History of carpets

Its highly unlikely that you’ve ever given much consideration to your carpet other than it needs a hoover. But consider this, where and why do we have them? It’s easy to dismiss the everyday item as trivial but if you look closely you’ll see that they have great importance and a rich history of their own. Take a look at the following article for more information

Where do carpets come from? Whilst there are many variations now it is thought that the first examples were around the Neolithic period. Unfortunately, it is difficult to gage this as most were made from materials, such as wool, that they do not survive, and archaeologists rarely find evidence for them. Some academics believe that they were just there as rudimentary floor covering to keep out the chill, much the same as we do now, except in a yurt or other temporary dwelling. However, there are also theories that suggest they were very special items in the home used to establish identity and to simply look impressive and beautiful, suggesting a more settled people who did not have a hunter gatherer existence. Remains of carpet in Siberia (found encased in ice, the cold protected them) suggest that both theories are right. They had a practical and aesthetic purpose and were used so that the animals could keep their precious hides and not be needed.

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The earliest evidence of large scale carpet production and use has mainly been found in the middle east from about the 2nd and 3rd BC onwards. The region is seen as the birthplace of the carpet. As people migrated out of the area to expand they took the skills with them to the native people they encountered who began to develop their own distinctive style.  They were seen and recorded by the great traveller Marco Polo as he journeyed through Turkey. Polo record that the best carpets were made using silks and cloth of an extremely colourful hue.

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Any carpet made before 1920 is seen as being an antique or semi antique.  These early carpets were woven by hand operated looms and used natural dyes. There ability to survive the elements is highly respected but it’s unlikely you’ll see one lying around the house anymore as most are in museums on display. The semi antique era dates from 18-60 to 1870 up to 1920. These carpets are more numerous as they have used synthetic dyes and are possibly made on a machine. The Persian and Turkish style dominate the era with intricate decorations and motifs designed to enchant the eye.  The modern carpet is anything woven after 1920 onwards. Following western influences, the desire for a decorated carpet has fallen away somewhat to the plain and more functional ones we see today. At one time though Carpets were also favour as wall hangings though it is rare to see these in use in modern homes. They still provide the practical yet comfortable purpose that our ancestors used them for almost 3000 years ago.

Carpets of the past were much treasured and looked after. In order to treat your own carpet with as much care you should have them cleaned regularly by a professional such as who provide Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning .

How to buy the right type of shower for your home

A shower first thing in the morning is a great way to start the day, but choosing a shower that’s right for you can be tricky. Here’s our quick guide to making the right decisions for your bathroom.

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Cubicle or wet room?

If you have the space to install a standalone shower cubicle, this is definitely the way to go. A separate shower cubicle is more luxurious and contemporary; many homeowners are now getting rid of baths entirely in favour of a single, spacious cubicle.

For the ultimate in luxury, the walk-in shower or wet room is many homeowners ideal, and perfect for an en-suite. You’ll need to invest in separate glass panels rather than a pre-formed cubicle and will need to have the room tanked so that it’s completely watertight.

For additional safety when installing free standing glass panels, invest in 12mm shower glass panels. You’ll find these available from good online retailers such as Marvin and Pinch.

Which shower?

Mixer showers ensure that your shower is always at the right temperature, especially if you invest in a digital shower with its high accuracy and range of features, including touchscreens and WiFi connectivity, although manual and thermostatic mixer showers will also do the job. Mixer showers are faster flowing than electric showers, and can be combined with a pump for greater pressure.

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Electric showers take cold water and heat it to the required temperature. Unlike a mixer shower, an electric shower doesn’t depend on using stored hot water, which makes them ideal for a home where hot water may be limited. The higher the kilowatt rating the better your electric shower will perform, although those rated 9.5kw and above may need an electrical cable fitting that supports a high-performance unit.

A power shower is the right choice for you if you like a real blast of high pressure water. This is achieved using a separate pump and is ideal if the water pressure in your area isn’t particularly high. The boosted water flow makes this type of shower very free flowing and invigorating.

Fixed or flexible?

A fixed shower head is the choice for a designer shower room, but families may prefer the flexibility of a riser mounted model.

Choosing the right shower ensures a great start to the day, every day.

Commercial Electricians – A Field of Opportunity

Commercial electricians install, maintain, repair, and replace all systems electrical. A commercial electrician works in and with businesses in the private sector and can work in utilities and public sector areas. Whether managing and maintaining power in Disneyland, or setting up the power and security at the new industrial complex, commercial electricians work the big jobs.

On the maintenance side, a commercial electrician has a huge job. Working with engineers, line installers, manufacturing and industrial engineers they are often in a position to advise; having advanced knowledge benefits them. Here are a few examples of the potential scope of this career.

Commercial electrician education mandates differ by state and usually by job, but if the commercial electrician wants those giant jobs where immense power needs and security are the norm, a degree is needed. Think about the electrician who works in high-tech sites that use radar and missile control systems to defend, or the power systems needed to run SEA and you get the idea of the potential scope, knowledge necessary, and opportunity. Here’s an additional example.

Think about your favorite NBA team. We’ll use Staples Center and the LA Lakers in this example. Staples seats 20,000 and every isle and seat has lighting. At center court, power for lights, sound, mics, scoreboards, cameras, and the large circular screen and Kiss Cam fire up. Safety and exit signs have to be powered to lead people to outer ring food concessions; from there, all signage has to get people to the right row and aisle. Parking structures need security and lights. Now factor in that all of this power supply and systems have to be invisible. Wow. The commercial electrician lays, maintains, replaces, and repairs all this equipment and power supplies.

These are just a few examples of the scope of this field. The work can be mentally and physically challenging at times, but never boring! The pay and benefits are typically good, and the career path allows entry with a high schools education, certification, and license, where you can work your way up from there.

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A guide to making free calls over the internet

With telephone service providers and mobile companies charging for calls per minute on top of monthly line rental or contract fees, it’s only natural for consumers to look around for the best deal for their telephonic needs. It may seem like a no-brainer, then, to switch to Voice over Internet Protocol – or VoIP – as an alternative. But what is VoIP, exactly?

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Internet calls

Sometimes referred to as a broadband or internet phone, VoIP allows users to speak directly to one another over the internet using their computers’ microphones and speakers. There’s usually no extra charge for the calls: an internet connection is all you need. As internet speeds to homes have improved, VoIP has become increasingly popular as cheap alternative to using landlines.

Since you can use your device to connect to the internet from any location, it doesn’t matter where you’re calling from or which country the person you’re talking to is located: the cost of each call will always be the same. For VoIP to VoIP calls, this is often free.

A VoIP termination provider or carrier such as will route calls from end to end, and many of these companies provide VoIP services in several formats. For example, the service can be from PC to PC, using messenger services such as Skype, or it can be a service involving a combination of networks, such as PC to telephone network, or telephone network to telephone network, where broadband is used via an adaptor.

There are still weaknesses associated with VoIP (such as bad connections and inferior clarity compared with landlines) so it’s unlikely that it will completely replace landlines just yet. However, as pointed out in a commentary by Investopedia, as internet bandwidth and speeds increase, VoIP becoming the main method of voice communication is inevitable.

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Landline or VoIP?

Quality of sound and connectivity aside, the differences between the services offered by the two types of communication networks vary greatly. Some VoIP providers don’t allow calls to emergency services, and there may be some restrictions on international calls to some countries. Line rental is still required for VoIP, and for this reason, the majority of users have VoIP in addition to their landline, using it for those calls where costs will be significantly cheaper.

How to Select Asphalt Paving Contractors with 3 Questions

Recently we bought a new house and the dirt driveway just did not cut it. We had to put in a driveway and found outputting in an asphalt driveway was much cheaper than a concrete one. Therefore, we decided that was the way to go. After much hard work, we discovered there were three things everyone should ask asphalt paving contractors.

Question #1 Are You Licensed & Insured? This is the very first question you need to ask. If they do not have a license or insurance then do not even bother with them. Even if the state does not require it, move on to the next person. You want someone with both license and insurance in case something goes wrong. A license tells you they know what they are doing and insurance protects you and them in case someone gets hurt.

Question #2 Water Drainage? The contractor should have a good plan on how the water will drain once the driveway is put in. Water pooling in the driveway or worse backing up into the house can cause serious damage. Our neighbor found this out the hard way when he hired unlicensed contractors and woke up after a heavy rain with two inches of water in the garage.

Question #3 What is Your Plan for Clean Up? It needs to be understood from the beginning that a mess will not be tolerated. It also needs to be put in writing the company will be held responsible for all damage and clean up of the surrounding area including neighbor’s yards. There should not be any extra charge for the clean up as the contractors need to keep their area clean as they work.

Once you ask these questions, you will know whom to pick. Asphalt paving contractors are easy to deal with once you know the tricks of the trade. Now my best tip I saved for last. Drive around and ask around your neighborhood. When you see a new asphalt driveway stop and ask about their experience. Good or bad, they can share tips on what happened and you can learn from their recent experience.

Get the Job Done Right – 4 Reasons to Choose a Painting Contractor

Whether you’re considering painting your foyer, your entire downstairs, your outside trim, or the entire outside of your home, it is highly recommended that you hire a painting contractor. These professionals not only have the right equipment and knowledge to get the job done right, they can do it in a fraction of the time that it will take you and whatever sucker you can con into helping you out. If you’re still not convinced, check out these four reasons why hiring a professional painting contractor will get you the results you’re looking for.

Whether you need your whole house painted or just touch ups in hard to reach locations, you want the end result to be of the highest quality possible. And trust me, undertaking such a huge task as painting your house on your own can be extremely overwhelming, taking away from the level of quality that should be given to such a task. Highly skilled and licensed painters, on the other hand, are never overwhelmed with the size of painting projects and will always give the utmost attention to each job, resulting in a quality job each and every time.

Time is a big factor in everyone’s life, especially when it comes to home improvement projects. You barely have enough time to fit in time with the family, time to work, and time to have fun. Now try to fit in a huge job like painting your house and see what you have to give up to get it accomplished. If this doesn’t seem possible, you need to hire a contractor. They have the time – remember, it’s their job – and are happy to take that burden off of your shoulders and let you get back to the other time-consuming aspects of your life.

If you think that hiring a painting contractor is going to be way too expensive and beyond your budget, you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that most are competitively priced to what it would cost you to do the job yourself. Think about it: You are going to need to buy brushes, rollers, tape, tarps, scaffolding, sprayers, a ladder, and extension poles. Oh, and don’t forget the tank of gas that you’ll need getting back and forth from the hardware store picking up everything that you forgot the first five times you went. A painting contractor already has all of these tools and won’t need the extra tank of gas, saving you not only money but time as well.

While money and time are the first things people think of when debating whether or not to hire a painting contractor, being safe should also come into consideration. Being perched high on a scaffold or teetering on a shaky ladder can really take away from the appeal of doing the job yourself. Couple that with actually falling off one of these contraptions with a quick visit to the emergency room, and you just might start wondering what the heck you were thinking trying to do this job on your own. Prevent injury from ever happening by hiring a painting professional who knows what they’re doing and knows what precautions to take in order to avoid nasty falls in the first place.

Hopefully, you are now convinced of the benefits of hiring a painting contractor over doing it yourself. You will save time, money, injuring yourself, and dealing with the headaches of all of the equipment needed in order to achieve the look you’re going for. There’s a reason they call them professionals!

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Everything landlords need to know about deposit claim deadlines

Do you know how long you have to return a deposit at the end of a tenancy? Unless you have the tenant’s agreement or a ruling to say otherwise, it has to be returned. It may be that it slipped your mind or you are making a claim against the tenant for damages or non-payment for bills. However, there are still deadlines to adhere to.

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Where to find the deadlines?

These could be in the assured shorthold tenancy agreement, which will say how many days after the tenancy ends you have to make a claim. There will also be a deadline stated in the deposit scheme where the money is held. This could say something like the landlord or agent has a maximum of 10 working days to make a claim.

Where is the deposit registered?

In England and Wales, the deposit must be registered with a tenancy deposit scheme, such as Deposit Protection Service or MyDeposits. There are separate TDP schemes in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Deposits must be placed into one of the schemes within 30 days of the landlord receiving them.

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Raising disputes

If a landlord wants to raise a dispute with the tenancy deposit scheme, it has to be done within three months of the end of the tenancy. Once it receives a case, it will get in touch with the tenant for a response and then pass the evidence to an impartial adjudicator. This will decide whether there is a claim and how the deposit should be apportioned if there is a case to answer.

How to cover yourself

Although you can claim against a tenant for any damage, loss of property, theft or non-payment of rent, good landlord insurance is essential too. Then you can be assured you are covered, even if a claim goes against you. Specialist landlord insurance can also cover loss of rent and alternative accommodation for tenants if the property is accidentally damaged or out of action for some reason. You can find quotes for cheap landlords insurance from companies such as

Keep a note of all paperwork and documents, so they are easy to find. You can also set up alerts for when your insurance runs out or the deadline for when a tenant’s deposit has to be given back.

6 More Ways to Improve the Entrance of Your Home

The entrance of your home is the place where you can create that all-important good first impression. When visitors arrive, they will want to see a charming garden and a stylish and well-kept entrance. If they see a neglected and rubbish-filled area, they might very well turn around and leave. It is always nice to be welcomed properly, and the entrance of your home is an important part of that.

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Kerb Appeal

If you are trying to sell your home, then its entrance is critical, as this is the first thing that potential buyers will see. If your garden is a mess, viewers could decide against your home before they even go inside, and improving the garden will always work to creating a better entrance. Right by the door itself can be a wonderful opportunity for a bold plant with a splash of colour. This report from The Telegraph has tips for sprucing up the entrance garden.

Add Style

Co-ordinating the metallic finish of hardware at the entrance, such as door knockers, lights, numbers and letter boxes, can give your home a stylish and cohesive look. Lighting in general is very important to allow guests to see where they are going and to create an atmosphere. Lighting can have a dramatic effect at night and highlight architectural motifs. Adding lights to the garden path can also add charm and aid vision.

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An awning, roof or even a porch could be a welcome addition to give guests a place to stand when they arrive and one that offers shelter if it is raining. You can also make a porch area more inviting by adding some comfortable furniture – even a sofa if you have space. If you want to find out more about the possibilities of oak porches, it would be a good idea to consult experts about oak porches from Bespoke Timber Frames. Professionals like these can tell you everything you need to know about oak porches.

The entrance to your home prepare guests for what to expect inside, so get them in a favourable mood with a pleasing entry way. Make them feel welcomed with a clear and stylish entrance that gives them maximum convenience combined with some visual flair that makes them eager to come inside and see more.

Create Blog Posts Using Online Transcription Services

Blogs are everywhere, but evermore present on business websites. Using a blog for marketing purposes is smart, but not always easy. One of the biggest challenges for business owners who want to blog is that not all business owners are writers. And if this is the case, it presents a frustrating challenge.

A Simpler Way to Create Blogs

There are, of course, many ways to solve the problem of needing a blog post and not being able to create your own content. However, one really easy way is to use an online transcription service to bridge the gap. How? Follow these simple steps.

Brainstorm Your Content: This is always the first step in creating a blog post, whether you’re the writer or not. You can’t blog about something until you know what you want to blog about. Simple, right? Not always. There are many ways to approach a brainstorming session. One of the most popular ways is to think about things from a marketing standpoint. Make a mental list of topics which will drive online traffic to your blog.

Whip Up Some Notes: Once you’ve spent some time considering your options for future article content, you should jot your ideas down so you don’t forget them. Your notes don’t need to be extensive. Simply get a rough outline of the ideas and topics you want to flush out (a few words or phrases here and there). Most of the time your notes can be quite general with very little detail. If preferred, however, you can choose to beef up your notes and provide very specific directions for your blog writer. An interesting—and important—fact to consider is that this note-taking step isn’t necessarily a ‘must’ for every blog creator. Why? Some people have a knack for speaking off the cuff and their creative juices flow without much thought or effort. If you’re lucky enough to be one of these people, skip this note-taking step and move on to the next step: Recording your audio.

Make a Recording: This may sound intimidating, but it’s not. Don’t let it scare you. It’s not as labor intensive as it may sound. You’re simply picking up a voice recorder and explaining your thought process for future article content to writer. Making a recording can be as long or short of a process as you want to make it. However, to make the most of the experience you may want to consider recording your ideas for a series of blogs rather than just one article at a time. For instance, if you want to create a weekly blog, make a recording which will cover your topics for the entire month and then send the recording to the transcriptionist.

Transcribe & Forward: Once your transcription service provider has converted your speech to text, you can forward the transcription to your writer. And from there, your work is done. Voilà! All that’s left to do is actually post the blog article(s) when your writer has finished crafting the perfect blog post.

Are You Liable If a Friend Drives Your Car and Gets Into an Accident?

Friends are there to help each other out ad lend a helping hand form time to time. At one point or another, you may be asked by a friend if they can borrow your car. In other cases, you may need your friend to drive your car for you as a favor. In these cases it is essential for you to know your responsibility as the car owner as well as your friend’s responsibility as a licensed driver. Here is some information to help you determine if you are liable in the case that a friend driver your car and get into an accident.

There is no blanket yes or not answer to the question, “Will I be liable if my friend gets into an accident in my car”. Unfortunately, this answer will vary depending on your insurance policy as well as the policy that your friend has through their own insurance company.

If your friend has his or her own liability insurance for their car, the insurance will follow them no matter what vehicle they re driving. In this case, you would not be liable for the accident that your friend got into, even thought they were driving your car. Often this person will be covered, but usually the coverage is very limited. Luckily the company will typically take into consideration the reason for that person driving. For example, if it was a medical emergency situation, the company would probably be more lenient regarding insurance terms and coverage.

If you are going to consider letting a friend drive your car, this is the most important question to ask them what kind of insurance and coverage they have first. Find out the extent of their insurance plan in order to make sure that you friend’s insurance cover them incase of an accident so that you can rest easy knowing the liability and expenses are not your responsibility or obligation.

When buying your insurance, be sure to ask who specifically is covered by insurance. Sometimes companies will cover another driver who operates you car, but over the coverage is limited and minimal. Family members are usually included on your insurance, but if they get in an accident they may not be covered again in the future. Some companies do not offer any insurance coverage at all for other drivers, whether they are friends or family members, so it is absolutely imperative that you ask the company ahead of time about your terms so that you are aware and educated.

Before letting a friend get behind the wheel of your car, think if through. Find out if your friend is covered and what the terms of their coverage are when driving a vehicle that is not their own. Also, check with your insurance company, such as the best car insurance companies in AK, to find out about rates and coverage. Planning ahead will help you to know what you expect in the case of an accident when a friend drives your car. Being cautious and proactive will help to reduce unpleasant surpasses so that you can focus on dealing with the accident instead of being converse about who is responsible.

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