Double Glazing can help to secure your home

It is important to ensure that your home is secure and protected against intruders. One of the two main entry points that an intruder may try to find weaknesses in, is your windows.

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Single glazing versus double glazing

The problem with single glazed windows is that there is only a single layer of glass between the outside and your home.

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This poses a risk to your security, as a single pane of glass is significantly easier to break through, compared to more modern window installations. Another possibility is that thieves may remove the putty that holds the pane of glass in place, meaning they would be able to silently enter your home. If the burglar decides to use brute force, there is also the fact that older window frames are significantly weaker than their modern counterparts, meaning older wooden frames could easily be smashed.

When you look to upgrade your windows and doors you should consult with an Aluminium Sliding Doors Swindon company such as to ensure that you are making the most of the space that you have available for windows and a beautiful patio door, as well as having the best double glazed glass used as standard. You can then move onto looking at ways in which you can lock your windows for more security.

Locks and restrictors for your windows

Modern windows now come with a variety of security mechanisms, such as locks and restrictors. Companies can also supply multi-point locks that can secure the window at different points, and restrictors that stop the window from opening past a certain point.

The strength of double glazed windows

The panes in a double glazed window panel are significantly thicker, offering improved insulation to your home. This means that your home will be more secure and warmer, thanks to the lower U-value they offer. The insulated glass used in double glazing is also more securely held in the window frame, making it much more difficult for intruders to remove.

There is also toughened glass available, alongside laminated glass, which can further increase the difficulty of breaking into your home. Toughened glass is up to five times stronger than a traditional window pane. Laminated glass has a plastic sheet in-between the two window panes, which stops broken glass from shattering. It also protects your home from the elements if the window breaks, thanks to the plastic layer providing a temporary form of insulation against the elements.

Ideas for a Contemporary Kitchen

If the time has come to refurbish your kitchen, you may be wondering what the latest trends are in 2020 to design a contemporary kitchen. What’s hot in the world of kitchen design? With a lot of new designers and brands coming to light, there are many innovative design ideas on display in showrooms across the country.

So, if your kitchen is now in need of renovation, or you just want to refresh a tired scheme, take some inspiration from these latest kitchen designs.

  1. Anti-Kitchen

When is the kitchen is not the kitchen? When it is cleverly hidden by chameleon-like skills to blur the functional and putting the focus squarely on the form. This trend for kitchens that don’t look like kitchens has grown increasingly popular and features a palette of materials and finishes that are more usually associated with living room furniture. Luxury wood and stone score highly, plus the use of integrated equipment wherever possible. Discuss your kitchen options with Kitchen Fitters Essex, at a site like Balance and Co, top Kitchen Fitters Essex.

  1. Shiver me Timbers

While an all-out timber treatment may be difficult to get right without stepping perilously close an old-fashioned look, a popular trend is for a shot of warm wood through the decor. Real wood, being a natural material, will make the room feel comfortable and soothing. There is no substitute for real wood, and it provides a wealth and personality that will ensure your new kitchen stands out.

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  1. A patterned floor

Drawing inspiration from traditional tile patterns, current trends include recurring geometric patterns that are strong and with bold colour choices.

  1. Industrial aesthetics

With shades inspired by the metal industry and polished concrete, rusty copper tones remain popular.

  1. Copper continues to reign

Not only for the taps and the sink, a lot of equipment is getting the copper treatment, such as ovens, for example. Copper trim details are now visible on a range of appliances from Smeg, De Dietrich and Italian brands, Bertazzoni.

  1. Colour

Kitchens are now all about injecting colour, and certainly not leaving them naked or plain. Think of dusty pinks and turquoise, dazzling copper balanced with bright tiled splashbacks. So, this certainly gives you something to look at while you do the washing-up!

  1. Hiding the extractor

An extractor fan can ruin the smart appearance of the contemporary minimalist kitchen. Fortunately, new designs mean that a glass-framed extractor can be placed almost flush to the ceiling and LED backlit.

  1. Stone Sinks

Marble sinks brings a slice of Italian flair to your cool, sophisticated English kitchen. Consider penthouse Milan or views of the Tuscan countryside, with the sink cut from a single block of polished smooth stone that will mature beautifully over the years.

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  1. Leading lights

A modern kitchen should be enhanced with silicon integrated LED strip and cabinets underlit for a real designer look.

Why are pallets viewed as one of the most important items in product delivery?

Pallets, those humble carriers of everything from eggs to electronics and fish to furniture, are invisible to most people. They are simply too insignificant to warrant attention. And yet look at the staggering numbers involved.

There are billions of pallets moving through the world’s supply chain. 1.5 billion pallets are made globally each year and around 350 million in Europe. In the US alone, there are estimated to be two billion pallets. One quoted estimate is that 46% of the lumber produced in the US goes into the production of pallets. Unbelievable at first, this figure becomes less surprising when you realise that 80% of all US business products are moved on pallets. The figures for the UK will be very similar.

It is pallets, combined with containerised shipping, that have transformed the global economy and allowed goods to be shipped around the world safely and economically. Companies now design their goods specifically so that larger numbers can be fitted on to pallets, because the consequent reduction in shipping costs can significantly affect the price of the articles when they reach consumers. It is of course important to ensure that both ends of the supply chain have the correct equipment to be able to safely life the pallets. This may include forklifts that you can find from Plant Hire Leicester companies such as

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Early Pallets – Sledges and Skids

So how did pallets become so vital in the supply chain? They started out in a simplified form as a sort of sledge for moving goods between ships and goods trains. It soon became clear that it was much quicker to load the goods wagons with these sledges or “skids” and to stack them one on top of each other.

Previously, differently sized and shaped consignments of goods had simply been fitted in as neatly as possible, but this was very time-consuming and led to wasted space.

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Internet Deliveries

Strangely, the world of internet deliveries is actually representing a shift towards a somewhat less efficient model. Goods can be racked on pallets at warehouses, but in the end they aren’t moved in pallet loads: they are individually picked to fulfil the millions of individual orders we are all placing online. The goods go into the back of delivery trucks for local delivery to our houses rather than going to centres such as supermarkets.

So we now need a pallet revolution that can cope with this new challenge at the very end of the supply chain.

What can private security guards actually do?

There are a lot of chauffeurs operating in London, which is great if you need to get somewhere in a hurry. However, if you are high profile person or someone worried about security issues, it may be more beneficial for you to hire a security chauffeur instead. However, you might wonder what these guys can actually do? Read more

Never Put These Things Down Your Kitchen Drain

It can be tempting to tip anything down the drain with a quick run of the tap to wash it down. But many things that are commonly poured down the drain can cause big problems, not only for the plumbing but especially for water ecosystems. Some contaminants can be removed at water treatment facilities, but many harmful substances and chemicals end up polluting our rivers and oceans. Read more

A tidy environment can improve your productivity

Every year businesses have to deal with a number of issues regarding their employees. This may be to do with their performance, retention or perhaps even sickness issues. Each one of these will have an impact on the way in which the employees interact with one another as well as having an effect on the productivity and potentially the profits of the business overall.

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There are many things that you can do as a business owner to help with staff productivity levels and one of them may surprise you.

Cleanliness – A tidy office is not only more appealing for your staff to work in but can also improve productivity, as employees can find the items they need more easily and which can then improve the time it takes to complete certain tasks. In order to ensure that your office is cleaned properly to both enhance staff morale and productivity and also improve the cleanlieness and overall health of your business environment it is a good idea to use a City of London Office Cleaning company such as to do this for you.

Breaks – it may be surprising to read that ensuring your staff take regular breaks can actually help their overall productivity, but it is true. Employees who take regular breaks away from their desks, either to make a cup of tea or to simply grab some fresh air for five minutes, will return to their desks with more energy and enthusiasm than those who sit at their desks for hours on end. This also applies to lunch breaks. It can be tempting to sit and eat your lunch at your desk but stepping away from the office for a short period of time is important for your physical and mental health and also your ability to be able to sustain an energy level to complete your job.

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Morale – the levels of morale in your business will have a direct impact on the productivity levels. Happy employees are more likely to work hard and be able to focus on their work tasks in hand, as where those employees who have become a little disillusioned with their job and the work environment will struggle to find the motivation to work as hard as they used to. There are numerous ways to help with the morale in your business including staff incentives, team building activities and regular meetings between team members.

The different types of demolition methods

There are times when maintaining a property is not worth more effort. When a building has more issues than you can count on your fingers, it could well be the right time to consider demolishing and starting again. Savvy property owners know better than to keep a building which only serves as a drain on their bank account. It’s important to know that there are two types of demolition: complete and partial demolition. The former, as the name suggests, refers to destroying the entire structure completely. Meanwhile, the partial demolition involves destroying some parts of the building while keeping the basics to make room for renovations. Read more

Different Types of Care

There are many options for people looking for care. So much so, that it can feel overwhelming. The first step is to work out exactly what type of care is required. By understanding the different types of treatments available, you’ll find it easier to work out a treatment plan that suits you or your loved one. Read more

What does alcohol do to the body

The impact of alcohol on the body starts from the moment the first sip is taken. Nobody should worry about the odd glass of wine with a meal every now and then but frequent drinking can have a cumulative effect with negative implications. A couple of glasses a day can do some harm to your health. However, if the habit increases or if someone finds they can’t stop after just one glass, the health effects can accumulate. Read more

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