What are the benefits of using a skip hire company?

Whenever you have a great deal of waste to dispose of, it makes sense to hire a skip rather than dealing with the waste yourself and dumping it all in landfill. Whether you are clearing out commercial premises or simply spring cleaning your home, using a professional skip hire company will have some major benefits, enabling you to dispose of your unwanted rubbish quickly and efficiently and offering waste disposal services that are safe, hygienic and cost effective.

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Let the professionals handle it

The major benefit of employing a professional skip hire company to handle your waste is that it saves you time, money and effort. You will not have to use your own car to transport refuse; instead, you simply fill up your skip and let the skip hire company handle the rest. Your skip will be delivered and then removed when it is full, making life much easier and more convenient.

Keep yourself safe

If you are having work done on your house, hiring a skip is a great way to keep the environment safe and free from potentially dangerous waste, such as broken glass. Your skip hire company will know how to dispose of all your waste safely and hygienically, whether their skip is situated on a commercial building site or private property. Just like on a building site, the safe disposal of waste keeps you and your family protected from injury.

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Protect the environment

If you are concerned about your waste being disposed of properly, you will want to hire a professional company such as when you are looking for Swansea skip hire. Professionals are under an obligation to dispose of waste in a safe and responsible way and to make sure items that can be recycled are treated in the appropriate fashion. Sorting through your rubbish can be an arduous process and you may not dispose of it in the most environmentally-friendly manner. The proper treatment of waste helps to contribute to a safer and cleaner environment for all.

Sized for your needs

Your skip hire company will be able to advise you on the right size of skip for your needs – there is no point paying for space you don’t need. When it has been filled, the professionals step in and do the hard work for you.

Serviced Apartment Demand Exceeding Supply

The internet hasn’t just changed the way we shop and communicate with each other – it has also dramatically changed the short-stay market. Companies such as Airbnb were quick to see the potential for ordinary people to rent out their spare rooms for less than the price of a hotel room, and this idea has been seized upon with great enthusiasm by the general public.

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Now serviced apartments are coming to the fore, to the surprise of some industry pundits who expected the growth of Airbnb and similar operators to severely dent this part of the market. But according to Guy Nixon, who heads up an aparthotel company, the growth of Airbnb has actually had a positive effect on the serviced apartment industry.

A High-growth Industry

A recent article in Relocate Magazine supports Mr Nixon’s comments. Citing a 2016 report by Knight Frank into the serviced apartment industry, the magazine asserts that increasing numbers of companies are desperately trying to source this type of short-term accommodation for overseas business people.

Apparently over two-thirds of operators globally report that occupancy levels are increasing year on year, which is even more impressive considering that serviced apartment numbers have been growing at unprecedented levels over the past few years. More than three quarters of a million properties around the world are now competing in this market, and the trend shows no signs of abating.

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Serviced apartments offer the business traveller more space and convenience than a hotel room, and many operators also include additional facilities such as on-site gyms and restaurants, making them an excellent alternative to the major hotel chains.

Business Travellers and Tourists

But it’s not just business travellers who have seized upon the benefits that this type of short-stay accommodation can provide. For example, the boutique serviced apartments in Birmingham – – are situated close to the city’s high-end stores and Michelin-starred restaurants, making them a desirable location for tourists looking for a relaxing but high-end experience.

Serviced apartment appeal to travellers and tourists who appreciate their own space, but are in search of a boutique hotel standard of accommodation. There is space to stretch out and move around, work on projects, enjoy watching TV from a sofa or chair, rather than the bed, and many have maid service included as part of the package.

Cheltenham Racecourse hosts Dubtoberfest

Dubtoberfest is a significant date on the calendar for enthusiasts and owners of Volkswagen vehicles, from the iconic Beetle to more everyday models. This is the first time Cheltenham has hosted the annual show, after its first two years were held at Throckmorton airfield, Worcestershire.

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New home

The organisers were delighted with the new venue – a vast area of grassland with the picturesque backdrop of the Cotswold Hills in the distance. With up to 5,000 visitors expected to camp over the weekend, Damien Cottrell, one of the organisers of the show, admitted he was a little nervous, especially since the site had to be found at short notice. But with nothing but positive feedback from the crowds, he soon found that his worries were unfounded.

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A full weekend

The event looked spectacular, with a field of VW vehicles and tents, with the central area dedicated to VW related stalls, decorated with banners and flags, and of course, a large food court. With an enormous German bierkeller tent, tribute bands and artists providing the evening entertainment and even a silent disco, there was plenty for visitors to see and do. A funfair, entertainers for the kids, yoga and dog agility were among the family friendly events held throughout the weekend. Visitors entered into the spirit by donning Bavarian style fancy dress for events in the beer tent, and on the Sunday, they were invited to enter their prized VW wagons into the Show and Shine display, where trophies were awarded to customised vehicles in ten categories, including Best Aircooled Bus or Aircooled Car, Best Wheels, Best Paint, Best Interior and more.

If you’re a VW enthusiast and are looking to convert your van into a motorhome fit for a show like Dubtoberfest, there are expert companies that can make your dream come true. Search online and you’ll find companies like Welsh Coast Campers (Welsh coast campers), who are ready to perform the impossible and create bespoke conversions with top-notch interiors.

Of course, you don’t have to be a VW owner to be an enthusiast and visit a show like Dubtoberfest. As one enthusiast said, while he still dreams of getting a vintage camper van, not having one didn’t stop him from driving from South Wales and enjoying every minute of his stay at the event.


Top 3 reasons why a website should be important to your business

Like lots of small company owners, you might believe your business cannot gain from having a site or that a site is not within your budget. Moreover, possibly you believe because you do not use a computer, neither do your prospective customers. These are false impressions. These factors reveal why your company needs a professional site, no matter what size your business is.

Brand name awareness

The primary factor that it is very important for companies to have a site is how individuals are most likely to find you. Nowadays many people will go on the internet and search out items and business before they buy if you do not have a site you are losing out on all this possible business. If individuals do not buy your item online, they are still most likely to research it online so you must have a site that is visible in the search engines. This can be achieved through the use of local seo packages .

Because it assists you to develop trustworthiness as a business, a site is likewise vital. There are in fact still many small companies that do not have a site and without one, they suffer a lot. If you do not have a site that you can refer individuals to, possible customers are going to presume that you are a minor company that does not take their business seriously. Once you develop this credibility, it is going to be tough making sales.


Without sales, your business is doomed. By having an online existence, you permit for the sale of your services or items around the clock to anyone with no or barely any restrictions; unless you run out of stock or overworked, however, that’s an excellent issue to have!

In other words, showing up on the internet will likely get more customers. The more visitors and customers you have, the more sales you will create. The more sales you produce, the happier you and your investors will be!

It provides a medium on which you showcases your work and expertise

No matter what kind of business you’re in, a site is a fantastic place to display your work and expertise. By consisting of a profile or image gallery, along with reviews of your work, you can show what makes your business unique. Having a site and existence online strategy enables you to market your business online. There are great deals of marketing techniques you can use to promote and market your business. All internet marketing techniques have been shown to be efficient. Which ones you pick depends upon the kind of business you remain in.

It is important for each business to have a site. The more professional your site is, the more benefits you can get. You are losing out on fantastic chances for your business if you have a business and do not have a site. A site itself can be utilized to achieve several marketing techniques to assist your business to grow.

How Voucher Codes Can Help Students with College Expenses

For every college student, managing their finance is the biggest challenge in their fun filled life. Most of the students have a limited fund to manage all their needs and limited knowledge about how to get things done within the budget. It is really tough for them to manage everything for the first time when they are on their own. Now they can make use of coupons to save themselves in such situations.

With the help of voucher codes, students can easily get everything that they need and also save some money to fulfill their little wants. So go through the tips below know how students can save money on a wide category of products.

Groceries & Food: When a student enters the college life, one of the most important things that they are left to handle is their food. All of a sudden handling things makes them realize how expensive it is to buy groceries and food. So better follow these tips and save on your food.

  • Stack coupons – One of the best ways to save money is by combining the store coupons with that of the manufacturer ones. This is known as stacking. You may need to spend a little time to find the right deal. Some of the local supermarkets allow stacking of coupons and you will be able to save well on food. This will be an affordable option compared to visiting stores on campus. With a number of mobile apps available, it is very easy to stack coupons and stack them directly.

  • Bulk stocking- When you are living in a shared rooms, you may end up with limited space. But, it is one of the best ways to save some money. Stock products that are costly and needs less place.

College supplies: When it comes to college students, the cost of textbooks, notebooks, tablets, computers, backpacks, etc sums up to a big total. So once again you can use coupons to save big. Apart from saving on groceries, coupons will help you out in other ways.

  • Shop online, use promo code- If you have never used a promo code then let me tell you that promo codes are the online form of coupons. As you use coupons at stores, use promo codes when shopping online. You need to enter this code when you are going through the checkout process. You will find a number of coupons during the beginning of the academic year.

  • Rent your textbooks- The price of textbooks have touched the sky in past some years. So better rent your textbooks. A number of rental sites are present now which provides textbooks at low cost. To save some money, you can use promo codes on this site.

  • Go for daily deals- There are some sites which provide daily deals on a number of products like furniture and backpacks. They give away vouchers for local stores. So better go for them to get things at discounted rates.

Clothes: Most of the students try out new trends during the college days. It is the time when they get to decide independently about what to wear. So the thought to shop more sets in their mind. This is where they need coupons.

  • Go for flash sale- Many of the fashion stores offer products at cheaper rate using coupons. The coupons are available for a very short time and come with some amazing deals. So better catch them before they go.

  • Rent clothes- If you have to get ready for an occasion, you can better rent a dress rather than spending hundreds of pounds. This can be the best option for those students who wants to have a designer outfit for a fraction of a price. The only thing you need to take care is to return the dress in the same condition.

Entertainment: Most of the students lose the track of their expenses they suffer when they are out. It leads them spending out of the budget. Planning and using coupons will help to solve this problem.

  • Look for student discount- Look for coupons and discounts for shows, movies or concerts. It can be little tough but will be worth finding. Most of the theaters offer a good discount for students just by showing up the ID card.

  • Look for coupon sites- Coupon sites provides a number of offers for different entertainment elements for students. You can look for deals at for different places like museums, clubs, pubs, etc.

So follow these tips and tricks and get the best out of your student life.

Fire Facts

There have been several high-profile fires recently that have caused tragedy and destruction on a huge scale. When you think of fire ripping through buildings, you might think it’s something that happened years ago before the advent of sprinkler systems and alarms but fire still kills far too many people in the UK every year. Find out how quickly fire can spread and how to take steps to prevent this from happening:

There are three different ways in which fire can spread:

Radiation – As the intense heat from an object radiates out, any close objects will begin to absorb that heat and if that object is made from a combustible material then it will start to smoulder and gradually burn as well.

Conduction – Certain materials can be very good at conducting heat such as metal and ducting. Absorbing the heat, these conductors can then transmit it to further areas of a building which becomes dangerous if combustible materials are placed on or next to this conductive material.

Convection – This is the most lethal way a fore can spread and causes the most injury risk and fatalities. When a fire occurs in an enclosed space like a room, the smoke rises and becomes trapped by the ceiling. The smoke has nowhere to go so it forms an increasingly thick layer throughout the whole room. Small wafts of smoke will escape through any holes or gaps above doors or in the ceiling and walls but the intense heat is still trapped inside the building, with the temperature continuing to rise.


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Often it is not the flames that kill nut smoke inhalation. Smoke contains highly toxic fumes that are extremely dangerous to health. The smoke that is emitting from fire in modern buildings is thick, noxious and black, making it almost impossible to see or breathe. When visibility decreases as suddenly as that, finding escape routes becomes increasingly difficult. This is why it is imperative that escape routes are highly visible and easily accessible. Fire precautions and assessments are also essential. For a Fire Risk Consultancy, visit

Fire is a purely chemical process that needs fuel, oxygen and a source of ignition. The molecules move around with energy being released or expelled and a process called oxidation occurs which is the same thing that happens when rust is formed! Oxygen combines with carbon and hydrogen which forms water and carbon dioxide. Rust forms very slowly but fire releases energy and heat very fast.

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Materials such as wood and paper burn very quickly, which is why wood is used to make fires to keep us warm. If heat happens so quickly that it can’t be released quick enough, then flames occur. Smoke basically consists of unburnt particles, carbon dioxide and water. A fire will burn until all the fuel has been used, which means it can rip through a building without stopping until everything is gone. A fire safety assessment can tell you exactly what measures to put in place to make fire far less likely to break out and if it does, to stop it in its tracks.


Quick Cheap Ways to Improve Your Pad

Whether you want to spruce your place up a bit or want to sell up, unless you’ve got oodles of cash, you’ll want to find ways to improve your home by spending as little as possible. Thankfully there are some great ways to quickly add value to your home without breaking the bank.

  1. Replace the windows

Having new UPVC windows installed can instantly add value without having to cost the earth. Most buyers these days will consider double glazing as a necessity, regardless of the style or colour. The windows require very little maintenance, look great and offer energy efficiency of a far greater capacity than single pane windows. You’ll make your home a much more attractive choice to potential buyers with modern, secure double-glazed windows and doors. For Cheltenham Double Glazing, visit

  1. Makeover the Kitchen

Kitchens are a very important centre of the family home and if yours is looking a little tired then you might want to modernise it before putting it on the market. If there is nothing wrong with the integrity of the units then you can cheaply replace handles and knobs. Maybe you can move the units around, add a new one and think about a replacement worktop but you certainly don’t need to scrap everything and remodel unless the kitchen is a disaster area. Perhaps you just need some new flooring or a new modern lighting fixture to breathe new life into the room.

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  1. Don’t forget the garden

Most new buyers don’t want a jungle to sort out so it will definitely pay you not to overlook the exterior of the property. Privacy is a sought-after factor so you might consider planting some trees or adding some fencing. Make sure the grass is cut, think about creating a separate area for barbecues or social gatherings and decking always adds considerable value to a home. The very basics you need would be tidying, sweeping, weeding and maybe adding a few colourful flowering plants.

  1. Simple repair jobs

General tidying up of any cosmetic or structural issues can also be taken care of without costing too much. Repainting the doors and walls will only cost a bit of effort and the cost of a few tins of paint. Repair any cracked cladding, buy a new garage door or repoint some brickwork. These are all fairly straightforward and cheap ways to improve the appearance of your property in a short time.

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  1. Conservatory

OK, so while this isn’t a quick or cheap option, it is one thing that will significantly add value to your home, more value than it costs in fact. Conservatories don’t often require planning permission and could prove to be a valuable investment but make sure you do your homework and choose a good design. A badly though out conservatory could have a detrimental effect. It must be south facing, with energy efficient flooring and glazing and well-ventilated to prevent damp and condensation problems occurring.

Best Collaborative Software of 2017

To get the best out of your employees, you need to ensure that they have the right tools to communicate and collaborate efficiently. To that end, maybe you already have some form of collaborative tool – an inhouse wiki, or a business-focused chat client such as Office Communicator. More recently, however, collaborative software has really taken off, adding tagging, whiteboard, and other sharing capabilities. So what are some of the best collaborative apps?

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Best Task and Workflow App: Asana

Asana is one of the top apps focusing on efficiency and workflow as opposed to just communication. Asana is a web-based platform which offers a huge range of ways to track and communicate workflow, with teams having access to shared to-do lists on projects assigned to them, as well as being able to easily coordinate with other teams on shared or intersecting tasks.

Asana keeps a record of all communications and completions and ties them to tasks and subtasks, so when paired with your membership management software, you can have a complete view of the project history.

Best Team Messaging App: Slack

If your teams already benefit from strong project and workflow management, Slack offers a more pared down but expandable experience, more focused on communication and collaboration.

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Slack allows team members to set tags and alerts so they will be alerted when something relevant to them is discussed, but left undisturbed when the discussion is focused on another topic.

Best all-in-one App: Podio

Podio starts off fairly basic, but has a massive range of expansions and plugins, allowing it to fill any role from a messaging only app to a full project management experience.

Compared to the other apps on this list which are focused entirely internally, Podio can even be used as part of your customer relations management, providing forms and feedback opportunities to keep lines of communication clear. Podio can also be integrated with member management software, such as, if you don’t want to use some of the modules it offers.

Bottom Line

There are a lot of collaborative software options, and each specialises in something a little bit different. Depending on what your teams need – be it simply messaging or more aggressive time management features – you can probably find a collaboration app to fit your requirements and budget.

Fat, Fur and Feathers to keep animals warm

When it’s freezing cold outside, do you ever stop to think about wild animals are coping in the low temperatures? Yes, they have things we don’t, to help them when the weather turns grim but how does this work? Here, we take a look at nature’s wonderful methods for protecting against the elements – insulation and blubber.

If you want to know a little more about how insulation works then try this quick experiment. Fill a container with ice and water and choose a range of different available materials to wrap a finger with. Choose a wide range of different materials and see which one are best at keeping your finger warm for the longest time.

Basically, insulators are not very good at conducting heat. Heat will always travel to cold spots in order to even out the temperature so a material that doesn’t conduct heat well will be better for keeping you warm for longer. Animals use a variety of ways to keep warm in harsh conditions such as blubber, fur and downy feathers. Thankfully, us humans can just pull on an extra jumper and turn the central heating on. Before the cold weather descends, check your boiler is in good condition. For Boiler Repair Gloucester, visit

Blubber works by offering a layer of fat underneath the skin. Eating lots provides animals with a build-up of blubber that develops to help them survive in extremely cold deep ocean conditions. Water in some parts of the world can plummet as low as 54 degrees Fahrenheit and blubber is essential for stopping the animals’ internal organs from freezing. Small marine animals like seals and small whales might have up to a few inches of blubber but a huge whale could have blubber up to a foot thick!

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Fur is another of nature’s impressive insulators and when you think of the environment that the polar bear lives in, you get an idea of how important this fur is. That fur is working hard to keep the bear’s body at a pleasant 37 degrees Celsius while temperatures fall to a deadly -40. It was thought that the fur trapped a layer of warm air next to the skin but this doesn’t account for the huge variation in temperature between the bear and the surrounding air. Further studies have shown that the polar bear’s white coloured fur is essential as it traps their radiated body heat, reabsorbing radiation and camouflages them in the snow. Clever stuff!

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Birds fare quite well in cold conditions due to their much higher metabolism rates which pushes their body temperature up too. This isn’t enough though, especially for tiny birds, to cope when a big freeze occurs. This is where feathers come into play. Birds produce a special oil that coats the feathers and this acts as an additional insulator and waterproofing mechanism. Even small birds can also build-up fatty reserves like blubber to provide them with extra energy for maintaining a high metabolism. Birds can also cleverly control the temperature of their legs and feet independently from their body, constricting blood flow and preventing heat loss.

Nootropics: What are they and how do they enhance your intelligence?

The idea that makes nootropics so promising is simple: they could give us the option of improving our cognitive abilities by taking a dose, without suffering significant adverse effects.

What are nootropics?

The definition of the concept of “nootropics” is as open as its nature and potential. In fact, since the Romanian chemist and psychologist  Corneliu E. Giurgea coined the term for the first time in the year 1972, what is understood by nootropic has evolved and taking on diffuse conceptual limits.

Defining the concept

That the nootropic concept is confusing and broad does not mean that there is no rough definition. In short, nootropics are a heterogeneous set of synthetic preparations and supplements that, once delivered in certain doses, have shown promising results in improving the functioning of certain brain functions related to cognition, i.e., mental processes Related to memory, intelligence, management of care and creativity.

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Nootropics, therefore, could be useful in improving the performance and mental agility needed to solve complex and difficult tasks, but may also play a role in preventing cognitive impairment.

It should be noted that nootropics are not simply psychostimulants, because they are also characterized by practically no adverse side effects or chemical dependence, and taking a proper dose does not become an immediate threat to the health of the person taking them. This differentiates them from stimulants like amphetamines.

That is why, although nootropics are also known as “cognitive drugs” or smart drugs , if we stick to the definition established by consensus would differentiate substances that damage health and make clear and irreversible wounds in the body, or Are toxic. While all substances that affect the functioning of neurons have side effects unrelated to the purpose for which the dose is taken, they may be of little importance or be of such low intensity that they are not considered harmful.

It is also worth bearing in mind that there are nootropic drugs and nootropic substances that are not considered drugs. The difference between the two is that the drugs are subject to medical indication and are sold in pharmacies, while the rest are available in a variety of stores, herbal shops, etc.

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The efficacy of cognitive enhancers

Now that we know the concept of nootropic in itself, we may wonder what these substances are, in practice. That is, how the definition fits with reality.

The effectiveness of nootropics has been called into question by the fact that many of the results obtained after years of research are inconclusive. Results have been obtained that confirm the expected effects through the use of these preparations, but there are also investigations that have given contrary results. In addition, since nootropics do not have to resemble each other in terms of their components or their proposed preparation or utility, discussing their effectiveness or inefficiency by encompassing them all implies an over-simplification.

However, what can be said of practically all nootropics is that, although some are promising, it is not yet known for what extent they are effective and useful to be introduced in the day to day of people Healthy or with symptoms of dementia. To clarify these points will require years of research and joint efforts to demonstrate scientifically its usefulness.

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