The bodies of the first victims from Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 have arrived back in the Netherlands following the crash in eastern Ukraine last Thursday – READ MORE…
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Is THIS Why the Plane Was Shot Down? Senior U.S. officials now admit that the Malaysian airlines passenger plane was likely accidentally shot down. The Russian government claims Ukrainian fighter jets were flying very close to Malaysian Flight 17 when … Continue reading

Report: Ukrainian Fighter Jets Hid Behind Passenger Plane, Pulled Away and Dropped Bombs, and Then Hid Behind Plane Once Again was originally published on Washington's Blog

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(NaturalNews) Oh, the power of food to heal you, to prevent cancer and to make you feel wonderful, full of life and positive energy. It’s amazing, and millions of people know. Then, there are the others. Some have been conned and some don’t care too much about their health — not…

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Have SWAT teams become too overused?

Police relying on SWAT teams too much?


Are microwaves a benign bastion of convenience or a sinister contributor to biological and nutritional damage? A growing percentage of people are now heeding the advice of holistic health experts and disposing of their microwaves due to the dangers of microwaved food. Regardless of where you stand, humans are the only animals on the planet who destroy the nutritional value of their food before eating it, and the use of microwaves is no exception.

Buried in a Wall Street Journal article from about a week ago was a startling piece of information.  According to a Wal-Mart executive, Wal-Mart “participated in an exercise to prepare for an earthquake on the New Madrid fault line” earlier this summer.  And officials at the U.S. Geological Survey have just released a report which [...]
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