, Colin Firth trying to speak Portuguese and the Rom-Com stalwart Hugh Grant as a possibly Conservative/New Labour Prime Minister wanting to go out with Tiffany from Eastenders, might be one of the best and most entertaining feel good Christmas Rom-Com films ever made. Especially good is the Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman marriage on the ‘sort of’ rocks.
  • 500 Days of Summer – John Gordon Levitt regrets not making it work with Zooey Deschanel (well, who wouldn’t) and stays in bed for a while, after she is cruel to be kind, until he realises he does want to be an Architect.
  • 27 Dresses- This is an amazing film and features the now (unfairly) fallen from grace Katherine Heigl and James Marsden. Heigl has been a bridesmaid in 27 weddings. Some are truly horrendous. She meets a wedding photographer an in true Heigl fashion hates him at first before warming to him. She agrees to doing an interview about the dresses, going on a date with him and then sleeping with him in a car. This helps her get over the fact her boss, who she has loved for ages but done nothing about, is marrying her lying sister (though she is Malin Akerman so we can possibly look beyond that small fault). Jane destroys their wedding dinner in a fit of Piche but realise her mistake. She kisses her boss tells her sister grow up and then goes and finds James Marsden, they get married a year later and the film ends with the amazing scene of all 27 bridesmaid dresses being worn by the previous brides. It’s quite hilarious.

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  • Chocolat – Juliette Binoche goes around tempting people with an old Inca recipe for chilli chocolate. At one point she puts it on a roast chicken which everyone enjoys.. Luckily Johnny Depp is around still looking a bit like Captain Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean, so she decides to give up wandering and opens up a café where the speciality is Chilli Chocolate Chicken.
  • 50 First Dates

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A cracking Adam Sadler vehicle and the second outing for him with Drew Barrymore after the  Wedding singer. Touching little film with a very nice nature to it. Set in Hawaii, Barrymore has no short-term memory after an accident and is essentially living the same day over and over. These means that Sandler has to make a tape showing that they are in love every day. I like it a lot.

What is in the Bureau?

One of things I have always wanted is a Bureau. This is a large writing desk that the you would organise and send out your correspondence from. As this was quite a time-consuming operation you needed to have a bit of furniture that could help you with it. Vintage furniture of this type is still available through companies such as this one

We don’t need to have such things in the modern era of email and the like. Everything can be stored on laptops or a tablet. Imagine, through, a time when everything came by post and you had to write a written reply to all of it. Not only that, you would have had to have used one to send invites and personal mail out to friends and family. Add to that the fact that you would have had to wait weeks for a reply, especially if they lost your letter down the back of their bureau.

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Our ancestors were big letter writers. Lucky much of this has been saved for the nation so that we get a good idea as to what the concerns and interests were of our Victorian and Edwardian ancestors. They were also very big on sharing their opinion on the days events. Much like the email forums of today, the readers’ letters section was dominated by the correspondents. Writing a letter to The Times or any newspaper is a skill and there are tips on it here. The letter to the Times though was the last resort of the angry and distraught. If things had gotten that bad, then there must be a serious social problem that you wanted being dealt with. All learned people read the Times, like MP’s etc. So, if it was included then the hope was that it would be seen and acted upon when the law makers saw the depth of your fury. It was in some ways an early echo chamber as the Editors were unlikely to print letters that they thought would anger the readership. They didn’t want the wrath of the readership on their heads either.

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It really does help that you have a decent area to write in and the bureau certainly fits the bill in that respect. When you sit at one you can feel the inspiration that you need to compose a long and florid diatribe to some jumped up organisation. See? I’m already feeling it now. In all seriousness they do make an interesting addition to you home and are an interesting talking point in the room.  Some even have holders for a small whisky or Brandy should you fancy it. They make an ideal home for a computer or laptop to sit. So in that sense you are yet again using for it’s original purpose.

Link Your Blog In A More Social Way With Overblog

For the last couple of years I have been suggesting people use WordPress for their blogging needs. That is because I simply hadn’t found anything better, or even anything especially unique that could replace it. Especially since I have tried most mainstream platforms and found them seriously lacking, making WordPress the best for my needs.

The problem is that it still wasn’t quite right. Truth be told, I am a horrible administrator. I don’t understand how to properly install and use most apps unless they are fully automated. I ignore most of the features. I don’t even use SEO addons because I find them way too complicated. While I would love to improve my social media standing on a more fundamental level, the plugins that help you do that are a mystery to me.

It was my technical backwardness that initially led me to search out other, lesser known platforms for a new blog I was opening. Which is how I found Overblog.

What Is Overblog?

This is a newer kind of blog platform that works by allowing you to customize a content page and link your blog in a more social way. It is based around sharing various multimedia, such as videos, photos and links. All in a more simple way similar to microblogging, which can then be expanded into regular posts when you choose to write them.

I have noticed a lot of people with travel and entertainment blogs switching to Overblog. Which isn’t a surprise, given the majority of their content is going to be visual rather than text based.

Overblog used to be Europe-only platform and was doing pretty well in Europe with around three million users there.

Basic Features

Overblog is free, and it is a great way to find a more socially minded, fully network integrated blogging platform. It supports many services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. You can track analytics, customize your design and page and even get revenue share.

  • Maintain a regular blog
  • Aggregate your social media life
  • Livestreaming! Live blog using your mobile device (thanks to powerful cross-platform optimization)
  • Free analytics
  • Built-in revenue generation tools
  • Responsive design
  • Multiple platform migration support

Overblog features hundreds of pretty awesome themes. It is very easy to set up and many blogging influences (including Robert Scoble) announced they were going to switch.


If you want something really simple to use with all the feature needed for social media integration without the tech talk, I would recommend this service.

Creating A Safe Warehouse With Dock Levelers

Running a successful warehouse can be an incredibly difficult job. You need to make sure that your workers are safe when they are on the job.  Another thing you need to ensure is that trucks that are being loaded or unloaded are as efficient as possible.  Newer warehouses tend to not be as efficient as factories that have already been established.  Unfortunately, this can be a problem when it comes to costs and energy efficiency within the warehouse.  There are a few key appliances and warehouse additions you need in order to improve the performance of your warehouse.

One of the best things you can do for your factory and its workers is to invest in a dock leveler.  The leveler helps to keep trucks stable when they are going through loading doors.  In general, this appliance helps to keep the truck in place while it is being loaded or unloaded with merchandise.  The stability of the truck makes the job of your workers a lot easier and a lot safer.  This is why it is essential that you make use of one of these levelers to ensure that your warehouse is as productive and safe as it can possibly be.

You should definitely consider searching for online Equipment to find out about getting a dock leveler installed or having an existing one serviced.  If you choose to have a leveler installed, you will be able to find out about prices and installation fees over the phone.  From there, you can make an appointment for a professional installer to come in and do the work for you.  This saves you a ton of time while also improving the performance and safety of your warehouse on a daily basis while workers are there doing their jobs.

You will notice that your new dock leveler helps to keep loading trucks in place while they are through the overhead door.  Your workers will then be able to load or unload the truck within a matter of minutes and without having to deal with major safety issues concerning the truck.  Another great thing about these levelers is that they are designed to fit just about any size truck you might have coming to your warehouse.  They can work with very small loading trucks or the bigger ones so that you do not have to worry about different levelers for different types of trucks.

You should search for online Equipment to have these levelers installed in your warehouse.  You will notice that this particular addition can help to improve the productivity of your factory, which can save you a lot of money over time.  The best thing about contacting this company is that they will be able to match you with just about any type of leveler you need.  They will be able to work with your budget to ensure that you do not spend a ton of money on an addition to your factory.  This is great if you want to have an efficient and safe warehouse for workers.

What is the best time to mow the lawn?

There are two issues to consider: the time of year and the time of day.

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Time of year for mowing

The answer to the first is simple, as it is really only necessary to mow between March and October. After this, it is likely that the grass will be too wet most of the time and that there is insufficient growth to warrant cutting. In exceptional circumstances, you may want to consider mowing in late autumn and winter if there is a particularly mild spell. The RHS has more advice on this aspect of mowing and on the second factor to consider: the time of day.

Time of day for mowing

In an ideal world, you really don’t want to consider mowing first thing in the morning. Perhaps you are a morning person and would like to get this job ticked off your list before it gets too warm in the summer months, but you are likely to regret it. The payback will be the likelihood of the grass being damaged by the blades and disease spreading more easily with the damp of morning dew.

As Noel Coward famously sang: ‘Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.’ Only a mad dog would consider mowing the lawn at midday. Stress can affect lawns as much as people, which will manifest itself by struggling to keep in moisture and to photosynthesise.

If you have resorted to mowing at the wrong time of day due to time pressures, you may need to give your lawn mower some TLC by investing in Briggs and Stratton parts. It is simple to order through stockists such as

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Early afternoon is not an appropriate time either; in fact, ‘midday sun’ really goes on until at least 4pm in the height of summer. The only solution is to don your gardening clothes and get out your mower in the late afternoon or early evening. You will have the advantage of longer days as the months move on, and the grass will have had time to dry out completely. It will also have plenty of time to recover before facing the heat of the sun the following morning.

When gardening, never do in the morning what you could put off until the evening. You will be doing your lawn a huge favour.

How to Choose the Right Plastic Injection Moulding Material

There are many materials available for injection moulding, including polystyrenes, polyamides, polypropylenes, polyethylenes and elastomers. Numerous qualities have to be considered to choose the right one for your production run. As well as physical and chemical characteristics, there are also regulatory factors to take into account.

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With so many products and so many features, you’ll need to be systematic to come to the right conclusion. A plastic injection moulding company will answer your questions, but you still need to know the questions to ask.

Physical for Purpose

For example, is it important for the part to be rigid, flexible or even elastic? Consider the weight or pressure it could be subjected to and the temperature range over which its properties must remain stable.

Also ask about the material’s longevity or resistance to the elements as well as how it reacts to oil or chemicals.

Product consistency and critical failure stresses are other questions to ask here. How much post-production shrinkage is tolerable? Would it be better if the product bent or snapped under excessive forces or conditions?

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Depending on your market, branding and livery may be significant issues. Even for mundane functional products, appearance and texture can have surprisingly strong influences on marketing.

Some materials are usefully transparent, but colourant additives are usually available. Others can be coloured post production or even embossed. Additives can also be antimicrobial, antistatic or flame retardant.


With so many chemical variations, costing isn’t always easy. The website provides a chart to give you an idea.


Obviously, contact with food brings a range of controls relating to the material used, its finish and even how it’s packaged. Controls are even more stringent for medical products. Contact with skin can be an allergy issue, and other regulations apply if the product is intended for children.

If you intend to export, you need to check the regulations applied in destination countries and comply with REACH standards.

Fumes during production involve you with health and safety at work regulations. Do you have adequate air filtration, ventilation and dust extraction installed? Fumes and toxic side-products can also continue to reside in products long after production. For example, there has been increasing attention in recent years to the level of volatile organics emitted by many synthetic household products and fabrics.

The dream of Valhalla

The main aim of the Viking Warrior was to die in battle. Not for them the peaceful death in bed, that got them nowhere apart from an eternity in limbo. For the Viking Warrior to be cut down by several foes, having slain a few first, was the only way to go. You had to have your weapon in your hand (the hand need not be attached to the body…) as you would need it when you got to the Viking heaven of Valhalla because you then got to feast and fight for all eternity with the God Odin and all the other hard nuts that had been slain before you. There was the odd wench too, apparently for a half time break in between.

If you were “lucky” enough to be slain in battle, then the first indication that you were being relocated to the afterlife was when a chariot driven by a Valkyrie (a female warrior, wearing about the same amount of metal armour as a tin tack) turned up and asked you to get on board. If, despite the mortal wounds, you were able to do so it meant you were probably dead. In many ways it was a bit like hiring an Employee Relocation Company like the difference being their staff are fully clothed and the transportation won’t be via a horse drawn vehicle.

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One wonders what kind of conversation you would have had with the Valkyrie as she ferried you to the realm of Asgard where Valhalla sits. Perhaps they weren’t that chatty. If all they had to do was hang around battlefields waiting for you to kark it in conflict there isn’t much more you can say to them apart from, have you been here long? Do you feel the cold in that lack of armour? What’s the horses names? Did you see me decapitate that Saxon a minute a go before three of his mates speared me in the back? To which they can only reply; No, not long, No, I don’t feel the cold I’m an anthropomorphic personification of war and we don’t get out much, Gler and Skiedbrimir and Yes, I did see that, um, well done. Thank Odin here’s the castle…

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When you got to Valhalla and entered into the mighty hall the thousands slain before you would cry a welcome and generally get involved in a lot of backslapping. This might have taken a while but as you’re there for all eternity or until the Ragnorak, whatever comes first, you’ve got plenty of time. If you’d like a modern equivalent to give you an idea, it’s a bit like a rowdy sports pub, you’ve just scored the match winning goal in the FA Cup final only to be sent off immediately after the restart and then gone straight into the pub.

What’s on the Valhalla menu? Roast Boar, and lots of it as the Boar regenerates itself and if you get hurt in a dust up with your fellows then don’t worry all injuries heal themselves by the evening.  There are vats of wine to wash it down and for entertainment the stanzas of heroes are read out. If that’s the afterlife it doesn’t sound so bad does it?

Purr!! There is a Flea on my Fur…

Have you noticed your cat behaving strange off late? Does she keep on scratching her back continuously? Did you ever find something crawling on your cat’s fur? If all this is true, then probably your cat is suffering from fleas.

Flea infestation is common in cats. Fleas are a big nuisance for cats and can turn a happily purring cat into a crazy cat meowing with pain and irritability. If your cat is an outdoor junkie and loves to twist, turn, and play in mud, she is more prone to developing flea infestation. Moreover, if your cat is of a playful nature and loves to play and fight with other cats and dogs, she is one of the top candidates for fleas.

Flea infestation should not be taken lightly. Some cats are extremely sensitive to flea saliva and may develop serious allergies. Fleas are blood-sucking pests; hence they make your cat weak and malnourished. At times, flea infestation could be fatal, and you lose your cat in the bargain. Once you suspect your cat displaying any abnormal behavior, show her to a vet for a possible flea infestation. If you are experienced in pet care, treat them on time before it gets too late.

One way to prevent your cat from contracting fleas is by maintenance of hygiene. Clean and well-vacuumed beddings, furniture, and corners discourage fleas from breeding. Another way to keep away your cats from contracting fleas is by training your cats not to play in the mud or visit dirty areas like the backyard or the kennel where the infected dog lives Discarding dirt from vacuum pumps and cleaning them well is essential to ensuring that you do not harbor flea larvae which increases the population of fleas. Make sure your carpet or the sofas where cats sleep or roll around for the maximum time are well dusted and cleaned.

Treat your cat on spotting the first signs of flea infestation. Since it is a parasitic infection, any delay in treatment will only serve to worsen the problem. Fleas develop from larvae which then lay eggs. Thus, flea multiplication occurs fast, and the cats are laden with greater number of parasites on their fur making them sicker and weaker.

You must take care not to treat cats with treatment meant only for dogs. What is meant for dogs won’t work for cats, but it may aggravate the problem of cats by causing allergies and other adverse reactions. Frontline for cats is highly recommended by vets as an effective spot-on skin application treatment for flea infestation in cats. It provides protection to cats against lice, ticks, and fleas. Apart from saving your cat from being irritated by flea bites, you protect them from developing serious diseases. These diseases don’t just remain confined to your pet, but they could pass on to you too. So, flea infestation in your cat must raise a red flag in your mind and prod you towards prompt treatment. Frontline for cats is an easy-to-apply treatment and has been very effective against treatment of flea allergy dermatitis in cats.

Never be under the wrong notion that cats require protection from fleas only during summer. In fact, they are vulnerable to flea infestation any time of the year. For superior quality cat flea treatment, try advocate for cats. This treatment works against all stages of flea infestation and provides longer lasting protection for up to 4 weeks.

You may buy this product online at discounted prices. You get a different pack for different cat sizes (large cat=4-8 kg; small cat=up to 4 kg). You don’t have to bother your cat every now and then. With just one spot-on skin application of advocate for cats, you ensure a monthly protection against not just fleas but mixed parasitic infections like ear mite infestation, roundworm, hookworm, and heartworm.

So, keep your cat free of fleas and happily meowing with joy.

The Golf Can Be Played As A Part Of Wellness

Though all around the world wants to play golf but they won’t be getting a chance to play it even once. This makes them check for those places where they can hold the golf stick at least once in their lifetime. There are many ways to make use of the available facilities. It is not only for the local residents but also for foreigners who want to play and give a try. One can play it with other players or can make it alone. For those who are new can also get some coaching as how to hold the sticks and hit the ball. Some of the golf is played with a hole nearby but some might need bigger golf round to play it.

The golf I Tyskland will make the wish come true. The place is found to be encouraging people to play golf either as a professional or for timepass. One can click on the site available for this purpose and can get the information. Sometimes it needs prebooking and people should know about it. The websites are found to be helping people to know where all they can go and what all eh facilities are available in each place. This also helps them to decide what makes the best decision and how to make use of the available facility. It should also be known whether the place has high price or one can afford it. Comparing sites might give the best choice with affordable rates. This helps people to make the payment of the money on time and get play it and he date of choice.

For those who want to a place to stay as well as play, they can always visit site. This is such a place where people can book a room for themselves. This is for those foreigners are those who are in a far place from the hotel, who want to make a stay. The stay will prove to be the right choice as people won’t get it in other places. There are not many places which offer golf as a wellness option and this can be seen here. The hotel also provides other refreshment and the rooms are well spaced. The customer can enjoy the service as they will get almost everything they are looking for in this place. This makes them that they have paid to such a place which is worth.

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