Sky Broadband Customers Are Happy With Its Customer Services

In January 2016, loyal customers of Sky TV have a new reason to celebrate. A recent report by the OfcomQuality of Customer Service shows that 80% of Sky customers are satisfied with their customer service, a number higher than any of their competitors. The number of broadband customers reaching out to customer service is 19%, with 47% of these being for faults and repairs, similar to that of the year 2014.


Out of Sky’s direct competition, TalkTalk showed customer service satisfaction at 53% while Virgin Media and BT stood at 67%. Even in the landline and pay TV categories, Sky is leading with 79% and 76% satisfied customers on customer service.

The Managing Director of Sky’s customer service group, Chris Stylianou, said that Sky has kept up its tradition of happy customers. Sky TV combines world class content and a great viewing experience with ‘delivering consistent market leading customer service’ to its customers. He has quoted that this report was a testament to the hard working people at the Sky customer service teams. This is going to only improve in the year 2016, with higher investment in the correct tools, systems and training. To know more about Sky broadband and its customer service, dial the Sky telephone at 0844 800 3115.

Within the mobile industry, the prestigious Ofcom report shows that O2 continues leading the mobile market in the customer service department for the sixth year in a row, with a customer satisfaction rate of 80% as opposed to an average of 72% amongst remaining mobile network providers.

Again, the number of customers who reach out to customer service in the mobile industry remains the same as 2014, at 19%, out of which 27% were for complaints. However, the numbers for EE Mobiles was higher this year, with 33% of its customer care contact being for complaints.

Don’t get left out in the cold

If you find yourself in the awkward situation of having locked yourself out of the house, then stay safe and think about the following things. It might be worth warning the neighbours before you try this one (unless it’s 3am), look for unlocked or partially open windows. Most of us will have locked up securely before leaving but just in case you overlooked it on this occasion, try lifting a window and squeezing through. Be sensible though and don’t attempt this if it’s a tiny window and you are likely to do yourself harm. Read more

Why Does Gold Price Go Up In Financial Crisis

Gold prices are quite sensitive when it comes to macroeconomic changes in the international economy. While these factors may not affect the economic vulnerability directly, but because of the predefined correlations, gold prices are affected nonetheless. Especially in times of economic or financial crisis, when people are worried about their investment, gold prices rise due to increase in demand as people are looking for a safe bet on their investment.


There are a number of aspects to consider when answering the question, “Why gold prices rise in financial crisis?” Let’s touch these aspects one by one to give you a clear idea as to why gold prices rise.

Activity on Wall Street

The global gold prices are dependent on the confidence or fear of the international investors in Wall Street. For instance, when international investors note that the economy is going through a risky turn, the gold prices get a boost, whereas in stable economic times, gold prices fall.

Global Currencies

Since the US dollar is a benchmark for currencies across the world, the impact on prices of gold is observed against major currencies like Euro, Yen, Pounds Sterling, Swiss Francs, etc. When the currency begins to appreciate, gold prices also increase on a pro rata basis. An opposite trend may follow when currencies depreciate against US dollars. Similar events have happened in the past and are available for easy reference online.

Global Financial Crisis

When the world’s major economies fall into a debt or financial crisis, you will notice that gold prices react instantaneously. Due to economic crises, price of gold is increased for a noticeable extent of time. Live examples of such scenarios are the 2008 real estate crisis in the US, Japan’s asset bubble crisis, Euro zone crisis, and the Asian Debt crisis. During a financial crisis, inflation increases broadly and gold prices increase substantially.

Rising Gold Prices can be an indicator of Crisis in the near Future

Unfortunately, rising gold prices means that there is trouble ahead. As people get worried that their dollar will buy less in the near future, they begin exchanging them for hard assets. Prices of commodities like fuel, metals, and food then continue to rise as well. Foreign central banks that are holding large quantities of depreciating dollar bills will demand increased interest rates to compensate for the loss in the value, and will swap out dollar to purchased gold too. The result is that gold prices move in an upward fashion as the dollar gradually declines.
This is a vicious long-term cycle and if it is left as is; the dollar holder will lose all faith in that currency, which will eventually result in a situation where no one will want to go near the dollar at all; this is known as hyperinflation.

So the gold price is connected in one way or the other to the US dollar and is likely to be influenced, every time the economy goes through recession.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Tech Apprentice

If you’re running a SME there are several costs to think about, but now there is a need to keep up in the digital race. Without having tech talent in your company you will be fighting a loosing battle, but this can be addressed with hiring a tech apprentice.

A study by the Tech Partnership states that the UK needs up to 134,000 new tech specialists every year, with over 215 companies struggle to find tech specialists when trying to fill vacancies.

There is clearly a shortage of digital talent, so if your business is facing a recruitment challenge or needs the extra skills, taking on a tech apprentice could be the right move for your SME.


Lower Upfront Costs

In 2014, the government set aside a great deal of funding for SME apprenticeships. You could access over £1,500 per apprentice depending on their age and the size of your company.

An apprentice salary will reflect their trainee status and will be cheaper to hire than a graduate burdened with University debt.

Immediate Impact

Bringing in a fresh face that is enthusiastic and brings new skills will undoubtedly have benefits. Training providers credited by Tech Industry Gold will work with you to ensure a quick return on your investment into a tech apprentice.

A tech apprentice can fill many roles including software development, database development, technical support and digital marketing. The millennial generation are ‘digital narratives’ and have a close understanding of the social media tools your business may be crying out for.

Tech apprentices are a quick way to bring sought after skills into a company and could help you with website design, setting up an Instagram account, online customer service and so much more.

Long-term Benefits

A long-term investment into an individual will enable you to mould their skillset to your business needs and drive future success.

Your current employees who assist in the digital aspect of your business will see their workload spread out, especially if they’re not as tech-savvy as your apprentice. Other parts of your organisation will be able to grow and this allows them to focus on other priorities – saving time and boosting revenue.

The National Apprentice Service found that a SME hiring a tech apprentice is also likely to attract new customers. Research shows that 80% of people surveyed would be more inclined to use a business hiring an apprentice.

Tech Apprentices – Your Business’ Future Is In Their Hands

There is an abundance of tech-savvy people across the UK who have energy, enthusiasm and fresh ideas. Hiring a tech apprentice will not only save you money, but you can develop them under your vision.

Millennials are the upcoming workforce generation that were born with technology at their fingertips – use it to your advantage! Tapping into a tech apprentices skillset is what your company needs to grow, win new business and ultimately stay competitive in the digital age.

At careermap, we work closely with businesses engaging with apprenticeships and know a great deal about industries. If hiring a tech apprentice sounds like something your company could benefit from, don’t be afraid to get in contact with us.

3 Reasons To Make Your Own E-Commerce Store With WixStores

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Salesforce Tools Have Much On Offer For Your Business In Terms Of Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is all about managing, preserving and sharing key information for the management of an organization and its customers. The primary objective of knowledge management in an organization is to let the customers and members of management utilize vital facts or data associated with the organization. It is much more than dealing with simple information. A context is provided by information and data that are accumulated through knowledge. Call center employees, Sales team employees, customers, marketers and executives gain the much needed power to take prompt action as they gain more knowledge. In order to ensure that all of your customers and team members improve their transaction experience, analyze the products and work more efficiently it is truly important for you to incorporate Salesforce tools within the work force. Read more

90’s Interior Trends That Have Made a Comeback This Year

The nineties were a big time for design trends. So often we see ‘blasts from the past’ making a comeback and in terms of interior design this has never been truer – but what relics from yesterday can you expect to see in magazines this year? Here are five trends from the nineties that have gone full circle.


Image Credit

White kitchens

In the nineties properties began to get smaller and the trend of white kitchens emerged so that those with tiny kitchens could give the illusion of space. The crispness of white kitchens is back with a bang this year although worktop appliances tend to be popular in stainless steel rather than the somewhat retro products in an original nineties kitchen.

Light Wood

Blonde wood such as pine and beech was a common choice for flooring, shelving and other soft furnishings during the nineties. While we may have seen a move towards darker wood during the early 2000’s, it seems many consumers have grown wise to the fact that this shade tends to show up dust and as such we are favouring light woods once more.

Not only this but our love for all things Nordic – as reported in The Guardian – is reflected in lighter woods such as bamboo or chestnut that create the ultimate minimalist yet warming effect.


Remember that childhood bedroom that was wall-to-wall lavender?

Well, pastel shades are having a revival – thankfully not to this extreme. These days, delicate hues such as rose quartz and pale greys are popular in the form of feature walls surrounding wood burning stoves or soft furnishings like cushion covers, lamps or throws. These create a soft and calming effect without going overboard. This may be useful to those wondering What is a wood burning stove or similar feature best accentuated by?


Brass fixtures were a hit during the nineties and now they’re back, only less regal. Now door handles, light fittings and mirror frames tend to appear in a copper effect not dissimilar to brass but their shape and style is more modern.

Pair a contemporary copper light fitting against a blush pink wall and you instantly have a modern style that’s bang on trend. Copper trays and cosmetic bottles are also a simple touch that incorporates this trend.

Guidelines For Efficient Communications In The Corporate World

In any environment communications is the key to success and in the corporate world in which your business operates it can mean the strengthening of your reputation.  Your company will be as successful as your management style and the manner in which you organise information that is shared with consumers and potential clients who are searching for new ideas and innovative solutions for their problems.  Let’s look at some guidelines for making the most of your communication skills as you navigate the corporate world. Read more

Expenditure – A Simple Personal Finance App

We need our personal finance apps to do everything related to personal finance, yet be simple and easy to learn. Expenditure is just that, bringing the very best of both worlds for a paltry $2.99. Made for iOS, its default display comes in shades of grey and green, which lends it a professional business-like missing from other finance apps. About half of the default display is taken up by a box displaying the balance (income minus expenditure) in large digits that aren’t quite black but still manage to mingle nicely with the interface.


Below is a nicely ordered list of the principal expenditures. You can order them as you like, with the option of creating new categories for them if you’re not satisfied with the existing ones. These can be created from the Settings menu, or at the time of creating a new transaction. To create a new transaction, one simply has to click the green button that lies below the list. This takes you to a new window, where you can enter the amount of transaction. If the transaction is in a foreign currency, you can use the Forex options of the app to convert the amount into any of the major (and even some of the minor) currencies of the world. You can set the default currency and if you enter an amount in any other currency, the app can convert the amount automatically. In our experience, the conversions were not always accurate, but the margin of error was never very large either (compared to the conversions that Google showed us), but if you are not a Forextrader then this margin of error is miniscule.

This done, you can add it to the existing categories, or as mentioned above, create new categories of your choice. Further, if it is a recurring transaction, you can choose the periodicity of the transaction, though the periods are preset and cannot be modified. On the other hand, you can add a small note or even a photograph to the transaction, if the heading itself is not self-explanatory.

Though the name suggests that Expenditure is made for recording spending, it is equally good for recording income. However, it does not give the option of ordering and categorizing your income to the extent that it offers for expenditure.

On the plus side, the app supports uploading of income and expenditure data to the cloud, so you can access it even if you lose you iPhone or buy a new one. However, there are risks involved in exporting such sensitive information, and one should only make use of this facility after due consideration.

Finally, the app offers three options right at the bottom of the main screen – settings, history and list of recurrent transactions. Settings allows you to change the sound options, categories and reset all changes. History shows you the transactions and earnings by month. List of recurrent transactions shows you all the transactions you’ve marked as recurrent, ordered according to the proximity of their next occurrence to the current date.

Overall, the interface is very simple and it takes an adult not more than 5 minutes to figure out most of the app. There are a few shortcomings as noted above. However, the options it does offer, when coupled with its simplicity, outweigh the cons of this app  by a mile. In our opinion, therefore, Expenditure is a must-have for those who seek an app that mixes the right amounts of simplicity, utility and customizability.

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