How to Improve Your Mac’s Speed and Performance

Your Mac – although it is one of the most powerful computing machines out there – is not impervious to the ravages of age, outmoded software and an accumulation of broken and corrupted files. If you use a computer for business purposes – to create projects and complete tasks – having a slow Mac can be the bane of your existence. First, there’s the spinning rainbow wheel of death, which is a signal that your computer is slowing down or is about to crash – programs shouldn’t take that long to open and load. Also, if you are dealing with more and more error messages, it is time to take measures to improve your Mac’s speed and performance.

Your first step to improving your Mac’s speed and performance is to back up all of your data. When you are making updates or major changes on your computer, you always want to backup. Having a backup will allow you to retrieve all your important files in the instance that there is a major crash. Ideally, you want to use an external hard drive to place all your important files on. If you have a newer Mac software platform, it will perform the update for you – automatically.

After you have everything backed up, you want to bring your hard drive back to the factory settings. This will require deleting a majority of the files that you have on your scratch disk. All that will be left are the base files and programs that your computer runs on. Cleaning out the scratch disk will provide much more room for your computer to operate. When it comes down to it, the more available gigabytes your Mac has – the better your computer will run and the better it will perform. After you delete all the unnecessary files, you can pull a few important files and folders from your back up hard drive. In most cases, you’ll probably want to keep your scratch disk as clean as possible.

Next, you want to repair files that have become broken or corrupted. If you are experiencing crashes with certain programs or if certain processes are not working, you want to scan and clean up your files. Ideally, you want to scan and repair all your files automatically – this is the quickest way to complete this process. This is why you need an application, like the Onyx app, which can scan all your files and repair corrupted files. You can visit to download the application. After you clean up your hard drive, this may be an essential next step.

Lastly, your Mac is built to be powerful and to complete complicated tasks all at once. However, there are always ways to make your Mac computer faster and to improve performance. Not only do you want to clean up your hard drive and repair files, but you also want to update software and operating platforms. In the end, the more updated your files are, the faster your Mac will run – so, be sure to download updates whenever you see an alert on your computer.

How to Have Discipline

To achieve motivation needed discipline, and then learn to create the habit. Here are some tips to keep discipline in the activities developed.

The importance of discipline

Discipline is one of the most useful features of behavior that we can achieve. We say “secure” because, although some people are born with the privilege of discipline, the fact is that most of us have to create it, shape it and practice it until it becomes a natural habit.

The importance of discipline is, to put it in some way that allows us to lead a better life neither more nor less. The discipline prevents commit reckless or impulsive errors, helps us to continue our activities and achieve goals, and leaves a more orderly existence and effectives virtually all our actions.

When we live in an impulsive and disorderly way, you’re likely to waste it opportunity. We did not notice what is around us and we cannot maximize our potential because we are deriving our attention and energies on a host of items as diverse. So, have discipline allows us to focus and better serve the issues that really deserve our attention.

Techniques to be more disciplined

  • To be more disciplined must, first achieve the necessary motivation. This motivation may have the objective to seize opportunities, to achieve the proposed goals, or whatever motivates you to keep the dedicated energies.
  • Already found some motivation and the desire to be more disciplined, you should start exercising. For example, set a goal to pursue an activity that you like once per day. If you like walking, purpose goal a few laps around the block once a day, and try to fulfill the letter. When you have already incorporated this habit purpose a new goal, say, solving a crossword puzzle or a word search every lunch. No matter the activity, but the fact that you assign a target and do them.
  • Before long you will keep a diary of activities. First you propose something and then write the steps you must take in order and neatly. Analyze your schedule every morning (this will also be a good exercise in discipline), and check what activities must meet the day to reach the finish in a timely manner. Thus, the habit becomes natural, and you’re encouraging your discipline every day.

To be disciplined, do not be overcome

Finally, something very important: do not let your motivation fades along the way. This means that if for any reason or force majeure, one day you fail to comply with your activities, do not abandon the run early, and continues performing them the next day. Do not drop your arms and move your covered is allowing you to be more disciplined, and exercise your self-discipline in no time.

What exactly is uPVC?

Most of us have heard of uPVC. It’s a term that’s used widely in building and construction, but do we really know what it means? Why is such a popular material and what is it used for?

uPVC stands for ‘unplasticised polyvinyl chloride’ which sounds like something from a chemistry lesson, right? uPVC is also known as rigid PVC because the difference between the two is that PVC is flexible whereas uPVC is not. It also contains no harmful chemicals like BPA or phthalates so can even be found in devices such as mouth guards and dental retainers.

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It is made from vinyl polymer which is stuck to chlorine atoms in a very clever scientific way. This is what gives it its strength, durability and unique properties which make it the preferred choice of many UK home owners.

It has a great many uses in the building industry and you’ll see it commonly used for:

  • Doors
  • Plumbing
  • Cladding
  • Windows frames and sills
  • Fascia

Why is it so popular?

Not only is it considered very safe to use but it has waterproof properties which make ideal for use pipes, guttering, down pipes and even medical devices that go inside the body. Builders love it because it’s low maintenance. Even in bad weather conditions, it does not rust, warp or rot like wood and metal would. That means that it can be fitted for use in housing construction and last for many years. For more information about UPVC Fascia Boards, visit

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The material doesn’t fade either so continues to look good and new for a long time. The colour of upvc runs right through the material so if it becomes scratched, you can usually polish it right out without any visible damage. The only real maintenance involved is keeping it clean but that’s easy too with a quick pressure wash.

As well as being water resistant, it’s also fire resistance which provides further peace of mind about having this material used in your home. If you’re concerned about green living and sustainability, you’ll also be pleased to know that uPVC is completely recyclable.

When it comes to those who work with the material, it’s popular because it’s lightweight, easy to move, strong and cost effective too. That is why you see it all the time in windows, frames, sills, doors and cladding. It comes in a wide variety of colours and finishes so will blend in with whatever the style of your house. You can even get it in natural wood finish, which is important if you want an authentic look to your home.

New league table names and shames unhealthy high street children’s menus

The Soil Association recently published a league table of chain restaurants based on how healthy their children’s menus are. At the top of the pile sits Jamie’s Italian, with global fast food giants Burger King firmly rooted to the bottom. Undercover parents sampled the menus of the UK’s 25 largest food chains with somewhat surprising results.

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Obesity epidemic

Around 30% of the UK’s children aged two to fifteen are classified as overweight or obese and the unhealthy kid’s options found in many chain restaurants are not helping the matter.

The Soil Association’s survey reveals that very nearly half of the UK’s biggest 25 chains do not serve salad or vegetables with children’s meals. The findings are part of the SA’s Out to Lunch campaign. Surprisingly, the Italian chain Prezzo was found to serve the second worst children’s menu in terms of how healthy its choices are.

Track record

Given the huge amount of work Jamie Oliver has done over that last decade to promote healthy meals for children in restaurants and in schools, it is perhaps unsurprising to find his Italian chain at the top of the list.

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Oliver founded Jamie’s Italian in 2008 and there are now more than 60 branches worldwide, with many more in the pipeline. The first opened in Oxford, England and the international expansion of the chain began when Oliver opened his first restaurant in Dublin, Ireland to compete with the many excellent Italian restaurants to be found in the Irish capital, such as Forno 500

The four other chains in the top five were Wetherspoons, Strada, Wahaca and Beefeater while the bottom five was rounded out by TGI Fridays, KFC and Nando’s. McDonald’s was only mid-table, coming in at 14th.

As well as a lack of veg and salad, the poorest performers were also guilty of serving children’s meals packed full of sugar and unhealthy fats. For more information on the dangers of sugar see

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with an unhealthy meal now and again and kids do burn a lot of energy. However, with such a lot of attention being given to healthy eating and the UK’s obesity crisis, consumer pressure will surely force an improvement in the nutrition of menus offered by the UK’s largest restaurant chains.

Fabulous France

If you’ve ever thought about living in France then you’re not alone. Many Brits have made the move happily and are enjoy a considerably higher standard of living than they would in the UK. Here are some top reasons why France could be the ideal place for you:

  1. Culture

If top of your list is having something unique and interesting to do every single weekend then you’ll be spoilt for choice in France. Whether it’s art, opera, theatre, ballet or fashion – France is ‘the’ country of culture. Hundreds of museums and galleries are just waiting to be discovered and even the smallest towns have plenty of cultural events and places to visit. Did you know that in Paris alone there are 153 museums?

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  1. Weather

Depending on where you choose to settle, the climate does vary. The north is similar to the weather in England so if it’s year-round warm, sunny weather you seek then the south receives 300 days of sunshine every year!

  1. Health

France has the best healthcare systems in the world as recognized by the World Health Organisation. It’s not out of reach either for people moving into the country. Anyone who legally lives in France in a ‘regular and stable manner’ can apply for public healthcare. France is also one of the healthiest nations on earth, ranking ninth for life expectancy. To put that into perspective, America ranked 34th! Average life expectancy in France is 81.6 years which could be thanks to the sunshine, Mediterranean diet of the south and a healthy amount of red wine!

  1. Affordable

France is not an overly expensive country to live in, it’s more affordable than you might initially think. In numerous regions, a retired couple can live comfortably for about 2,500 euros per month including a mortgage or rent payments. For Property for sale in France, visit

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  1. Great Infrastructure

The transport system is safe, efficient and covers the whole country, comparable to what you’re used to in the UK. The highways are modern, public transport is widespread and high-speed internet is just as available as it is here in the UK.

  1. Work/Life Balance

The French government has always worked hard to protect the work/life balance of all French citizens. Family and enjoying life are valued above all else in French culture and much of the rest of the world could greatly benefit from this ‘joie de vivre’ mentality. Having the time to spend with family and friends, sitting outside a bistro sipping coffee is just a way of life here and it’s something you could easily get used to.

  1. Wine

If you enjoy a tipple then you’ll embrace the wine culture in France. Beautiful French wine can be picked up for as little as 4 euros in most regions. There’s nothing stopping you from taking a road trip and visiting any one of the iconic vineyard regions of France. Head to Burgundy, for example for incredible landscapes, views and some of the best wine in the world.

So, you want to be a Stunt Performer?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a stuntman or woman? Films and TV shows frequently have dramatic scenes involving fights, car chases, horse riding, falling, crashes and anything else you could possibly imagine. Most actors aren’t trained to expose themselves to such dangers so have body doubles who perform the daring stunts on their behalf. Here’s a little bit about what it takes to enter the world of action-packed drama:

What sort of person do you need to be:

You would need to be physically strong, have lots of stamina and a certain skill set. Good communication abilities are essential for you to explain to the production crew what you are going to do and any possible repercussions of such actions. For stunts, it is customary to have a medical team on hand just in case. For more information on Events Medical Cover, visit

Actors must be dealt with tactfully and you should be able to do a little bit of body acting yourself as you may need assume the body language of an actor in order to body double.

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You need to be extremely thorough in your planning, be able to listen to instructions from the director and always keep on top of paperwork such as risk assessments for the production office. Other attributes include the ability to identify all possible hazards and react to suddenly changing circumstances quickly and safely. A strong working knowledge of health and safety regulation is also very important.

What do Stunt Performers do?

The stunt performers are the ones who actually do the action scene required for filming. They are overseen by Stunt Action Co-ordinators who are responsible for these stunts. The co-ordinators will research what type of stunt is required for filming a particular scene and work closely with the performer, the production team. Director and Producer.

A stunt performer may be required to perform specific skills such as martial arts, boxing, driving or underwater scenes. They will be made to look like the actor they are replacing as closely as possible and will need to take on their body language so editing the film is seamless.

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What Experience do you need?

You’ll need lots of experience and training to become a stuntman or woman and be accredited by the JISC (Joint Industry Stunt Committee). In order to register with this organisation, you must be qualified in martial arts or boxing and five of the following:

  • Trampolining and High Diving
  • Horseriding and Driving Cars and Motorbikes
  • Gymnastics and Rock Climbing
  • Swimming and Sub Aqua

At the very least you will need one year’s experience in these skills and qualifications. It’s a lifelong commitment too as new methods and technologies are introduced, you need to keep training to keep up.

When accepted onto the register, you need to work for 3 years as a Probationary Member before progressing onto 2 years as an Intermediate (stunt performer). After this, you can become a full member and work as a Stunt Co-ordinator.

An introduction to Christenings: What guests should know

Anyone is permitted to have a christening service for their baby, and the church welcomes people from all nations, creeds, and backgrounds. It is a celebration of your baby’s commitment to Jesus and the church, and it is a religious Christian ceremony.

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Christening service etiquette guides are available online, but here is a look at some of the key things worth remembering.

On the day of the event

Ask all guests to arrive at least ten minutes before services are set to commence. The baby is traditionally dressed in white, wearing a gown designed for a Christening or a family heirloom gown.

If you are a guest, dress smartly, although hats and ties are not a necessity. There will be allocated times when guests are actively invited to take photographs during the ceremony.

Afterward, guests are typically invited to the home, where a cake will be cut and a buffet served. Here the baby can be presented with gifts, and it is customary to open the gifts after the event. You can find suitable Christening gifts online; if you are seeking Ireland Christening gifts, try sites such as Do extend an invite to your vicar or priest, but don’t be offended if they politely decline!

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The godparents

The parents of the baby being christened usually select godparents. The godparents’ role is to be a guide and mentor in the Christian faith. The godparent does not receive the automatic right to become the child’s legal guardian if both parents die; in fact, there would need to be a separate legal document for this. It is traditional at the ceremony to bestow gifts upon the godparents.

Is there an alternative?

There are mixed views on a baby being baptised and believing in Jesus at such a young age. If you have reservations about it, you can opt to have a ceremony that is effectively a blessing or thanksgiving ceremony instead. You can also have a non-religious baby-naming celebration, and you might opt to choose mentors for your baby instead of the traditional godparents.

There are variations available to celebrate a birth, whether it is religious or not. A new baby is a wonderful celebration, and you can design and tailor it as you see fit for your baby and your family’s beliefs.



5 Ways to Prep Your Car or Truck for Sale

We all know that vehicles lose value the second you drive them off the lot, and they continue to depreciate as time goes by. If you’re willing to buy a special car, keep it in mint condition, and wait about 30 years, it might become a classic eventually, but most of us don’t buy cars with this mentality. Rather, we see our automobiles as utilitarian objects or even toys that are meant to be used, enjoyed, and then traded off for something newer within just a few years. As a result, you will frequently find yourself in the unenviable position of having to sell a car. Of course, you can always make things easy on yourself and trade it in when you buy a new car, but the cost of convenience can be high. If you want to get the greatest possible value from your car and walk away with cash in-hand, your best bet is to engineer a private sale. Here are a few tips for prepping your car or truck.

  1. Clean and detail. The place to start is by getting your car in sale-worthy condition. This doesn’t mean spending an arm and a leg on repairs, though – that money will not come back to you at the time of the sale. You’re better off making sure the car looks great and then selling it “as is”, although you should probably be clear about any known issues at the time of sale in order to avoid a lawsuit later. If it’s not running, you might want to do the bare minimum to ensure that a buyer can drive it away (safely). But for the most part, you will not see a return on investment from repairs. What could net you a sale or even a higher price, though, is a car that looks shiny and new thanks to a thorough washing, waxing, and overall detailing.
  2. Do your homework. Before you select your asking price (not to mention your bottom line), it’s important to do some research in order to ensure that you’re asking a fair price and that your expectations are appropriate. You can start by looking up the value of your car or truck on Kelley Blue Book ( with information about the make, model, year, mileage, and general condition. But from there you should consider how similar vehicles are selling on sites like CarMax and eBay Motors, just for example. This can help you to temper expectations and perhaps make a speedy sale.
  3. Get records in order. When you sell your vehicle privately, your immaculate record-keeping will finally pay off. Showing that the car has a clear history of maintenance and repair will give you the leverage you need to negotiate a higher asking price.
  4. Take photos. Gone are the days when you could reasonably expect to sell a car by putting a “for sale” sign on it and parking it on the street. If you want the best chance of selling now you have to get savvy with online listings. This will require you to provide pertinent information about your vehicle, as well as post several photos for buyers. It may seem like overkill to take pictures from every angle, inside and out, but this is what buyers want. They expect a virtual tour of your car before they’ll even consider making an offer in person.
  5. List wisely. There is no shortage of website available to help you sell your car or truck, such as CarMax, eBay Motors, andcom, just to name a few. The trick is selecting the outlet that is most likely to deliver a swift and profitable sale, so you’ll want to do a little checking around to find the listing site that is best suited to your vehicle, location, and asking price.

5 Ways to Market Your Restaurant on a Tight Budget

If you’re someone who happens to run your own restaurant, then you know, firsthand, that while it can be a fun type of job to have, it also tends to be very demanding too. Not only do you have to make sure that the food you serve is second-to-none, but the ambiance of the restaurant must be amazing and your level of customer service must be unbeatable too. And in the midst of maintaining all of that, you also have to find creative ways to market your restaurant so that you can stay in business.

So, if you’re looking for some helpful tips on how to draw more people to your restaurant, especially if you’re on a tight budget, we have provided you with five proven ones below:

Honor special days. Just about all of us have found ourselves enjoying lunch or dinner inside of a restaurant and heard some singing in a corner, only to look over and see the staff standing around a table holding a cake as they sing “Happy Birthday”. That said, something that never gets old is observing special days. It’s something that makes your customers feel appreciated for coming to your establishment. So when it comes to birthdays and then holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve, make sure that you consistently do something special. If you do, before long, you’ll be the restaurant that people always come to on those days because they know that they’ll receive the royal treatment.

Host a wine or beer tasting. Something that is a lot of fun for customers, and can also help to promote your restaurant if the business is a bit slow is to host a wine or beer tasting. Both of them work well with small and large crowds. Plus, it’s a creative way to market your business too. For more information on how to host one, visit Food Service Warehouse and put “hosting a wine tasting at your restaurant” in the search field.

Promote coupons on social media. Although a lot of restaurants do not think to offer coupons and promo codes for their establishment, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t. After all, if there’s one thing that everyone likes receiving, it’s a discount on the things that they pay for. So, if you have a Facebook fan page, Twitter account or even a Pinterest page, offer coupons (and promo codes) from time to time. Social media accounts are free and the offered savings will be sure to get, and keep, people coming into your doors.

Include two-for-one specials. If you are in the process of opening a restaurant and you want to attract more customers, one thing that a consultant company like Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Group may recommend is that you consider offering a two-for-one special once a week. Although initially it may seem like a decision that will cost you money, if customers know that they can get two meals for the price of one, that’s a surefire way to draw more individuals to your restaurant. It’s a win/win for both you and your customers too.

Send out a monthly newsletter. If you don’t already have a newsletter, make sure that you create one. This is a great way to establish a database, update your customers on the things that you have going on and share any upcoming promotions too. For more information on how to create a professional newsletter, visit Constant Contact or Mail Chimp.

5 Benefits of Using a Car Bra

Despite its rather funny name, a car bra is actually an ingenious automotive accessory that can protect a car’s paint job and it can help retain a vehicle’s market value. You’ve probably seen them on cars before – a car bra usually fits onto the front of the vehicle and protects the bumper, hood and even front windshield glass from debris on the road. Many cars – overtime – start to see wear and tear as a result of this debris, but with a car bra, you can keep your car looking beautiful for much longer. This can be important if you make an investment in your vehicle and not only want to maintain its aesthetically value, but also its resale value. Here are five benefits of using a car bra.

  1. Your car stays beautiful for longer. With the natural elements, dust and dirt, and even other careless drivers, our cars can start to look a little worse for wear. With a car bra, however, you can keep your car looking like you just rolled off the lot. Plus, car bras are designed to blend seamlessly with the current aesthetic of your vehicle – some are even invisible. A company calledClear Bra Ohio makes an invisible car bra that covers your entire vehicle – for total protection.
  2. Lower your comprehensive insurance rate. If you have an insurance coverage plan that protects your vehicle from cosmetic damages, but you are paying an arm a leg for this type of policy, there is a good chance that by protecting your vehicle with a car bra, you can reduce your risk and thus save more money. Car insurance policies are always evaluated by risk, but if there is less of a risk of your vehicle becoming damaged, your monthly premiums will be lower.
  3. Protect the market value of your vehicle. It is common knowledge that a car loses a tremendous amount of value as soon as it leaves the lot. This may be so, but with a car bra, you can hold on to your market value for longer. Let’s say that you want to sell your vehicle in a few years – with a car bra, you car will be protected from some of the usual environmental factors that cause a vehicle’s value to plummet.
  4. Safeguard your investment. Purchasing any car is an investment, especially if you are still making payments on your vehicle. So, you want to safeguard your investment with a car bra. Whether you purchased a brand new Toyota or a brand new Mercedes, there is a good chance that you spent a lot of money – so, wouldn’t you want to do your best to protect the vehicle?
  5. Preserve your antique vehicle. If you have a vehicle that is over fifty to sixty years old, there is a good chance that you are worried about age catching up with it. Even in a garage, a car that old is not safe. And, who knows, one day you may want to auction off this vehicle or pass it down to someone in your family. Out of all thecar bra benefits, maintaining a vehicle’s sentimental value is at the top of the list for a lot of classic car owners. In the end, a car bra will ensure that your antique vehicle is safe and sound for a new generation to enjoy.
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