How to upgrade your office cost effectively

Many business owners are putting off buying new office furniture, believed it was unnecessary or a waste of money. Whether it’s a chair, a table, booth or table conference, though, all kinds of office furniture will eventually need to be replaced. So, how do you know when it’s time to upgrade the furniture in your office?

  1. It’s old and outdated

Office furniture speaks volumes about a company’s culture and work ethic. Companies with outdated office furniture are often viewed as cheap or inattentive to the needs of their workers.

If your office has a 1970-style wood paneling with old chairs and tables, employees and visitors will take notice. They will consider your company runs its operations using the same old tactics, so as to produce a negative image. You can present your company as an industry leader that cares about its workers, however, with the use of modern office furniture. For all your Office Furniture Gloucester needs, visit a site like

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  1. Workers complain about back pain

When office workers start complaining about backache, it’s usually a good idea to invest in new furniture. It is very common, in fact, lower back pain accounts for more disability-related claims worldwide than diseases or other conditions, according to the Global Burden of Disease (GBD).

Fortunately, back pain can often be avoided by using ergonomic office furniture. Executive office chairs featuring lumbar support, for example, will reduce pressure on the backs of workers while protecting against common injuries that otherwise could cause pain and inflammation. So, listen to your workers and take note of the pain they experience.

  1. It’s not team friendly

Does your office furniture encourage collaboration and teamwork? If not, maybe it’s time to upgrade.

Unfortunately, some offices still have outdated designs with limited space. If workers cannot communicate freely among themselves, it can hurt their productivity. They will have to walk across the office or email back and forth just to ask or answer questions. In an open, friendly office design-team, though, workers can collaborate freely and more naturally.

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  1. Productivity has slipped

If your company has become less productive in the last few months, maybe it’s time to invest in new office furniture. When workers are forced to use outdated furniture that’s damaged or poorly designed, it slows their productivity – resulting in fewer jobs while clocking the same or more hours on the job.

  1. It is a Safety Hazard

Some types of office furniture can pose a real safety hazard to workers. Eye strain is very prevalent among office workers. When workers are staring at a computer monitor, it places stress and strain on their eyes and can cause significant pain and in some cases, even temporary vision loss. A condition called Computer Vision Syndrome is responsible for approximately 10 million doctor visits each year.

The right office furniture can protect against this and other injuries. A computer workstation with a pull-out tray for keyboard and mouse, for example, will reduce the risk of wrist injuries and the like CTS. In addition, by using an office chair with adjustable height feature can protect against eye strain.

# 10) It’s cheap and poorly Created

If your office furniture is cheap and poorly made, you may have to upgrade it. Some business owners assume that buying cheap furniture like this will save them money. In reality, though, they usually spend more money either repair or replace it shortly thereafter. A table made of cheap particle board, for example, may fall apart or break, while high-quality table made of solid wood or a similar material, high-end will last for many years.


What actually is rubber injection moulding

Rubber injection moulding is a term that you may not have come across unless you are in the manufacturing industry. So we thought we would answer the question: What is rubber injection moulding? in a few short points.

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  • Using rubber in injection moulding first began in the 1960s
  • Rubber moulding allows for the surface of the mould to be placed under significantly more pressure than would be available if using plastic
  • Pre-forms are not needed when using rubber injection which helps to cut out on unnecessary tasks for staff and removes the need for a longer time period for production and extra material costs.
  • Pre-heating of the rubber allows for the free flow of into the cavity of the moulds which in turn decreases the amount of time that is needed for the item to cure.

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  • It is much more economical to use rubber for high volume items and for items that need to be of a high precision level.
  • There is also an environmental benefit in this form of injection moulding as there is a minimal amount of waste materials.

As well as being used in injection moulding rubber is used for many different items and we come into contact with many of these throughout our daily lives.

Stretching out at the end of the day

We all understand the importance of stretching throughout the day and taking regular breaks away from our desks, but have you ever thought about stretching all the tensions away at the end of the day?

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If you find that you spend long periods of time sat at the Next day delivery office desks in your office, like the ones you can get from, then here is a simply stretch routine that you can do whilst you waiting for your evening meal to cook. Your back, neck and shoulders will thank you.

Neck stretch – whilst sitting comfortably, gently place your left hand on the right side of your head and tilt your neck towards your right shoulder and hold for a few seconds, now repeat on the other side. It is important to ensure that you are not processing down on your head with your hand.

Shoulder stretch – stand up straight with your feet hip width apart. Take your right arm and stretch out across your body to the left and place your left hand on your right elbow and gently cradle your right arm. Stretch on both sides for a few seconds each.

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Quad stretch – you may need something to rest your free hand on here. Bring your right leg up behind you trying to touch your bottom with youtube right foot. Grab hold of your foot with your right hand and give your leg a gentle stretch. Repeat on the other leg.

Reasons to respect your elders

They have lived much longer than we have! Obviously, we know this but when we really stop to think about it and think about what they have been through, it commands respect. Life is hard! Have patience and consideration for the time they have spent on this earth.

They may know more than you think

If you do not know what things to talk to your grandparents or neighbours about, ask them questions. Respect the stories they tell of the world as it was, keeping their part of history alive. They have a lifetime of knowledge to draw on and impart.

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They have had different experiences to us

The world ‘back in the day’ was very different. Evolution is happening fast, and we all know that different types of experience means different kinds of wisdom. Compare your differences, consult with them, consider them. You can learn something that you might never learn from your own world. Ensure you find only the best care facilities for your loved ones with Dementia Care Homes Leicester at a site like

They see the world in a different way

Due to their own life experience, they will have a unique perspective of the world. They can set themselves different from the way they walk and talk and dress. Take note as it can only broaden your horizons.

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They have experience we could only dream of

The world is a different place now. The world they lived will never be repeated. We will never know what it was like then, before things changed to how they are now. We can only dream of what it’s like dancing in the sixty’s era, or the war experience. They lived it!

Where can you Enjoy Diner and Fine Dining while visiting Newbury in Berkshire?

The historical old market Town of Newbury in Berkshire is fortunate to occupy a beautiful stretch of countryside that runs alongside the River Kennet.  The Town also lies on the edge of the Berkshire Downs and its locals and many thousands of annual visitors have unlimited access to The North Wessex Downs which is classified as an area of outstanding natural beauty.

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With many places of interest to visit close by including; Donnington Castle and Newbury Race Course this popular place to live and to visit has plenty of options when it comes to choosing somewhere lovely to eat.  The Racecourse itself Offer function rooms in Newbury where you can get a lovely meal or enjoy the fine dining experience offered at the Trip Advisors, five-star rated “Henry and Joe’s” restaurant, located at 17 Cheap Street in the Centre of Newbury. If you are looking for Function Rooms Newbury then check out your options online and then pop along to visit a few at the same time as enjoying a reasonably priced, locally sourced meal at the “Spotted Dog” pub/restaurant found in Gladstone Lane, Newbury.

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While visiting Newbury if you have a hankering for some scrumptious authentic Italian pasta or pizza then look no further than “Lusso’s” located at 11 Weavers Walk Northbrook Street.  With Vegan and Vegetarian friendly choices and a reputation for great service this Italian restaurant will make you feel like you’re in Rome itself!

Tips for making packing less of a chore

Packing is a vital activity for moving, no matter how much we try to put it off. It is a time-consuming chore, and if you do not do it in an organized way, you can double your workload. So how do you make sure that you pack as efficiently as possible?

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Start with the most rooms difficult

The number one thing to do is to ensure that your packing is done more efficiently and decide which room is the most difficult to overcome. Which is most difficult room to pack in your house? Once you decide on the most difficult room to sort out, you can start with that first. It is also good for you psychologically to know the hardest has been done first and you have been successful in packing everything from that trickiest of rooms. Get help with House Removals Essex at a site like

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Deciding how to pack

You have probably accrued a lot over the years – from kitchen appliances and tools to clothes, furniture, gadgets and more. You now have to decide how to pack them in an appropriate manner; You can use different size boxes but what other materials might you need? Pay particular attention to the fragile, delicate, or large items such as glassware, antiques, vases, tableware and decorations, as well as fragile musical instruments and large ones like pianos, for example.

The romantic novels of Joanna Trollope.

Joanna Trolope is one of the country’s most prolific and significant romantic novelists ever to come out of the UK. Her books have sold worldwide to great acclaim. She has also written works under the pen name of Caroline Harvey, allowing her to expand on her work. She was born and raised in one of the most romantic and wild places in Britain. This was the small town/village of  Minchinhampton situated on the Common high above the Stroud Valleys in the Cotswolds. This beautiful part of the world must have been an influence as it;s windswept undulating hillocks and views of the Severn offer some of the best views in the county. Just ask anyone living in one of the many Gloucestershire Park Homes such as those at

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Joanna’s parents were artistic people, her father being a part time painter and her mother a writer. It was no surprise when she went up to Oxford to read English. After leaving university she worked for the Foreign Office and Commonwealth Office, primarily in Eastern Europe. She then turned to teaching before becoming a full time novelist in 1980.

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Initially she tried historical romances, as the aforementioned Caroline Harvey, but after advice she switched to more contemporary work and used her own name. She has been given the tag of an “Aga Saga” writer, the Aga being a popular oven used in the Country. This is a bit unfair as they tend to simplify her work. This is usually densely plotted with realistic characters.

How Businesses can Navigate the Covid Minefield

As a business owner, you may be feeling a huge amount of pressure during these difficult times. Running a business is stressful at the best of times, and all businesses go through highs and lows, but what is happening currently is causing enormous financial shockwaves, the likes of which we haven’t seen in our lifetimes.

With grim economic predictions and huge numbers of unemployment already starting to show, it is understandably a huge worry for both employers and employees.

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As a business, it is essential to try to adjust to the post covid world, whilst we await life to return to normality. Of course, how you can do this will depend on the sort of business that you run and how you can ensure you can comply with the government guidelines.

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One of the ways that you can start to return to normality whilst staying safe is to provide staff with face shields. Some pub chains are planning to open using these, and it is a good way to protect both staff and customers.

Asking customers to pay by card rather than cash also reduces the risk of infection and an online payment gateway such as is useful for a business looking to set up a cash free from of payment.

Hand sanitiser is another important feature of operating a safe business – hand washing is proven to reduce the spread of many germs, not just covid, so is a welcome addition especially somewhere where food and drink are being served.

Facts about UK roads

Whether you love the open road or hate driving, there are a lot of roads in the UK! The following are some fascinating facts about the vast network of motorways and roads in this country:

The chap who discovered tarmac was Edward Hooley. In 1901, Hooley saw the smooth outer surface of a metal and on asking what had caused it, was told about a tar barrel that had spilled. The following year, he patented a method of heating the tar, adding slag and stones into the substance, that resulted in the creation of asphalt and tarmac that we see so much of today. For Tarmac Bristol, visit a site like

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The longest toll road in the UK is the M6 and it runs from Catthorpe in the county of Leicestershire all the way up to the border with Scotland – an impressive 236 miles long.

The first toll road that opened in the UK is the M6 Preston Bypass, which lasted for 8 miles and opened in 1958.

Stuck in rush hour every day? Consider the poor London drivers who must sit in traffic jams for an average of 101 hours each year. The rest of the UK suffers just 30 hours a year. For those who work as a driver, this figure would be significantly higher.

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Are you a believer in the paranormal? You should consider a trip up the M6 on October 31 as it is thought to be among the most haunted of UK roads! There are a very high number of reported sightings of ghostly goings on on this stretch of highway, from the Roman army to a crazy lady on the roadside.

Do you know what Medical Indemnity Insurance is

When you set up a business, buy a home or a car you will come across the need for specific insurance related to the items that you have purchased or the work that you conduct. This is particularly true when you work in industries where your decisions and advice cna have an impact on the individual’s career success, health and overall wellbeing.

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Medical Indemnity Insurance is one such specialist insurance and relates to malpractice in any medical profession. This means that any accidents and mistakes that are made as a result of negligence by the professions will be covered and compensation will be paid to the individual that has made the claim.

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Accidents and mistakes happen in any profession and medicine is no different. As human beings all we can do is take our training and knowledge and work to the best of our abilities. Doctors and medical professionals always want to do what is best for their clients. Medical Indemnity Insurance covers those eventualities where things do not perhaps go the way they had planned. It is important to make sure that you discuss your insurance requirements with a reputable, knowledgeable company who can help build your insurance package as necessary.

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