Things to do in Westport

Westport in County Mayo is an absolute gem on the west coast of Ireland, a city full of adventure and activities to suit all ages and tastes. With charm and charisma, Westport invites you to visit and enchants you to stay and explore. Ideally located along the Wild Atlantic Way and with a number of activities available and a magnificent backdrop, there is truly something for everyone in this coastal city.

Climb Croagh Patrick

A famous pilgrimage site, Croagh Patrick mountain, locally called ‘The Reek’ is about 10 km west of the city. Get your walking shoes on, round up your friends and make a day of it. There is nothing quite as satisfying as getting to the top. Don’t forget your perfect Irish souvenirs, like Aran Sweaters from a site like Shamrock Gifts, suppliers of beautiful Aran Sweaters.

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Cycle the Greenway

The Great Western Greenway is the latest addition to the many attractions of Westport and features 42km of off-road cycling and walking. Take your bikes from Clew rent a bike and hit the road with superb views of Clew Bay and the surrounding area.

Dine in style

Westport is all about the food, and no matter where you stop, there will surely be some beautiful dishes offered. Try the seafood, which is second to none, and be sure to bag a superb cocktail to wash it down – amazing.

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Sit back and relax

Westport offers some lovely places to stay around the area, each of which has friendly staff on hand to help you enjoy every minute of your stay. Another great tip for this area is to drive to Achill Island – accessible by bridge – and follow the breath-taking Atlantic Drive trail.

Top Reasons to Grab Some Winter Sun

Winter can be a pretty miserable affair. Dark skies, not enough hours of sunlight, cold and damp. Don’t you ever wonder if taking a holiday during the winter would make more sense than going away during the pleasant summer months? Well, it turns out that a spot of winter sun could be just what the doctor ordered. Scientific studies reveal that the sun has a whole host of positive benefits, aside from just making us a little cheerier! So, here are the top reasons why you should ditch the scarf and gloves and replace them with a swimsuit and beach towel instead:

Vitamin D

Sunshine gives us vitamin D, as much as 90% of what we need. Vitamin D is essential for protecting us against diseases and slowing down the ageing process! Just 15 minutes of beautiful sunshine a day will provide your daily boost of essential vitamin D, less than the time it takes to start to get sunburn.

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Maintain your weight

University researchers recently found that a certain exposure to UV rays helps the body to release nitric oxide. This is a protein that can help slow down the onset of type 2 diabetes and obesity. Who knew that a winter sun holiday could help so much? Ditch the mince pies and grab a sangria instead!

Mood Boosting

Vitamin D is not only essential for fighting against disease, but it can literally put you in a better mood. Studies have shown that vitamin D has a similar effect to antidepressants, providing a boost to your mood. The better your vitamin D absorption, the better your mood. Let the sun make you happy this winter with a holiday to the perfect winter sun destinations of Lanzarote and Tenerife. For flights to the Canary Islands from Irish Airports, visit

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Sleep Better

Getting out in the sun, for even as little as 15 minutes a day, can help shut down your body’s production of melatonin, the hormone that makes you feel drowsy. This helps your body clock to wind down when it starts to get dark again, ensuring a better night’s sleep.

Decrease blood pressure

Anyone suffering from high blood pressure will benefit from UV ray exposure. Blood pressure levels dropped significantly for an hour after going out in the sunshine for just two lots of 20 minutes.

Enjoy winter sun with care

As with any sun exposure, be sure to use sunscreen and cover up during the hottest parts of the day and you can enjoy all the benefits that the sun brings without any of the harmful effects. Make the most of your winter sun holiday and optimise your vitamin D intake by eating lots of greens rich in antioxidants, use a high factor sunscreen and try a sun monitoring app on your phone to let you know exactly how long you’ve been out in the rays.


Top 5 locations for Long rides

Long rides are irreplaceable, the feeling it gives is priceless. You can be the sole in charge of your time while you rent a car on your holiday expeditions and may explore various awesome places of the world at your own pace. Irrespective of the fact that whether you are in a luxury convertible or a high performing vehicle or a simple sedan, the open road can be cruised and you may implement your fantasy which is unknown of any border.

So instead of always availing a flight and missing the abundance of beauty of your way, opt for a car and check out the difference all by yourself. You will truly enjoy your trip. There are loads of such amazing places in the world which are best suited to get travelled on the road. Presenting the top five destinations which are ideal for long rides.

Bolzano-Cortina d’Ampezzo

This place attracts majority of mountain lovers. The drive is fringed with limestone walls and rugged cliffs. Cutting through the Dolomites, the hundred km drive is awesome and is filled with twists and turns.

Great St. Bernard Pass

One highly popular passes in Alpine Europe stretches around fifty six kilometres from Martigny to San Bernardino. The Swiss section of this road commences from the French spoken locality, Martigny to Italian spoken locality, San Bernardino.

Flower Route – Haarlem-Leiden, 25 miles

The major attraction of this route is the best flower concentration which can be observed on its way. Fields and roads have some awesome colour strips from the beginning of season of flowering, which is late January till the early May. You will enjoy stopping and buying from strollers along the roadside.

Tennessee and Mississippi – Blues Highway Drive

You require to take the Route 61 for driving. Route61 is falling between Vicksburg and Memphis along the Mississipi River. The drive will be musical one as well. You will get drenched in music at every turn. Gospel, Soul, R&B spills out from bars, churches and cars. This is a place where you will find the roads are singing.

Alberta Canada

Starting from the amazing plain fringes you have to climb through the splendid mountains of Jasper National Parks and Banff is experiencing crag, forest and glacier. Various wild animals and elk bears can be figured out during this breath taking two sixty four mile drive. You should always make an advance booking of the car as it will be more reasonable for you. So get the booking done by calling any hire cabs.. And it is also safe for the traveller to have a License and insurance with him. If anyone want to get their insurance and license soon, they can contact dvla contact.
You plan your journey in advance before you hire the car for driving. If you have not opted for an overly long drive, you should opt for a smaller car as it will be more reasonable price wise. Think about space and comfort while planning a long drive. You need to acquire an AC car if the climate is warm. So keep all those crucial factors in mind, while planning the journey and start your marvellous expedition likewise.

The 5 Most Beautiful Coastal Corners Of The Basque Country

Are you a fan of coastal villages? Do you like sea life and typical houses on the beach? Do you want to spend a fishing vacation enjoying all the tranquility you can imagine? Then do not hesitate to visit the Basque Country! We will show you some of the most beautiful corners you will find.

Where to go in Basque Country?

It has been a bit difficult to make a selection with the most beautiful of the Basque Country. Everything is impressive! In addition to the landscapes worthy of thousands of photographs, on the Cantabrian Coast you can enjoy its famous gastronomy with well-prepared dishes.

1. Hondarribia

All this town bordering France and near the Bidasoa River is beautiful. It is an ancient walled city where its cobbled streets will make you want to get lost. You do not want to look at the map! Its castle, now Parador, located in the Plaza de Armas is one of its most representative attractions.

To the east of Hondarribia is the Txingudi Bay. You can take a boat and cross to French lands in a matter of minutes. The Marina district is another place worth visiting, the fishermen’s houses are very beautiful because all their balconies are adorned with flowers.

2. San Sebastián

Zurriola is the beach best known of the capital of the Basque Country and worth laying to rest on it. Its great waves have made it a must for surfers. If you look in the opposite direction to the sea you can see the silhouette of the Congress Hall and Kursaal Auditorium, where every year the San Sebastian Film Festival is celebrated.

As you walk around, take a walk around the Bay of La Concha, the most urban beach in the area. In addition to being in a privileged location, next to the historic center, it is striking its semicircular shape and that its climate is pleasant all year round.

Do you still want more of San Sebastian? Of course, you will! At the end of the beach of Ondarreta stands the Peine del Viento, a great sculptural-monumental work by Eduardo Chillida and Peña Gantxegi. The three pieces that compose it are arranged in different boulders right on the edge of a cliff. It is lovely to see how the waves break on it!

3. Bermeo

If you are going to visit the Costa de Bizkaia, Bermeo is without a doubt a must stop. Surely you have seen the famous hermitage on top of a cliff, typical postcard of the Basque Country. Well, now you know where it is located, very close to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. It has become more popular since Anne Igartiburu decided to marry in this place. What a choice!

During your stay in Bermeo, 30 minutes from Bilbao, you can take a walk through its marina and above all taste some of the typical dishes in the bars of the pier.

4. Flysch Geopark

Between Deba and Zumaia is this large coastal park, of the most beautiful corners of the Gipuzkoan area. It is an incredible place for lovers of geology because they will know the history of some cliffs. 60 million years! A beautiful landscape where you can see it, the panoramas are amazing.

You can start your journey from Itzurun beach and the hermitage of San Telmo. Do you want to observe something unique in the world? Then visit this Basque geopark!

5. Lekeitio

You will fall in love with this town at first sight. Of fishing origin and with an old town of the most beautiful, you will never want to leave from there. Among the main attractions of Lekeito are the Basilica of the Assumption of Santa Maria and of course the area of the port where you can find modern and traditional boats as well as the casitas of the shore.

Looking for a place to dive? You have two! The beaches Isuntza and Karraspio. If the tide is somewhat low, you can go for a walk on the Island of San Nicolás. Pay close attention to the low tide and especially when the tide begins to rise!

10 Best Music Festivals in Australia

Australia; an amazing place that offers you countless sightseeing opportunities, exotic animals, magnificent cities, rainforests and last but not least, unique music festivals that the country prides itself with. It is the perfect destination if you want to experience complete package of music, fun and the historic activities to include in your list of colorful memorable events. Read more

Impenetrable Beauty: Bwindi National Park

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is situated in south-western Uganda, bordering on the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is a World Heritage Site due to its biological diversity and is home to over 100 mammalian species. The most famous of these are the Bwindi mountain gorillas, a resident population that has over half of the remaining mountain gorillas in the world.

Impenetrable Beauty

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Viewing the Gorillas

Tourism is active in this remote park throughout the year, although it is more difficult to move around during the rainy season as the condition of the dirt roads deteriorates. A gorilla trekking holiday is the main attraction for park visitors.

Mountain gorillas are threatened with extinction due to hunting and habitat loss as a response to human population pressure; however, some families that are watched by scientists have been habituated to visitors. The gorillas have adapted to these strange clothed primates in their territory and seldom react to their presence. Further information about the mountain gorillas is available on the World Wildlife website.

If you would like a chance to see the gorillas, it is essential to have a guide and a permit; these are best pre-booked through the various agents that work in the area such as The time spent with the gorillas can vary between companies, from just a short one-hour viewing up to spending a full day in their company. The latter is ideal if you are trying to get those perfect photos. Income earned from allowing tourists to view the gorillas in this way forms a major source of funds for the Uganda Wildlife Authority, a parastatal government body that owns and maintains the park facilities and maintains an anti-poaching unit to protect the gorillas against potential poachers.

Other Activities

In addition to gorilla trekking, there are many guided walks though the National Park, where visitors may see the shy forest elephant, one of the 11 types of primates or many of the 350 bird species that make the forest their home. If you have done enough walking, then try flying over the canopy of the forest to view Uganda’s hills and volcanoes on a grand scale. Luxurious lodges or tented camps are situated around the edge of the park where you will be welcomed and catered for with typical Ugandan hospitality.

Winter Vacations in Ocean City, Maryland

Looking for a winter destination getaway? Not interested in visiting overcrowded theme parks and dealing with tourist traps? Visiting Ocean City, Maryland in the winter gives you a picturesque town on the Atlantic Ocean, great ocean views and an idyllic winter setting for a relaxing vacation, without the clutter of most tourist towns. Here, you can experience succulent seafood, superb shopping, one of the best boardwalks on the Atlantic, and some of the finest vacation rentals amid a festival of lights that will inspire you during your stay.

Winter Vacations in Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City Food and Dining

Trying caramel corn hot out of the popper from Fisher’s Popcorn on the Boardwalk is a quintessential treat of America and one of the best examples of the flavorful delicacies in Ocean City. For the winter season many area restaurants offer half-price specials. Fagers Island Restaurant has half priced lobster night on Wednesdays, while the world renowned Secrets offers the finest selection of rockfish and half rack of ribs at unbeatable costs.

Nightlife in Ocean City

One of the greatest secrets for Ocean City, Maryland is its festival of lights held in the winter. The Winterfest of Lights is one of Maryland’s longest running and most beloved holiday traditions. With over 20 years of experience in providing lighted sculptures and entertainment for visitors during the holiday season, it inspires both young and old during this festive time. With over 1 million lights on display, the Winterfest of Lights is often described as a “Winter Wonderland.” The displays include different themes and stories such as “The 12 Days of Christmas” and fairytales such as “Aladdin.” This is a great event for families and romantic visitors to enjoy a little holiday spirit on vacation. The Pavilion attached to the festival provides hot chocolate, a Santa greeter for children, and a shop providing holiday ornaments, souvenirs and stocking-stuffers.

Taking a Walk Through Ocean City

One of the most exciting parts of Ocean City, Maryland is its incredible boardwalk, which provides a plethora of activities, vendors and scenery along a quiet path. The boardwalk is the main shopping district and entertainment area for Ocean City. On warm days in the winter many vendors remain open for business. Make sure to visit some of the most popular haunts such as Fisher’s Popcorn, Dolle’s Salt Water Taffy and The Pier. Also for great family fun in the winter make sure to visit Marty’s Playland Arcade. On cooler days, the boardwalk is a solitary pleasure.

Outlets, Shopping and More in Ocean City

Shopping is an American pastime and bargain-hunting is a right. In Rehoboth, Delaware the Tanger Outlets provide a great place to do both. With a couple hundred stores and thousands of products these outlets provide hours of shopping delight. What is even more amazing is that shopping in Delaware is tax-free. Shopping in downtown Ocean City provides a close shopping district in walking distance to most hotels, rentals and condos on the beach. Yet if you are looking for a nature lover’s paradise, Assateague Island offers many walking and hiking trails or the ability to watch wild horses roam in the federal park or on the beach.

Whether you have been to Ocean City for the summer beach or never before visiting in the winter is a whole new experience. Vacation rentals along the Maryland coast provides a great opportunity for vacationing within the U.S. while dodging most tourist traps.

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