He doesn’t like it, he loves it!

There aren’t a huge amount of songs about cricket but of those sporty tunes, one certainly stands out. 10cc’s classic ‘Dreadlock Holiday’ while not specifically about cricket itself, has become famous for one line – ‘I don’t like cricket… oh no…I love it!’ So let’s a take a look at the story behind the song.

The story that unfolds in the song is based on true events and were inspired by time spent in Barbados. It is about a man who finds himself at risk of being ripped off when he is holidaying in Jamaica. An inexperienced tourist who has trouble in dealings with a gang who steal something from him. The real events that prompted the song occurred when Eric Stewart of 10cc and Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues went on holiday together to Barbados.

The two were parasailing off a raft in the sea, being towed by a speedboat and lifted into the air for incredible views. Eric went first, leaving Justin on the raft with two locals and one Jamaican. One of the chaps took a shine to a silver chain being worn by Justin and offered him a dollar for it (recognise those lyrics from the song?) He said no as it was obviously worth a lot more than that and besides it was a present from his mother! The guy replied that had they been in Jamaica, he would cut his hand off for that chain. When Eric returned and asked if Justin wanted to have a go he said no and that they should just leave pretty quickly!

The actual line about not liking cricket but loving it, came from a different experience that actually did happen in Jamaica. Graham Gouldman of the band struck up a conversation with a Jamaican man in a hotel in the country in which they ended up musing about sport. When Gouldman asked his new pal if he liked cricket, the man replied with ‘I don’t like cricket’, then paused for a moment and continued with ‘I love it’. This obviously amused Graham and it stuck in his head. For Venue Hire in Taunton, visit

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Dreadlock Holiday has become the standard song used for anything relating to cricket and it spent a week at number one in the UK chart in 1978. It’s quite amusing to note though that song isn’t really about the game of cricket but instead it tells a story, based on true events, about an obnoxious white tourist who tries to prove his dodgy rastafarian knowledge to a bunch of muggers!

There are a few other songs about cricket – do you recognise any of these?

  • Cricket – The Kinks
  • Bradman – Paul Kelly
  • Again and Again – Roots Manuva
  • When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease – Roy Harper
  • Tribute to Michael Holding – I Roy
  • The Alec Bedser Calypso – Lord Kitchener
  • N-n-n-n Nineteen Not Out – The Commentators

Extreme Weather

Our global climate is changing rapidly and in many places are summers are hotter and winters colder. All the time, news stories are breaking about freak weather occurrences and catastrophic events such as Hurricane Sandy and Katrina and the dip in the polar vortex in 2014 that made Chicago colder than the South Pole’s summer. Milder, wetter winters here in the UK and frequent storms with strange names are fast becoming the norm. Whatever the reasons are for the changes, it is essential that we prepare ourselves and our families for the possibility of widespread destruction and disruption caused by extreme weather.

An emergency kit should be the first item on your list. This should include one gallon of water for each person per day, dry food for everyone and a flashlight with an extra supply of batteries. About a two week supply of food and water is a good idea. A battery powered radio or one that is powered by a hand crank is essential for keeping up to date with news and announcements without the need for a mains supply. For a wide range of Outdoor survival equipment, visit

Other important items to keep in your emergency provisions include a first aid kit, a map of your location and surrounding area, a mobile phone with extra charger and someone useful tools such as a Swiss army knife. Having a basic plan of action which you have discussed with everyone at your home, will help you to stay calm and focused when disaster strikes. If they are old enough and responsible enough, give everyone in your household a specific job or duty to do in the event of a crisis. This will help you and your loved ones to have an organised and calm response to a difficult situation.

Program emergency contact numbers into your mobile so there will be no delay in getting hold of the people you need to. It’s also useful to have an evacuation plan including the safest route to get to an agreed meeting point. It might seem dramatic but you and your family should practice this evacuation at least twice a year.

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For extreme cold conditions:

  • Wear layers – layers allow you to adjust for temperatures more easily. A base layer helps you manage moisture, a middle layer is good for insulating and outer layers protect from wind, rain and snow.
  • Protect your extremities as these are more prone to frostbite.
  • Protect pets
  • Stay informed and protect your house by insulating water pipes and use weather stripping for doors and windows.
  • Eat higher protein meals, drink lots of water and also warm drinks. Avoid alcohol as this constricts your blood vessels and decreases blood flow to the skin.
  • If you get very cold then warm up gradually and don’t be tempted to jump into a hot tub or sauna as this can cause dizziness and you could go unconscious.
  • Try not to travel but if you must then travel during the day and stay on main routes.

How To Reduce Freight Cost

Freighting Cost is increasing day by day from past few years. Due to this Shippers are facing so many problems and they have to give high charges for courier delivery to domestic as well as for the international couriers. But Shippers or Transportation Business man can save their transportation charges by doing some excellent planning. In this article shippers will find some smart ideas by which they can reduce the freight cost.

1. Don’t Deliver Courier by Air

It’s the First advice to shippers that try to avoid sending the courier by flight or in the air root. If you want to deliver international parcel then send it through ships. Because it saves up to 75% costs compared to air root and also reliable one.

2. Decide How Important Your Parcel Is

To reduce the freight price, it is very good to deliver on ocean. But before delivering it first you have to decide how much important your parcel is. Whether all valuables are needed to be delivered early or half of the valuable are needed to be delivered early. If it is necessary that the parcel should be delivered so early then courier it by air. Otherwise if it is okay to be delivered after few days then deliver the parcel through ocean shipping.

3. Select Your Distribution Centers (DCs) For Transportation

Cleverly you have to select your DC so that you can reduce somewhat shipping charge. You should opt your distribution centers (DCs) according to courier transportation effectiveness instead of their leasing rates or tax incentives.

4. Take Benefits of Your Nearer Distribution Centers

If you want a parcel delivery to Portugal or any country which leads to an international courier then you should search the nearer DCs. Because when you send your parcel to the nearby distribution center, the recipient will get the parcel directly within proper timing and this nearby DCs also reduces transportation charges.

5. Try to Get Discount on la Mode Shift

Generally most of the companies use LTL delivering process for their benefit. So, if you are a regular customer who sends small and large parcels then it is better to convince the courier point to negotiate the transportation charge.

6. Little Awareness Gives More Savings

Little Awareness Gives More Savings: What does it means? It means that before sending or packing the parcel especially when you are doing truckload, you should check the valuables or the contents very carefully and the measurement must be accurate. By doing this you can save your money.

If you want to send your courier without any interruption or with a lower freight price, then do your parcel delivery through

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Wedding Invitations through the years

If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding this year and agonising over design choices you might have wondered about the history of the wedding invitation? When did people begin officially using invitations to invite guests to their celebrations? How were they designed and created and were they very different to what we use today? For Handmade Wedding Invitations, visit

The early 1700’s saw wedding invitations normally declared verbally. Announcements were typically shouted in the town square by the town crier and whoever heard the invitation was welcome to the wedding, unless the families didn’t get on of course! Invitations weren’t hand written because back then most normal people couldn’t read or write unless they were from a wealthy or royal family. For those who had plenty of money, they would often employ Monks to pen their invitations as they were known for their beautiful calligraphy. Many of these families also had the family crest added to the invitation. This was also used as a means for identifying the family to those who were virtually illiterate.

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Sometimes with high quality wedding invitations you will find a delicate piece of tissue paper placed inside it. Interestingly this is a piece of tradition dating back to the 1600s. Metal plate engraving was invented at that time but would easily smudge so a small piece of paper was placed on top to prevent this from happening. That custom was simply passed on to preserve the delicate printing of wedding invitations and continues to be commonly used today.

Another tradition is to send out wedding invitations with two envelopes and this a custom from history as well. Before the 20th century, the postal service wasn’t very reliable and was virtually nonexistent in certain areas. The only guaranteed way to deliver a wedding invitation was by hand delivery, usually sent by a hired courier or servant of the family. The invitation might not arrive in the cleanest and most presentable of conditions as most deliveries were made on horseback. So, the double envelope was designed. Once the courier reached his destination, he handed the invitation to the butler or housemaid, who then removed the outer envelope and handed the inner envelope along with the invitation to the master or mistress of the house.

Back in the days before television and entertainment, a local wedding might be considered the social event of the year in some towns and villages and therefore often families wished to limit the number of actual guests, so that undesirables did not attend. To ensure this, the invitations typically included a card which was to be presented upon arrival at the ceremony. For those families who really wanted to be organized, pew numbers were also assigned to the wedding guests, and this number would be placed on the pew. Many customs from the past remain today and while the formality and wording may have altered, the central themes and ideas are the same.

Why is regular physical activity so important for kids?

Most of us understand the need to get our children active from an early age. We know by instinct that sitting in front of a screen for hours each day is not doing them any good, particularly in the long-term.

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But what benefits does physical activity actually have for our youngsters? And just how much exercise should they be doing at different ages?

The benefits

Being active from an early age helps build lifelong habits, which will help our youngsters grow into fit and healthy adults. The first five years of a child’s life are especially important, laying as they do, the foundations for a healthy body and lifestyle. Studies show that exercising in the first few years of life helps build a strong body, as well as developing a healthy mind, building self-esteem and allowing us to grow strong muscles, bones and hearts.

Activity also helps improve a child’s balance, reaction and co-ordination – vital skills which will help lead to a healthier future.

How much is the right amount?

The experts believe that the age of a child determines how much activity they should be getting each day.

According to the NHS, even babies should be encouraged to be as active as possible.

Up to the age of one, babies should be encouraged to reach, grasp and play, and as soon as they can crawl they should be allowed to do so (in a safe environment, of course).

Between one and five years old, children should be active for at least two or three hours every day, spread out over the daytime.

After the age of five, they should be getting increased amounts of activity, but no less than an hour each day moving around. This includes walking, cycling or scooting to school, running around in the playground, PE lessons and any sports activities they express an interest in.

Parents should ensure they limit the amount of time children of all ages spend sitting, whether that’s looking at a screen or not, and instead make an effort to get them out and about at every opportunity. One great way to do this is through providing attractive and enticing garden activities, such as wood climbing frames, available from

In this way you will find your children wanting to go outside more often.

Benefits of Plylining Your Van

Some van models offer a plywood lining as an optional extra installed at the factory, while others can be adapted to include this feature via aftermarket installation. Whichever approach you choose, why should you consider investing in lining for your LCV?

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The Basics

Adding a plywood lining to the cargo area of a van is an excellent way of protecting both the structural integrity of the vehicle itself, while also being able to manage heavy loads without being limited in terms of the goods and equipment that can be hauled.

The main purpose of this system is to prevent damage being done to the panels and other physical features of a van when loads shift about inside the cargo area. The metal can be surprisingly thin and lacking in durability, hence the addition of a layer of tough wood on the inside acts as a barrier and thus lowers the long term costs of ownership.

The Versatility

There are plenty of plylining options provided by companies including, giving you the ability to choose a setup that suits your requirements and budget.

This type of lining can be custom made for vans of all shapes and sizes, from compact car-derived models to high roof, long wheelbase LCVs. This is because the wood used is tough but flexible, allowing it to work in almost any space available.

The wood itself varies in thickness depending on the part of the van it is protecting. Wheel arches get the most comprehensive coverage, while the walls and doors receive a thinner layer.

The Appearance

Vans have become so popular in the UK that they are changing the levels of traffic recorded on roads nationwide. Because of this, it pays to do as much as possible to improve the public image of van users.

Lining your van with plywood is a great way to get started, as it will keep it looking good inside and out. The bumps and dents that can litter unprotected vans can be off-putting, but with plywood linings this can be averted and you can really impress clients and other road users alike.

Since the wood is capable of resisting other types of wear and tear, such as might be caused by changes in temperature or the presence of moisture, a lined van will look good for years.

6 more of the best Italian food delicacies

Continuing our theme of delicious Italian delicacies, here are six more of our all-time favourites.

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Veal is sliced thinly and topped with prosciutto ham and herbs before being carefully rolled and secured with a toothpick. The parcels are then gently sautéed to create a melt-in-your-mouth dish. Saltimbocca can also be made with chicken or mutton, and some chefs use parma ham in place of the prosciutto, but the principle is still the same and the end result is equally delicious.


Popular in a variety of recipes, prosciutto is ham that has been dry-cured but left uncooked. It is served in very thin slices and can be eaten on its own or wrapped around other meats, cheeses or melons for a delicious salty kick.


Originating in Tuscany, ribollita was known as food for paupers, or “cucina povera”. Leftovers from the master’s table were collected by servants and boiled with water to make a tasty dish; the word “ribollita” is Italian for “reboiled”. According to the Guardian, the dish is best eaten after steeping overnight in a fridge, which allows the flavours to develop more fully for a deeper taste.


A type of nougat, torrone is created from egg whites, sugar, honey and toasted almonds or other types of nuts. Candied peel or zest from citrus fruits can also be added to this delicious candy treat, which is usually served as a tablet or slab. For the ultimate decadent treat, the torrone can even be dipped in chocolate.


Tiramisu is a tempting, creamy dessert that has enjoyed many years of popularity. It is made by smothering sponge or biscuit with a delicious mixture of mascarpone cheese, cocoa powder, coffee, eggs and sugar and is a popular way of ending a meal. An Italian restaurant in the heart of Dublin Toscana has created a new spin on this confection by creating a Gelato Tiramisu, which is tiramisu ice cream topped with a glaze of sweet balsamic fig. Dishes like this have helped it become the most popular Italian restaurant in Dublin.


Gelato is Italian for ice cream, but there is actually quite a big difference between the Italian gelato and ice cream as we know it. Gelato is made using less fat and is churned more slowly, allowing the flavours to really shine through.

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