TIPS:How to use/Apply Eye shadows

For attractive and beautiful looking eyes, perfectly sculpted and for the correct and right shades of eye shadows ideas there is no need for you to be a makeup or beauty Guru but as said practice makes a man perfect do it yourself just follow some of our tips and practice it and makes yourself the beauty envy of your friends.

Choose your eye shadow.

As the market is saturated from different options of eye shadow so the decision between these can be very tough while choosing the right texture, hue and brand. Instead of confusion these many choices provide you flexibility in picking the best eye shadow for you. Shadows come in every imaginable colors, and can be available in the form of loose powder, compact powder and in cream form.

The loose powder is mostly highly pigmented, however these are likewise the most hard to control as a result of their, well, loose form. While that of cream which is easy to use but cease more quickly and easily as compared to powder eye shadows. Compact eye shadow have the best texture and can be apply with novice.

At least 3 eye shadow shades is suggested for eye shading yet it doesn’t need a dozen of eye shadows.

If you would prefer not to look overcompensated with your eye shadow Ideas, pick three shades that are in neutral, for example, browns or grays. Something else, pick any colors that may speak to you and your style.

As mentioned earlier that for better eye makeup you don’t need to waste your precious money but invest only in few makeup items such as right brushes and attractive eye shadows applications. You can also apply your eye shadow by using your fingertips but it will not be so effective.

How to apply an eye shadow

For attractive and correct eye shadows right brushes and speed is necessary while disturbing your speed and using wring can make your eye makeup unattractive and ineffective.

When you first apply the shade to your eyelid, pat the eyeshadow on instead of brushing across the lid. This will help it to stick to your lid cover better, and give a robust as opposed to sketchy appearance.

Instead of clearing your eyeshadow over and over again across your eye in a quick movement, utilize short, slow brush strokes going in the same direction to mix colors. You ought to never be moving your hand rapidly as you apply your eyeshadow.

While you are using a highlighter shading, you ought to never apply your eyeshadow as far as possible up to your eyebrows. This is a surefire approach to over-sensationalize your eyes and make them look much excessively exaggerated.

Normal makeup

Doing your eye makeup ought to be the last step in your makeup application process, so before eye shadows or eye makeup put on your normal makeup first such as foundation, blush and brow liner which will lead your way towards eye shadows Ideas.

What is endpoint security?

A few years back it looked like the days of computer hacks, viruses and other malware might be numbered. New operating systems, server security awareness and antivirus software were getting to grips with the problem. Then along came WannaCry.

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To suffer a WannaCry style attack you don’t need to open an email attachment, install dodgy software or even neglect your updates. It could find and enter your machine without any gullibility on your part and the WannaCry patch only appeared after Microsoft and other industry bodies were tipped off it was already in the wild. The worm exists compliments of our own security agencies, which rather underlines the futility of pinning hopes on someone else solving security worries for us. We all have to be our own gatekeepers, and for large organisations, this is a large problem.

Endpoint risk exposure

An organisation’s digital endpoints are many and varied. They include desktops, private laptops, POS systems and notepads, countless smartphones and a multitude of digitally connected equipment in the ‘internet of things’. Regulating digital connection between them is becoming essential both for security and to meet the requirements of increasingly broad information protection legislation. Endpoints are not only entry points for outside attacks, but also points of egress for sensitive personal data that you are legally obligated to protect by the new GDPR.

Endpoint solutions

Designed to be used alongside security software, endpoint security monitors the connections and traffic taking place, automatically responding to suspicious or hazardous activity. For example, if the installation of new software is detected, an intelligent monitoring service can apply precautionary sandboxing strategies, offer patches or notify administrators. A newly attached laptop can be scanned for a range of specific security criteria.

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People respond to potential risks with graded responses. Endpoint intelligence allows your system to do the same. For example, during the recent WannaCry attack, NHS teams had no options between shutting down networks or leaving them exposed, which is one reason their reactions were slow. Endpoint intelligence allows an organisation to respond appropriately faster, and a new generation of integrated security solutions are emerging to meet this challenge, one of which is Promisec (see

Security policies, decision trees and risk analyses can be prepared in advance of emerging threats, and these are the kind of management tools that are already familiar to non-IT personnel.

Double glazing and condensation: What you need to know

If you’re experiencing condensation on your double-glazed windows, don’t panic. It could simply be that you have new double glazing that is working super efficiently or that you have underfloor heating that can cause an uptick in condensation as warm air rises.

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However, excessive condensation can also be a sign that there is excess moisture inside the home, and that can have damaging consequences for your double glazing.

The causes of condensation

Double glazing prevents the loss of warm air from the inside to the outside by trapping a vacuum between two panes of glass through which the heat can’t penetrate. This helps to lower your energy bills and keep your home feeling snug. Energy-efficient windows will also help to make your home more eco-friendly.

However, the air inside your home is damper than the air outside, so when it hits a cold pane of glass, the suspended water molecules are released and deposited on the window.

The condensation problem

Condensation is bad news when it leads to the growth of mould as it damages your window seals. Once that happens, your double glazing is no longer efficient and you’ll need Leicester double glazing replacement from a reputable company such as to keep your home warm and energy efficient. Condensation is also a sign of excess moisture in the home that can lead to damp problems.

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Reducing condensation

The ideal level of humidity in the home is around 50 per cent, and a dehumidifier can be extremely useful at extracting excess moisture from the air to combat condensation problems. However, there are other solutions that you should also put into place.

Opening the windows for 20 minutes a day, even in winter, will help to ventilate your home and allow the damp air to escape to be replaced with dry air from the outside.

Extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom are extremely effective at removing damp air before it has an opportunity to condense on any cool surfaces like tiles.

Dry laundry outside whenever possible and make sure tumble dryers are correctly vented.

Keeping the home at a well-regulated temperature during the colder months will also help to dry out any lingering condensation and prevent problems.

How can I open up a bank account in the EU?

This is a question that will affect many people from the UK, whether they are intending to study in Europe, work in Europe or are being relocated. Here are the things to be taken into consideration.

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If you are a resident of a European Union country, you are entitled to open a basic payment account in another country of EU status. A bank cannot refuse to let you open a basic payment account under current legislation.

Legislative Precedent

The European Commission issued a directive in July 2014 on payment account fees as well as access to a basic account with the ability to switch accounts as desired. The Commission hopes it will result in more people having access to a bank account, as it estimated that 58 million people across the EU didn’t have access to a bank account.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone can apply regardless of their financial history. Bankruptcy is not an issue, and you don’t need to be in employment to apply. This will help people who are thinking of moving countries for a new job or if they are using the services of a corporate relocation company before they make the move. A corporate relocation company can help clients set up bank accounts in a new country.

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What Type of Account Can You Get?

You can have access to a basic paying account. This is an account that allows you to carry out basic banking transactions. You will be able to pay your salary in, and any pensions or benefits you receive as well. You will be able to use this account to pay your bills, from mortgage payments to phone bills. You will be able to deposit and withdraw cash as well as bank online where available. A bank card will be offered as standard.

Other Benefits

Under the directive you will be able to request any information, such as fees upfront. You will also be able to switch from one EU-based bank to another with ease – usually within 15 working days, and 30 days where the bank you are switching to is in another country. The bank will be responsible for transferring all direct debits and payments and cancelling any standing orders. If the bank misses a deadline, they will be liable for any fines incurred.

Four visual marketing resources

One of the top web design trends this year is the use of images to reflect a brand’s ethos.

Eye-catching images really help to draw the eye into a website, but that doesn’t mean that any old photograph will do. Web visitors expect to be presented with relevant and timely information as they trawl the web, and they will quickly turn away from any website that fails to engage them.

According to The Next Web, effective visuals help to get your message across while engaging visitors with your brand. In fact, companies that post status updates on social media accompanied by visuals create engagement that is as much as 180 per cent greater than those without images.

If you’re not a trained photographer, there’s no need to panic. You don’t need to rush out and buy a digital camera, or train up on photography techniques in order to source beautiful images that will add real value to your site.

The following sites all offer free images that you can use to add real depth and meaning to your brand’s message. If, however, you still feel that imagery is not something that you can easily understand, then it’s probably best to leave your web design to the experts – from Totnes to Tunbridge Wells web design teams such as Target Ink Tunbridge Wells web design will create a site that’s guaranteed to attract high-quality visitors.

New Old Stock

 If vintage images are appropriate for your brand then New Old Stock is a wonderful resource for copyright-free images from around the world. You can use single images for no charge, but collections of photographs are also available for a small charge.


With hundreds of photographs across numerous categories, picjumbo is a great resource for free images. You can use these images to add depth and interest to blog posts and web pages quickly and easily. The site’s intuitive dashboard feature makes it a simple matter to quickly find the images you want and download them.

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For constantly updated images, is hard to beat. Photographs are of a high quality, with hundreds of new images added on a weekly basis.


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Free-to-use and copyright free too, Kaboompics offers high quality professional photographs across a huge variety of categories, allowing you to identify the images that will enhance your website.

Online Forex Trade Secrets

Forex trading is one of the more unknown forms of training, with more and more people deciding to try their luck every single day. Even if you have never heard of forex trading before, it might be something you want to try your luck at. But before you get into forex, there might be a few things you want to know. You might want to know what the big fuss is all about. In short, forex or foreign exchange is about the buying and selling of various currencies. This is done with the other people who are into this forex trading market. This is done widely, all over the world – which is apparent when you come to know of the fact that forex trading is a 1.9 million dollar a day business. Most of the forex trading is done online, and has gained a foothold as one of the most lucrative trading avenues ever.

As something that might be clear by now, the currency that is the most traded is the US Dollar. However, coming in a close second is the Japanese Yen. However, all the forex trade in the world is not limited to these two currencies only, as the Euro, the Canadian Dollar, the British Dollar and the Swiss Franc are very commonly traded as well. But, when you start your journey on the forex market, you are advised to start off by trading the US dollar. One of the best things about the forex trading market that is very strongly decentralized. There is no central regulatory agency or exchange looking over the transactions that takes place throughout the day. You can start off trading in Melbourne and end the day in Los Angeles if you so desires. Each country is responsible for regulating the forex trade in its own country, and from the looks of the trade that happens mostly, they seem to be doing a very good job.

The forex rates can vary very widely, and fluctuations happen through the course of each day. There are a lot of factors that influence the rate of forex for a given currency, which include, but are not limited to inflation and the general confidence in the currency by people all over the world. However, the thing that sets the forex market apart is the fact that changes are very short term and you have to jump on an opportunity if you want to make the most of it. This also means that if the value of a currency drops, it’s not something that might last for a long time.


As with other forms of trading, there are no guarantees when it comes to forex trading either. It is a wise choice to learn all you can about forex trading before you decide to take a plunge. It is a fact that a person who is well prepared with his basics is likelier to make much more profits than someone who dives in without bothering to know anything.

Beware! Are you paying extra to process credit card transactions?

Credit Card Services are an amazing tool for both business owners and the general populace. But despite the benefits, you can be paying more than needed because you don’t understand the murky world of credit card services and their payment structures. If your business already accepts credit cards, or you’re in the process of setting it up to accept credit card payments, here’s what you need to know about how it is structured so you can make sure you’re not being overcharged for these services.

Logistical structure

A credit card transaction goes through a lot of hands between the client and the business owner.Here are all the parties involved in the process of credit card payments:

  • First off, the payment gateway; more pertinent when transactions are carried out on the web, they are set up by the merchant account provideras the first step in completing a credit card transaction, e.g. the shopping cart.The merchant account provider is the company that takes care of the process as a whole, an overseer of sort, e.g.
  • Next there’s the acquiring bank, the party that actually processes the payment, collecting the information from the merchant account and receiving authorization from the associations.
  • Credit card associations are basically the governing bodies, e.g. MasterCard. They set the rules that all credit card providers must follow.
  • Lastly, the issuing bank – your ordinary banking institution that provides your consumers with a credit card, e.g.Bank of America.

Type of Fees

Two varieties of fees are charged when conducting business via credit card.

  • Pre-markup: This fee is issued by the credit card associations themselves, and is uniform for all providers who use that particular credit card association. It is essentially non-negotiable.
  • Markup: This is, simply put, the merchant account provider’s fee.This part is negotiable, and should be as low as possible so that you can get the best deal.

Fee charging structure

The structure for charging fees is also segregated into two popular models.

  • The interchange plus model: A straightforward structure that tells you, in a detailed list, all the wholesale and markup fees that are charged per month. It makes for a lengthy statement, but very simply informs you how much you owe in both markups and base fees every month.
  • Tiered pricing: This one comes with three sub-categories – qualified, mid-qualified and non-qualified. If, in carrying out the transaction, you follow the provider’s instructions to the T, thenthe transaction is qualified. The instructions include basic directives like swiping in person, and settling in batch on the same day among others. If you fail to follow all directives, your transactions drops down to either mid or non-qualified based on how many criteria are not met. Qualified transactions are the cheapest, followed by mid-qualified and non-qualified, respectively. Make sure you understand what the requirements for qualified rates are if you’re on a tiered plan so that you can make as many qualified transactions as possible.

Remember, the markup is crucial, and should be the criteria by which you compare merchant account providers, along with other fees like minimum fees which should be set as low as possible, and those charged for internet gateway or credit card terminal, which should ideally be free. Other things to watch out for are annual fees, cancellation fees, and statement fees, online or offline – all of which ideally shouldn’t be charged at all.

So there you go! You can now gauge whether you’re paying extra to process credit card transactions. If you’re not, that’s good news. But if you are, you better start looking for a more reliable and transparent credit card processor before you end up unnecessarily spending a fortune.

FSA surveys fresh chickens for likelihood of food poisoning

From barbecue wings to nuggets, spatchcock chicken to stir-fry, we all love the versatile taste of this popular poultry, but it does come with food safety concerns. A recent study from the FSA looking specifically at the campylobacter bacteria, which is the most likely to give you food poisoning, has found that whilst overall levels have gone down, all is not fair in the supermarket aisles.

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THE FSA study

This latest study is the most recent of an ongoing project starting in 2014, looking at the changing levels of the campylobacter bacteria in British sold chicken.

The good news is that the FSA can confirm a continuing trend of lower levels of the bacteria. It found that the percentage of chicken on UK shelves with any level of the bacteria ranged from 30-60%. Looking at this result, most supermarkets are relatively the same; M & S and Lidl, for example, both coming in at around 57%. What is worth looking at, however, is the percentage of those that had ‘dangerous’ levels of over 1000 cfu/g campylobacter, which then saw a marked difference, with M & S at 2.5% and Lidl at 9.2%.

How can I keep my family safe?

Chicken recipes, like those at are hugely popular in the UK, where many cite chicken as their favourite food. Despite the numbers of the bacteria going down, the better the food safety you perform in your home, the lower the likelihood of your family potentially getting seriously ill.

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Cover raw chicken and keep it chilled. Chill it at the bottom of the fridge so raw juices don’t spill out over food. Never wash raw chicken, which is more likely to splash bacteria around the kitchen than kill bacteria in the first place. In fact, correct cooking is what will kill the bacteria, so always make sure your chicken is thoroughly cooked. Lastly, properly wash any utensils that have been exposed to raw chicken, this includes the chopping board and your hands. Wash immediately after use and disinfect your surfaces once you have finished preparing raw chicken.

If you have any worries about where you’re buying your chicken from or how to cook and prepare it properly, refer to the website which has all sorts of handy tips for better food safety.

Why gamble online?

Online gaming has grown in popularity immensely over the last few years and many players are now turning to the internet as a source of casino games and betting options, instead of bricks and mortar gambling institutions. There are many advantages to gambling online rather than in a real casino, so read on to discover how online gaming can be better for your enjoyment and pocket.

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The first reason for gambling online is purely the convenience it offers, compared with going out to a casino. You can turn on the computer and start playing your games straight away, without even having to get dressed if you don’t want to. Simply login and begin playing. There is no need to get ready and drive to the casino, betting shop or bingo hall. The convenience of gambling online is one of the reasons it has taken off in such a big way.


The cost of gambling online is less, thanks to huge number of bonus offers always in place on gambling sites. Casinos will always have a welcome bonus to tempt you to gamble with them, so you often get free money to begin with. There are no travel costs associated with online play and you won’t spend money on food or drink or any other forms of entertainment when you are at home either.

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There are always promotions on offer at gambling websites, such as deposit bonuses, free spins on slot machines, comp points and other great offers. Many sites have new and fun promos every day or every week, with lots of freebies up for grabs. These promotions can make playing online more exciting and lucrative beyond your regular winnings.

There are many casino, bingo, betting and poker sites to choose from with great promotions, including sites such as, where you can enjoy the best real money online poker from your own home. All good gambling websites also take player welfare seriously, being members of communities such as Gamcare, which offers advice for those affected by problem gambling.


Finally, when thinking about the advantages of online gaming, the variety at your fingertips is a huge plus point. From casino table games to card games, slots, poker, bingo and sports betting, you can play and bet on everything at the click of a button, usually all from the same website.

How to Clean Buildings with Hard to Reach Features!

We all hate to admit it, but dust accumulates everywhere no matter what we do to keep on top of it. One glimpse up and you’ll usually find your ceiling corners filled with dust, cob webs hanging from the corners of your living room, or worse! Out of reach above the stairs!

Well, if you think you’ve got problems, imagine having unique, historical, modified or grand properties to clean! That involves a bit more forethought on the cleaning front! Are you intrigued as to how people clean those high Cathedral-like ceilings, which can soar higher than 20 feet? Cleaning these unreachable ceilings can make the everyday chore become a rather a mammoth task!

St Paul’s is an example of a Cathedral that has been recently restored and cleaned. Located in central London, the Church of England Cathedral’s restoration, inside and out cost a total of £40 million and has taken nearly half as long as it did to design and build it! The Cathedral’s programme of repair and cleaning took 15 years and is one of the largest restoration projects ever undertaken in the UK.  The Cathedral has been around since 604AD. The results speak for themselves.  Inside the light floods in from the sky, falling on freshly cleaned marble carvings and sculptures. Every year almost two million people visit the cathedral for a number of activities, from regular church services, to concerts, to educational events, to performing arts and even just for sightseeing – if you’ve not been, I’d suggest you visit . . . it’s truly a magnificent piece of English history.


I, myself, would love to own a Victorian style house with high vaulted ceilings, but I’m not sure how practical the upkeep would be? These atriums and grand rooms are supposed to wow homebuyers, but they’re often less thrilled when they realize that routine maintenance and painting in these areas can require scaffolding!
So how do you clean this type of property?  You can buy a piece of equipment called a telescoping cleaning pole which comes with a duster or cloth at the end of the pole. You can usually get them from home ware and DIY stores, or even online, and they range from a length of 5 to 15 feet. If your ceiling is taller than this then you may need to look into getting a professional to clean your ceiling as they can get tools to reach as high as 30 feet.  Even office cleaning in Cambridge can end up costing a fortune with the wealth of old buildings they have there! Remember, if you have ceiling fans, you’ll need a forked dusting tool, as these will clean both sides of a ceiling-fan blade in one easy swipe.

And what about changing light bulbs in hard to reach places? Nowadays you can buy a pole-mounted bulb changer, which can only be described as a giant hand! These long poles have a suction cup or spring steel fingers which allow you to reach up and change the light bulb. Sounds complicated, but it’s actually a very easy way to change your light bulb!  Bear in mind that this doesn’t work for all light fixings though, like chandeliers.

I’m afraid there’s no good news, or any way to cheat when it comes to painting your ceiling.  It’s just hard work!  Always dust off the high areas before you start painting, because you’re likely to knock dust loose as you work and that could ruin the overall effect. The best way to paint tall ceilings and walls without the need for scaffolding is to get some help and set up an extension ladder or a hybrid ladder (one that’s designed to articulate over a staircase and into the hard to reach corners). The technique that is most effective is using a paintbrush to cut in the corners and around the edge so you can then use a large roller to fill in the middle. However I must warn you, using this extension pole and roller is a real upper body workout!

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