Signs it’s time to upgrade your office furniture

Many business owners are putting off buying new office furniture, believed it was unnecessary or a waste of money. Whether it’s a chair, a table, booth or table conference, though, all kinds of office furniture will eventually need to be replaced. So, how do you know when it’s time to upgrade the furniture in your office?

  1. It’s old and outdated

Office furniture speaks volumes about a company’s culture and work ethic. Companies with outdated office furniture are often viewed as cheap or inattentive to the needs of their workers.

If your office has a 1970-style wood paneling with old chairs and tables, employees and visitors will take notice. They will consider your company runs its operations using the same old tactics, so as to produce a negative image. You can present your company as an industry leader that cares about its workers, however, with the use of modern office furniture. For all your Office Furniture Gloucester needs, visit a site like

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  1. Workers complain about back pain

When office workers start complaining about backache, it’s usually a good idea to invest in new furniture. It is very common, in fact, lower back pain accounts for more disability-related claims worldwide than diseases or other conditions, according to the Global Burden of Disease (GBD).

Fortunately, back pain can often be avoided by using ergonomic office furniture. Executive office chairs featuring lumbar support, for example, will reduce pressure on the backs of workers while protecting against common injuries that otherwise could cause pain and inflammation. So, listen to your workers and take note of the pain they experience.

  1. It’s not team friendly

Does your office furniture encourage collaboration and teamwork? If not, maybe it’s time to upgrade.

Unfortunately, some offices still have outdated designs with limited space. If workers cannot communicate freely among themselves, it can hurt their productivity. They will have to walk across the office or email back and forth just to ask or answer questions. In an open, friendly office design-team, though, workers can collaborate freely and more naturally.

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  1. Productivity has slipped

If your company has become less productive in the last few months, maybe it’s time to invest in new office furniture. When workers are forced to use outdated furniture that’s damaged or poorly designed, it slows their productivity – resulting in fewer jobs while clocking the same or more hours on the job.

  1. It is a Safety Hazard

Some types of office furniture can pose a real safety hazard to workers. Eye strain is very prevalent among office workers. When workers are staring at a computer monitor, it places stress and strain on their eyes and can cause significant pain and in some cases, even temporary vision loss. A condition called Computer Vision Syndrome is responsible for approximately 10 million doctor visits each year.

The right office furniture can protect against this and other injuries. A computer workstation with a pull-out tray for keyboard and mouse, for example, will reduce the risk of wrist injuries and the like CTS. In addition, by using an office chair with adjustable height feature can protect against eye strain.

# 10) It’s cheap and poorly Created

If your office furniture is cheap and poorly made, you may have to upgrade it. Some business owners assume that buying cheap furniture like this will save them money. In reality, though, they usually spend more money either repair or replace it shortly thereafter. A table made of cheap particle board, for example, may fall apart or break, while high-quality table made of solid wood or a similar material, high-end will last for many years.


What insurance do I need? Is it High net insurance?

Standard insurance that you find online or in the high street is fine for most people. However if you find that you have some of the items below it might be time for you to have a look at some high net insurance instead. High net insurance is for those of us that find they have some expensive items and or home that requires us to have an increased understanding and personal service from our insurance company mixed with the knowledge that rather than a percentage of the value being returned we can rely on it being refunded.

Possessions are the most vital element in many people’s lives. A high net insurance policy would certainly be needed if you had a wine cellar to protect or even some classic cars. Jewellery and timepieces are also worthy of consideration  as are established furniture pieces or a set of antiques. With a standard insurance policy it is unlikely that in the event of an unfortunate accident you would not be able to claim the full amount back or the company would not even be able to handle the sums that were involved that you needed in the first place. Homes and their contents are regularly undervalued by underwriters and those wishing to be insured alike, this included properties overseas possibly in more so.  A High Net Worth Insurance Gloucestershire company such as can help you to insure these priceless items.

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While we have spoken about items people themselves should also consider high net insurance. Those in the public eye, by that we mean entertainment or sports should particularly consider it  and there are several high profile examples where this has been the case. For instance, the model Heidi Klum insured her legs and the lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones Keith Richards insured a finger. This might sound strange but when you consider that both these parts are responsible for their main source of income you can understand their desire to cover themselves if they are lost. It is not just those in the world of art and entertainment. Cricketer Merv Hughes was so concerned he would lose form if he lost his iconic handlebar moustache

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The insured that rather than his hands (although he denies the whole story). In keeping with a body part being reflecting everything about a person and there look the famously long tongued Gene Simmons from the band KISS had his insured. This is nothing to the chief taster of Costa Coffee who had his taste buds insured for a hefty ten million. Whilst it might not be something you are looking to do looking at high net insurance might be the safest and most prudent thing you’ll ever do.

60s swinging style wedding dresses

Taking inspiration from the 60s for your wedding dress means choosing between one of two styles: chic and tailored Jackie Kennedy-style cocktail dresses, as seen in episodes of Mad Men, or the more free-flowing romantic bohemian style of fashion icons such as Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy. Read more

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines: Some Essential Facts

A clean environment is for most people a healthier and more pleasant one. With the aid of technology, ultrasonic cleaning is an extremely effective way of removing germs and dirt by combining electricity, high frequency sound waves and water.

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Components and Mechanisms

When it comes to day-to-day home cleaning, many people are turning to natural methods, and for more tips see this report in The Guardian. But for spaces that have a lot of people traffic or are exposed to industrial material or just to get things really clean, the ultrasonic process delivers a superior result.

Ultrasonic cleaners have a tank to contain the cleaning solvent, usually a draining mechanism and temperature control for more effective cleaning. Transducers, which draw electrical power, use sound waves to create bubbles that dislodge the dirt, debris and germs sticking to the item or surface being cleaned. Sound waves created by the transducers create bubbles of different sizes according to frequency of the sound waves. Small high-frequency bubbles are good for more delicate items, while lower-frequency larger bubbles are effective for tough items. Many ultrasonic cleaners have settings for different types of cleaning.

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Power and Differentiation

Ultrasonic cleaners come in different varieties for different purposes. There are industrial ultrasonic cleaners suitable for removing heavy soiling, smaller but powerful cleaners designed to tackle small spaces and tiny systems designed to clean delicate items such as jewellery and food. Most ultrasonic cleaners also operate in the range of 50 watts to 100 watts for a gallon of solvent. More power can produce more bubbles and means deeper cleaning as long as you stay within the machine’s limits.

If you want to know more about how a large ultrasonic cleaner can help keep your premises clean, it would be a good idea to look at a leading supplier such as A company like this can tell you everything you could need to know about a large ultrasonic cleaner.

Ultrasonic cleaners are the answer to the most pressing cleaning questions today. With a range of ultrasonic cleaners adaptable to a range of purposes, there will be an ultrasonic cleaning solution to any cleaning issue you have. Whether it is addressing large buildings or baby toys, there will be an ultrasonic cleaning machine that will take care of the job efficiently and effectively.

Which flooring is the most eco-friendly when looking for a new home?

Some flooring options are much more eco-friendly than others. If you are replacing the flooring in your house or looking to move to a new place and you want to make a choice that is better for the environment, here are some of the most eco-friendly flooring options for you to choose from.

Firstly find a property you like with an Estate Agents Cheltenham company on sites like, then look at the flooring, then think what kind of flooring do i want to put down.  Well have a look below for some ideas.

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Natural flooring

Natural flooring uses natural fibres, such as cotton, coir and seagrass, to create a beautiful, eco-friendly flooring option. Natural fibres are eco-friendly, as they are made from fabrics that are renewable and sustainable; in addition, the plants grow fairly quickly and therefore have a good harvest time.

You can buy natural flooring in a wide range of styles, colours and patterns, making it is easy to find the perfect natural flooring for every room in your house. You can even find natural flooring options that are perfect for the bathroom!

Reclaimed flooring

Reclaimed flooring is one of the most eco-friendly flooring options, as it reuses old flooring. This is a fantastic form of recycling and there are lots of options for you to choose from, including mahogany, oak, stone and even marble. It is worth noting that reclaimed flooring is often fairly expensive; however, if you want to create a traditional look, it is definitely one of the best options.

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Wool flooring

According to The Guardian, wool is a surprisingly resilient flooring option that is less damaging to the environment than other options. This is because wool only takes around 10 per cent of the energy that is needed to produce nylon. It is also very sustainable, as sheep constantly regrow wool.

Another benefit of wool carpets is that it is easy to buy a carpet made in the UK; therefore, there are far less carbon emissions than if you bought a carpet from another country, such as Asia or the US.

Wool underlay

Underlay is an important part of flooring, but it can be difficult to find an underlay that is eco-friendly. Thankfully, you can now buy a type of underlay that is made from recycled carpet fibres, recycled wool and recycled rubber. This is a great way to stem the flow of fabrics that end up in landfills. Wool underlay has all the same benefits as more standard forms of underlay.

Waste wood – where does it come from?

Millions of tons of wood waste are made every year, and this does not include green waste. So, where does all this waste come from?

Construction Industry

Wood waste is produced from various types of building locations, such as new buildings and renovations, equivalent to almost 1 million tons every year. Most of this waste ends with other waste. Wood waste construction is very challenging because it consists of various types of wood, such as solid wood, laminated boards, MDF, pallets and plywood, for example. This makes it difficult to be recycled in the conventional way, because these different types of wood must be recycled in different ways.

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Demolition of Waste

Each year, demolition of buildings results in an amount of wood waste similar to the construction industry. Much material from demolition can be found in rescue yards across the country, things like chimneys, fireplaces and bricks. When it comes to reusing demolished wood, factors that must be considered include health and safety and speed.

In the past, demolition workers loved to climb and cut floor beams using saws but for safety, demolition is now often done by diggers with claws that load material directly into the jump to be taken to the garbage sorting station. The result is that less wood is saved because it is not economical to sort through demolition waste by hand. Like construction waste, the wood is of various types, of poor quality and mixed with many contaminants.

Wood processing & manufacturing

This waste comes from places such as timber factories, furniture production, carpenters workshops and other types of woodmaking. Some of these small businesses produce only a small amount of waste and often find it easy to hand over excess wood to people as firewood, for example. The wood is also quite clean and not mixed with contaminants making it easier to recycle.

Larger businesses dispose of their wood waste by installing wood-fired heating systems. Shavings and sawdust can also be supplied to farms to be used as low-quality cow beds. Sawdust from the workshop is increasingly being recycled by being converted into compressed briquettes for hot logs, because they burn faster and are cleaner than logs. For more details on Briquetting Machines, visit

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Pallets & packaging

Waste from pallets and packaging includes items such as crates, cable reels and boxes, for example. Most of the millions of pallets are damaged or cannot be reused for some reason. Fortunately, pallets are the cheapest and simplest wood waste to be recycled. They are most often untreated and easily transported, so popular with wood recycling centres.

City trash

About one million tons of wood waste is produced by domestic use. This is waste that is eventually brought to the tip or local household recycling centre. Either it is mixed with general waste and sent to a landfill or transferred to a wood recycler. Unfortunately, not much waste that can be reused comes from this source. This includes items such as broken furniture, old fences, kitchen units and parts of warehouses that have been painted or maintained in certain ways. Therefore, this is the lowest quality and cannot be reused.

Reclaimed stone in construction benefits

Stone is one of those classic and timeless materials that always looks great and is incredibly durable. It is so durable that it can be repurposed and re-used, and there are a number of advantages in doing this.

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Value and versatility

Stone is one of those substances that looks good almost anywhere and has an almost infinite range of applications. While stone can be expensive, reclaimed stone is much less pricey. When you buy reclaimed stone, you could save up to one-third on the price of new stone, and your reclaimed stone will look just as good if not better.

If there are marks on the reclaimed stone that you don’t like, the bits or areas with damage need not be included; however, weathered stone can possess a beauty that comes from age and use. This can give it an extra dimension of rustic beauty that brand-new stone simply will not have.

Reclaimed stone can be used in many areas of the home, including fireplaces, patios, window sills and for walls.  So this could make doing an inspection easy when customers move in or out as the quality and condition of stone can stay amazing or a long time.  Most landlords will use things like an Inspection app to record all inventory, details and finances.  So why not pop over to sites including to

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Good for the environment

Using reclaimed materials is good for the environment in so many ways, as it reduces waste, avoids adding more discarded stuff to landfill sites, and extracts further use from perfectly good materials. In addition, stone is a natural and non-toxic substance that won’t give off fumes or cause allergic reactions.

An article in the Telegraph explains more about the environmental advantages of using reclaimed stone.

If you feel inspired to find out more about using pre-loved stone in your home, it would be worth contacting a reclamation yard to discover more about the options available. A reputable reclamation yard will be able to give you useful tips and advice on the many options you could take advantage of.

Using reclaimed stone in your home is a wonderful idea. It is an amazingly versatile material that can be used in so many areas to deliver an elegant and distinctive finish. Reclaimed stone will also save you money, and you can use it knowing that you are making an eco-friendly choice that will add value to your home and create long-lasting and timeless beauty that will bring you and your family a great deal of pleasure for many years to come.

Cold Room Insulation facts

Cold rooms are needed by many different companies that have to keep perishable goods fresh. They are possibly most commonly used in the catering and food distribution industries, but are also needed by hospitals and laboratories. The insulation of a cold room is the most important aspect of the appliance, since this is what determines how well the unit functions.

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Problems with Cold Room Insulation

It is important that the cold room door is kept closed whenever possible. With walk in cold rooms particularly, air leakage will occur when the door is opened and the cold heavy air escapes whilst warm air from outside enters the room at a higher level. However good the insulation of your cold room is, leaving the door open for long periods of time will mean it cannot keep your goods as cold as they should be kept.

Moisture is another problem that sometimes affects cold rooms, and this can lead to the growth of mould. Inhaling mould spores can have adverse effects on the health of your employees, and according to the NHS website, it can cause asthma attacks and allergic reactions. The cold room should be insulated throughout with all areas at the same temperature. Sometimes certain surfaces may become too cold, and when the doors are opened the moist warm air can hit these cold surfaces, causing water droplets to form on them, and this is what can lead to the development of mould.

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This is why keeping a cold room clean and uncluttered is so important. To keep the items stored well perhaps you could invest in garage shelving that can be sourced at Manufacturers recommend regular cleaning and daily checking of the air vents, particularly those that are situated at floor level. It is important that these do not become blocked or become dirty, as this can affect the wear on the motor.

Choosing a walk in cold room should be done with care. They are available in any size to suit your business. It is worthwhile contacting a company for advice prior to making your final decision.

Polyurethane Insulation

This is the most commonly used material for use in insulating cold rooms. It has the advantages of being light and having very low thermal conductivity, which makes it an excellent insulator. Polyurethane is available in different thicknesses and resists decomposition very well so is frequently used in cold room panels.


Get a shepherd’s hut, Don’t follow the flock

Do you need extra space? Maybe you want a playroom for the kids, a home office or just a quiet place in which to relax. Of course you could convert a spare bedroom or an attic, but for many of these things it’s better to get out of the house altogether.

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Having a separate room, in the garden for example, makes the space more special and cuts down on noise and distraction. This is especially important if you’re using it for work. According to government figures over four million of us work from home. Having your office separate from the house helps you maintain a divide between your home and working life but still cuts out that arduous daily commute. If you haven’t got the room and you do want an office local or one that’s ready to move in straight away perhaps an Office Space Reading way could be the ideal one for you.  All you need to do is take a look at what they have to offer at similar links to

Shed your doubts

The obvious answer then is some sort of garden building. Your first thought at this point might be that you don’t want to spend your day sitting in a shed, however, there are attractive alternatives available. It’s possible to get custom-built home office modules, though they may not be especially attractive and you may need to get planning permission to build one.

As a quirky and appealing alternative you might not have considered before are shepherd huts these cabins on wheels were originally designed to provide shelter to shepherds while they looked after their flocks. They offer a traditional look, and they can come with lots of modern benefits too.

You can choose to have your hut fitted out with insulated panelling, electrics, custom furniture, even a wood-burning stove to make it a practical, cosy and comfortable place to work. Steps are supplied for easy access, and the traditional stable door is lockable for security. Of course being on wheels means they can be moved if need be so you can take advantage of different spots in the garden. It also means that they typically don’t need planning permission.

Other uses

Of course a home office isn’t the only purpose to which shepherd huts can be put. You might want to use it as a craft space or just as somewhere to chill out, of course it makes a great playhouse too and the kids can even use it for sleepovers. There are other potential business uses too. If you run a B&B – a sector that contributes over £115 billion to the UK economy – then they can offer extra accommodation. Using a shepherd’s hut could also be a way for farmers and other landowners to add an additional income stream.

Don’t worry about whether it will fit in with its surroundings. Huts can be had with traditional corrugated iron or timber cladding on the outside and can be painted in a choice of colours. Whether you have a modern or period property you can be sure that it will fit in. Walls and floors are fully insulated so that you can use your hut all year round.

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