Showbiz Sheffield

The city of Sheffield in South Yorkshire has been voted as Britain’s friendliest city. It’s warm, welcoming atmosphere is reflected in the jovial and down-to-earth people that inhabit the area and in the many celebrities that we know and love who hail from the city. Here are some of Sheffield’s most famous sons and daughters, you might be surprised by a few of them:

#1 Sean Bean

One of Sheffield’s most famous actors, Sean Bean has been on our screens since the 80s. He made his fame playing Sharpe but has since appeared in Hollywood movies such as GoldenEye, Ronin and Silent Hill. More recently, he appeared as Boromir in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. He has always retained his Yorkshire accent and is proud to be from Sheffield, having a tattoo that says ‘100% Blade’ as dedication to Sheffield United.

#2 Arctic Monkeys

Formed in 2002, this indie band have enjoyed great success and released five studio albums. They can boast having the fastest-selling debut album in the history of the British charts. They have won 7 Brit Awards, won the Mercury Prize in 2006 and been nominated for 3 Grammy Awards. They have also headline the Glastonbury Festival twice – not bad for four guys from Sheffield! The band were among the first musical talents to harness the power of the internet in their success. If you want your website to conquer the internet then think about Web design in Sheffield and visit

#3 Michael Palin

Believe it or not, despite the posh accent, Michael Palin was born in Sheffield in 1943. Entertaining us since 1965, his most famous role being that of funny man in the world-famous Monty Python troupe. He is such a familiar face for his wonderful travel documentaries and was awarded a BAFTA fellow in 2013, the highest accolade achievable from this organisation.

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#4 Helen Sharman

The first British astronaut in space, her experience was simply out of this world! As well as being the first Brit in space, she was also the first woman to visit the Mir space station back in 1991. Originally a chemist, she worked on chocolate flavouring properties for Mars – not the planet, the chocolate bar makers. She was born in Sheffield in 1963 and attended the University there.

#5 Jessica Ennis

Born in 1986, our dear Jess hit all the headlines during the 2012 London Olympics for winning the heptathlon. Three-time world champion and former British record holder in the 100m hurdles, she was a world-class athlete, now retired. The Olympic finals of 2016 saw her come second, returning after a year out having a child.

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#6 Major William Barnsley Allen and Arnold Loosemore

These are names you probably don’t recognise but they belong to two World War I soldiers, both from Sheffield who were both awarded the highly distinguished Victoria Cross medal. Major Allen was recognised four times for gallantry whilst working as a British Army Medical Officer during the Great War. Arnold was one of seven children of a Sheffield gardener who received the highest honour for bravely fighting the enemy and rescuing an injured comrade under heavy fire.

#7 David Slade

You most likely won’t know this name either but hailing from Sheffield, David Slade is an incredibly successful film and TV director. His work includes the iconic Twilight Saga: Eclipse, episodes of Breaking Bad, American Gods and Hannibal. Before directing films, he worked as a commercial and music video director.

An internet troll could damage your business. Here is what you need to know

The act of ‘trolling’ is when someone posts inflammatory and provocative content, which is more often than not offensive, in order to enrage, or to use another internet slang term, ‘trigger’ others into engaging with their posts.

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These ‘trolls’ have been around since the dawn of the internet, and fortunately, web users are gradually becoming more wise to their presence meaning they are more prepared for when they strike. Saying that, there are times in which trolls can still have a very negative impact; one of these being if they decide to target your business.

But why am I being trolled?

Perhaps you’ve annoyed someone in the past; an ex-employee, colleague or friend might be out to seek a petty form of revenge for any wrongdoings. Perhaps your business has aggravated a customer to the point they wish to take further action (though if this is the case, we’d recommend taking a look at your policies to see whether they could be improved). Perhaps you were just unfortunate enough to be a random target of an unexpected troll attack. Regardless of the reason, trolling can happen to anyone, and can have severe consequences.

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What are the consequences?

With small businesses, trolling can occur in the form of anything between posting negative comments and reviews about your business, to launching a full-blown cyber attack. Some more advanced internet users may even be able to hack into your website to take it down from the inside – though if it gets this far, you’ll definitely want to consider a lawsuit as it’s past the point of supposedly ‘harmless’ trolling.

How can I avoid it?

Provided you’ve taken the ordinary precautions of ensuring your business is genuine and takes care of its customers, there are a few ways you can safeguard yourself against unfounded reviews. One of these is seeking the help of a web development company in London or the surrounding UK, such as They can design and maintain your site so you can review the content posted by new users and eradicate any unfair reviews.

Of course, you’ll still need to be aware of reviews posted on external sites but provided you keep an eye on it, you will be able to contact Google directly to remove any defamatory content from their engines.

Stay Hydrated With Healthy Water

What type of water is the healthiest to drink? This question has caused an endless debate among wellness professionals with opinions varying from boiled water to filtered water with naturally occurring minerals. In order to simplify this complex debate, the following article will offer you some facts to help you determine the best way to drink water.

Health Benefits of Drinking Mineral Water Research findings have shown that not only is mineral water the healthiest type of bottled water, but drinking this water daily will improve your overall health and well-being. Mostly sourced from springs, mineral water is capable of doing so much good since it’s completely natural and chemical free. More importantly, it’s loaded with essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and iron. The nutrient content of mineral water provides many health benefits which all work together to promote healthier bones, balanced blood pressure levels, good digestion, an improvement in skin health, enhancement of muscle performance, the lowering of LDL (bad) cholesterol, plus so much more. As an added bonus, mineral water tastes better.

Health Benefits of Drinking Balanced (pH 7.1) Water Short for “Potential of Hydrogen”, pH is simply a measure of how acidic (soft) or alkaline (hard) water is. The range goes from 0-14 with 7 being the neutral value. Generally, acidic water has a pH below 7 while alkaline water has a pH above 7. Many organizations including World Health Organization (WHO) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warn against drinking excessively acidic or alkaline water due to the health risks involved. These can range from skin irritation to gastrointestinal illnesses to kidney damage. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to only drink pH balanced water whenever possible since it helpsyou avoid the health risk that water poses when it’s too acidic or alkaline for the human body.

Health Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water Generally, filtered water is regular water that has been passed through a filter system. The main purpose of a filter system is to rid the water of lead, toxins, bacteria, and chlorine. Just like mineral water, filtered water helps to improve overall health and well-being. The benefits of this type of water include improved nervous and digestive system, increased metabolism, and properly functioning kidneys. Since filtered water does not contain any chlorine, it reduces exposure to a variety of illnesses including certain cancers and a few gastrointestinal diseases.

Why You Should Consider Using 101 Water Purification System The 101 Water Purification System purifies tap water through a technology that forces water through folded fiber filter and hollow fiber membrane. Working hand in hand, the fiber filter and membrane trap dirty particles and impurities found in your water. The hollow fiber membrane traps particles as small as 0.03 micron, thus ensuring that no bacteria or virus enters your body from drinking water. The water is then passed through a carbon fiber filter that has been designed to block heavy metals, chemical residue, fluoride and chlorine. The third step employed by the 101 Water Purification System is to keep water clean includes forcing the water through nano tubes that have the same compositions as mineral water. These tubes further change the water structure into tiny clusters of water molecules (three H2O molecules of water per cluster), giving them a similar makeup to what you would get from mountain spring water. The 101 Water Purification System makes a great investment if you’re looking to ensure the health of your family. It offers you all of the above mentioned health benefits of drinking balanced pH level water, as well as eliminates harmful toxins from your drinking water (including lead and chlorine). This ensures that your water tastes good, contains no harmful toxins, and includes optimal mineralization. As an added bonus, the filter in the 101 Water Purification System lasts a long time and is something you’ll not have to change year in and year out.

Post Your Free Ads And Close A Profitable Deal

Whether you wish to get a rented house or want to give out your furnished room on rent, you can avail of the services of the classified advertisement columns on the internet websites. There are specific website service providers who host these sites for the convenience of buying and selling of things as well as services. You will find goods both new as well as used on under the categories in which they fall. The pages are simple and made for the masses to use with each to follow guiding instructions. As a buyer-seller interface, they are a vantage point for both.

Whether you wish to sell something or buy something that you are finding difficult to get, you can post your Free Ads on these sites. If you are into business and wish to expand it by reaching out to a larger public, these sites provide a very good option to do so. In case you are providing a quality service, you need not go invest any extra money for the purpose of advertisement but gets mileage from the free ad posting on these websites. Since the sites are visited by thousands every day, you can be sure that your advertisement will be noticed by people who are in need of it.

Once you have posted your ad, and you feel that there are certain changes that you would like to make, you simply have to login and view the ad to do so. After you close a deal with a prospective customer, or a buyer you can simply delete the advertisement since keeping it will result in more enquires pouring in. As these service providers have a nationwide coverage, you may Post Free Ads Atlanta, but be assured that it will be viewed in Georgia as well. Your user-friendly web portal will surely lead you to a profitable bargain.

How do UPS systems work?

A UPS system can supply emergency power to equipment when the main system fails, which can prevent businesses from a loss of data or serious disruption. The way they work differs from generators or emergency power supplies as they can provide almost instant protection.

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Different UPS systems

As the number of power outages in the UK rises, with 640 reports in 2015 lasting for 50 minutes on average, it’s important to choose the right UPS for your requirements.

There is a range of different types of systems, such as the Eaton UPS models, and these are typically off-line, on-line and line-interactive.

Off-line UPS systems

These types of UPS provide a basic power backup, with both battery backup and surge protection. The system starts up when the voltage coming in falls below a set level and the connected equipment is automatically switched to the DC-AC inverter output. This switch can take up to 28 milliseconds, which will depend on how long the UPS takes to detect the voltage loss.

On-line UPS systems

The on-line UPS systems, such as some of the Eaton UPS available at, can be used in situations where it’s necessary to isolate the electricity and when equipment is sensitive to fluctuations in power. These can be more expensive than the other options and would typically have been employed for very large requirements, but technological advances now mean they can be used as a consumer device.

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The increased cost is due to the AC-DC battery charger/rectifier having a significantly larger current and it is capable of running continuously. These systems are permanently connected to the inverter, which means the power is kept unchanged, as there are no transfer switches.

Line-interactive UPS systems

This type of system can accommodate continuous power surges and brownouts without draining the reserve battery, as different power taps can be automatically selected on the autotransformer. This might cause a minor power disruption as the switch takes place.

This has become a popular option for UPS systems as it makes use of components that are already fitted, and with additional taps, they can be designed to manage a range of different input voltages, but this is obviously a more complex and expensive process. When used in low-voltage environments they will use more current than is generally needed, so a higher current circuit may be required.

How to vet your next tenant

If you are thinking of letting your property, you may be worried about how you can make sure you get reliable tenants – the sort who pay their rent on time, do not bother you for trivial things and are considerate to their neighbours. If you think you can judge people’s honesty well, you might be interested to know that not having a proper vetting process makes you seven times more likely to end up in court with your tenant. Let’s look at what a proper check should include.

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Suitable tenants

Firstly, decide what sort of tenants you want. Will you allow them to smoke or have pets? If not, these are questions you need to ask early in the relationship.


The Irish Property Owners Association recommends that you check any tenant’s credit score. You can contact a specialist firm to run a check on your prospective tenant’s credit history and this will give you a score, like a credit score, to help you decide whether to let to this person.

Other references worth obtaining are from the tenant’s employer, who can confirm employment and salary details, and a landlord’s reference, which will give you a direct answer to your questions about whether this person will be a good tenant; however, bear in mind that a landlord might give a good reference to enable a bad tenant to move on.

It is less useful to get bank references, as these can take a long time and you can glean the same information by asking the tenant to show you their recent bank statements. Personal references are subjective and unlikely to be helpful.

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Management services

If this sounds like too much hassle, you could consider using a professional agency; for example, companies such as can look after all aspects of property management in Dublin for you, including pre-vetting your tenants.

Letting out your property does not have to be stressful. If you take the right precautions, you should find great tenants who will give you very few problems; in addition, there is always professional advice available if you prefer to take the route of using a management service to be the intermediary between you and your tenants. Whichever route you chose, being thorough is the key to a stress-free and prosperous future.

Choosing the right flooring for your summer house

Summer houses can be bought in sections for easy assembly; however, as with any building project, there is no substitute for good planning.

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Begin with a clear view of all the purposes you might want your summer house to serve over its lifetime – not just the one you have in mind initially. A summer house built for children to play in might become a quiet study for them to do college work later, but this may need better insulation. If it will have a motor mower stored in it, think about flooring that is easy to clean. Electricity or running water are easier to install at the beginning than having to hack through your floor later.

Summer houses do not normally require planning permission, although there are a few regulations about height, distance from roads and boundaries, and the size of platforms or verandas. Verandas could certainly influence your choice of flooring. Do you want the same flooring running through both the indoor and the open-air spaces? If not, how will you tie them together?

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Garden summer houses in NI will experience weather extremes. The warmth they quickly absorb on clear days can build up to significant temperatures on hot days. In winter, temperatures will fall below freezing. Flooring extending outdoors will need to be weatherproof or tolerant.

Garden summer houses NI look best when the flooring either matches or complements the structure. Modern timber treatments are low odour and non-toxic compared with the creosote of old; however, for a homelier space, you may want to consider other options.

Laminate vinyl and linoleum

Laminate tiles are not suitable in areas that get significantly or frequently wet. Other engineered wood products have similar moisture sensitivity.

Linoleum is an excellent choice, but seal the edges so water cannot get underneath.

Vinyl, whether in sheets or tiles, is an excellent choice for this kind of airy space. Inside homes, it can emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds); however, in a well-vented external space, the water-resistant qualities will shine without any build-up of VOCs.

Sub surface

To lay tiles of any kind, a firm and flat sub surface is needed. This is true whether the tiles are stone, ceramic, parquet or laminate boards. A layer of plywood usually does a reliable levelling job.

Specialized RV Insurance and Appropriate License, a Must When Buying Used Class A Motor home

With top-notch amenities, spacious floor plan huge storage and uber chic travel experience, Class A motor homes are an epitome of luxury. However, all good things in life come at a price, and a brand new class A RV will surely leave you poorer at least by a few million dollars. With a used class A motor home, however, you can get luxury and comfort at an affordable price.

Now that you’ve set your eyes on a used vehicle, before finalizing the deal, you must take a pause and think whether your driving ability allows you to take such a huge vehicle safely on to the road or not. Also you have to include the insurance amount in your vacation budget so mull over the insurance expenses of owning a motor home, and ask yourself if you are you ready.

Driving skills and insurance,   both being key to a safe trip, beef up your knowledge about class A motor home insurance and what is involved in obtaining the license to be eligible to drive one in the US.

Class A Motor Home Insurance — Points To Ponder

  • First of all it is important to find an insurance provider who understands the unique needs of motor home owners and is ready to design a policy covering the specific risks associated with motor homes.
  • Opt for a policy that offers primary-residence protection in case you are planning to live in motor home permanently.
  • Include vacation liability cover if you are planning to use your motor home as a vacation-home. It keeps you covered for the expenses relating to damages and accidents during vacations.
  • Add pet injury coverage if you are bringing pets on your motor home vacation.

A policy that includes full replacement cost coverage comes along with a high premium rate. But it is worth buying one as it lets you fully recover the costs in case of loss and theft.  Each item including valuable accessory and fitting in your RV can be insured separately against lost, theft and damage.

  • Several permanent attachments such as awnings need frequent repairing so it makes sense to get them insured, too.
  • Having more storage in your motor home is a plus point as more storage means lower premium.
  • Add emergency expense coverage in your policy. As the name suggests, it lets you meet several unforeseen expenses such as lodging costs while your RV is being repaired.

License Matter – How to obtain and more

According to the rules of US Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), you need to have the right license to drive something as huge as a class A motor home. Class A RVs are generally 50 feet to 70 feet long, weighs more than 26,001lb and runs on five axles while towing another unit. Therefore, it sounds imprudent when someone who has never driven anything greater than a family sedan suddenly decides to hit the highway in a motor home only to discover he/she seriously lacks the ability to maneuver the vehicle on challenging roadways. In the US, the owner of class A motor homes is required to obtain class A non-commercial license, and here is how you can go about one.

  • If you are applying for a class A license, you will have to obtain a learner’s license and test in a class A or class B motor home.

Prior to taking the road test, you need to clear the test for non-commercial pre-trip skills. The goal of the test is to show that you know that the vehicle is in the right condition to drive. You will be awarded a restricted license once you pass the test for pretrip, skills and road tests in your motor home.

  • You may be required to take different tests for just driving a class A motor home and for towing another unit.
  • Check your state DMV’s requirements before you show up for the road / pre-trip tests.

Now that you know how to fulfill two major pre-purchase requirements when buying used class A motor homes, soaking up a luxurious life on the go is just a drive away.

Luxury Homes for Sale in Canada

Toronto is one city well known in Canada. Capital of Ontario and also doubles as the largest city in the whole of Canada. Toronto makes one of the most luxurious cities in the globe. Hence, the best luxury homes place in Canada. For as many as those willing a luxurious life in style, they can actualise their dreams by living in Toronto. This city will no doubt offer you an unforgettable and unique experience of a luxurious and modern life. Being among the top class cities in the globe, Toronto is known for its features, modernization, facilities, as well as better opportunities both for business and living. History about this city reveals that it was first known as the town of York in those years it first started.

Though, real estate is quite expensive, but the construction quality and unique style of Canada especially Toronto luxury homes will make one to forget all about the pricing and financial implications. The city is richly filled with every required facility like platforms for just everything. The children will definitely have a brighter and better future if they live in Toronto, Canada. For benefits of doubts, just take a holiday visit down and I bet you will instantly decide to stay in this city. On the other way round, should you have already been thinking going to live in the city, then it will just be a greater chance experiencing with a modern touch that taste of the Canadian culture.

To find the best luxury homes for sale in Canada will only require you to consult either a real estate advisor or property dealer. Such will undoubtedly assist you in finding a best home in the city. These luxury homes are so high in popularity nowadays so much that almost every experienced real estate advisor or experienced property dealer can easily seal for you a best deal when it come to your choice of availability, location, and pricing.

Another famous city neighbouring Toronto is Vaughan, in Canada. These two cities are both blessed with luxury facilities. Homes for sale in the latter are easily found also through an experienced property dealer. For enjoyment of the best luxuries in Canada, come to either Vaughan or Toronto. A real estate advisor or property dealer can offer you information as to real estate events in these locations. Records in the past years have revealed that Toronto and Vaughan are growing at a very speedy rate. Hence, real estate can be easily gotten in the cities.

Another alternative to getting any information about real estate in Canada- Toronto or Vaughan is the internet. You may as well find luxury homes for sale and in Toronto and Vaughan so easily on the web. Having found your home of choice, you can then choose to call for a meeting with any experienced real estate advisor who will assist in getting you a good and affordable price of your dream home.

Best Places to Live in the UK

Every year lists are revealed showing the results of the best places to live and work in the UK. From the coastal towns of the south to the industrial traditions of the north, some of the same towns and cities crop up year after year making them perfect property hotspots. They have the essential combinations of culture, jobs, attractiveness and great transport links. Here are some of the firm favourites:

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Conveniently located Cheltenham is always popular, offering leafy regency sophistication and heaps of excellent schools. It’s not too big, feels posh without the horrendous house prices of London or Bristol and is home to many cultural events such as food festivals, literary festivals and of course, the famous racecourse. Theatres, farmer’s markets and stunning parks are further reasons why Cheltenham is a delight to visit or live in.


With its incredible Roman history and natural baths, Bath is a hit with tourists but there is much more to this pretty city. It’s ideally located to be commutable to London and offers fantastic schools, two universities and a huge number of cultural events. With improvements planned, in the near future, to make it even quicker to get to Paddington, this UNESCO World Heritage city is the perfect base for families looking for an attractive, culture-rich and conveniently located location. For Estate Agents Bath, visit

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Stunning architecture and one of the best universities in the world, Oxford has always had a lot going for it. There are good schools, easy commutable distances and a dependable jobs market. You’ll also find plenty of fun things to do including Oxford’s five theatres, ice rink, three cinemas, swimming pools and a vast number of places to eat, drink and be merry. It’s a vibrant city with a large student population so if you want culture and a city with a ‘buzz’ then you’ll love Oxford.

Llandaff, Cardiff

Llandaff has been named as one of the best urban places to live and with its impressive historic landmarks and village-feel atmosphere, it’s clear to see why. The area boasts good schools, lots of local amenities, a great sense of community, low crime rate and even Doctor Who is filmed here! The people who live here enjoy all the benefits of city living with iconic landmarks, places of interest and big sporting events but with the feel of a small-town community.

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Apart from the breath-taking sight of the largest Gothic cathedral in northern Europe, York’s transport links are top class and all the buses have free Wi-Fi! As a university city, there is plenty of great nightlife and even some of the pubs have ancient landmarks in the basement such as the Roman Bath pub. York offers such a fabulous wealth of history and stunning architecture in a very beautiful part of the country. There are loads of museums and galleries to keep you busy and a huge shopping centre too. Much of the city is car-free which is perfect for the environment and families with children.

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