The Sistine Chapel ceiling. Quite amazing

If you’ve been umming and ahhing over what to paint on your ceiling don’t go as far as Pope Julius the second in what you want. When Pope Julius the Second had finally established himself as the one and only Pope (back then there were two and it was, quite frankly, mayhem) he wanted to make sure that the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was something a bit special. He was very much in the mood to celebrate. Pope Julius was not like the usual pontiff’s that you have today. Peace and love were not on his agenda. This Pope was going to drag Italy together, under the power of the Roman Catholic church, whether it liked it or not. He was called a Warrior Pope and he certainly lived up to that name.

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It’s no wonder then that when he came to Michelangelo and asked him to do up the place a bit the great artist readily agreed. The great one was more of a sculptor than a painter (hard to believe after the end result) and he wasn’t that keen. The Pope was most insistent and so of Michelangelo went.

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He ended up painting the whole thing himself. He would have liked to have had some help and Decorators Cheltenham based company JS Decorating, if they had been around, would have gladly helped him out. Michelangelo was one of those people that liked it done his way. It took him seven years and chronic neck ache. He even designed the scaffolding to get him up to it.

Things to Remember While Purchasing an Electric Meter Box

Electric meters are basic needs for all households. An electric meter box is used for the protection of an electric meter. The electric meter box should be of good quality to protect the electric meter from theft or explosion. Customers should not compromise on the quality of the electric meter box. Several things should be kept in mind while purchasing the electric meter box. Let’s discuss things that are essential for a good quality electric meter box briefly.

  • IP ratings
  • safety
  • durability

IP ratings

The first and foremost thing that needs to be kept in mind is the IP rating of the electric meter box. The IP ratings ensure the safety of the electric meter box. The IP ratings ensure that the electric meter box is excellent in providing a dust-free box. The IP ratings also specify that the outside of the electric meter box is waterproof. For more information on an Electric Meter box, visit Meterbox

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The safety of electric meter is significant for the customers to protect from any unwarranted threats. The safety levels of the electric meter depend on the quality of the electric meter box. Customers usually don’t compromise on safety.

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The second foremost thing that should be kept in mind is the durability of the electric meter box. The durability of the box should be sustainable. The good quality electric meter boxes protect the meter with longer durability advantages. Security Rated GRP & FRP material boxes are considered best for the protection of an electric meter.

Caring for the trees in your Garden.

Trees are the lungs of the planet. They perform a massive role on the Easth, and our survival upon it. Trees take the cardon out of the atmosphere and turn it into Oxygen that contributes to the general air that we breathe. Without them the ability to produce that oxygen is greatly reduced and the quality of the air drops significantly. So, you might think that those trees you have in the garden are not that important in the grand scheme of things but in fact if you have some you are a bit of an eco warrior and protector.  However trees need care.

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Luckily there are hardy bands of Tree Surgeon Poole way company’s Kieran Boyland and across the country that will happily come and make sure that the tree or trees that you have are in tip top condition. They will look at removing any old and dead branches and check that there are no nasty bugs and parasites living in the tree that could harm it. They aren’t too bothered about squirrels if you have them as these little chaps and chapesses happily coexist.

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You can also help by checking the tree regularly and keeping a note of anything that seems out of the ordinary with it. In some cases rare examples of trees have been found to have been flourishing in the back garden somewhere. In fact experts have used the offshots to cultivate and save varieties or start a new nursery for them before they can be reintroduced back into the wild landscape.

What is silicone and where does it come from?

We use silicone in so many ways in our lives that it’s hard to imagine life without it. It is quite the unsung hero of the modern age allowing us to coat things for safe electrical use, waterproof boats better, and stick baths to tiles and shower units to a drain so that the water doesn’t get everywhere. However if you need to remove some silicone it can be a little tricky to achieve when it gets old and worn. This is where a Silicone sealant remover comes into its own and the best ones that you can buy are from CT1. Where do we get silicone from?

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Silicone is a polymer. In other words it’s a kind of rubberised plastic. It Is a siloxane which is part silicone separated by a single oxygen particle. If you look at its chemical structure makes it look a bit like a TIE fighter from Star Wars. This little fact would have been lost on its discoverer, inventor and developer F.S Kipping as he was busy trying to create it back at the turn of the twentieth century in 1901. It was his vision that created silicone with his blending of polymers to create the substance we know today.

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It was seen as a wonder product that would revolutionise every aspect of modern life. Things that were impossible before suddenly where, Silicone is heat thermal and water resistant meaning that I be used in a variety of mind bogglingly ways. It is a sealant in bathrooms, and can make heat proof cooking molds for cakes and biscuits. It repels water and resists the growth of spores when it does come into contact with it.

Building a Home of your Own – How to Find a Plot

Building your own home is a great idea – this is how you get your dream home, built to your exact requirements that will suit you and your lifestyle perfectly. Whether you want an environmentally eco home that is a real one off, or maybe the homes you have looked at in the area that you want to live in don’t really cut the mustard.

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There are many reasons for building your own home and many reasons why it is a great idea. But before you embark on the actual building of the house, you will find that one of the most difficult parts of building a home of your own is actually before the build even begins – finding a plot of land.


With land suitable for building on in short supply, a plot of land can be expensive, and as more and more people want to build their own homes, good plots are snapped up quickly so you need to be on the ball when you are plot hunting.


When it comes to finding a plot, think outside the box a bit if you want to open up more choice. You could think about knocking down a property to re-build – strangely, this can often work out cheaper. As well as this option, also consider building on brownfield land – you may need to look into a land remediation service like Soilfix, but this is another option which may work out cheaper for you.

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Whatever you choose, remember to budget, plan and research thoroughly before you begin your very own grand design.

Struggling to find space in your bedroom?

Many homeowners state that the bedroom is their favourite room in the house. However, as more of us are working from home and bedrooms are now doubling up as home offices, space can soon become extremely important.

For smaller bedrooms, the bed will use up most of the floor space, so to maximise the available space, you’ll want to think vertically instead. You can install shelves, consider a cabin bed with storage built in or consider wall-hanging units to make the most of blank wall space.

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Consider using space right up to the ceiling. This will draw the eye upwards, making the room feel bigger as well as providing that much-needed additional storage. A great way to do this is with fitted wardrobes as these can be fitted right up to the ceiling, unlike a free-standing wardrobe. Find out more about Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes, visit a site like Lamco

Another option is to integrate technology into furniture, so as to avoid them taking up extra space. Perhaps a TV could be built into the wardrobe or a games console stored on a shelf, for example.

Under bed storage is incredibly useful for keeping floor space clear and making good use of otherwise unused space. Whether sliding doors or pull-out drawers, they are ideal for the storing of bulky things like shoes or bedding, for example.

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Consider fitted wardrobes that come with a mirrored door. Not only are sliding doors perfect for taking up little space as they don’t open out into the room, but mirrored doors will also reflect more light into the room, making it feel bigger.

Separating your raised patio area

Do you dream of having a raised patio or decking area in your garden, but are unsure how you can divide this from the rest of your space. Well there are a number of different ways that you can achieve this and here are some ideas for you.

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Safety – it is important to think about safety of you have a raised patio or decking area, you will need to have steps put in to allow you to safely walk down to your lawn area and you should think about having some Bespoke Glass Balustrades like the ones from installed to keep yourself and your family safe from the edges of the patio or decking. These balustrades are incredibly stylish and you can add some decorations to them including bunting or other elements such as planting pots that you can change throughout the year.

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Plants – adding some plants on your decking or patio can help you to create a natural screen, this can include bamboo which is often used as a screening plant. You might also want to consider having some trellis placed around your patio/decking and have some climbers placed in pots beneath this.


Lights & heating – if you want to enjoy this area all year round you should think of having some lights and a heating lamp installed. These can either be fitted to a nearby wall or fence or can be free standing depending on what you prefer and whether you have space to store these during the freezing winter months.

Styling a teenagers bedroom

Are you looking for ways in which you can style your teenagers bedroom? Take a look at some of our suggestions below.

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Soft furnishings – why not add some colourful soft furnishings to their bedrooms. This could include pillows and throws or maybe some stylish window coverings. You can find some great Blinds Tewkesbury that come in a variety of colours and patterns and those with black out additions as well as blinds that fit inside the window casing. This can be a quick and easy way to style your teenager’s bedroom to their taste without having to spend large sums of money and having the worry that their taste and decor ideas will change in a few years.


Accent wall – if you want to add some extra colour to their room why not look at an accent wall. This is a much easier option than painting or wallpapering their entire room and it allows you to change the design as they get older with minimal fuss and disruption.

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Posters & Pictures – whether ot os pictures of their favourite band or movie star or perhaps something that they are interested in such as motor sports prints or animals, adding posters and pictures to the walls also helps to bring some of your teenagers character and personality into their room.

It is important for your child to feel like their bedroom is their own private sanctuary away from the stresses and strains of teenage life and with a few little tweaks you can transfer their room in a beautiful haven just for them.

How to Keep Glass Looking Amazing

If you have a beautiful piece of glassware and want it to remain looking its best, then you need to know how to keep glass looking amazing. When you first purchase any type of glass from a shop, they will often tell you that they cannot guarantee the glass will stay looking this great forever. Glass is something which needs to be taken care of properly in order for it to last for many years. However, if you take care of it properly, you can ensure that it will last you many more years than most people expect. This article will give you some tips on how to keep glass looking amazing. Find out more about Bespoke Glass Balustrades at a site like Bespoke Glass Balustrades from Aspire Glass

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One of the first things you need to do when you want your glassware to look as good as new again is to clean it regularly. Although many people try to avoid cleaning their glass, it is important to do so if you want to keep it looking great. Cleaning your glassware is simple and there are some products out there which can help you do this. You just need to wash them with a soft cloth, which should be soaked in a solution of hot water and a little soap. Wipe dry with a microfibre cloth.

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Another one of the best tips on how to keep glass looking amazing is to protect it from the elements. This will help prevent your glass from being damaged by harsh weather conditions. You should also make sure that you use protective gloves when handling your glass. This will also help to make sure that the glassware does not scratch if it is handled too roughly.

Open shelving ideas for a kitchen

One of the big design trends of recent years, open shelving is a fast and budget friendly way to update your kitchen.

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If you’re lacking inspiration then here are some hints and tips for creating open shelving Ireland homeowners can be proud of!

Make the most of your space

If you’re considering running shelving the length of your walls, why stop when you reach the corner? Creating a wraparound shelf will make the most of your wall space, and because corner spaces are usually hidden from view they’re the ideal place to hide less attractive kitchen gadgets such as the microwave.

Open up your cupboards

If you’ve been craving a kitchen makeover but are limited by your budget, here’s a quick update: remove the doors from your wall cupboards. This will create a light and airy feel for your kitchen and you can create a real wow factor by painting the cupboard interiors with a pop of colour.

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There’s more to shelving than wood

If you think your shelves need to conform to country kitchen style then take a look around at some of the modern geometric alternatives available. Metal and glass with brass, gold and copper finishes look clean, modern and stylish in a contemporary kitchen or add a clever twist to a more traditional design.

Add an edge to rustic

On the other hand, if you prefer natural textures, add an edge to your wooden shelving with live edge timber that still wears its bark. This gives your floating shelving a surprisingly modern look and makes a real design statement in any kitchen.

Create a dream pantry

Do you love the idea of a pantry cupboard but don’t have the space? By lining a wall with functional shelving Ireland home owners can create the perfect blend of style and at a glance functionality. Keep it country kitchen perfect with wooden shelving or opt for industrial style metal shelving for a cool urban space.

Think small

If you love the look but don’t want to commit to styling and cleaning open shelving over wall cabinets, just a couple of well placed shelves can have a big impact, particularly next to a window or over the kitchen sink.

Change it up

Alternating shelving and hanging storage can really change up your storage options and create a fresh, balanced and symmetrical look either side of your cooker hood.

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